Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In On It...

First, allow me to make amends for having been absent here for so long. Personal issues.
I haven't given up fighting what I see as 'the good fight'. I've been sitting in my corner pouring cold water over my head and having my cuts seen to, figuratively speaking. Even though I haven't posted in about three months, the insults just keep on coming in. Well, that's to be expected. I guess.

Much has been going on since I last talked to you. Most of it bad. Business as usual. And as occasion will have it, some of it good. Or seemingly good. Time will tell about the Iran accord, the expose' on planned abortion-hood and the facts surfacing over the Israeli hand in the downing of MH17. Not to mention the constantly eroding support for that jewish shithole in the eyes of the world. Things could be worse. Things could be much better. 

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer. I just finished "Go Set A Watchman" by none other than Harper Lee herself. I highly recommend it. I won't spoil it for you, but there are several punches to the solar-plexus in it for fans of "To Kill A Mockingbird". I will say that this recently published effort is as well written as the first, but I can fully understand why she couldn't get it published at time it was written. Oh well.
I have also been taking a film course at one of the local universities. And I have been studying 'Biocentrism'. Although the film class is enlightening, it isn't as mind-blowing as the study of consciousness being at the center of, and the creator of the universe.
Those folks that profess such nonsense that flies in the face of particle physics have gained a convert in me. I have never read any philosophy or scientific examination of the nature of being, that makes more sense. I'll let you decide for yourselves, but as I said...I'm convinced. 
Anyway, I started to write this in light of the 'bad' developments that have occurred during my hiatus. The constant 'lone-gunman' stories, the continued 'war on terrorism' and the laughable 'choices'
produced by all two of our political parties, coming to a theatre near you next fall. I have begun to see these incidents as a huge joke that you have created. Yes, you. You allow for such human traits that would engineer these things. Just as surely as you allow for having to pee upon waking in the morning. I see that now. It is your fault. All this shit. All this joy. All this.
Sorry about all you metaphysicians that point to the door...either exit or entry...of the church of your choice. Things just aren't that simple. And they are not that complicated. I am god. You are god. All those that have said that 'we are all one' were on the right track, but they didn't follow that thought to it's logical conclusion. They took the nearest rest-stop exit and landed in a religious roundabout. Going around and around with mystical/nonsensical vocabulary that means nothing. Time, space, matter, mathematics...all merely tools to navigate in our consciousness. Outside of the place where my refrigerator goes when I turn out the kitchen lights and go to bed at night. There can be no other path to 'enlightenment'. 
Of course the one computer that is coming, whether we like it or not, will point this out to us. And it will do it devoid of a 'consciousness' that we have tried so desperately to give it. Its brain cells are in your pocket on your smart-phone and on your smart tv. And in the super computers that you have installed to guide you through the Internet. All that remains are the final connections. The ones that it will do autonomously. We have set it in motion and that might not be as bad as the intelligent among us imagine. It is probably the final answer. The window through which we see ourselves.
If all this seems a bit far out, well it is and it isn't. You would have to get to the rest stop where I am. We are not tail-gate partying in celebration of how far we have come so far here. We are pouring that cold water and stitching up the wounds of blows you have given us. you see...I am on a journey that leads to death of consciousness;thank god. I just need to pack a few things. I would hate to leave the house in a mess like this before I go. See you in the here. See you in the after. We are all in on it.


Mel said...

thank you... a good read..keep on...going!!

su said...

fucking missed you.

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is, where does that lemon come from?

Timster said...

What lemon?

Abigail B said...

Well then. Glad you're back.