Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ya Think?

There was an age or two, they tell me, in which the elders were revered in every social setting. They were used as guides in coming times because of their wisdom. Well, wisdom is subjective they say. But is it? Do our senior citizens have anything to tell us today? I guess I should know; approaching such a time in life. 
Life is larger now. Billions of people on this spinning sphere, where only millions were before. But does that change wisdom as it was once honored? Is it relevant? Was it ever? Didn't we muddle though the ages depending on a tried-and-true vision of the universe supplied by those that had been through it all before? And is just 'muddling through' enough anymore?
All good questions, to be sure. There are so many opinions being ventured. Surely there is a synthesis. A point at which we can stand back from ourselves and view a common sense solution to how we proceed rationally. Surely. Well, there are those among us that would have us focus narrowly on the issues that effect us. For love or money. For profit and vanity. And there are those that would have us hearken back to the good old days that were neither old nor good. Any port in a storm. And a squall is appearing in the near distance.

I have often wondered how many of us have lived. I'm sure some anthropologist/statistician has figured that number out to a man. And I don't know what I would do with such a huge number if I had it at my fingertips. Perhaps I am looking for a perspective. A Rosetta stone of sorts that would provide the answer to why we seem to have gone astray. Plugging this figure into an equation, along with other variables would produce an x=oops kind of conclusion that could not be denied. 
But alas...I doubt it. 
If the good-old-days were so good...I guess we wouldn't have changed things. Or if we did, we had damned good reasons to do so. To make them better new days. But I'm not seeing that. 
I am above quite a few mundane and negligible concerns. To me, most all the problems that face the common man(or woman) are merely symptoms of a disease that could have been avoided had we listened to our elders before they passed away. Maybe I have risen above these symptoms because I see them as just that. Sitting here in this lofty position of "Elder". And maybe...just maybe...the same fundamental issues that plagued our forefathers are still kicking
Of course, I would point to religion as being the invader to the body human. And one particular 'religion' that does not rely on the masses to follow, for it to work it's particular regressive spell. One that, above all others, does not attempt to convert. The one that most all of our past elders warned us of.  The one with patience. The underlying disease that has plagued a burgeoning species for too long. And as Bill Maher rhymes with 'da blues'.

I have always liked the blues. Black blues. Not white men in sunglasses and odd hats. Billie Holiday type blues. The tribe whose namesake rhymes with above, also likes them. They identify with that lonely depressing feeling, I suppose. I have read time and time again about some blues artist or other that met an early demise because of tribal influence in their careers. Those talented musicians that were led to booze or drugs or both, by the leeches that clung to their expression of sorrow. That always made me wonder. The more substances these jews fed such black artists, the deeper into the sorrow they performed. Until they were used up.
Billy Holiday, Robert Johnson, Charlie Parker et al were seduced by the lure of heightened chemical performance provided by their friendly yiddish managers. Talent raped and distorted. Time and time again. And as talented as these people were, they always died penniless. Of course the ashkanzim that have run the entertainment business for over a century in the West have done this to countless artists, no matter what the genre. But, I dunno...the blues scene just irks me. The tribe that stole, shipped and enslaved Africans seem to take particular delight in listening to, and exploiting the sorrow that they caused. Go figure.
But back to the elders. What is it that they all have seemed to agree upon over the ages? Maybe those things are the ones that we should rubber-band back to. I know(even though it is poopooed and lied about)that one thing stands out. Expel the jew. 
So, ya think that might just be a good idea? As opposed to the opposite, which is supporting the jew's bastard offspring, zionism.
Ya think?     


DSKlausler said...

Expel is way to mild.

I believe that some actions warrant death in return.

This earth, its creatures, humanity... have all been and are being purposefully destroyed.

How is it that I know this and so few others seem to?

kikz said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

NO ONE can do the blues like a black! And you are right, the tales of being sucked dry abound in all musical genres.

What also bothers me about these guys in the tune biz is... all the good songs of relevancy and emotion ... folk music... protest music.... it has all disappeared... thinking music... gone. Instead we are barraged with yet more Zep or Stones instead.

Timster said...

DS - Well, death will come to them. But not soon enough for me.

Timster said...

Kikz - 'dats right.

Timster said...

Noor - Do you believe Jagger at almost 70? Sure speaks to the lack of music in the world, huh?

DSKlausler said...


I agree with your comment about the music of today (there are exceptions though); however, I must take exception to the Zep comment... if only to separate them form the Stones.

The members of Led Zeppelin were/are an order of magnitude higher than any of those hacks in the Stones, and as far as I know, they never portended to be a thinking mans band.

With respect,