Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Don't Care Anymore

I have had this blog going for 7-8 years and have enjoyed millions of hits and comments from you folks. I have also been writing less and less over the past year or so because, put very simply, I care less and less about the subject matter which I chose as a theme for my ranting. So much less that only the die-hard followers of this site will even read this missive.'s been since December of last year since I last posted. That should(and probably does) tell you that my enthusiasm is waning. But my enthusiasm is waning considering most things including my efforts here. Perhaps I've reached that time in life where enterprises lose their 'pith and moment'. I dunno.

Such times come.
Whether or not this jew said or did this or that, just doesn't seem to concern me much anymore. Not that I condone such tribal goings-on, but I no longer feel the weight of it all. I'm not going to save the world or even a little portion of it. Maybe you can. You are doing a pretty good job of it, I see. Attacking all political correctness efforts and making them fight a multi-front war. It is working. When the infection is washed away, only that which infects remains. Standing alone and naked. 
I won't be around to see that, but maybe it is nature's way. To slow and change perspective at the last. Again, I dunno. But it feels right. And it is more than that. I don't feel that I'm in any position to give anyone advice about anything. Perhaps I did at one point. Perhaps being the arrogant prick that I am, that it was part-and-parcel. I dunno. But I did impart such spurious wisdom. Some of you listened. Some were offended...some agreed. Few, I think, were enlightened in the least. This effort in its first incarnation turned out to be more of an exercise in vanity than a platform for espousing revelations about tribal hi-jinx. But maybe that can all change.
In its next phase(yes, I will keep it open and pay the hosting fees) I
have envisioned a 'Reddit of Antisemitism'. A place for comments on the un-moderated and self-regulated discussion forum on the subject. You are invited to discuss anything concerning the disgusting synagogue of Satan, ad infinitum. But, come to think of it, since it won't be moderated by anyone but you, it could become a forum for discussion of fly-fishing. That's up to you. Essentially, I pay for your thoughts. If it gets off track, or becomes irrelevant, you have no one to blame but yourselves. I have no more wisdom to impart or spankings to mete out. Under such a new policy, it will be a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. Let's see what you do with it. No holds barred. You decide who are the good-guys and who are the bad guys. 

You decide everything.
Maybe this thing will go viral...and by my abstention...become important. Maybe it will die on the vine. 
You can still use my site's blog-roll in any event(which by my perusal of feedjit, quite a few still do). can put my money where your mouth is. Up to you. As I said up there...I don't care anymore. Maybe you do.

So here are the rules: There are none.

Comment on this post. I'm going to fix it so there is no moderation at all. Hopefully no anti-bot algorithms. Say anything you want.
If it goes well, I will change the format to look more like a forum. Until such time, comment away. Have fun. Help change things...or not.
LMK by your comments.