Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Undiscovered Country...

"...The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
No Traveller returns, Puzzles the will..."

It dawned on me the other day that I would rather be dead...than to have my youth back. Sounds crazy, huh? But it isn't so nuts if you think about it. If I was 20-30 again, or even younger, I would be behind someone's bars. Guaranteed. But as it is now, in the last few stages of my game, I find myself devoid of the energy of my convictions. Not lacking the courage, just that youthful motion that got me into trouble so many times before this country turned into an unabashed, unashamed fascist dictatorship. Oh well. It happens to the best of man's efforts eventually. But if I did have that energy back and having witnessed what I have over the last couple score of years, I think my anger and vanity would get the best of me. I would rather journey to the 'undiscovered country' than to rot in some corporation's cage. So. It all works out for the best. For me that is. And we are egocentric...this species to which I belong(although I didn't actually apply for membership...honest).
I am ashamed to be human more often than not. I am no
tree-hugger, but I am powerless to come up with anything really noble that we as a rather disgusting species, sharing(not dominating) this rock, have ever accomplished. We are the newcomers that screwed things up for a lot of other inhabitants for a while, thinking we are at the top of some food-chain or other and have no predators above us. That's a giggle as we drive by marble orchards filled with those that have succumbed to a really dominate life-form commonly known as bacteria. But that's as may be.

I want to see this country "from whose bourn, no traveler returns". I like that whole idea. It's hilarious, really. In an ironic sense.

I recently mainlined the PBS(aka JBS) series, "Shakespeare Uncovered". I will amend my statement up there about our species accomplishing nothing of note, to 'except Shakespeare'. 
I recommend the series to anyone that is enthralled by the Bard's wisdom. It is true affirmation.  And, you get to experience what I have always noticed, in spades. "And now a word from our sponsors". In every episode(each one taking on a different play narrated by actors that have played in them), there are of course pundits. Talking-head-scholars that provide history and purpose of the various plays and characters. Thoughtful individuals all, presenting insightful info about the subject. All but a few. The sponsors. The jews. It is giggly to watch these tribe members mouthing nothings about the greatest poet of this or any other century. Again...the irony. Other than their surnames and their PhD's, they have nothing of note to contribute. But they are there. As they always are. Laughable. But if you can get by that...the series(save the episode dealing with The Scottish play, starring the only amerikan, Ethan embarrassing...skip that one fer sure), is enlightening, entertaining and wholly not-tv.

But even that isn't what I wanted to cover today. As the title alludes, it is Shakespeare, the man, that is on my mind again. I have always thought that if anyone in this species has ever expressed the entertaining futility of the doomed experiment that is homo sapiens-sapiens, it was he. And he did so in such a highly palatable way. For all the joy he plotted within our species, so too was he wise enough to conclude that it is indeed predestined to fail. That so many connected to his clear view of humankind, to me, speaks to that undiscovered/discovered knowledge that we all share. That we are the loud, violent family in the neighborhood that will eventually default on our home loan and soon vacate an otherwise balanced community of lifeforms. And the decent inhabitants of the planet will just have to put up with us, until we are finally kicked out. Foreclosed on by the force of a balanced nature that was here long before we arrived with our 'intelligence' and twerking. 
So the 'we' that are unwilling participants in this offensive evolutionary mews known as mankind(with emphasis on the ironic 'kind'), an undiscovered country of rest from the fever that is a dying infection, is all too alluring.
I arrived at understanding this conclusion that the Bard described for us after having read "The Tempest", many years ago. At that vain age, I thought I was the only person that 'got it'. I have since learned that I wasn't. There is again, an ironic understanding therefore, that so many that have taken themselves out of the equation so to speak, fully grasp what he was talking about. From "As You Like It" to "The Tempest" and all stops in between, we can travel his path of enlightenment to our own confrontation of that country which we must all enter.
As one of my readers deftly put it, I excel at saying things people don't want to hear. I suppose this is a prime example. It's tough to rally around one that is such a defeatist. Even if there is a bitter joy to the realization that they express in their resignation. But hey...I calls em like I sees em. There is joy in this pragmatism that I espouse. The joy that the playwright taught me.

Enjoy your brief stay in this brief run of a doomed evolutionary failure. Try not to hasten our eventual downfall in your 'intelligent' fashion. Be as kind as you can to superior lifeforms. And look forward, don't fear the visit to that undiscovered country. For as he reminds us: "...the rest is silence".


rubbell said...

For the last 3 decades, when I steer towards troubled water, Brutus comes to mind."There is a tide in the affairs of men".......Julius Caesar. Of course engineering of mens behaviour may be quite ancient and Shakespeare could be thought of as glorious software. From a cool 54th latitude,R. Olausen. P.S. -a nightmare age, plastic to the core.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why you continually bash National Socialism and Fascism. They are two ideals that are relentlessly assailed by the Chosen. The Chosen have made sure that NS and Fascism are stigmatized to a point where most see them as standards for evil. If folks actually looked into the basis of NS and Fascism, and understand just what they are, they could release themselves from this Judaic programmed meme. I fear, Tim, you are part of that meme.

Just because Germany and Italy lost WW2, doesn't mean that their forms of government were wrong. Germany and Italy were defeated by the combined Judaic onslaught by the swarm of Judeo Bolshevism and Judeo controlled capitalism. The SAME swarm you have built your blog to complain about.

Understanding these enemies of Judaism will help those who are struggling against Judaism. Especially since modern Democracy and Marxism are two babies from the same Judaic womb.

Both National Socialism and Fascism gave pretty good fights against exactly what you and I are beaten down by to a point of giving up. Why do you think the Jews persistently vilify them?!!!?!!

