Monday, June 16, 2014

A letter...

Dr. Duke,

I have been cautiously following your videos and your publications for the past few years. I say cautiously, because I have heard certain declarations from you that send up many red flags.
I understand that you have been demonized in the jewish-owned press for many reasons, chief of which, of course, is your past membership in the KKK. I have heard you address these slanders and distance yourself from the Klan, and I applaud that response.
But I want more.
Your identification of the jewish tribal machinations in the world is spot-on. I have no quarrel with these views and you certainly have done more than most to expose the zionist tribal agenda. My congratulations and wishes for further success in this venture. However, as I implied above, I have reservations about wholeheartedly backing your efforts without your abandonment of a few key points. Namely white pride, and the 'separate but equal' nonsense that I have heard you espouse. Even if you believe in that hogwash, I feel that you are doing the effort of toppling the zionist mafia a disservice, if you do not declare such beliefs(which all know are the cornerstones of Klan ideology)merely a passing youthful phase, as was your membership in that abhorrent conglomeration of mouth-breathers.
When I was that age, I thought Ayn Rand was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was a card-carrying objectivist. Of course, I quickly discovered that she was nothing more than a talmudic/racist bitch, but the point is that I publicly disavow her and her philosophy now. We all do silly things in our youth that I attribute to passion for truth. We all mistakes. You have "almost" made a clean breast of yours, in my estimation.  But as I said, I want more.
I don't know if the message here is clear, but if you would like to discuss the finer points of racism as 'racial pride', I would be happy to do so.
Is this something that you would consider going public with. Believe me when I tell you that there are MANY like minded people out there...intelligent and influential that would throw their full weight behind your efforts if you would only abandon the above-mentioned items. I have had this discussion about you with many of my readers( and I can assure you that in the anti-zionist blogoshpere, such is the sentiment. If you would even like to discuss it online, on my site, I would be more than happy to host such a discussion.
Thank you in advance for reading and your response!



Anonymous said...


Why are you asking a deeply committed proponent of White Supremacism to lead the fight against Jewish Supremacism?

This is not about youthful indiscretions. Duke is still deeply committed to his racialist agenda. This is why he is judged safe by the establisment and allowed to make occaisonal appearances on CNN. If he were in any way dangerous to the gangster elite he would be unheard of or dead. Duke sews division while (unwittingly?) reinforcing the core ideological belief sustaining Jewish Power.

He is the controlled opposition and I don't fall for this gag anymore.

Obrzezany Fiut said...


Is this you Anielewicz? Each of your sentences, except for two remind me of my Homies from Warsaw Ghetto. The shining piece in your text is the line "he is judged safe". But of course, we are all safe, you and I and Timster because we are alive. There is no place for the "unheard of or dead". Beautiful piece of Talmudic logic. I miss it so much.

Anonymous said...

isn't it kinda the behave or go home know,
like it's 3am and your darker complected buddies are pissing on the wall throwing their beer bottles on the floor and just being kinda rowdy in a primitive way, playing that zionist inspired crotch grabbing pelvic thrust university rap crap noise...
you know, and the old Man upstairs..

says it's time to go home..

it just seems difficult for some to cross over that hurdle of self preservation not being a crime..

just my 2 cents



Anonymous said...

Ty T.J/Timster for the letter to David Duke.

Sure White People need to be defended,because of the Jewish Onslaught and Defaming against White People.


Also thinking of The Black Racism going on against Whitey aka George Zimmerman(Even though he's Hispanic)in what's called The Knock-Out Game.

Reason why I'm against White Pride and The Klan because Vladimir Lenin best said it"The Best way to control dissent is lead it ourselves.

Remember the owner of Vangaurd News Network(VNN)Jew Alex Linder and Frank Collin aka Joseph Cohen The Fuehrer of The America Nazi Party

Plus The Ugly Truth about The Anti-Defamation League William Cooper on youtube.

You'll find out that nearly at the top of White Pride and The Klan is almost always led by Zionists.


That concerns me,because there's no bigger desire from The Rothschild Zionists than for the White People to Copy The Knockout-Game from the Blacks.


That Teenage Whites will gang up in Gangs looking for innocent people to and knock out which would start Racial Wars that the Zionists soo desired.

I'm Damn glad Timster that you took David Duke to task and Rightfully soo:o)

Anonymous said...

Timster, why do you equate racial pride with racism and call white pride "hogwash"? Is black pride hogwash? Is it hogwash for a Native American to take pride in his/her heritage? To borrow your term, "nonsense."

You also err in framing Duke as a White Supremacist, He thinks all ethnic groups are entitled to cultivate respect for their culture and heritage. You smear him by calling his alleged "separate but equal" view nonsense.

Why do you think Duke has to pass your purity test, anyway? He is plenty pure enough to expose the evils of Jewism, and he is amply worthy of your support.