Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Your Move...

There is a lot of shit going down recently.  But of course there always has been.  It's kinda like a sewer...the affairs of the world.  And I mean that literally.  There are times when waste seems to flow unfettered.  Then there are times when the volume of crap stresses the system to its limits, and you gotta call a plumber.  Or cut the crap.

I have heard a lot of rumbling about that shitty little country south of the Mediterranean threatening to use the Samson option.  Will the US back a preemptive strike by the jews on Iran?  Will they go it alone and suffer certain annihilation? Will they then prove that the rumors of Dimona nukes have always been fact, and unleash hell on the world?  Well, to my way of thinking...they already have.  A few of their well directed nukes would just seal the deal. 

But you guys are young.  And you don't remember these fears.  They have been around a long time.  The PTB like to dig them out from time-to-time when all else fails.  But back then...when hell was young...this nuke fear was all anyone could talk about.  It was a cold thing to do to an unsuspecting world, to raise the consciousness of these nightmares...but hey, it was a cold war.  That was when everyone hated the former USSR.  They opted out of the Samson option, of which they were also capable.  They watched their empire tumble into the hands of so many greedy jewish oligarchs, rather than plant mushrooms.  The Soviet Union communists were mad-dogs.  We all knew it.  Don't fuck with them...they could push the button.  Uh-huh.
Well, the world moved on.  And so shall it move after israhell is merely a disgusting memory.  When what is left of the Palestinians return to the entirety of their country...from the river to the sea.  And we will once again sing the praises of Omar Khayyam. 

It seems this little racist terrorist-camp has painted itself into a corner.  And I for one, couldn't be happier about it.  They know it's now or never.  Attack and lose.  Or attack and lose and nuke the world.  Not much of a choice...because the concept of 'lose' is in both options.  
The former Soviets were not mad dogs.  They were humans. As are the 'mad-dogs' in israhell.  The US people....I mean the REAL people, are fed to the teeth with fighting and spending their way to oblivion for a jews-only patch of stolen land.  I feel this here.  Deep in my chest.  If I am correct(and I always am), this threat of attack being spewed over the jewish-owned MSM(for how many years now?) will die on the vine when it becomes obvious that the mouthy neighborhood bully doesn't have his bodyguards behind him any more. 
I'm-a-dinner-jacket has played this well.  I wouldn't want to sit down at a chess board across from him.  While he is in Jew York City playing the peace-keeper and talking rational negotiations, his Generals are telling Iran's adversaries that they better think twice before they attack, and that US installations in the area are viable targets if israhell goes postal.  Brilliant.  I couldn't have planned that better myself.  And you all know what an effective diplomat I am.
Everyone likes to see the bully get his ass kicked.  Well, find a comfy seat and get your popcorn.  You are about to see it happen.  For real.
So...zionism...it's your move.  Be careful.  Because in all actuality, the entire world is against you if you use that 'democracy' ethic you love to push.  The recent conference of the Non-Aligned Movement represents the "majority" of the world.  And as you profess to love...the majority rules.  You are alone now.  As you should be.  And you are about to be 'ruled'.

And after you make your move...no matter what it is...the world will move on.  And no one will care about your pathetic holocaust lies, or antisemitism bullshit any more.  You can't buy protection forever.  So, go ahead.  Make your move.


covkid said...

Well said Timster.
Spoken in true Eastwood style.
What a fitting end for Isreal,portrayed in another of Clints movies.No need to guess who represents who!


kenny said...

I visualize Clint Eastwood doing a reading of this to the empty chair of zionism. It made my day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for my typing error calling you trimester!! It is funny!
Thank you for bringing so many sweet giggles to me! I really was in need of them!!
I'm a dinner jacket, that is great for Ahmadinejad!!
Really cute!
The Jesus comic so perfect too.
Yeah, I will pop some corn and try to enjoy this whole falling down of that tribe!! It does sound sweet in ways I dont even understand. Let the darkness be destroyed by the light that shines on.

Mel said...

i have my popcorn in the nuke!... i meant microwave....

glengear said...

At your best here old man!

I'm-a-dinner jacket was great for what's his name!

That cartoon with the cannon, good, real good!

Anonymous said...

Bibi = PUNK.

Timster said...

Cov - Thanks for the link. I always loved the 'every bead of sweat and right up the nostril' shots in these spaghetti westerns. Ha.

Timster said...

Kenny - Yeah...me too. Thanks for chiming in!

Timster said...

Marigold - Not a problem. I loved it! As long as I am the first trimester. It's safe to abort then...haha.

Timster said...

Mel - Put butter on it. This is going to be good.

Timster said...

Glenster - Thanks!

Timster said...

Anon@3:16 - I agree. OR Bibi=wacko with a red marker.