Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Stay Off My Clean Floors!"

Y'know, it is coming to the point at which I would rather watch the  deliberate lying in the mainstream media, than read the paranoid ramblings of conspiracy 'theorists'. They are really getting under my skin.
For one, these folks that we all could do without...either the 'truthers' that actually believe their own drivel...or the hasbara trolls, are muddying the brand of fact. I don't want to hear what you theorize actually happened. Or is happening. Or may happen. Your pet paranoia is as much unsubstantiated shit as the evening news. If you have an agenda from Tel-Aviv and are paid to troll the sites that seek facts not least your are getting a paycheck and can be rather easily identified and disregarded.
Neither group will ever say those dreaded words: "I don't really know". Like the used car salesman, they  always have a ready answer to common-sense questions. 

"How did the illuminati get so much power when I have never met or even seen anyone that belongs to this group, or even heard of it except from you?" 

"Well, they are a secret society, aren't they? They do everything under the radar so that the common man is bamboozled without even knowing who did it...But I have figured it out!"

" have, have you?" "Well, then, if they are that secret, you must be pretty smart to have penetrated their subterfuge, yes?"

I guess that is what these 'truthers' want. To be recognized for their brilliant detective work, and their undying concern for the well-being of we commoners. I keep wondering exactly whom is being bamboozled. Or should that be 'who'. I could never figure out the objective case in sentences like that. Oh, well.

"And the Masons are part of the illuminati!"

"Oh, really? Have you ever attended a Masonic meeting, or do you know any Masons? Is that how you made this conclusion?"

Well, no...but look at all of this symbology!" "It's everywhere!"

"Uh-huh". "See the DaVinci Code one too many times, have you?"

Of course, this view of mine concerning conspiracy theorists isn't very popular out here. Which probably accounts for my site's relatively low hit history. Those unhappy with the things that are going on in the world want answers. That is why they are out here looking. They don't want me to tell them anything but that I know who is rogering them behind their back. And their patience is wearing thin. So any snake-oil salesman, paid or not, attracts their attention, I guess. They want someone to blame. And the more shadowy and secretive they are told that the perpetrators of this world-wide shit is...well, the more they feel that they have been taken advantage of by ruthless people that are not above-board. And that these people have secret handshakes and symbols...if you just look hard enough.
I understand this. I sympathize to a point. But there are those at 'alternative news' sites and opinion blogs that take advantage of this. And they are tracking mud on our clean floors. And you are letting them.
I recently read an article on Marilyn Monroe that answered more questions than it posed. If that is possible. There is more he-said-she-said in the piece than a holocaust expose'. And although I agree that there were a lot of shady goings-on concerning MM's career, spreading rumors about MKULTRA and some silly-assed theory of 'Presidential Monarchs" would be laughable to anyone with half a brain between their ears, if it didn't feed this childish fear monster that is 'conspiracy theory'. It is ironic that the author of this and other articles just as ridiculous calls themselves "vigilant citizen". I can see this person banging away at their keyboard, feverishly reading their previous paragraph and following the logical progression of a fairy tale. Then going back in to the piece afterward and googling other 'theorists' shite to back up their own masterpiece. Vigilant indeed. Oh dear. Surely, we are better than this?
Surely, we are smarter than this.
I really don't want to see this kind of junk become the standard. But what's a mother to do? Well, cull your reading habits for one. As you throw the talmud-vision in the shit can also strike these types of sites off your daily reading list.  But that's as may be.

