Monday, January 7, 2013

Kane, Multiculturalism And Lists...

I am a wealthy man. I have had a wealth of experience in my lifetime. I can say without reservation that I have experienced most every culture on this spinning rock. Experience through knowing some people of these many countries.  Now, I don't want to say that I am an anthropological academic, but I have known people from every continent and far-flung island that I can find on the globe. And although those people I have known may or may not have been the most valid representatives of their native locales, I can say that I got a feeling for our differences at least. But more importantly, our similarities. I assume that technological advances have contributed to this wealth of mine. That, and jews. For they are at the forefront of world-wide immigration.  Of course, I feel that their efforts to divide and conquer through multiculturalism have backfired so far.  They have produced an empathetic element. I knew a Palestinian family that was ethnically cleansed from their homeland...therefore I have empathy for their cause to return.  I have known South Africans and was empathetic to their battle against British(read jewish) apartheid. I know several Icelandic people and applaud their courage to overthrow their banking(read jewish)elite. 
I am not very special in this wealth I have attained.  More and more Westerners have learned at a very rapid pace that, for instance, the 'Muslim terrorists' as reported in the tribal press do not match the impression they have of the Muslims across the street.  They are learning first-hand that people are just people.  No matter what the MSM tells them nightly. And the very fact that this MSM(read jewish) are trying their damnedest to demonize various groups other than themselves in our global village, points the finger directly back at them as the only group that should really be singled out.  Read jewish.

But that's as may be. On to Orson Welles. 
It is rumored...I don't know where I read it...that in 1941, William Randolph Hurst, the publishing mogul of his day, threatened Lois B. Mayer and his jewish cronies in Hollyweird.  Hurst was very concerned about Orson Welles releasing a damaging film, "Citizen Kane".  The storyline of which paralleled the life story of Hurst so closely that today the film couldn't have been released on grounds of slander. 
I have no sympathy for publishing moguls...then, or now...jewish or Gentile.  However, in his day...the threat he made to Mayer et al, was an heroic and seminal one. Apparently, Hurst threatened to publish on the front page of all of his widely read papers, a list of the jews that ran Tinseltown, if Mayer didn't reign in his fellow tribe members at RKO, the studio slated to release the inflammatory film. For a short worked. Hurst as well as Mayer knew the weight of this threat. The publisher knew his readership of the time, and that they would take such a list very seriously.  Although he never published the list as threatened, the controversy surrounding the yet-to-be-released movie caused him to begin a campaign of essays and reviews slanted toward killing the release...using his most popular reporters writing articles about the 'alien communist influence' in the Southern California industry. This campaign was influential in getting the ball rolling on the famous McCarthy trials of the 50's, I'm sure.  And no bad thing. Hurst did not trust jews and hated FDR and his 'new deal'.  He, like the fictional Kane, prided himself  in the ability to know what his readers valued.  In the film, Kane overestimated his ability.  In reality, Mayer knew Hurst DID have common sense and the common man on his side. It was a death threat to Hollywood then. Would it be today?
I wonder.
The Gentile publisher promised only to publish a list of the CEO's, producers, writers and directors of the various studios, their backgrounds and politics. Nothing else. At the time, nothing else would be needed for his readership to see that an infiltration had occurred while they were munching popcorn and enduring more and more filth on the silver screen. Readers would see why this filth was there...and more importantly where it came from. I wonder daily how much it would take today. More than just a list?
Well, this is all academic now.  The jewish and their sycophants are now the publishing moguls, and no such list will be printed for the common man.  But what of the internet?
Is this where the list...much akin to one nailed to a church door long ago... can change the world? I believe this or I wouldn't be here.
But how many lists must be published here? I could reference all the online lists of tribe members and their negative influence that you could shake a stick at.  But you are the choir. And so are the sites that print these lists. You know the words to all these hymns.  What of the congregation? The ones that can make or break this church. What angle do we take to get these lists to the common feeding-ground of the general populace when due to the very nature of the lists, such enumeration is not allowed? There is a frightening power in these lists. From Wall Street, to Hollywood, to University administration, to politics, to pornography, to destructive social movements...the tribe dominates. You know this, but how do we get these numbers to the people?  If they could just see them, I think common sense would take its natural course. The sheer numbers of tribal names in these arenas is what frightens the tribe.  It did in Hurst's day...and I believe it still retains such power.
So...assuming that I am right about all cultures, above all, being just humans with common sense...our mission is clear. Research, compile and disseminate these lists of yiddish names and politics everywhere you can. Inundate the social media platform with names...just the over-represented jewish names...nothing more.  No axe to grind but the one presented.  This action above all, is what they fear...and rightly so. They can argue opinion...and they do.  They can argue 'tolerance'...and they do.  
But you can't argue numbers.  



Anonymous said...

There were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament..

No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo..

No Jews in the OT...

no mind binding required..

No One on Earth HAS to be a "Jewish"...!

but seriously wouldn't it help a WHOLE lot if the Braindeadgoy weren't BRAINDEAD...

"JEW" worshippers..?

the "Jewtopia" that is southern California is a catastrophe in progress, the good part of the "demographics" is that food production occurs nearby...

any disruption in food supply will see real CHAOS occur spontaneously

it appears that the "JEWS" paying the scriptwriters have a major event scheduled...lot's of real opportunities on the immediate HORIZON...

good observations you provide


glengear said...

Interesting Timster, I would argue numbers that the ones with common sense are too few and far between. Graduates of higher learning are no better. We're all about WE, as in Me today!
I'm with you I really am, perhaps we need to be shut down and rebooted, to begin once more clean, yet . . . something tells me it will be the same, once again.
As for me I'm tired, tired of all the bullshit in my simple world, seems one cannot get away from those who lack common sense! Whatever the underlying cause is, doesn't matter. In my lifetime I've seen the technological advancements, advance too fast! I believe we're merely rats in the lab, or ants in the glass ant farm. Wow! unless the Me generation can pull themselves away from their new modern gadgets of no information overload, we're fried!