Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why News?

Okay. It's been a dog's age since I posted on this site. I own that. 
My last written post stated that I just didn't care anymore. 
Well, that's true to a certain extent.True enough to get me here...over a year has passed since I imparted my infinite wisdom. And it's not true. Let's say my concern is more 'casual' than it has ever been before in my life, concerning the way of the world. And 'news'.
Whether it is the lying MSM scare tactics or (the almost as bad), unsubstantiated opining of the alternative web-based citizen journalism, I guess what caused this unprecedented hiatus of mine has been...well...I don't get it. I don't understand the need or purpose of 'news'. And if you don't understand something, it is easy to make a fool of yourself to judge the relevance of it. So I stopped.
My, along with most all(as far as I can see)online protestation of who-shot-who, and six bucks will get you a cup of coffee...not much else. And that makes sense.

I know. You are saying "you've GOT to care", but I just can't find it in my makeup anymore to give a shit, one way or another; about who was bombed, what some politician said, what policy has just come into effect, or any other news.
News has a REALLY short shelf-life. And I don't have time to be chasing my tail trying to keep up with it. It's exhausting. If some jerk were to come to my front door dressed in women's clothes and a 3-day-old beard and tell me I have to invite him in to dinner and love him/her for what 'they' are, I'm afraid I would only stop laughing in its face long enough to punch it off my doorstep. It has to get that personal with me anymore.
Over the years on this blog, I have tried desperately to point out angrily that this is the age of the jew and that we should deal with it on every level. As individuals. As a group. Not the jew's reign...just my concern with it. If a jew car salesman lies to me about a purchase of an auto, I would still take him to task. He would receive my anger in kind. But if some rabbi in israhell states that all goyim must be hung up by their privates....well, ya just gotta grin at that one.
But I digress. What I want to relate...and maybe this can help you in your quandary. Journalism serves NO purpose whatsoever. Or if it does I wish someone would point out to me where it does. It is gossip on a grander scale. Period. And as much fun as it is to hear about the town 'pump' and her latest intrigues, it serves little if no purpose in the scope of my daily life, unless it affects me personally(as in, I might think about sampling her wares if she is available some night). If history, the type that isn't written by winners of wars, is to be believed and understood, not many people have concerned themselves in their historic creations and revelations out of concern for their fellow human. It just so happened that a whole hell of a lotta folks got quite a bit of benefit from their efforts. Mozart loved to party and had a vision of music all his own. Van Gogh saw the way paint should marry to canvas.
Most beneficent leaders in history rose to power due to nefarious vanity. And these are the important ones to which our progeny have been exposed. And rightly so. Because they were concerned more about what they had a passion for, rather than who was assassinated yesterday(unless it caused a war that hampered their creative efforts). These are models. The ones after which one should pattern our own existence. Detached from everything worldly to the point that they made a difference that they neither strove for nor cared about. But you don't have to be an artist, musician or diplomat to achieve such goals.

Several of my former readers have voiced everything from disgust to sympathy for my lack of posting. I'm flattered. But not to the point of continuing the jew-baiting that kept the site alive so long. There's enough of that out here. And I'm getting older...and dare I say...a bit wiser. It is just the jew's age right now. A blink in earth's(let alone cosmic)time. It is of very little consequence.Most know that jews are the scum of the earth. At this point in history. At another point, the Catholic church was. Then there were the Mongol hoards, the Roman infinitum. I think we all need to step back a few steps. The scum is always scraped off eventually.

"But the death and destruction!" you say. It ain't me and it ain't you(if you are reading this). And it calls into question 'Carlinism'. 
The more the better. I have dodged a few bullets and blunt objects in my time. Everyone must. There is the fact that trees grown in enclosed buildings can be pushed over with just a gentle nudge. They have never been tried by the elements. They have never had to sink Their roots low to keep them standing. And yet we bitch and dream of effortless 'peaceful' lives. Artists worth their salt must suffer. Anyone of any value to themselves and their families must suffer.
Some speak of the 'ineffable'(nod to Les). That is dangerous in my view. It's pie in the sky no matter which way it shakes out. It works for some...usually those that have dodged too many bullets. But it is still a closed door to me. Like a house-cat, I like all doors open. I wanna see my options.
But again, I digress. News. It is a tool of control. It takes you out of your life, when it doesn't concern your life...for the most part. It is not important. Don't you believe it. If someone tries to chip you, politely decline. If a TSA agent wants to  fondle your willy, punch him in the teeth. Life's pretty simple that way.
They say that the philosopher Diogenes lived without possessions save the barrel in which he dwelt. When Alexander the great came to his abode on the ground, he asked the cynic if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes is said to have replied, "yes, move a little to the are blocking the sun". Now that's what I'm talking about. Or is that clear enough for you? Short of being the prophet that some are looking for nowadays...perhaps this will serve.


Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet a weeks wages you don't have any
jade earrings, and you don't get pedicures, either.

but being true to yo'self is your loudest and proudest

what is the difference between vanity & futility...?

curiously more than 90% of modern day so-called "JEWS"
really don't have to be...

ever met any Annunaki's...?

next time I get arrested, all I'm going to say is
my name : Enki, and I'm from the ABZU..



missingarib said...

Don't write yourself short telling the truth isn't jew baiting it's correcting the record so our progeny has a place to rest their head as in the scripture "one of the scribes came to Him and said, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” 20Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.”

What choice do we have but to listen for the horseman and make an estimate of when they may arrive given the world as it spins out of rhyme. an aquarium air pump humming in place the air it produces sustains life in the world so is the work you have accomplished and the site you host.

can't tell you (and Les) how much I appreciate you and his efforts.

su said...

Good to see this post.
I also don't give a fuck about news anymore.
All just a hype.
The climate is in chaos but that never gets covered unless its Gore's agenda.
And all this talk of forgiveness...... first we go to battle and tar and feather.

tmcfall said...

I completely agree. I have been hammering at this truth shit for over 20 years now and it is still just what it was and just what it is. I am weary of it. I am especially weary of all the new young truthers who are so full of bravado and partial truth knowledge and they are incapable of focusing on the real nature of the problem
Tom in Mesa AZ

Anonymous said...

Same here Tom (25 years)...not much has changed.

You all might try watching 3 "tv" shows...I know, I know...that's a dirty word here

and I agree. But bite the bullet and try these.....American Gods, Outcast and Preacher.

Especially the latest ones.

Anonymous said...

This is a friend, been trying to get a hold of ya in some way. AK FROM HNE

Timster said...

AK - ????

Timster said...

Use my email contact under 'about me', at the bottom of the left sidebar...

Mel said...

best post evah! i have been experiencing similar conclusions!