Thursday, May 2, 2013


Some wise-guy once said "Anything man can imagine, he can do".

Now on the surface that would make for a great motivational poster slogan to hang on your cubicle wall...nothing more. But is that all it is?

It seems to me that it is more profound than that. An imagining in itself that we all have yet to grasp.  Even though were we to compare our technology with that of even 50 years ago, we would stand in awe of our abilities to imagine things into fruition, we still don't seem to get it.  We as a species we think "there should be a better way to manufacture these things" and a mere nano-second later someone has found such a way and it is being marketed.  "There should be a way to transmit digitized information via satellite so that we don't have to be home to answer that important phone call", and bingo-jingo we have cellphone technology. 
Well, all these things fit into a subset of imaginings. Those things that must turn a profit. Profit can be a great motivator. And it can be a stone in the road. The advancements that benefit mankind must have a market, or they are swept aside. You know all this. 

As has been experienced in our long crawl to this point we are now, many advancements have been a product of  that "Mother" that is necessity.  Not necessarily profit in the monetary sense. Sulpha drugs were such a nonprofit necessity that sprung from the Mother of war. It was needed to get soldiers back onto the battelfield after
injury. The need was present. Although monetary profit was not the immediate goal, the advancement in medical science was dictated and the imagining was manifest. It was a foothold, not a plateau. As were many such inventions. We create what we need, then move on. Our history is rife with such examples. But as with above mentioned drugs, the need wasn't a sympathetic one. The need arose to profit those that profit from war. Not the general populace;although they too 'profited' from such an advancement.

The need...the imagining...was present first. Of course this was stone-knife technology compared to later advancements but is was imagined and then done. Interesting what drives our advancement.
So if no advancement, subjectivity discounted, ever occurs without a profit motive, I think we have to examine the concept of 'profit'.
Due to a limited scope of definition of the concept, it is usually relegated to a monetized value. Or the wishes of the upper class of our species. What profits them will be allowed. What doesn't will be demonized. By way of their louder voices. We as a herd tend to pay attention to the loudest voice. Although it doesn't take any super-human abilities to shout, it does garner our attention. The upper class of our world, by virtue or their selfishness and profiting off of the technology that serves them first, have aquired all the megaphones.  The  screaming megaphone is in your living room. You won't hear anything else in this fog.

Now, you know me...I'm not going to get all 'lefty' and 'why can't we just all get along' on you. I am not a "peace and love" kinda guy. I would love to see every member of the one-percent swinging from a rope. That ain't peace and love.
And even though I was a freak in the 60's, preaching such all-encompassing oneness of mankind can get you shot in the head. They always do that. Kill those that imagine something other than what they want.  And we let them. Always.
I have a picture of John Lennon up at the top. Not because I agree wholeheartedly with the legacy that the megaphone spewed about him. But because I think I understood him as a person. If ever there was a no-bullshit kinda guy that also became a celebrity, it was him. Rare. He had to be shot. Not because he preached peace-and-love. He was way beyond that crap. He had followed the extension cord to where it was plugged in. He proposed that we 'imagine' ourselves out of this mess that the megaphone monsters have gotten us into. He was watered down at every turn as a 'peacenik'(yiddish term), when what he wanted us to imagine was a world of justice. Where the one-percent did indeed swing from the end of a strand of hemp.

So what am trying to say here today? It is simple. You can't imagine a world where there is no war, injustice, depravity, celebrity. You can't imagine a world of total human equality.  You can't imagine a world in which advancement is achieved for all. You can't imagine these things because they won't let you.

You cannot imagine these things because the megaphone is too loud. You aren't even aware that you can turn it off. You don't understand that you have the almost god-like power to silence it yourself. It isn't in your imaginings. And if that isn't within the realm of your wishes...the rest is easy for them.   


Anonymous said...

Imagine by Lenon= NWO
One color
One religion or one no-religion
One etc, etc etc.


Timster said...

pili9042 - Yep. You get it. I'm all for a NWO. How about you? You like this order?

Anonymous said...

They can yell with their megaphones but we all have our stiil, small whispering voice that is waiting for us to come close. Truth whispers and the egos beat their drums.
I have loved Jean Liedloff, who wrote The Continuum Concept. She had lived with some primitive people in South America back around the seventies. The Yequana Indians. She never witnessed a child being angry with another or being unruly and unkind to his parents.
When I have tried to introduce this reality through the years, it's just amazing how little anyone imagines real peace or love to be possible.
No one looks to the starry nights! If you imagine a world without war or religion or sex or tv, you're nuts! But everyone believes in drugs of some sort, anything to keep us lethargic and not bothered. Everyone believes in lies, but the truth, it looks childish or just plain stupid.
Your comments are understood by us dreamers, seers, and like dearest John Lennon said, "but I'm not the only one...I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one! ".
Thank you and be well!!����������

Anonymous said...

Really? I never would've thought it of you.

Strawman said...

NWO? Hell yeah, this OWO crap has gone on for far too long.
Funny that as I get older, I have come to appreciate two John's that I didn't really pay attention to in my youth, those being John Lennon and John F. Kennedy. I am reading a book now called JFK and the Unspeakable. He was determined to give peace a chance. The MIC/CIA was determined he wouldn't succeed. I believe he was humanities last best shot at averting annihilation.
Thanks again Timster, you do provoke the thoughts.

Timster said...

Marigold - Thanks for the comment. Y'know, I was a big fan of Margaret Mead and her observations of primitive cultures. No one wanted to hear at the time that in some cultures, there was no such thing as teenage rebellion. That teenagers were too busy becoming parents at ages 12-15. Intriguing.

Timster said...

pili9042 - You misjudged me, or you haven't been listening. I am all about a NWO. Let's turn the tables. I think the rightful place for a one-percent minority should be at the bottom of the pile?

Timster said...

Strawman - Yeah. You don't miss the water...

Anonymous said...

well, I was clear, sorry!