Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rest In Peace, Helen...

You certainly didn't have any in your earthly life.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim.


Anonymous said...

I loved her daring in the face of so-called powerful people.
Helen Thomas, you showed us how beautiful and real we can be if only we dare to be so in a world so filled with lies and pretensions.
You didn't just find yourself on this planet, you truly lived here. Goodbye beloved Helen!

missingarib said...

Tim,your right she has found her rest,as we all must.
We lost a strong clear voice .She told the toadies the truth and of course that is verboten.
No dignified acknowledgement of her work,but hey what did we expect.

Maybe she can work for us on the other side-we could use all the help we can get.
I wish I could have met her.

be well

be well

wiggins said...

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.....George Orwell 1984. Well it certainly is these days. If only our politicians had her courage.