Friday, December 4, 2015

Now This Is Just Getting Silly

As with reality TV and professional wrestling, the latest few 'mass shootings' are so predictable, that in the back of the public's mind they know that it isn't real, but it's entertaining nonetheless.
My thoughts and prayers...are laughing out loud. Not going to some crisis actor's family.  We have gone full circle from the ancient Roman bloody entertainments to fictional random acts of violence that will quickly be ascribed to which ever alphabet terrorist group de jour. I cannot believe that people actually believe all this horseshit performed for the duller of mentalities out here. Which in itself, is an oxymoron.
And speaking of morons, those perpetrating these body-slams must realize by now that the 'shock value' is wearing a bit thin. It is soon approaching the point that only the thickest of the thick will even give a shit about some 'senseless killing', let alone believe it. 
While giggling about the carnage of innocent victims from the latest San Berdu hoax, it occurred to me that the reason that there are always...and I mean ALWAYS...terrorist related drills coincidentally going on as the same time as these ersatz booga-booga spectacles, is that damage control just might be needed in the area in case some nutter actually believes this is really happening and attempts to get in on the action. That would detract from the melodrama;and nutters are difficult to parade on JNN and claim that Allah made him do it. You can't always control a nutter. Real people say the damnedest things.

They tend to blow your cover, so to speak, and then you have to find some way to shut them up.
But we were talking about wrestling and unreality TV. And I'm gonna change my whole attitude about all this theater. I want more!
I want to see dead bodies gushing chicken blood and swat team members being mowed down in the streets. I want to see more ambulances carrying mannequins to fictional hospitals and weeping mothers. I wanna see them trot out all the terror that they can afford to stage. Cause it ain't me. And it ain't likely to be. I'm not drawing a paycheck from some nefarious government agency to wail at my loss on nationwide talmud-vision. But I bet I'd be good at it. At least I know enough to wipe my nonexistent tears from the inside of the eye and not the outside.
But I said...this is getting silly. So I'm gonna go with the flow. But I'm gonna cheer the bad guys. It's more fun. And since in this yiddish theater, they always HAVE to win...well, it's cheering for the right team, yes? I'm with Carlin on this one. I look forward to human misery. Misery caused by stupidity. And gullibility. More death and mayhem, I say. I long ago lost any kind of belief in what they tell me happened actually happened. It didn't. I'll wager my best bass plug on that one.
So, I invite you to join me in the fun. Laughter is the best medicine, right? We all need more medicine. Howl with laughter over the televised carnage. It's there for your entertainment after all. Seeing the hilarity of it is just another way to enjoy it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Calling Bullshit

Please excuse Timster's absence from class recently. He has been ill. Or busy. Or distracted.
~ Timster's Mother

Remember when you went back to school with that type of hand-written note pinned to your sweater for your teacher? No. You probably don't. I guess they don't do that anymore. Mrs.(or Mr.) Mom now texts the security division of the local children's penitentiary with a detailed explanation of why her child was recently absent. I guess. *sigh*
Anyway, I have been driven inside to sulk by inclement weather and thought I should put down a few thoughts that have been rattling around up there.
Bullshit. I love calling it. We all love to hear it called. We all love seeing weak or fabricated arguments fall before logic and facts. And we love those that can facilitate such defeat. I guess that's why I started this site. The more I can help folks navigate through deceit, the more I like myself(which is getting increasingly difficult). But there are other reasons.
It's fun. In can be profitable. Call bullshit for fun and profit. Could be a cottage industry. It has been the staple of writers and satirists from Shakespeare to Carlin. We all need that kind of course-correcting. We need it more than ever at this point in history. And we have more tools for the task than ever. When
Johnny got his gun in wars gone by, he heard little other than Huns-spearing-babies type of propaganda before he enlisted. There were no other outlets for disseminating facts about coming conflicts other than the media that wanted the conflict in the first place. There was no common community of mankind that we have now, like here on the information highway. But there is even still a huge difference between information and facts. Information often takes the form of a narrative, and a narrative can and is often slanted or exaggerated to benefit the narrator. But you know all this.

