Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Shell Game...Again

I hate being topical. If and when I have occasion to look back on my posts, the ones that stand out to me as 'unwise' are those that address this or that current news item. Probably because those particular essays are tied to a frozen picture of time that has very little to do with the big picture. Like reading an op-ed piece on whether or not to fund a new city park from an old newspaper. Fleeting. Unimportant in the scope of things. 
So I won't. Completely.
I'll try to frame this latest in a more universal and objective fashion.
From Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King; from John Brown to Watts; from Kent State to Trevon Martin;from Aaron Lopez to Michael Brown...it's all the same game. Where's the pea? That illusive vegetable that hides under the visible shell.
It seems that few to none are immune to picking the wrong hiding place. And the manipulator is always the winner. By the time most people realize they have had their harvest money stolen, there is a new game right down the street.

How many times do we have to remind ourselves that the medium is the message? The stories are only visible because of the manipulation of the subject cloud that is the mainstream-media. Divide and conquer is alive and well as long as they have an audience to play to.

Rosa Parks was a set-up. MLK was known as two things: and instigator of violence, and a man that "had a dream".  Trevon Martin bought into the gangsta identity and paid a heavy price. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store, attacked a frightened cop that had way too much fire-power at his disposal and also paid with his life. The MSM will paint these stories any way you want. The cop is a killer. The kid was a ghetto-rat criminal. It doesn't make any difference what you choose to believe. As long as you come away with one fact: it is a RACE issue. Blacks are getting out of hand...cops are all racists. Side with one group and hate the other. Who wins in such a situation? Well, who owns the MSM? Who arms and trains the cops with military weapons? Who creates the thug culture? Who created the NAACP? Who runs the SPLC? And on and on.
But more importantly, who gets away with murder while you are getting caught up in the swirl of an unseen hand stirring the racial stew? Who has scrutiny deferred? I think you know. But your gut reaction is to get caught up in the game...and you are only given a few choices...when in fact the pea isn't under any of the shells you see on the table.

I won't be called a racist, but I will point out racism wherever I see it. And I see it being served up by the champions of this ugly emotion.
The only valid opinion concerning these stories is this: Why am I exposed to such a tale? I find it interesting that our commander-in-chief made one thing perfectly clear: "There is no excuse for the police to harass journalists that are just trying to do their jobs and bring this story to the people". Without full HD media coverage, there can be no hatred fomented. It's FOX vs BET out there.
How stupid are people? How can they not see the thinly veiled manipulation here? And the 'alternative' press is not even immune to choosing a side with which to champion their own particular cause.
But even in the press, such stories have their shelf life. There must be a delicate balance maintained. An intoxicating air of fear and hatred with a soundtrack of amerikan exceptionalism being sung in the background. Preoccupation rather than critical thinking. Fictions created for your distraction to keep you on edge but still punching the clock.
I for one, could not care less about Ferguson, Missouri and the mini-passion play being broadcast from there ad infinitum. But I never saw the fascination of a shell game either.


Anonymous said...

one of the best scenes in Time Bandits...With Sean Connery.



my own opinion is that to sort the whole spaghetti mess out


RACIALLY there simply must be
re-segregation...that said
obviously I'm a racist, but the worst damage inflicted on my
being in this life has been by my own.."kind"...


Wayne Marin & The Henry Family & Winston Blake..& Melissa Morrisson
all swept under the rug by Eric Holder.


"Serpentine Shel, Serpentine"



missingarib said...

Tim, when is maxwell's silver hammer going to come down (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%27Pataphysics)
in the white house or our house is in the point of your or our pen or sword. We say time will tell but that's just something to avoid an answer or for a lack of insight - or will .
The s*&t that is broadcast on MSM is so bad I wonder how anyone can't throw cold water on that fogged mirror and take a look -fear, procrastination pick the reason -time will tell!

in the mean time thank you for putting pen to paper as it were and polishing the hammer -smile

james said...

Well said, Timster. You nailed it!

Greg Bacon said...

If you know the REAL enemy of the people, that's part of the job. You've managed to throw off a lifelong brainwashing that is designed to make you weep and feel pity for a certain group of ethnic gangsters who have been and are behind most of the world's miseries.

Like preachers say, "Go tell it on the mountain."

If not for your own sanity, then do it for your kids and offspring.

black jewish faggot said...

You are one kind of asshole. People like you should go to jail and never come out again. I read all the shit on this site and WTF?! Antisemitic, racist, definitly right-winged conspiracy-bullshit.

Anonymous said...

expertly stated sir. wonderfully important testimony and damning evidence.