Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Appeal...

I get a lot of junk mail.  I suppose you do too. But yesterday I had to laugh.
In my pile of trash missives was an appeal to "Stop The Occupation"...from...wait for it...."The Jewish Voice For Peace".
Now, I say laugh. Chucking my cookies also came to mind. For I have a few very serious problems with this appeal. 

First: How in hell did they get my full name(well, maybe) and address?

Second: Is this another exclusively 'jewish' club? And I am merely honored to have their attention, but no invitation to join them?

Third: Since the yiddish have never been known for their passion for peace, is this just another ruse?  A plea for we Goyim to recognize that they too recognize that they MAY have gone just a little too far this time in Gaza?

Fourth: This is an appeal for money. With a self-addressed envelope for my convenience.  So...let me get this straight.  A jews-only group want me to donate my money toward the effort of stopping a jews-only state's oppression of Gentiles like me in Palestine? Is this what they want? Isn't that a bit like saying, "Stop me before I kill you"?  I mean, why ask this time around?  They funnel half of what I earn to that jews-only terrorist-camp as it is, through taxes without my they are ASKING for my money?  How polite.  Now I know the real meaning of "chutzpa".
Fifth: So then, I am to assume that this is one of the "good" jewish groups that have sent me this appeal?  As opposed to the, what?....97% of israelis that approved Operation Cast Lead a few years ago that killed countless women and children in their homes? And this is not the jewish group that are throwing a tantrum because the rest of the world just recognized Palestine, by beginning construction of thousands of new 'settlement' dwellings for jews-only on stolen Palestinian land?  And "jewish voice for peace" are not the jews that have usurped MY government by back-stabbing, coercion, murder, bribery, thievery, lying and cheating?  Not those ones? Not the ones that own every friggin radio and television station and most periodicals in the Western world that keep telling of us evil A-rab Muslims that threaten our very existence?  Not them either? So this jewish group is above all that?
Or...are these new-jews merely another attempt at Public Relations?  A field that their tribe invented and yet dominate. Is this meant to soften the blow that is dealt the world by these inhumane ass-wipes?  A kind of "We aren't all bad" appeal...but packaged in a jews-only effort for "PEACE".

I think I just threw up in my mouth.  The irony. "End the occupation" indeed.  I have a better way to end the 'occupation' than these hasbara vermin.  How about we send an appeal to THEM? An appeal to end-the-occupation of the world's seats of power?  End the occupation of the media.  End the occupation of banking, education, political think-tanks, pornography, sex-slave trade, drug trade, organ theft, child abuse rings...etc. A heart-felt appeal to the judaic to stop occupying everything that has to do with the decay of civilization itself.
Perhaps they should 'end the occupation' of being jewish?  Ya think?  As profitable as it is, and as much an 'occupation' as it is...I think if I had been so unfortunate as to have been born jewish, I might act a bit differently.
Had I been born a jew, I think as an adult, I just might look around and decide that I didn't want to be identified with such a group.  And seeing how there are no real physical characteristics to mask, I would disavow any and all affiliation with such a crowd, and probably get away with it.  Many have.  And more importantly, I would STFU.  That is to say, I would not try and sugar-coat the heinous actions of this cabal.  I would leave that to the more vocal of the tribe and hence identify it for what it is...lies. I would be humiliated all my days. Truly. And silently.
I am.  No, not jewish...but I am constantly humiliated by the legacy of a family memberA Grandparent.  One that was known, in his family at the very least, for being a drunkard and a child-rapist.  Or as psychologists from the tribe would describe him nowadays: a 'minor-attracted individual with alcohol-dependence issues'.  
Don't look to me to whitewash this type of disgusting behaviour simply because he was a relative.  Look to me to disavow him entirely. Look to me to swear if there is an afterlife, and I should happen upon him personally and with malice of forethought, cut his balls off for all the life-long grief and humiliation he inflicted upon my family.  And that is what family heritage is worth.  But that may just be me.  I dunno.  I think you might have similar sentiments were you in my place.

So look in the mail for your invitation to 'voluntarily' contribute to jews-stopping-jews.  It's kind of a support group for them...and you are invited to pay for it. Unless you feel that you have heard enough 'jewish voices'.


Noor al Haqiqa said...


They are hoping you will donate the profits from the sales of your anti Semitic book Tim! They are giving you a chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of their dark greedy god.

Silly goyim not recognizing this brilliant opportunity so generously extended and immediately hopping about to bring about his redemption!