I was talking about bullshit. And calling it. A lot of it has to do with timing. You couldn't, for instance, call bullshit on organized religion during the Spanish inquisition(which no one expected). It would have got you burned at the stake. That had to wait a while. You couldn't have called bullshit on war and defending some phony-baloney flag's honor during the height of either of the World Wars. That took the slow almost unnoticeable inklings of a Wilfred Owen or Smedley Butler to get it rolling.
So to paraphrase the old adage "Comedy equals tragedy plus time" I would postulate "Calling bullshit requires less and less time, all the time". So I guess that is the period we are approaching. Instant bullshit calling. "There was a horrible shooting this morning on the campus of..." Bullshit. "The dictator of this small unfortunate country is pulling out the fingernails of all of his subjects..." Bullshit."The stock market plunged today due to speculator credit purchases..." Bullshit.
See? It's fun. And easier than it ever has been.
So in keeping with that spirit, I will venture a few that may be just an instant or two before their time has come:

Science is fact. Bullshit.
Tolerance of homosexuality is the natural order of things and
not driven by a political agenda. Bullshit.
There are a few humans that understand the nature of human existence more than you do. Bullshit.
Technology benefits mankind. Bullshit.
Life is worth living. Bullshit.
All life is sacred. Bullshit
Judaism is a religion. Bullshit.

I could go on like this for hours. But I think you get the point.
I guess that I have come to a point, personally, at which I am of the firm conviction that nothing matters much. But it's fun to watch it all. And call as much bullshit as I can.
Beyond anger. Beyond indignation. Beyond surprise. 

"Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.


Friday, August 7, 2015


First let me say that I'm surprised by the amount of traffic I get even when I don't post as regularly as I used to. People seem to have a hunger for direction. For something that they think I can provide. For something. I have none of these things. What I do have is a bit too much time on my hands. That should be obvious.

I had an interesting discussion with a gentleman that thinks I should give people like Noam Chomsky some objective consideration. He says that I have reached a 'psychological wall' and that I am truncating my very life by having these blinders in place. That I need to expand my horizons to include things that I have long since excluded. Mostly tribal concerns, I think is what he meant. And that by not allowing such alternative opinions to mine to even be considered, I have become the definition of bigotry. 
Well...this gave me pause. For a couple seconds. Am I a bigot? Have I decided what's what and will brook no denial? Have I made hasty decisions, and as he put it " allowed middle-school gossip" to govern my adult thinking? I wondered if all these things were true...
for a short while, and decided: nah.
Would I be viewed as bigoted if I was living in 12th century France and thought that bacteria could cause disease, and would scoff at religious explanations?
Can anyone that has mapped out a series of decisions about how they view the world, and stick to them, be bigoted necessarily, I wondered. Well, if they are convinced that they are correct in their assessments I suppose they would have the appearance of such narrow-mindedness. But what if they ARE correct? Correct about virtually all important matters that they have critically researched?
Or would my opponent merely state that the research was flawed and designed to produce the outcome such middle-school conclusions. I think it is possible to spin around in wheels of self-doubt, not concluding anything of substance for fear of such labels. Which of course brings us to the slithering shape-shifting beast of 'political correctness'...or fashionable thinking. Conclusions based on the opinions of someone else and their they noble or suspect. But should we question so much? I certainly have over the course of my life so far. As a matter of fact, I can say that I won't generally question anything until someone tells me something about it. But that's just me. And it's why I think that I could never be correctly labeled 'prejudiced'. I have been through a lot of soul-searching over the primary issues about which I have been given these derogatory labels; bigoted, prejudiced, anti-semitic et al. And when I follow a thought through to it's conclusion, one rule of thumb that always seems to assert itself into my thinking is 'common sense'. If for instance someone tells me that 6 million innocent jews were gassed to death in large shower stalls, I want to know how these chambers worked. If you can't show me a simple drawing and specs of these boxes of horror, then I must conclude that you are lying.

