Sunday, May 19, 2013

Note To Self...

I always have something to say. So typing these bits of wisdom occasionally is not a problem. When I come across something in the news, I'm more than happy to give you my take on them. And I am always right. Well, almost always. When I am not it makes me happy. Because as you know...I am a gloom-and-doomer from way back. So being right for me usually means
the worst-case-scenario has played out as I predicted. I hate that.
Note to self: Be more positive;when possible.

But it is not an especially unusual talent that I have for seeing the dark side of things. I wouldn't even call it a talent. This inclination to see the dark side of even the most encouraging news. Maybe just a logical response to news. And I think the news encourages that. I may be wrong.
News. I question the very nature of such a beast. I don't believe any of it, and there is nothing 'new' about it, save the fact that it is in the now. But driven by those that produce and twist and turn events to their purpose.

Gay marriage in France.
Isra-hell threatening yet again.
Sex scandals abound in the Gentile world.
Missiles here and missals there...all being moved around like pieces on a chess-board.
Pope without a Pope-mobile.
Alignments here and alignments there.

If one cannot see patterns here...well then they are part of the pattern. It's hard to understand where you are if you can't see over the maze walls. Fear and hunger push us on through the puzzle.

I am amazed that so many men are clueless when it comes to the fairer sex. Perhaps that is the problem they have. They do not view them as humans. I dunno. It seems every woman that I have spent any time with...has gone on to excel in life. Not because of my influence. But due to the lack of it, I think. I never tried to block any ambition of the women that I have known...and there have been scores of them. But that is part of the puzzle, I also think. And perhaps precisely why there have been scores and not just one. The nuclear family is fading into a mist. Perhaps I have contributed to that new paradigm unwittingly.  Perhaps this is caused by social engineering...I dunno. It would be easy to point to recent trends in defense of such an opinion. Women's rights. Gay rights. Pornography. All driven by tribal leanings, I agree. But if the general populace is not happy with things as they have become, I can't help but think there would be resistance. Well, at least more than I see.  Note to self: If people truly don't like something, they will change it. 

All of the above phenomena have played out in the media like a football match. Huge hot-button topics, each side of which has its followers.

I read that "Sore losers can't accept that France legalized gay marriage". As if it was just a game lost. Nothing more. Most of the world was against the 'gay team' but they had a great backfield and managed to score the winning goal. "We'll get em next time". But wait...there isn't a 'next time'. This was the final match. Win-or-go-home took on a different meaning for the French this week. As it has in the states.  Hi-ho.  Note to self: Sexuality of our species is a game.
So what did the winning team win? Among other things they won the right to massage our species legally. To be at the forefront of raising children of the future in an alien environment.  One that will become more commonplace within a few generations.

I had cousins that were raised by a 'couple' of homosexual women. They grew up. They had children naturally. Maybe they are screwed up mentally when it comes to sexual roles. I dunno. I never asked them. I'm sure that they battled with a lot of we all have. Maybe more.  I am not a homophobe. I don't think. Nothing about alternative sexuality scares me. Disgust is a different matter, but I try not to judge. Well, most of the time anyway. I just try to see trends and how they affect our species. In a very anthropological sense. I see the hand of the khazar in most of these rapid species shifts, however. Usually leading us to toward the dead ends of the maze.  But maybe that's just me.  Note to self:try to understand the social benefits of alternative sexual identity.

I have a lot of notes to myself. I have to keep myself in check and remind myself of many things all the time. Curbing my tongue is one of these that I just can't seem to get the hang of.
Note to self: Don't try. 



Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Carl, down at the nervous hospital...he says some pretty profound things.

of course he has a thing for Kaiser blades...which is why he has to hang out at the nervous hospital...but I still like the way he talks.

say whatever you like, queers have to recruit only because they can't reproduce...and when you stop to think about it...well that is pretty disgusting, probably the less you think about that kind of thing the healthier you'll be.

clearly an abnormal behaviour "deathstyle" doesn't equal actually being "happy"

one time I was in the hot tub with 22 coeds...

Timster said...

Anon@2:20 - 22? Are you sure about that number? 18 I could believe.