I have had no such relatives in my family but your comparison to this whole miserable planetary situation with the chosenites we are in is absolutely brilliant.

Cheers my dear...

Timster said...

Noor - Thanks! I hereby donate all the proceeds that I have garnered from my book to 'jewish voice for piece'...
That ought to fill their coffers...hahaha

Anonymous said...

stuck in a line at the post office..the lady in line says TV lies...and the crackwhores in Congress...

Vocal Anti-Semite says ..."well it's about time to play cowboys and "Jews"...

"Jew" worshipper and limp wristed fellow 2 ahead in ine says, I Have two relatives that are "jews"...

Anti-Semite says..."Hey, Why don't you just tell them the Truth, Nobody has to be a "Jewish" that great news or what"...

He says, exasperated, Jesus was Jewish....

some people are so unwilling to find out anything that conflicts with their "Jew" worshipping beliefs....

there is a dynamic...developing thanks to guys like You,


and Kenny, & Noor and many others...

would love to see some flash mobs confronting the Braindeadgoy at a store....


..."Anybody know of any BLESSINGS that America is having thanks to the "Jewish State"...?

"What Tribe are the Khazar [Gog & Magog] supposed to be from anyway?"'d love the article in Ynet complaining about how the Palestinians won the PR battle in the last round...,7340,L-4318616,00.html

six million more


glengear said...

Sounds like the Timster's mighty riled up today!

Genie said...

I've been hearing a lot of Jewish jokes lately. Anne Frankly I am sick of it:D

Penny said...

Hello Timster

I finally noticed you have linked over to my blog....
Much appreciated, truly
I have responded in kind

But, that is not really why I stopped by

I want to give you a heads up on an interesting interview with Joe Atwill
and I love his meme
The Gentile Holocaust
Largely it is about mind control
but the Gentile Holocaust concept really made me realize how many of us have been sacrificed to the elites and this massive genocide is not recognized
Whilst we have the Khazar holocaust shoved down out throat constantly
Will be posting the talk at my blog and do think you will find it most interesting
btw still haven't seen Ceasars' Messiah, but I will, it is just a time thing
thanks kindly and give the interview a listen

Timster said...

Davy - "...Nobody has to be a "Jewish"

Truer words were never spoken.

Timster said...

Glenster - Nah. You haven't seen me REALLY riled!

Timster said...

Genie - Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Timster said...

Penny - You're welcome. And thank you for the link. I even watched the video. As much as I loved the doc that Atwill did...after watching the video of those three guys sitting around pontificating about the '60s...well...OMG. Ha. I'm thinking about writing(yet again. I had this argument with McGowan a couple years ago)a piece concerning it. With all due respect, Atwill should stick to ancient religious studies.
I think they all missed the mark on so many topics in that conversation, it's hard to keep track. But I will start with this empty bag of 'Laurel Canyon' BS, and continue up to the taped conversation.
Again, thanks for linking me and keep up the good work that you do!

Penny said...

"Again, thanks for linking me and keep up the good work that you do!'

Oh your welcome!

I don't know if my work is really as good as it could be, however, my work has earned me a troll.
Which must signify something?

One of the 13th tribe members.
All the signs point in that direction
We call he/she whatever HT
Haughty Troll
HT monitors alternative media
HT finds msm accurate
HT spends more time at the blog then I do.
HT either has no meaningful employment or is gainfully employed bothering alternative media sites and bloggers
What are ya gonna do!!??
Imagine rolling eyes right about now
Not a McGowan fan?
I own all his books.
Find his work quite fascinating

To each there own as they see fit.
You keep your good work up to Timster

David Cole said...

No one has to be a Jew/Jewess. Follow the story of Life of Brian. The New testament provides one with instructions on unbecoming a jew. For some reason Goyim take identity so seriously.

It was David Cole who explained it succinctly:

Timster said...

Penny - Congrats! I used to have two...but they left me. I either bored them to death, or pissed them off.

No...not a McGowan fan. He makes a living off of speculating on things he knows little of. I will say he has quite an imagination. Unfortunately, he is also full of it(grin).

Timster said...

David - WOW! This is THE David Cole??? Damn! Where have you been? People thought you were 'disappeared'.
It's a pleasure to have you contact me! Thanks for reading my humble stuff...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

HECK! I want a troll too!

You guys get all the luck....

Timster said...

Noor - Anyone who's anyone has one! They're fun! They are kinda like pets...well...outdoor pets. They come and they go and you have to put food out for them. I forgot to feed mine and they wandered off.