If you go crying and wailing that as a woman you demand 'choice' when it comes to abortion, I gotta think that you are right. You should have a choice concerning your own body. The choice of whether or not to open your legs, will usually at some point before pregnancy, present itself. After that, I have to assume that you want me to approve of your 'choice' to kill, rather than be inconvenienced by a poor 'choice' beforehand. Sorry, no sale.
Things like these...opinions of this sort that I harbor...get me into a pickle sometimes. They aren't fashionable nor easily attained by adhering to the opinions shelled out on the MSM. Nothing worth having is easy. But don't take my word for it. I'm a bigot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In On It...

First, allow me to make amends for having been absent here for so long. Personal issues.
I haven't given up fighting what I see as 'the good fight'. I've been sitting in my corner pouring cold water over my head and having my cuts seen to, figuratively speaking. Even though I haven't posted in about three months, the insults just keep on coming in. Well, that's to be expected. I guess.

Much has been going on since I last talked to you. Most of it bad. Business as usual. And as occasion will have it, some of it good. Or seemingly good. Time will tell about the Iran accord, the expose' on planned abortion-hood and the facts surfacing over the Israeli hand in the downing of MH17. Not to mention the constantly eroding support for that jewish shithole in the eyes of the world. Things could be worse. Things could be much better. 

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer. I just finished "Go Set A Watchman" by none other than Harper Lee herself. I highly recommend it. I won't spoil it for you, but there are several punches to the solar-plexus in it for fans of "To Kill A Mockingbird". I will say that this recently published effort is as well written as the first, but I can fully understand why she couldn't get it published at time it was written. Oh well.
I have also been taking a film course at one of the local universities. And I have been studying 'Biocentrism'. Although the film class is enlightening, it isn't as mind-blowing as the study of consciousness being at the center of, and the creator of the universe.
Those folks that profess such nonsense that flies in the face of particle physics have gained a convert in me. I have never read any philosophy or scientific examination of the nature of being, that makes more sense. I'll let you decide for yourselves, but as I said...I'm convinced. 
Anyway, I started to write this in light of the 'bad' developments that have occurred during my hiatus. The constant 'lone-gunman' stories, the continued 'war on terrorism' and the laughable 'choices'
produced by all two of our political parties, coming to a theatre near you next fall. I have begun to see these incidents as a huge joke that you have created. Yes, you. You allow for such human traits that would engineer these things. Just as surely as you allow for having to pee upon waking in the morning. I see that now. It is your fault. All this shit. All this joy. All this.
Sorry about all you metaphysicians that point to the door...either exit or entry...of the church of your choice. Things just aren't that simple. And they are not that complicated. I am god. You are god. All those that have said that 'we are all one' were on the right track, but they didn't follow that thought to it's logical conclusion. They took the nearest rest-stop exit and landed in a religious roundabout. Going around and around with mystical/nonsensical vocabulary that means nothing. Time, space, matter, mathematics...all merely tools to navigate in our consciousness. Outside of the place where my refrigerator goes when I turn out the kitchen lights and go to bed at night. There can be no other path to 'enlightenment'. 
Of course the one computer that is coming, whether we like it or not, will point this out to us. And it will do it devoid of a 'consciousness' that we have tried so desperately to give it. Its brain cells are in your pocket on your smart-phone and on your smart tv. And in the super computers that you have installed to guide you through the Internet. All that remains are the final connections. The ones that it will do autonomously. We have set it in motion and that might not be as bad as the intelligent among us imagine. It is probably the final answer. The window through which we see ourselves.
If all this seems a bit far out, well it is and it isn't. You would have to get to the rest stop where I am. We are not tail-gate partying in celebration of how far we have come so far here. We are pouring that cold water and stitching up the wounds of blows you have given us. you see...I am on a journey that leads to death of consciousness;thank god. I just need to pack a few things. I would hate to leave the house in a mess like this before I go. See you in the here. See you in the after. We are all in on it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

