Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Omelet That We All Want...

I'm going to keep this simple. For the simple-minded...and for the inevitable and incorrect arguments from otherwise intelligent people afterwards.
In the next couple thousand words or so, I am going to spell out exactly what needs to take place for our species to not only survive, but prosper to the next step in our evolution...whatever that may be.
"A couple thousand words or so!?!?", you say. Yep. It isn't that complicated...and I appoint myself observer. Not leader. The need for 'leaders' is going to go by the evolutionary wayside along with quite a few other sacred cows, in this:"The Solution". So let's start there, because that is one of those concepts upon which many of man's problems rest.
We don't need them. Leaders. Of any stripe. Religious, name it. That is to say...I don't need any - I can lead myself through this world, thank you very much-and YOU don't need any. Period. The concept of leadership is an ancient one. "Somebody please tell me what to do".  I say if you are older than 12 or so...figure it out for yourself. Or don't. It is not my problem until you impeach my sovereignty. Then you are going to be guided, but I don't think you will be agreeable to where I intend to direct you.
In this and following concepts, I rest my observations on an obvious fact. It is: we are all still being directed in this, the 21st century, after how many millions of years of evolution, by some pretty, now destructive 'caveman' urges/instructions.  Now during those early days, out of necessity, we had to compete with many things for our survival. Nature mostly. Then came the first politician. The first 'biggest/strongest/smartest' caveman that figured out very quickly that he didn't have to do any hunting/gathering for himself if he convinced the rest of the cavemen that he was somehow above them...better than virtue of his growl, his size, his ability for stratigic hunting skills, or what have you. He could relax and be fed and clothed and housed in comparative luxury by those willing to subjugate themselves to his imagined superiority. He would carry out the enormous task of making simple decisions for the group, then rest on his laurels.  Neat job, this 'leader' vocation. And this setup allowed Joe-common-caveman to relinquish a great deal of his valuable thought processes by merely following the dictates of this Grand Poo-ba. Joe did as he was told and he got fed and clothed and housed. Also neat. Win-win. At that time. Of course it wasn't fair even then...but it allowed various offshoots of what we would become as survive our greatest weeder-outer: Nature.
But sometime between that period, and a week ago last Thursday, anyone with even half a brain can see that the time for the Grand Poo-ba and the service that scenario afforded our species' evolution is no longer needed.  Buh-by now, Grand Poo-ba. You take care of yourself...and we all will do the same.
Now, you say that all people can't take care of themselves in this society designed recently for the dependent. I will allow that criticism. That too will have to change.
I speak of this change rather flippantly, I know. It will not happen overnight. As a matter of fact, it will be the worst period in human history and it is likely to last at least two generations. This change. But change we will, and for the betterment of our species. To make an gotta break a few eggs. And as Machiavellian as that sounds, I believe it is nature looking back on itself. Taking a good hard look at purpose and evolution. For if you do not recognize that big invisible hand of evolution...well, you are dumber than I thought...and it's going to take three generations for this prescription to take hold.
There are 'truths' and there are facts. I try not to deal in truths. Too subjective when you are making omelets. What I keep my thumb on are recipes. Half a cup of common sense...a teaspoon of 'leave-me-the-fuck-alone'...four tablespoons of 'shove-your-money-up-your-ass'. Stir vigorously. Bake the shit outta this concoction. Cool for a few generations and voila. A new world. One where the skeletons of bankers, corporation CEO's and army Generals swing in the breeze of a new day.
Admittedly, this is the big-crayon version. But people tend to obfuscate when it suits their purpose. And even when it doesn't. That is they can be directed to complicate the simplest of things, and actually follow that direction. Case in point...religious tolerance. I have none. Nor should you. Your Great-Grandchildren won't even know what the concept means. Face it. The time for religious slackers in all their ridiculous getup, molesting children, or covering up molesting children, or turning a blind eye to molesting the name of some booga-booga invisible hand that is supposedly arm-wrestling with the real invisible hand of coming to and end. Thank god. There is no upside to religion, and we are beginning to see that. Religion is merely a management tool. I know. I used to be a manager.
I even taught management at one point in my life. In my earliest training in that arena I was told the following: "Management is manipulation". Period. And it is. Religion is manipulation/management. Also taught in any effective management course is HOW to manipulate...and that depends on the individual that you are managing. But the end product is one that 'sees' the goal of the company. Even though they don't really. Funny thing, that. But as a manager you are supposed to instill not only a sense of pride in the company... but an almost religious belief that the will of the firm should supersede that of the individual worker's. Really. If that ain't religion, I don't know what it is. And I was good at it. I could identify 'job ownership' and feed that monster. I could teach middle managers how to build a pyramid of human beings beneath them while they rose to the top.  That place where they didn't have to work...but just receive all the accolades for the work accomplished by the human triangle beneath them.  If that ain't religion, I don't know what it is. But what of the 'goal'? That sacrosanct motive for all this management.