The amalgamation of the swastika and star of david on you blog page is ridiculous. National Socialism was the best, BY FAR, antidote against the Judaic scourge of the Earth.....our misfortune. When an intelligent person looks beyond the Hollywood (Judaic) portrayal of NAZIS, he can see that there is something quite sound, multiplex, and liberating about them.

It is a tragedy to discard the extensive and extraordinarily integrated accomplishments of NS and Fascism against the Judaic scourge. There are endless true and sophisticated harmonious society building aspects versus the perpetually spewed falsities. Everyone says how "radical" the NAZIS were. The Judaic grip we are in certainly needs a radical solution.

National Socialism can work in any country to a point of full functionality. But, of course multiculturalists won't agree. Multiculturalism is the boon of Judaism. They need it to survive. What we are ending up with is an Earth that has turned to dis-unified mush where only the unified Jew will rule.

"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build."
— Maurice Samuel in his 1924 book You Gentiles

They destroy societies with multiculturalism and decadence.

Strawman said...

When I was a teenager,my father used to say that he wished he were my age and knew what he then knew. Now that he is gone and I am the same age, I don't understand his logic at all. I am so happy to have more yesterdays than tomorrows.Our time has been a waste when it could've been so much more. Thanks again Timster

Timster said...

Rubbell - Yes. I love that quote. If Shakespeare was social engineering, I think it failed. Thanks for the comment.

Timster said...

Anon@10:16 - Well, that wasn't really what the essay was about...but,okay. I see where you are coming from.

I'm kinda apolitical actually. I hate all forms of government. None are necessary, and all lead to war eventually. National Socialism, or at least Hitler's version thereof is based on some pretty dodgy race-superior stuff. Project assignment: Really READ Mein Kampf, cover to cover. If you can brook that kind of racism...well, you have come to the wrong place, and our bickering about one political system over another would be fruitless and academic.

The swastika/SOD symbol is quite apropos, I think. The racism that zionists vilify in history yet practice daily, has come back to haunt them. Goody.
But thanks for the comment anyway.

Anonymous said...

eventually the language will become pure...

so as to allow an intelligent discussion...

presumably about the facts...

and the limitless possibilities

until then...

I'm thinking six million "Jews" in the ovens seems to be the logical solution

just my opinion



Anonymous said...

Of late I have thought much on death. There seems little purpose to all the "stuff" folk involve themselves, including me. I work, I return home, I cook, I read, I think, I sleep, I do this I do that. And I get older, and just perceptibly, a bit feebler every day. I look forward to that far place, and I do say that it is different than here. Dig the silence. There really is no silence here. Listen! Peace, Tom

Timster said...

Anon@8:04 - "I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth".
I know what you mean. There is NO silence here. What's a mother to do?

Timster said...

Davy - Well, I guess you are entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

Before reading Mein Kampf, I understood the time period in which it was written. Judaic Communism was rife throughout the Judaic depression inflicted Europe. Germans had lost control of their country to carpetbagger aliens who were buying the country up at kopecks on the ruble. Berlin was a cesspool of Judaic decadence. THERE WAS NO GOVERNMENT OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE PROTECTING GERMANY.

The only fault within Mein Kamph and NAZI policy was over emphasis on supremacy. While ALL races individually have certain supreme characteristics over other races, over-stressing that importance for Germans was counterproductive. Hitler desired to conquer the Soviet Union and capture part of Eastern Europe for Germany, attempting this at the horrible expense of the German people against insanely impossible odds. However, having the Judaic communist Soviet Union as a neighbor was unacceptable. Europe was swarming with Soviet supported communists. Hitler and the NAZIS were certainly right in understanding that alien invasions of countries destroys the culture of the invaded country. The world has a lot to thank the NAZIS for.

Above all, the Jews know how important race is. That is why they have made race mixing a primary objective in their domination end game. Earthly races date back 10s of thousands of years. It will take the Jews, using their altruistic diarrhea, about 100 years to effectively marginalize the European race. They have tricked meme susceptible bullhorns units like you to downplay the importance of race and aid the Jews in destroying European culture.

Race is a beautiful thing. I have traveled ALL over the world and have grown to love all the races INCLUDING some aspects of the Jewish race....i.e. racial bond.

Racism is GOOD

Multiculturalism destroys the beauty of race and the cohesion within societies.

You reject government because you have never lived under a government that represents you, and you avoid understanding the superior aspects of viable forms of government such as National Socialism and fascism via cognitive dissonance. Most governments of the world (and your prejudices) are Judaic controlled. That is why governments are dysfunctional and bad for the host peoples.

Take NS without Hitler's quest for conquest and you have near perfection for harmonious Jew free existence in all countries.... and Jews can have Madagascar. It is ludicrous for governments to not be Nationalistic in order to function for those governed, otherwise people like you hate government. The happiest people in human history were 1930s Germany.... except for the parasitic alien German Jews.

su said...

Timster you appeared to me whilst I was watching this.
If you have time restraints, start at 18 minutes.

Timster said...

Anon@9:39 - Oh dear...

Timster said...

Su - I did? Cool! I'll watch the vid. Is there a terribly handsome and wise individual in it then?

Timster said...

Strawman - You're welcome, I'm sure. Who's to say it's been a waste but us?

missingarib said...

Tim , seems shakespeare refreshes the questions and revelations we understand and hope to share.
He doesn't need to invent something to access our mind .I can only enthuse how magical and astonishing his writings are -but foremost is his qualities as a physician sorting out the material disease from the spiritual.

Do as the heavens have done, forget your evil;
With them forgive yourself.
William Shakespeare

much love

Timster said...

Missing - Exactly! VERY well put. Thanks for the comment.