Thursday, November 5, 2015

Calling Bullshit

Please excuse Timster's absence from class recently. He has been ill. Or busy. Or distracted.
~ Timster's Mother

Remember when you went back to school with that type of hand-written note pinned to your sweater for your teacher? No. You probably don't. I guess they don't do that anymore. Mrs.(or Mr.) Mom now texts the security division of the local children's penitentiary with a detailed explanation of why her child was recently absent. I guess. *sigh*
Anyway, I have been driven inside to sulk by inclement weather and thought I should put down a few thoughts that have been rattling around up there.
Bullshit. I love calling it. We all love to hear it called. We all love seeing weak or fabricated arguments fall before logic and facts. And we love those that can facilitate such defeat. I guess that's why I started this site. The more I can help folks navigate through deceit, the more I like myself(which is getting increasingly difficult). But there are other reasons.
It's fun. In can be profitable. Call bullshit for fun and profit. Could be a cottage industry. It has been the staple of writers and satirists from Shakespeare to Carlin. We all need that kind of course-correcting. We need it more than ever at this point in history. And we have more tools for the task than ever. When
Johnny got his gun in wars gone by, he heard little other than Huns-spearing-babies type of propaganda before he enlisted. There were no other outlets for disseminating facts about coming conflicts other than the media that wanted the conflict in the first place. There was no common community of mankind that we have now, like here on the information highway. But there is even still a huge difference between information and facts. Information often takes the form of a narrative, and a narrative can and is often slanted or exaggerated to benefit the narrator. But you know all this.

I was talking about bullshit. And calling it. A lot of it has to do with timing. You couldn't, for instance, call bullshit on organized religion during the Spanish inquisition(which no one expected). It would have got you burned at the stake. That had to wait a while. You couldn't have called bullshit on war and defending some phony-baloney flag's honor during the height of either of the World Wars. That took the slow almost unnoticeable inklings of a Wilfred Owen or Smedley Butler to get it rolling.
So to paraphrase the old adage "Comedy equals tragedy plus time" I would postulate "Calling bullshit requires less and less time, all the time". So I guess that is the period we are approaching. Instant bullshit calling. "There was a horrible shooting this morning on the campus of..." Bullshit. "The dictator of this small unfortunate country is pulling out the fingernails of all of his subjects..." Bullshit."The stock market plunged today due to speculator credit purchases..." Bullshit.
See? It's fun. And easier than it ever has been.
So in keeping with that spirit, I will venture a few that may be just an instant or two before their time has come:

Science is fact. Bullshit.
Tolerance of homosexuality is the natural order of things and
not driven by a political agenda. Bullshit.
There are a few humans that understand the nature of human existence more than you do. Bullshit.
Technology benefits mankind. Bullshit.
Life is worth living. Bullshit.
All life is sacred. Bullshit
Judaism is a religion. Bullshit.

I could go on like this for hours. But I think you get the point.
I guess that I have come to a point, personally, at which I am of the firm conviction that nothing matters much. But it's fun to watch it all. And call as much bullshit as I can.
Beyond anger. Beyond indignation. Beyond surprise. 

"Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.