Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you have any thoughts about writing and self-publishing a book...well, I have some advice.  Unless you have the patience of Job(and I don't have the patience of a 6-year-old around Christmas), I wouldn't suggest that you use Lulu as your publisher.
That is to say if your book is at all controversial.  I have to assume that after about six months of wrestling with them, that this is the reason it took so long to actually get what I paid for; because of my book's content.  I dunno. But the good news is...IT IS DONE!  Yay!

You can now...I am my book at any brick-and-mortar bookstore and it is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.  B&N has the best price at the moment.  And I don't know how much your local bookshop will sell it for, but again, I am told it is available now.

I have stated here before that all proceeds from this tome will be forwarded to Palestinian relief...and that holds true.  I have received almost enough from my original sales(thanks, guys) to pay for publishing it, so anything I receive from now on will be donated to such a cause.  I will post which fund I donate said funds to...when and if I ever see any more money from this little venture.
 Of course, I encourage you to buy a copy, if you already haven't, if for this reason alone.  But I sat down and re-read it the other day...and, ain't bad.  So it isn't something you will have to struggle through just to make a donation to a good cause.  You might actually enjoy it(grin).  I realize that many of you, because of various usurious practices of the international jew, are strapped for cash.  It isn't likely to get better in the near future...I understand(that is the main reason I chose a "free" self-publisher).
But if you can't afford it...I would appreciate a positive(or even a few 'negative'-helps drive sales) reviews at the online venues?  That doesn't cost anything...but a few minutes and a few thoughts.  Thanks in advance of that.
As I have also said about this exercise in vanity that is my book, it is meant to be a statement...not a best-seller.  Folks, I have no grand illusions of myself as an author.  I don't seek fame and fortune in payment for my divine talents as a writer.  I know better. 
But is a matter of conscience.  I want to sleep well at night and I want to crawl in to that final hole knowing that I at least tried.  And I can't do that without your help.  
So anything you can do...purchase or review...will be greatly appreciated, and perhaps afford you some more restful hours on the pillow, knowing you helped stick it to the criminal judaic.

Okay...that is all I will say about this.  I am truly grateful for anything you can do(or already have done) concerning this publication. Thank you! 

Oh...and I am hereby available for book-signings.  Ha.


glengear said...

Timster, what makes you think your book is controversial? I've read most of your work, NEVER would I of ever, ever, thought that! Did you not know? This is taught in every school, every where! How else could one accumulate the knowledge you present? Are you expecting, we the people of this fine Republic let alone the World, would NEVER stand for such injustice, from, from, a cult! You must be dreaming my good man!
Fine work, my friend! Especially for an old man! I reckon you write best of what you know most about!!!

Timster said...

Glenster - Who you callin old? Perhaps you are right. I have taken the opposite view of everything I was taught, and dare i.