Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pussy Riot, Or How Many Times?

Hey...I'm no prude.  Don't get me wrong. I'm all for pussy(pass me that chicken when you are through with it, will you dear?).  And even a riot every once and a while kinda clears the air.  Cleans out the bad blood.  But.
How many times do they have to dig up the Czar's family and machine-gun them?  I mean...those damned Russian Christians are like bacteria.  You can never get rid of all of them. They're like...well...Russian jews.  I mean besides Nicholas and his wife and little daughters...they had to slaughter...what?....60-some million of them just to show the world who wears the pants in good old Russia?  Cue Dostoyevsky. But they just keep coming back every time the ashkanazi revolts.
All the sycophants are being trotted out to pay their jew-bills on this one.  Even Pauly.  Paul...stay out of politics.  You don't have the mental capabilities.  If you have to do something to please your zionist money-men...for god's sake, go over there and teach these pussies how to play a few chords.  It's becoming embarrassing to our jew-diplomats that their really IS no such band. 

I've seen people trying desperately NOT to say the word "jew" before.  But I was in stitches watching this guy.  An otherwise brilliant assessment of the facts in the case...but the fellow is going to hurt himself with all that tippy-toeing.  I guess you can't blame the bloke.  He knows as well as anyone that he could be doing his political analysis to reindeer next week if he doesn't watch what he is saying.  As the Roman soldier said to Brian..."Watch it.  We still have a few crosses left".

But on the other side of the pond...I gotta marvel at the testicles these ash-cans have.  I mean they have to print in the entire Western media - and more importantly- make their reading public okay with the word 'pussy'.  Now, I'm sorry but there are a lot of kids in the West that are going to get a pretty grown-up lesson in decadence very quickly when they ask their civics teachers "why does this band that is being denied their rights of free-speech name their band after young cats?"  I've noticed that the decadent media owners have even tried to soften the blow by calling the phantom band "PR".  They seem to have gotten themselves in a little too deep...again.  Oh well.  No one said that conquering the world was going to be easy.  But you would think that Western Christians would vehemently protest this bawdy terminology clogging up the cesspool that is their TVs.  The silence is deafening.  Maybe jews know something I don't about how much the West can take when it comes to filth being slung at their children.  Who knows.  I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to Western media and how much the jewish get away with nowadays.
But damn.  Talk about digging up old cadavers.
Besides an ancient Paul McCartney, Madonna-Kabala-Hooker and Bono-no-penis-too-disgusting-to-fellate are rallying their ASCAP comrades to come to the aid of these prostitutes, and.............silence.  Silence from the 'moral majority'.  What ever happened to them anyway?  Where is the indignant moral outrage here? Oh well, you can never count on knee-jerks when you need them.
But I do have to admit, besides being beside myself with glee over the judge handing these girls their asses...I LOVE the term 'hooliganism'.  It could be the new polite term for the judaic.  Hooligans.  Of course it's a bit too soft for my liking...but's a start.
So another Russian revolution is starting.  This time..."no more Mr. Nice-Guy" as the old saying goes.  They are pulling out all the stops and frozen chickens on this one.  Your children are going to learn what a pussy is whether you like it or not.  No more sniggering at National Geographics boobies in the back of the classroom for your precious kiddies.  Wide-open beaver is going to be the fare for their current affairs classes now.  Oh, the irony.  If Kilgore Trout were only still alive.
But it comes in stages doesn't it?  Jumps and starts as dictated by the talmud.  Patience.  That is the key.  Why, in just a few years, considering the exponential growth of yiddish filth, your preschoolers will be watching rim-jobs on their holographic play-school toys.  And you will not protest.  I guarantee that. 
How many times?  I wonder.



rubbell said...

I could kick my self for my stupidity in thinking depraved expression equated with culture. Now, surrounded by derelicts and the prospect of more to come (gaga) . A trip that brings visual contact with the product of the social engineers is guaranteed to make my eyes water. My only solice is, as these fakirs die off I get a glow knowing each of these corrosives has a finite life. In my defence I did manage to put together a very serviceable plan to beat the usurers. Au.24. 12. You know who loves ceremonial chicken. R. Olausen.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

OMG Tim you made me laugh so damn hard in this one. I am still laughing at that schoolkid question of the future.

The other day a friend said something along the line of "Oh Good God why did they have to have that name!?" in utter disgust. Well, my response was.... "It's that moral caliber thing they have with us Christians."

Remember, equally talentless Courtney Love took on an equally offensive name with her band "Hole". It is all about schlock and besmirchment.

So, for now we have lost another word for daily usage ... say it and suffer the chance of a snigger somewhere.

Remember when "gay" was a word you could just use as in "I was in a gay old mood"? No longer.

In truth they are counting on our decades of being beaten with "political correctness" and belief in the inherent right to "free speech" and "feminist outrage" that we will just accept it all.

Indeed... the entire western world must embrace the thought of freeing these fine young artistes from the jaws of Putin's despotic maw.

Such is the power of Judaic brainwashing in the world. And they are doing it internationally of course with these little girls (especially in Russia)~ one of whom holds Canadian papers and her husband is definitely a very active participant in her activities ... photographer/filmographer.

Anonymous said...

after the trauma based mind control projects Kahl, WEAVER, WACO & OKC...came Lewinsky...remember Chandra Levy...?

...and the plane that blew up in mid air, and the Italian Talmudvision station hijacking..?

there is only one anti-truth, anti-mankind, anti-Holy "Religion"..

...supreme oddliness of the hole hooliganism spiritual cesspit "Proeselytizing" thingy is the Ashkenazy "Jews" really don't have to be "Jewish"...but it would seem that they just can't help theyselves like pigs in the pig sty

Anonymous said...

OMG, Noor! You're just another garden variety tool of the Xeno Inc. which is an offshoot of Zionturd Inc., but you don't need to know about that. You're using your so called "Multicultural family" members as a trophy. No one hasn't forgotten about Strom Thurmond's illegitimate Black daughter or Bush's trophy Mexican relatives.

URRRRGH! Even Snippits and Snappits has fallen for this "Stop White Genocide, whites will drop to drop to 8% worldwide by 2060 if multiculturalism continue" fear mongering.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I don't know who you are, Anon, but I mention my family and it gets thrown at me? Stating what is, is a trophy? How terribly ludicrous.

Amazing that one post should bring out such an adverse reaction. To be honest, someone called Anonymous has been onto me for a few days now about that post.

Until I know who I am dealing with, who hides behind "anonymous" I am done. It is very easy to be snide when covered by such a lack of identity.

I have no idea what XenoInc is or Zionturd or Strom Thurmond. Nor am I terribly interested in exploring such.

Timster said...

Rubbell - 8-24-12? What's your plan?

Timster said...

Noor - Glad I can make you laugh. Thanks for the comment!

Timster said...

Anon@2:45 - Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Who says they don't have talent? Stuffing an entire chicken up there is a unique talent. I can't even get a drumstick to fit.

Timster said...

Anon@10:57 - Well, I have to agree with that. Sorry about the drumstick thing. So...Saturday night is off then?

Genie said...

Well, I have to agree with that. Sorry about the drumstick thing. So...Saturday night is off then?