Saturday, September 28, 2013


There is a huge difference in pruning and removing a weed. Most yank till the top comes off in their hand and the offending flora is visible no longer. They have just pruned. For along with the evolution of man-the-weed-destroyer, so too has the common destructive weed evolved. It now thrives on this type of life-giving effort of other creatures. When you remove only the visible plant, it is a defense signal to the weed to grow back faster and stronger. And it does this through the power-house root system that remains hidden to the ignorant and/or lazy gardener. Many types of weeds take this route to survival. Many others you will find, can mimic the appearance of purposefully cultivated plants around them to avoid being noticed and destroyed. Both adaptive methods have been successful in the creature-against-weed battle. Funny things weeds. Smarter than the average bear.
But average bears most of us are. Easily clearing our landscape of the plants we have deemed ugly and found prolific. Only to find it necessary to fall into the weed-trap yet again just weeks after we thought we had rid ourselves of this less than aesthetically pleasing
If there is a more fitting allegory to the destruction of our world as we witness it today, I can't think of it.
Most gardeners of the world, prune. They do not attack the roots first. It is nothing to identify the fact that our garden is overrun with ugly destructive plants where flowers should bloom. That is obvious. And it takes little more effort to pop the top off weeds that ruin our otherwise healthy and beautiful flowering curtilage. This is done daily. But the weed has another defense mechanism that is just as devious as the above-mentioned. And that is political correctness. It is now taboo to even point out the weeds...let alone believe we are ridding the ground of their presence by yanking on them. For fear of this imagined offense that we would commit by doing so, we turn a blind eye to not only the weed but its roots. You can see what this produces. But those are the ignorant/lazy landscapers that I spoke of.
You and I are a different breed. We don't quibble. We don't play word games about what a weed really is, or whether it should be given equal rights among the flowers we raise. As, I believe, Ross Perot once said: "If you see a snake, you kill it. You don't form a snake committee".

We see the mimic among the blossoms...and we go for its underground support system first. For this we are labeled so much that one can barely distinguish who we really are. But with all the placards obscuring our identity we hack deeply into the base of the evil we see. We do this rashly at times, but we do it because we have a vision of what the garden could be without the uncultivated deformation that will eventually spoil all our efforts to out-evolve the common weed.
It is here that I could make allusions to Monsanto's efforts at eliminating weeds and pests by making the 'flower of mankind' even more destructive. And how the once healthy crops now serve the plight rather than the consumer. But I'll let you work out the parallel there.
Suffice to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Weeds are weeds. If you cultivate them they will become prolific. If you half-heartedly eliminate only the visible parts, they will come back healthier and more robust. And you only have yourself to blame for serving them in their purpose of survival and dominance.

I find myself watching RT online recently. More specifically,
Breaking The Set, with Abby Martin. She and her editors at Russia Today have found an audience with those that would like to clean up gardens. A more attractive flower would be hard to find, than she. And one revealing the evil plants around her to all that would eradicate such ugliness. But is she the weed that mimics? Such 'flowers' are evolving into such detailed replicas of the real is difficult for even this old gardener to tell at a glance. Have different weeds infected her shallow root system than the ones she points out every week? Given the lineup on RT 'news' other than her show...Larry King et al...I tend to think that she is being pulled by an underground root system. Ah, such the flesh and the deed...but only skin deep I'm afraid. And such charm is more destructive than the yiddish that make no bones about their agenda. Much more. This is a journalist that takes on the most 'lefty' press and points out their paymasters, and yet in the next breath furthers dangerous agendas that are very clearly tribal. She is the smart/sexy/charming Alex Jones, I fear. There are always those that will take advantage of and
micromanage your anger. And DAMN! They look JUST like the pansies you are weeding around. She is gaining popularity with the phrase "you can't have it both ways". Now that is jewish hubris if I ever saw it, considering the types stories she covers.
Age and a keen eye will clear our garden. Experience in dealing with interloping plants seems to be our most effective weapon.


Anonymous said...

I concur with keeping a stink eye on Ms. Martin. Anyone who smears on that much mouth goo is under suspicion. Something ambitious in her turns me off. Careful! Chips

Anonymous said...

Abby is indeed a weed. She blocked me on both youtube and twitter for questioning why she sold out on 9/11(she used to be a 911 activist when it sold shirts for her, when she got a show she abandoned the cause). The best shes done on 911 is limited hangout liars like Sibel Edmonds. Blegh.

Anonymous said...

Disagree, folks. Anyone says "Who effing cares what Netanyahu thinks!?" up straight and on air has my respect.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen with Ms Martin and the 9/11 truth guests she has on, it is basically the Saudis did "it" and Bush let them or failed. And "it" is exactly as the media says "it" was. Caveman turned boxcutter ninja turned expert pilot all for the glory of allah and the promise of virgins and hating us for our freedumbs.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Absolutely great analogy here. Love the gardening.... but I grew up with the expression, "weeds are just flowers you don't like". When I started to garden, that ended! But I was never a rabid anti dandelion type cos I used them come spring.

Anyhow... that aside. I, too, have been watching this lady on RT. Now I am a scatter watcher so it is what I catch at the time... But Larry King is one of their presenters? That is not a warning sign. That is an exploding alarm!

I have watched this lady and thought she was just a tad too sharp and someone had to let her "be free" in what she says. A gateway type with good legs and a sexy delivery.

What I saw is all I knew about her. However, the 911 bit is also a clear warning sign that she is danger personified in a tight fitting dress.

Now I will do little more than look at her hair colour and wish I could pull that shade off again!

Timster said...

Chips - Well, you know me. I'm careful to a fault. Lip goo? I like that.

Timster said...

Anon@7:45 - She refused to answer a few of my comments as well. But, then again, she could have taken me for a troll. I have to disagree with the Sibel thing though. I think she is pretty straightforward.

Timster said...

Anon@10:36 - Well...there is that. I will say that she doesn't skirt the israhell criticisms. But everyone takes shots at Bibi. I do like the way she goes after Nestle. She has failed most every other litmus test for me however. But to each his own.

Timster said...

Anon@5:42 - Agreed. There are lines that she will not cross. I don't know if that is her editors/bosses, or her.
I just take what I can from her web-show.

Timster said...

Noor - Ha. My mother used to harvest them in spring as well. They are indistinguishable from spinach. And lord knows they are free and plentiful.
"she is danger personified in a tight fitting dress"...shades of Mitch Ryder.

wiggins said...

Best - straightforward - analogy I have ever read.

Timster said...

Wiggins - Thanks!