Purely and simply...profit. Not for the workers bent over in their human pyramid. But for the shareholders. The real workers may see a 3% pay rise every year or so if they manage to keep their place beneath so many others in this hierarchy, but the real benefits go to people that have never even seen the production floor, the office place...or indeed the company itself. The fat-cats that collect the dividend checks and the bonuses. 
But you know this. It isn't a secret. I was one that taught your manager how to make you swallow this bullshit, and like it. 
Poo-ba; politicians; religion. So you understand why you are getting fucked. Sort of. But that wall is coming down. 

There is no human being more or less deserving of what life has to offer than any other human being.

That seems a simple enough concept. And most would agree. But it is not 'believed'.  If it was...there would be no governments, wars, nations, celebrities, money, formalized education, tv or anything that plagues humankind in this instant of our evolution. Like the various caste systems over the globe, the contrary notion to the above statement is understood and not spoken of.

But I hear you saying "We are herding animals...and as such we follow leaders". I don't know if I believe that anymore. We are gregarious, I will grant. Not the same thing. Craving company is not relinquishing autonomy. Not depending on a representative endeavor. I'd as soon spit on a queen as give a beggar some money.
Why we cannot at this time accept that we are all exactly the beyond me.  Perhaps we are not quite ready to accept these concepts. Maybe we still benefit enough in this jungle to believe that...well, there are just some born leaders...and there are untouchables.It is a notion that is reinforced constantly by those that benefit from 'leading'.  I dunno. Perhaps. But that is all going to change. Whether you like it or not. You won't be around to enjoy the benefits of it...but like latter-day hippies, you wished you had been there in the beginning. But if you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.
There are those that will tell you still that there is some invisible hand that is going to save us all. Well, there is a hand but it isn't here to save you and I.  No matter how they dress it up, these pony-tailed practitioners of some obscure eastern religion that are even holier than the neatly vacuumed carpets of the mega-church, are selling the same products. Vanity, holier-that-thou-ness, and back to the old ways that got us going down this wrong path to begin with. Don't place too much hope with them. It isn't what's happening with the real invisible hand. They feed off your worship like Elmer Gantry.
So back to omelets. Omelets, when all ingredients are present, are a mish-mash of things that by themselves are usually found lacking. Relatively tasteless and mundane. But when they are combined and heated...well, there is nothing better. There will be combination. There will be heat. Plenty of both. And there will be flipping. Everything that is up to you...will be down to your descendents. And no bad the scheme of it all.
So if you want to cross yourself, or bruise your knees facing some direction every day...and call it 'god's will'...feel free. Feel free to be left out of the paradigm shift that is coming. You can always say that you knew god was looking out for us. Or you can "BE" god. If you want. That is, 'be' the change that is going rip up your mega-church carpet like pulling off a clearance sticker. The change that is going to slice off the heads of your celebrities while-you-wait. Just don't get your invisible hands mixed up. The one that is actually moving over the land...and always has...with no apologies or written guarantees about meek people. 
And the one that you have made up. The one that you say speaks to you, but doesn't really when you are alone and the lights are off. 
I would rather have a nice omelet.  


Anonymous said...

there you go, again...

leaning forward.

you sure give the MSM good stuff to steal.

hope you can manage that a little better in the future...

me, I'm going into the time machine
and flip a coin...

I was on the last excavation...down to the bedrock...

you still look like white Al Quida to me..

BTW, make mine a 3 egg omelet w/ 2 habaneros diced

happy celestial event to you, too


Anonymous said...

Timster, if this is what your new approach is all about my god!! I feel like you have come down from the mountain! You have said all that can be said about our sorry state and the coming solutions.
I will have to read your post again and again. There are so many essential points.
And I love your recipe for an omelet!! Haha!
You would love Osho, an Indian mystic. I love him but don't follow him. He has always called out the priests and the politicians as you are they have always been in a great conspiracy to poison and destroy us, starting when we can barely walk. God you are so right on!!!
Let us move along in our individuality and let no one tell us a thing. That includes parents who are the very first priests and politicians!
Thank you. Thank you.

Timster said...

Davy - I like leaning forward...not back, I choke.

Timster said...

Marigold - Well, you can see a lot from mountains. The problem is you can't change what you see...might as well come down(grin). Thanks for reading!

glengear said...