Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Map Time, Or 'From A Distance'...

There was a song. A long time ago for most of you. "From A Distance". It has been covered a gazillion times and generally considered to be the bleeding-heart's anthem. Along with "What a Wonderful World". Never really cared for that type of socially reflective garbage. And considering that these "why can't we just all get along" songs were written by ashkanazi jews...well, I think you see my ongoing point about the fantasy in which this tribe exists...and the irony therein.

But anyway, I have never been comfortable at all with this "New World Order" that everyone keeps warning us of. I am of a certain age now that I can see much more clearly than I used to. Granted, I need my contacts to do so. But " my mind's eye" I have gathered in a much different image of things than I had at say, 25 or so.  And that is why I keep screaming my head off here. Because of this veil lifted from my eyes, due to age and experience.
Bank of America
Look very carefully at these included maps, and tell me about a dystopian world that is 'coming'. is already here. And  while we were listening to a fat jewish whore crooning that the world needs to be fixed because it's wonderful...well her tribe was well on their way to doing so. The fix is in. When I can't drive 10 minutes in any direction without seeing an outlet for jewish commerce, I wonder how it is that it is going to get worse as y'all predict. 
Many out here tell us of mass killings, and incarcerations that are going to take place. Hello? Look at the map of prison facilities.

Now, I don't have to tell you who is raking in all the profits from all these little dots that we see "From A Distance". And as far as killing us all with chemtrails and poison GMO crops...well, that might put a crimp on the Mickey-Dee's down the road(less than 10 minutes drive). Who would buy all their shit, deposit money in their banks, and watch the violent filth on their movie-house and TV screens?
Nope. This is pretty much what was designed. Of course I don't even venture into the rest of the world...but if you just want to look into the filthy nest of the rodent...well, just drive down the highway. Zoom out. And zoom in. Play with the focus on that organ that keeps your ears apart. And don't look to the future with fear. Look around you with HORROR.


Mel said...

wow!....with perspective comes....well...perspective......

Timster said...

Mel - Staggering huh? You can pick anything in our society that you truly hate...there is a saturation map for it. And it is always amazing how far down this garden path we have ventured.