Friday, August 17, 2012

See-Through People...

So this chick and I were hiking down a highway in some godforsaken state out West.  Probably high on something or other that we had left from our last stop.  We must have looked pretty strange to passing locals that didn't stop for fear of their lives.  Oh well.  That was our intent...I guess.  But then a VW van pulled over.  You could always count on people that drove Volkswagen products to give you a lift.  I never really figured that out.  They didn't even have to be freaks...they could be housewives or accountants.  Something about a person that decides to drive Hitler's gift to the automotive world...nice people, on the whole.

So we clamor in with our packs and bags and wine and take off.  The chick driving that just saved us temporarily from the heat or the cold or the rain...or just tired feet(I can't remember which), was a talkative blond with too much jewelry and teeth that were too white and straight.  
"We are all going to Woodstock", was one of the first things to come out of that overpriced mouth.  "I could tell you guys were into the revolution...that's why I stopped for you", was the next bombshell she dropped.  My companion and I looked at each other with the same "what revolution?" expression. Then she jabbered on about how she had dropped out of college and on and on, as the miles passed by.  
There were a few other rag-tag freaks asleep in the back that only moaned or coughed occasionally.  Not much of a revolution, I thought.  But we had a ride.  And the driver droned on about politics and free love and a bunch of other things that you would hear some newscaster of the time warn 'straight' people about on their tv's.  We stopped for the night and all but the driver and we two were left after the rest wandered off looking for some guy's house to score some dope.  We decided to pitch our tent next to the van and since the blond wasn't too shabby looking I suggested that we three get high on some mesc that I had, and screw all night.  It was no biggie for the girl I was with...we did that sort of thing all the time out on the road.  But we could see the reservation and the expression of panic that flashed across the driver's face before she agreed.  We understood in an instant that this would be the first time for both such endeavors for her.  She was cautious, but up for both.  Kinda like jumping into water you didn't know the temperature of.  Close your eyes...hold your nose...and jump.  Just for the fun of it.  Even though this VW- driving girl gave little info on her was clear as crystal to my companion and myself.  'Straight as an arrow' ...we used to call it.  One not used to the seedier side of life.  One raised in a cocoon and now out in the big world trying to find an identity.  After the mescaline took hold of us, the blond took to sharing sex like a fish to water.  Light doses of mesc does funny things to people. Some say it brings out the best.  I dunno.  It did for our chauffeur. 
 We were a mass of drugged up bodies until the sun rose.  Then propped up on each other's nakedness we listened to the blond begin to recount her short life up until that night.  It was alien to my girlfriend and I...but familiar all the same.  We were children of the road.  Both coming out of hard childhoods we understood a world that the blond had just recently come to know and decide to protest.  'Life shouldn't be like that' was her mantra.  She was determined to change the world for the better and become the revolution that would facilitate it.  Life should be love and honesty and respect.
Well, of course we agreed...but we knew better. To us, life was a kick in the stomach and you just made the best of it.  Of course you stand up for what you believe in...but all the while understanding that we weren't about to change anything radically in our small lives.  
That night and the clarity about how one is raised effects your outlook, never left me.  This girl had been protected with middle class values that didn't jibe with the world that she experienced outside her childhood home.  Things weren't really as she was told.  She was pissed and going to do something about it.  And since there was a movement on their way to some farm in New York, she was going to be in it.  The 'establishment' actually LIED to her on her television.  They wanted to make war and send her boyfriend to lose his life...just for the mere monetary profit of the military-industrial complex.  "Well...this is not right and I'm going to join the revolution and change it!"
We ate breakfast at some diner on her parent's money and off down the road she went...leaving us shaking our heads.  I don't know if she ever made it to Woodstock.  We didn't.  At the time all the jewish kids were partying out in the wilderness...we were panhandling on Broadway and looking toward the coming winter.  Trying to secure some place warm to rent before the cold wind started blowing in off the Hudson.  Life was harder for many of us.  But we knew what to do.  We took the bullshit and carried on.

Nowadays with the internet...I see the same dichotomy as on that warm summer evening comparing notes with a 'straight' girl.  People out here shocked at the inhumanity of life.  Shocked at those that lie to them...shocked at the jewish manipulation of the media and banking.  Like my traveling companion(whose name I never can remember)...we are not so shocked.  We are still going to do something...anything we the face of it all.  But from a different perspective.  A battle-worn one.  A battle that started when we were born into a more real world that perhaps prepared us a little better.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I was brought up in an environment much like that of your chauffeur and quickly jumped into the world you are describing.

Roman Catholic innocence was my lot when growing up. Jews? Well there were the two nerds in my home room..... but... oh, and the beeotch who stole both my girlfriend and boyfriend for carnal purposes.

People like me, the American middle class, our innocence was what got us eaten up by the manipulators... because we really were "rebels without a clue." (Tom Petty fan here)

Anyhow, the only good part about having the kind of knowledge of life you speak of, the darker sides of life, ~ knowing what you did probably kept you strong and going ~ Prepared you to survive.

Me? Being naive was a blessing and a curse all my life.... even though there was very little that could ever surprise me.

glengear said...

Comparing of notes and trying to survive! Pretty much sums it up! To know all truths, achieves nothing, does it?
We are what we are! To bear fruit, repeat until we give out, generation after generation!
I read few blogs! Too much commercialism at times!
I learn true history, through true words! You my friend are few and far between! I have the opportunity to think, through your well chosen words.... I truly love the comments from your readers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Timster for a glimpse into your passionate life! Is that you in the first photo?
I never did hitchhike or try strange drugs, but that guy may have tempted me to go with him.
My life was catholic and naive like Noor's. Very few Jews and very little of the real.
Still I love my innocence and to be robbed of that is to be robbed of our most precious self. I felt a dis-ease and shakiness always because I was living on untrue ground. The lies didn't feel good to me so I had to find my way to what feels good and true and beautiful. And not through pretensions!
It's the little child in The Emperor's Nee Clothes who we can be. He sees purely, clearly and he says what he sees no matter the consequences, but he doesn't have to get rid of the naked emperor or the blind followers! No, he just sees and goes about his life! If he starts to fight or tries to convince, he loses something that isn't worth losing.
I still love innocence in myself, in small people and in big people. The ugly people have no trust, no sweetness, just a constant insistence on being on top, superior.
Thank you again

Timster said...

Noor - Thanks for sharing. Yeah, that is my lot in life I think. Surviving. I must have done something pretty heinous in a previous existence to warrant this long sentence.

Timster said...

Glenster - Me too! My commenters keep me on the straight and narrow. They don't let me get by with much!

Timster said...

Marigold - You're welcome. No..that isn't me. I was MUCH better looking than that...haha. Come to think of it, the girl in the little narrative was more attractive as well. I think her name was Wednesday or something. Oh well...long ago and far away! Thanks for reading.