Friday, December 4, 2015

Now This Is Just Getting Silly

As with reality TV and professional wrestling, the latest few 'mass shootings' are so predictable, that in the back of the public's mind they know that it isn't real, but it's entertaining nonetheless.
My thoughts and prayers...are laughing out loud. Not going to some crisis actor's family.  We have gone full circle from the ancient Roman bloody entertainments to fictional random acts of violence that will quickly be ascribed to which ever alphabet terrorist group de jour. I cannot believe that people actually believe all this horseshit performed for the duller of mentalities out here. Which in itself, is an oxymoron.
And speaking of morons, those perpetrating these body-slams must realize by now that the 'shock value' is wearing a bit thin. It is soon approaching the point that only the thickest of the thick will even give a shit about some 'senseless killing', let alone believe it. 
While giggling about the carnage of innocent victims from the latest San Berdu hoax, it occurred to me that the reason that there are always...and I mean ALWAYS...terrorist related drills coincidentally going on as the same time as these ersatz booga-booga spectacles, is that damage control just might be needed in the area in case some nutter actually believes this is really happening and attempts to get in on the action. That would detract from the melodrama;and nutters are difficult to parade on JNN and claim that Allah made him do it. You can't always control a nutter. Real people say the damnedest things.

They tend to blow your cover, so to speak, and then you have to find some way to shut them up.
But we were talking about wrestling and unreality TV. And I'm gonna change my whole attitude about all this theater. I want more!
I want to see dead bodies gushing chicken blood and swat team members being mowed down in the streets. I want to see more ambulances carrying mannequins to fictional hospitals and weeping mothers. I wanna see them trot out all the terror that they can afford to stage. Cause it ain't me. And it ain't likely to be. I'm not drawing a paycheck from some nefarious government agency to wail at my loss on nationwide talmud-vision. But I bet I'd be good at it. At least I know enough to wipe my nonexistent tears from the inside of the eye and not the outside.
But I said...this is getting silly. So I'm gonna go with the flow. But I'm gonna cheer the bad guys. It's more fun. And since in this yiddish theater, they always HAVE to win...well, it's cheering for the right team, yes? I'm with Carlin on this one. I look forward to human misery. Misery caused by stupidity. And gullibility. More death and mayhem, I say. I long ago lost any kind of belief in what they tell me happened actually happened. It didn't. I'll wager my best bass plug on that one.
So, I invite you to join me in the fun. Laughter is the best medicine, right? We all need more medicine. Howl with laughter over the televised carnage. It's there for your entertainment after all. Seeing the hilarity of it is just another way to enjoy it.


missingarib said...

The judiciary and the enforcers have caught the vibes of the twin fork towers as they vibrated a tone in the key of 'D'( the devious,duplicitous,diseased,devilish) and collapsed taking down the constitution into the burning hole in the ground that gets larger with every sound of gun fire and echoes of bombs in divers places.
"get on the ground"-the 11th commandment sung by the purveyors of "human misery. Misery caused by stupidity. And gullibility. More death and mayhem"
keep on keeping on -appreciate your work

Mel said...

i work in a bar-restaurant...and when these "events" break in on our t.v.'s.. i just barely glance up. the people i work with just grab at the news stories... i just keep walking.
it is getting very silly.

Mel said...

it is getting silly... i just smile at the news ...while everyone around me looks horrified... it is just silly.

DSKlausler said...


Nice to see that you have incorporated "horseshit;" bullshit is, after all, a little over-used these days.


Genie said...

I think the criminals behind the events and the people who are onto them have a good laugh at the stupid "believers". Yeah, it's quite a game.

Anonymous said...

Human space travel is not possible ... except in Hollywood!!!

WaffleStaffel said...

I'm glad you're writing again, Timster.

Sadly, it looks like Dave McGowan's writing days might be over soon.

I know you're not his biggest fan, but his writings are certainly worth a great deal more than most, IMHO.

I'm still curious why you've called bullshit on his Laurel Canyon theories. You seem to speak from firsthand knowledge, or at least expert knowledge.

At any rate, may your sentence on this moribund space-rock see you through to a ripe old age, whether you like it or not.

Snordster w said...

This may not last long at all. hehe.

AnneBeck said...

@Snordster. It's the first thing I thought. Then I closed my eyes and listened. That may last forever, and annoyingly so.

Genie said...

Greetings, Tim! Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I really feel like you've discovered the dynamics far and away more
likely to actually work for the great unwashed...but the that is why they
are called the masses...

if only Sholem Asch were here to help with the scriptwriting...

then the theatre of the absurd would be worth the price of admission,

n'est pas



omid babaei said...

Greetings, Tim! Hope all is well.
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