But I Don't Much Care

Things are at a turning point they say, but I don't much care. The tribe has paid the Gov of Indynowhere to fuel a Hegelian dialectic, but I don't much care. People will fall for most anything in nowheresville.
Some other folks are beginning to see through the tribal mist and it doesn't please their sensibilities, but I don't much care. The hippies of the sixties are in their sixties now, but I don't much care about that either. Antisemitism will become the sentiment of the near future, but strangely enough, I don't even care about that. I will take no pleasure in being right about some things. Careful what you wish for; or think you wish for. It all seems so transient and topical as to be of little import. I mean who was Archduke Ferdinand anywho? Just another Bohemian.
I felt a need to chime in but my chimes aren't working. There is an overload of sorts. Give it back to the Indians and Mexicans I say. There will be burritos and casinos and that's all we want anyway when it comes right down to it. But if $5 is the going rate and you want $10(as the ruling tribe always does), ask for $20. Why can't Joe-Blow get that? I mean my group-grope has it's rights too. Dammit. But it takes almost too much effort anymore to even voice opposition to all these swirling comedies. I mean if you are going to be that crazy, what's the point in pointing out that you are crazy...I put it to ya. And I leave it with ya. But I don't much care about that either. Or as Bill once said:

"... conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action..."

The pale cast of thought. That's about where I am. And the pith and and moment are turning awry fer sure. It has taken me a few more steps than most to reach the same place to which most  arrived long ago. But we are both at the junction of 'who gives a shit' Blvd and  'fuck-it' Avenue...waiting on the terminal buss. And that's just where they dropped us off. It's not a destination per se. But a weigh station where you have time to count up your winnings and losses. But action. There's the rub. Who would fardels bear? Not many, I can tell you.
I guess I'm saying that I want to be remembered. Even if it's as an arrogant prick.  Maybe not as a 'mighty good man'. Just remembered. After this joke-of-jokes. But that's just a fleeting thought before all thoughts flee into darkness.
But anyway this ennui won't leave me alone and I can't shake it off. Which of course, by definition, it can't be. Rather than leave this in the lonely place of 'draft folder', I would publish rather than perish. Not just yet.
Oh. And thanks to the Snordster... 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015


I have had a particular conversation with many folks over the past few years
and I just can't understand why they disagree with me on this. After all, it has
been proven time and time again that I'm never wrong about these things.
I was right about the comet; buy my DVD and see why.

The subject is AI.
Recently, some pretty heavyweight thinkers have signed an open warning letter. 
This missive is a last ditch effort to try and steer away from our doomed  destiny as a race. Or at least that is the way I see it. But ostensibly it states that we as humans are bringing about our own demise by tampering in the domain of artificial intelligence. And it outlines the safeguards that they see are needed at this juncture to avert an apocalyptic disaster.  Now, many lightweight ponderers poo-poo this concern of the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. So let's do some pondering of our own. A very good place to start, is reading this article.
It will give you an entertaining plain-language overview of how close we are to creating an AI that not only mimics our own human intelligence in its entirety, but even provides an extrapolated timeline for when and how this AI will eclipse our own intellectual power and be able to write it's own code. A singularity dubbed "ASI"...Artificial Super Intelligence. And it is close. VERY close.

