Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dream Is Over...

When it comes to politics, I guess that is what I have been trying to say all along. The dream truly is over. It is time to put away childish hope of reforming a system that is flawed by design. Throughout these hundreds and thousands of words, I have been trying to expose the hand of the jew meddling in and trying to sustain this childish utopian dream that never was. You can profit from the dreams of others. No one understands this like the tribe.

There have been many attempts throughout history to establish utopian societies. It's as if the collective mind has always known that there has to be a better way of governing itself than to depend on the whims of 'leaders'. They all failed, these dreams. They all came to an end. As has the latest amerikan one. And that's okay. We humans seem to learn best when we learn with our face. Lead with our chin. Take a beating and move on. It is approaching that time to move on. To take lessons learned and change the very nature of how we think of ourselves as a species. We have to. We have no choice. Almost everyone can see this now.
But before we get out of our comfy chairs and get moving on this, we must know where we are going. We certainly need to move in a direction completely opposite than the well-worn path we have been on. It has served no one but the profiteers for thousands of years. So to avoid settling back into the hierarchical pattern with which we are all too familiar, to merely change the ones at the top for more of the same, or worse, we MUST change the entire system. Firstly, it is imperative to understand that federal leadership is not required. There are too many of us. There are too many competing interests. This has always been the downfall of 'nations'. Whether we are talking about the 'isms' or 'democracy', they simply do not work on a nation-state level. As a matter of fact they don't work at all...except for those that have wrangled their way to the top of such systems. A child can see this. 
So to reference the below video,"Revolution:an instruction manual", I must say I agree with the suggestion that all the world's countries take a leaf from the Iroquois Nations. Decentralized regions answerable to only those that live within them. No oversight from any all-governing body. All actions within these mini-states to be referendum based. Country in name only. Reality lived within the confines of a populace controlled region. No 'dreams' of national governance, that is designed to exploit. That is the only way to insure that everyone participates in their own rule.

The video that I posted gives you a roadmap. It is not complete. It is up to you to fill in the details, but the principles are solid. And the outcome is the only hope I see of removing and more importantly replacing the existing world-wide power structure(now jewish)with a viable alternative. A workable solution. Of course I believe that tribal concerns will fall with the coming revolution, as they are those that profit most from what it is now. That gutter religion will be exposed for what they are once the structure of 'nations' is dismantled.

However. There is a stumbling block that the film does not address.
And that is that through the manipulation of all the 'isms' our Western world is being run by multi-national corporations. They are the(yiddish) culprits behind the inhuman actions we see in the world around us. They author the wars and slaughter. It is for their profit that we all suffer. So after the revolution has de-legitimized the structure of these failed federal politics, the corpocracy must fall as well. For they are the backbone of the 'dream' from which we are all awakening. We must insure that these profit monsters are destroyed along with the national governments for which we now slave. Of course the need for much of what they produce now will soon be irrelevant to the Iroquois nation that we seek. Weapons of war that will no longer be needed. There will be no 'isms' for which to die. But as the 'trust-busters' of the early 20th century attempted, we must succeed in localizing all material production. Not an easy task when the system for convenient consumption is already in place on world-wide levels. But busted they must be. Or the tribal multi-nationals will again rule by proxy with imaginary shortages, price fixing and all manner of hi jinx to bring down our fragmented regional lives and continue to profit from our misery. 
Of the few concurrant edicts that our local communities must agree upon, it is the banning of conglomerate operation at the expense of regional concerns. This includes everything from media to bubblegum. This will be the greatest task, in my estimation. For nothing corrupts like money and nothing makes more money than war and material consumption. And no 'ism' could exist without its corporations.
Everything else can be ironed out as this new system progresses through the coming years. Once the stone wall of the elite is destroyed, and the new plan is in the common psyche, it will be up to those that survive the hangings, to make life and his fellow man his concern.
These are all adult concerns. Not for children dreaming of how things will work out if we just ignore them. I would think that working on a reality of our own would trump the dreams of elitists that seek to exploit us. Sue me.



dave1010 said...

And then, before you know it, some nation comes and takes all your horses. Now what?


Timster said...

Dave - With your flag flying you march in there and kill every last one of the horse thieves and their wives and children.

Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

Being a human being is a curse. No other critter can contemplate it's demise. No other critter is quite as stupid. No other critter is quite as slow or weak. No other critter has emotional/mental problems. The only things in life that makes being a human being a good thing are dreams.


james said...

I can recommend Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" as an instructive read for insights into how things were before they went bad with 'civilisation'.

As for the 'human condition', it is preudent to not confuse the nature of the psychopaths who have shaped our dominant culture with the nature of humans i.e. humans. The psychopaths are fond of blaming 'humanity' for the consequences of their actions

Timster said...

McCob - But only if they are viable.

Timster said...

James - Thanks for the reading suggestion.
As for your obs...they are dead on. I have been fighting that 'Freudian' yiddish projection of humankind being basically evil, for years. Thank you for the comment!