Thursday, August 15, 2013

Faggots, Bigots And Spit

My wife says I should keep my big mouth shut. I tend to agree.
It has gotten me into some tight places over the years. As much as
I have fought the system throughout my much as I 'see' the man for what he is...I have never given in to paranoia. Either rational concern for privacy, or a tin-foil hat there-coming-to-get-me hysteria. I just don't give a fuck. So I yap on recklessly. As I have often confessed, they know who I am, they know where I live, let em come. And that is not necessarily bravery. More resignation to the facts as I see them. I chose this path knowing I would reckon the cost. Good or bad, that decision was made long ago. The rest is not defense, but delineation.

My apparent 'hatred of jews' must be more accurately defined as hatred for judaism and the culture that surrounds the most destructive 'religion/cult' ever to darken our species. My aversion for homosexuality, must be further explained as a hatred for tribal use of same, to further their cultural agenda of divide-and-conquer. No more. No less. Few men will not gleefully observe the display of lesbian affection. But more often than not, those same males will feel their lunch wishing to go north rather than south at the same exhibition of male homosexuality. There is a reason for that, but it doesn't figure into today's essay. Suffice to say, I number myself among the above group of heterosexual males. And like the jewish-inspired misnomer of 'antisemitism' to silence debate...the equally incorrect label 'homophobic' is applied to blokes like myself. But there is no room for the very common opinion that sexuality should be a private concern. That no matter what your preference, it should remain in your bedroom. Not on the front page or children's classrooms. Most people feel this way about it. If the real truth be known...probably most homosexuals would even concur. But even they are not allowed such modesty, when the politicization of their preferences is paraded to further a tribal agenda, however.  Or so it would seem to the silent-majority of heteros. As homosexuals would never concede, or shouldn't, to accepting heterosexual norms as their too should we heteros not be forced into 'accepting' their preferences over lunch. It won't ever happen. No matter how 'tolerant' we each try to be...the lunch will be launched if something is continually forced down the throat. Human nature. Nothing to be splashed about with terms of 'faggot' or 'bigot'.

This 'new' agenda designed to force the issue is a tool of the tribe. You know this no matter what your sexual stripe, or you wouldn't be here. You understand the blurring of lines that is being attempted.

For that's the agenda, or rather the plan of attack.

It is definitely not okay to attack and beat some poor clown because he is gay. If you do this, the age-old 'fear' of homosexuality...fear that you yourself harbor latent tendencies of same-sex preference, is rather obvious. It is also not okay to teach techniques of male-to-male sodomy to school children. And most people are rightfully repulsed by such a notion. But being repulsed and beating someone are two different things. The tribe wishes to blur these actions as they do with politics. Either you accept their latest 'gay-pride' offensive or you are a homophobic bigot. You either love israhell or you are an antisemite. You either accept all the government tells you as fact, or you are a conspiracy theorist.
And the homosexual that poor clown that got his head bashed in some alley...are laying their lives on the line for yet another jewish offensive to the common man. Yet another nudge toward the talmud. Normal everyday people with a sexual preference for their own gender are handed 'pride'. An empty promise that everyone will accept their sexuality publicly, if they are just vocal enough about it. Either they go along with this very vocal campaign and put their safety in jeopardy, or its back to the closet. The tribe won't brook a fence-sitter here either. With us or against us. Boycott Russia for displaying a little common sense, or go beat up a queer. There is no middle-ground.
I just submitted my spit for DNA identification in a genealogical project of mine. I shouldn't be telling you this. But I have a big mouth and as I said, I'm not paranoid. I'll let you know if they find any jewish markers.


Ruth said...

Under Feminazism’s heel, no man is safe to live his life, or to love, or to father his children.

Under Feminazism’s heel, every man is the victim of an insane creed that deems him responsible and punishable for all evil, past, present, and future.

Under Feminazism’s heel, every man’s son is such a victim, past, present, and future.

Under Feminazism’s heel, every man's son is a potential betrayer, exploiter, jailer and executioner of himself and every other man.
—‘Perseus’ - With no apologies to anyone.

The human race consists of two genders that were created for each other for the purpose of procreation and to perpetuate the species.

Gender warfare, like all warfare, is an insanity that will only benefit the instigators of evil.

This selfish, dysfunctional behavior must end.
It will achieve nothing but destruction.
We cannot replace a male god with a female god or vice versa.
There is but one creation - we are both part of it and the sum of it.

THERE'S NO DENYING THE KIKE JEWS HAND IN THESE DEPRAVED ACTS, they’re out to destroy the White Caucasian/Saxon male in an effort to bastardise the White Nations and replace it with feeble minded half-breed easy to control slaves.

So yeah . . . sexual deviation is also a tool of the jew in this battle – read up on shemales . . . but be prepared for a shock.

Timster said...

Ruth - Uh...okay. Not with you on the 'white' thing. However, I have to nod to the "Gender warfare, like all warfare, is an insanity that will only benefit the instigators of evil."