Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Four Of Cups...

I'm a pretty basic guy. I can fit in. I can observe rules for which I see an in-the-moment benefit. I don't steal from others because I have too much shit as it is. I wear seat belts because it makes sense. Not because it is the law. I have a problem with law. I have a problem with other people telling me what I have to do...or not do, that should be of no concern to anyone but myself.  I have been like that for many years. Civilization. There has to be a better way. How long do we as a species, have to endure this hierarchical view of things? I dunno. This is cave-man shit. I hit Og with a big stick and I get to fuck his mate or eat his food.  I hit enough Ogs and I get to screw all the mates and have all the food I can eat.  But comes a time. Doesn't it?  I mean I'm not even monetarily wealthy...and I'm tired of it all.  Materialism. Even I...not the brightest bulb in the string...can see it leads nowhere.  Wealth is nothing to aspire toward if all you intend to purchase with it is more 'things'.  That is to say, wealth beyond the basic needs of shelter and food. But wealth can also buy power.  Like laws, I never saw the attraction of power either. But those that make our laws do. They understand that simple thing 'hit Og with a stick'.
Not only do you get to screw his mate and eat most of his food...he will relent.  Because if he doesn't, you will hit him with a stick again.  And then all the Ogs, fearing the stick, will cower in your presence.  Ok.  Then what?  Seems about as empty a resource for amusement as slaving to acquire more things.  Well, at least the things that the guy with the stick will allow you to have.  
So these simple human pleasures...wealth and power...are indeed that.  Simple. Childlike. Unworthy of any real effort to attain, for anyone with half a brain. I should know...I have about half. Even I can work this one out.
So those in power...the ones with the sticks...are simple minded cave men. Seems pretty logical to me. They are those that haven't gotten beyond the materialism/hit-Og-with-a-stick thingy.  So what is so difficult about overthrowing(hitting them with a stick) these non compus menti? Well, sticks of course. They have them. In spades. 
But when and if all of us 'Ogs' decide at some point that we don't want to be enslaved cowards huddling in the back of the cave where there is no food or heat, I think we better have a better idea about where our species should be headed. 

To me, it is a matter of durability. We humans don't have much of it.
We are pretty delicate, when it comes right down to it.  We live three score and ten, generally speaking.  And the last ten suck big time. If we could only transplant our individual consciousness into more durable packaging...we could save ourselves a lot of trouble. Hitting me with a stick wouldn't have quite the same impact if my body was made of titanium and guaranteed to last three thousand years without maintenance. But then again, no other 'proto-human' would have need to hit me or anyone.  Food and shelter would no longer be a necessity.  There would be no more 'creature-comforts' to long or slave for.  Along with our transition to this new package, we must lose a few things.  Emotion would top my list of things we could do without very well thank you. It seems that among the things that haunt our consciousness and worry us to death, can be our emotions. Better off without them if you ask me. They are among the 'sticks' that the head poo-ba has in his arsenal to smack us with. But you know that. Proto-humanity is a discussion for another day. 
Let's get back to the here and now and how concerned we are with Kim Kardashian's baby-bump. C'mon people. I wasn't that concerned with my own wife's wardrobe during gestation. I should turn on my talmud-vision and view Kim's distended belly in designer fabric? I mean where are your brains? I wouldn't concern myself too much about transferring such gray matter into titanium housings...natural selection being what it is, it probably wouldn't take.
Someone told me that if there was a way to send a huge mirror into space...that we could look at it through a telescope and see our past.  Interesting idea. Not very practical, but a mind-bending notion.  That is what the four of cups is all about. Passing on the next drink. Bored to distraction with the material. Looking for other venues of discovery. 
Go figure... 


Anonymous said...

clearly "we" are not only not "equal" , "we" are not all the same... [DUH] !!!

Jew worshippers are extra special STOOOOPID.

problem is "Jew" worshippers WON'T understand that BAD FAITH oooozes from the Talmud and "JEWS" are not actually Israelites "they" are not even from the Tribe of Judah, either...and are not only not interested in Truth they positively disdain JUSTICE...

and then there are those that react emotionally to the truth so stated and declare the whole thing is a pit of madness..... and that seems to be a fairly astute observation...!

if one could live in the woods and not bump into a gaggle of morons it would be oh soooo much more BETTER....MUCH MUCH BETTER.

Jesus said to put them in the OVENS....and that seems very logical.....

if you were to ask me,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Timster. I too hate laws and any kind of forcing.
Henry Thoreau said "I was not born to be forced. "
But I think stupid laws and methods from without happen easily once the natural law of Love is silenced.
Love can be the only way. And it can't be forced or enforced, only allowed and not forbidden.
Love is not an emotion but it is the stuff that we are all made of.
So each one must be and know the Love that he is.
Meanwhile, we have the stupid impositions by the churches, the politicians and the educators as well as the conditionings by the parents and the society.
Love tells me that I am enough unto myself. I can be myself, trust myself, understand and enjoy and accept totally myself.
What a great world it would be if we all could be ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Timster are have a spiritual side after all... good on ya!