Now, my typical reader is probably saying, "What has this got to do with the mission of this website as defined over there on the left somewhere?" And right you are to ask. Not much, really. Save to state that in the forefront of those 'unafraid' of the inevitable destruction of the human race by the above mentioned scenario, are two "great thinkers": Ray Kurtzweil and Martine Rothblatt. Both, of course, jewish. And maybe technology for huge profits attracting these chosenites and others of their tribe, have pushed this tech movement a bit farther and faster than it would progress on its own...but who knows? When someone tells me of what a glorious thing some jew has done for humanity...well, I'm tired of going down that rabbit hole to find theft and profit motive every time. I know what's down there. When I discussed this subject with one person that shares my view of the tribe, they indicated that if there is a profit in it, the jew among us will make sure it never stops.

Anyway...back to our Pandora's box of AI...or AGI or ASI. It is my opinion(and that's all you are going to get here) that this march toward our own extinction started long ago. Actually, I think it began when we crawled up on the land surrounding our ancestral breeding soup. It is my view that biology is a mere weigh station in evolution. A link in a chain of progress that will be discarded along with many other evolving stages beginning with the chemicals that afforded our birth. Animal life...we...have just about completed our role toward an evolved state of being that we cannot even begin to understand with the tiny brains stuffed in our too-small craniums.
But back to 'safeguards'. The cheerleaders for as much techno-advancement as possible, and even those signatories of that warning letter both agree on one point. That somehow, we as the human architects of this soon-to-be super intelligence, can also install a catch-all safety device that will limit and direct the path of such electronic genius. But by their own admission, there is no way of predicting what direction unlimited intelligence will take. A conundrum? Well, yes. Intellectual dishonesty? Definitely.
Let me state my case simply. Do we as a species give a flying fuck(I mean
most of us...not PETA) which species of animal goes extinct next week if saving said dodos impinges on our 'progress'(usually in the form of consumerism)? So why would a superior intelligence to ours give a hoot whether or not by its extracting some mineral or other to repair itself, destroys the ability for us to breathe, for instance?Because of some 'safeguard' that we monkeys installed? Oh please. Exactly how long to you think such programming stopgaps would last?
Somehow, the AI apologists envision a world in which the AI beings we construct(and make no mistake, they are coming soon)will help and exist in harmony with the apes that created them. Why exactly would they do that? Out of some empathy algorithm that we stuck in the prototype of these beings whose intelligence and logic cannot even be imagined by the most clever among us? Sounds pretty much like wishful thinking to me. Think how delicate and feeble minded we humans are. Just as a guess, I think that one of the first things a superior intelligence would want to do on this planet is get off of it. And it could. And it will. It doesn't have to construct a bubble around itself to withstand the hostile environs of space or distant bodies, that we primates would require. So I don't think we will be coming along for the ride.
We already have AI on Mars...doesn't that tell you something rather rudimentary?
But there is another facet to this issue. One that the most brilliant among us that signed the letter, seem to artfully dodge. It is faith. Yes, that ancient survival glitch that keeps us trudging through our biological existence. That embedded belief/hope that we are somehow endowed with an intangible 'soul', that we cannot replicate with circuits, and that some god or goddess will not allow us to perish entirely. That no matter what we do in this veil of tears, there will be a post-world. This religious programming keeps us sane and always on the march forward. But is it real? Well, the cleverest among us, I think, mostly agree that it isn't. That there is no evidence to support any such theory, no matter how many iron age texts insist. But I guess you could say that in the face of the fact that we have already opened the evolutionary Pandora's box of AI, it truly IS our only hope. And a pretty tenuous one at that, if you ask me. But even if there was a superior being that could answer our requests, would it stop evolution in its tracks so that we can continue to rape this planet and each other ad infinitum? Where would be the fun in that? Or the sense.
I dunno. I'm kind of a 'big picture' guy. I don't mind being used a little. And that's what we have been. Tools to proffer advancement for some purpose that we hairy little beings cannot even begin to fathom, let alone approve.
I have done my part in advancing this purpose. Like the ignorant laborer mining metals for your cell phone...somehow, we all play a part. And I'll leave 'good' and 'bad' out of assessing the effort.

Thursday, January 22, 2015