Monday, November 26, 2012

Things Written, Things Forgotten...

There are certain things that you can't do with the written word.  Among the things that you can do, however, is to bite your thumb at those not directly in front of  you.  "Do you bite your thumb at us, Sir?"  "I bite my thumb."

Among the things that you can't do, is follow-up.  Follow-up, as any middle-manager knows, is to check and see that the things you meant to direct, actually got done.  Well, you can do that out on the production floor.  But you can't do it in real-life.
I have a sundial.  One of those pre-fab stamped-out-made-to-look-old ones that you can buy at any garden center.  I aligned it with the North star...and in the Winter it is as accurate as an i-phone. Around the edge it says: "Grow old along with me - the best is yet to be".  I am not sure I believe that.  But what impresses me more is that in all of its replication of antiquity, this faux-bronze dial also has the figure of 'Father Time' on it.  And he has a scythe. Why do he and the cloaked 'death' figure always carry the same weapon? Are they trying to tell us something?  Someday I will die and one of my friends will write a fitting obit here...then you will be sorry.  And I will be out there in the universe.  Or outside the universe.  Because, according to our logic, there is always an other.  An outside.  "Very nice universe you have here...what's outside its boundries?"
You may have guessed that I don't really have a direction for this piece yet.  Hang in there. Like that number ten will be here shortly. 

"“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, 'A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!'” 

Well, with all due respect to Mr. Robert Browning...I don't trust anyone. 
But that isn't important now.  What is important in the modern world is action.  And things.  And things of action. Things with apps.  Like the War-Mart psychos that everyone is talking about.  Or killing children in Gaza.  There is an app for all these things.  Perhaps there should be a "bite your thumb" or "grow old with me" app.  Maybe there is.  I'm not sure.  All I know is that Eve Arden was not a jew.
So I started this petition thing.  A noble act on paper, I guess.  Not meant to accomplish much.  And don't get me wrong...I'm not going to go on whinging about the lack of support I got for it.  I am approaching 1000 signatures and may reach that goal(though I have stopped trying) by the time it is supposed to collect 25,000 names.  But I doubt it.  And that's okay.  Like I said, it was  a silly venture.  I won't berate you for your personal reasons for not signing it.  Nothing will come of it either way.  I just saw it as perhaps a sign of the times(pun intended).  Like Barry's latest kinda spooky ambiguous declaration while probably getting a BJ from some intern on Airforce one.  I was on that plane several times.  There is plenty of room for BJ's of various kinds.  Maybe he dictated it while high on something besides the obvious.  I dunno.  It isn't very well veiled however.
Kind of a "after they lone-nut-waste-my-ass, this will be my posthumous  warning" type of document. Quite apparently directed at jews in federal power, it could be seen as a potshot at his own foot.  Oh well.  I'm sure it is on its way to being forgotten.  But it is hard to forget something that wasn't even reported on the evening news. Those are the important you well know.  I guess I will take them both on soon enough.  The old guys with the scythes.  The one with the beard and the one with the hoodie.

So proving my original statement that there are some things that you cannot accomplish with the written word.
I didn't with my petition.
Barry didn't with his proclamation.
Browning didn't with his poem
And I haven't here...    

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