Back to clean floors. Citizen journalism has its drawbacks obviously. As many as the old type of reportage. Each are subject to editorializing and agendas and advertising. All of these bother me.
But none more than vain editorializing under the guise of 'fact'. That is the biggest weapon the MSM uses against us. It should never be used out here. But for various reasons, usually vanity, used, it is. Constantly.
Now I can say that it is my opinion that a handful of blood-sucking khazars seized upon Marilyn and rode her for everything she was worth. And I can give you the tribal names and dates, but beyond that, I certainly cannot tell you what happened in that bungalow bedroom on the evening of the 5th of August in 1962. No one is left to tell you what actually transpired...nor would anyone have in 1962, I would wager(although that is speculation...not fact). So unless you are an eyewitness, have photographs, blood samples et al...shut the fuck up? Don't pose your inane theories as fact. We don't need that kind of journalism. Never did.
This goes for the Masonic Lodge, the non-existent 'Illuminati', devil worshipers, Lady Gaga's secret(well, not-so-secret)symbolic hand gestures and gowns, reptilian Queens and whatever else your 'vigilant' little fairy-tale brain can manufacture in your Mom's basement. K?
And stop tracking mud on our clean floors!
And tell the milkman, NO MORE CHEESE!



wiggins said..., they went the way of the Dodo where I live.

neal said...

You know, some tribes were smart enough to not breed with first cousins, sisters, daughters, and such.

Heh. That is a conspiracy of inbred madness, nepotism, why would anyone try to make sense out of those who get their high orders out of their ass?

Just because the madness is from old books does not make it any less having piss advertised as rain.

Heh. That could mean all the bastards, lowlifes, skeptics, misfits, and mutants, really rule, makes one proud to not be a celebrity, because, fuck you, grandma has big teeth, but she raised me.

Anonymous said...

freemasonry ooozes from the same stool sculpture deity cult compound as the Talmud...

mackeys' pre 1924 w/ footnotes is online...

see the words assassin, babylon & captivity..footnotes.

were it not for the uncompromising stupidity of the braindeadgoyum

there wouldn't be a need for the economic terrorists...

just sayin'

Noor al Haqiqa said...

You got me coming and going on this one Timmy m'darlin'. I agree with the poor situation in the "movement" of late; I believe we are consistently fed inconsistent information to sidetrack everyone with their minute nano-second by nano-second analysis. Such a divide and conquer tactic is age old.

I will agree, we will never know about many things so theories are just that ~ personal interpretations of events and data. In this instance I refer to MM. However, your complete diss of MK ultra is just not acceptable to me.

We will merely have to agree to disagree on this one. In my early blogging days I did extensive work on this topic... then, having done it, I moved on, knowing what I know educated enough to see it behind so many things, just one of many tools being used against us.

Personally, I find the mud trackers are various interest groups who go around casting doubts and raising problems with people doing work that obviously shakes a few trees. Those deliberately targeting these folks to discredit them... as well as create misleading "dialogue" about the events.

Now that is mud too! Big time and truly Not-so-Chosenite dialogue tainted.

Timster said...

Wiggins - Yeah. Here too. Sadly. Sigh.
That was a "Airplane" ref. And it should be noted that I don't often quote jewish movies ;)

Timster said...

Neal - I agree. Like white amerikans for an example. What a dipshit race. Ha.

Timster said...

Anon@ 2:05 - Well, don't believe everything you read. I have to say that Masons aren't the problem. You know what the problem is...

Timster said...

Noor - Well, we can't agree on everything, although in your case it's pretty close with me. I don't doubt the MKULTRA program existed. I doubt that it produced anything of substance. There are many programs that followed it that are a matter of public record. But the way the author throws in his 'knowledge' that MM was a subject of the program is BS and so is most of the speculation (and not fact) of "vigilant". I mean, have you been to that wacko's site? Puhhhhhhleeze!! hahahaha..

Thanks for the comment!

neal said...

You know, I sort of worked with those supposed people in charge of the big plan for a while, until I managed to chew off my foot and get some distance. MK was the reverse, just crazy people trying to get hot babes to find some sanity, so cue Mary Shelly, throw in a little Lord of the Flies, and that is still children playing with matches, maybe just Vikings, and such, better hide the pretty ones.

I guess that is that whole out of order, chaos, deal. I tell you, it is not prudent to make sense out of madness, the blowback looks like some conspiracy, just more madness.

Said the spider to the fly, this will educate. Fuck that.