Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uber Alles And The Wrong Path...

I could have predicted this.  And did.  That those out here uncovering the machinations of the criminal-jewish-mafia would eventually turn to national socialism.  When those infused from childhood with 'patriotism' for a country whose ideals were never, and more importantly CAN never, be achieved; and they see these ideals being usurped by foreign interests...it is natural that they would revert to the type of idealist socialism which Adolf Hitler envisioned.  Natural.  But wrong. Terribly wrong.

I listened to Deanna Spingola's interview with John Friend today.  Both bright and aware individuals.  Truly critical thinkers, the pair of them.  However both trying to deal with a void.  A trap that even they do not acknowledge...if I am hearing them right. 
Like Hitler, they long for a time when all are aware of the desecration caused by organized jewry.  A time when the last pogrom is enacted, to rid the West, and indeed the world, of the zionist threat to humanity.  For this I applaud them.  However, from this ideal, they turn back the clock, to a time in the US anyway, in which nationalism allowed for the yiddish infestation in the government and society of this country in the first place. Where we disagree is at a fundamental juncture, I think.  
This country was never the white Christian bastion of freedom that many seem to treasure in the backs of their minds. And thank heaven for that. That, like the jewish-revised biography of Mr. Hitler, is also a myth.  A dangerous one.  When one starts down the path of nationalism...well, I think true history is filled with reasons not to tread that particular trail.  It leads to justification for all sorts of undesirable human behaviour.  Usually ending with a "Deutschland Uber Alles" mentality.  
Don't get me wrong.  I fully understand what Hitler was trying to accomplish under the umbrella of the Third Reich.  For anyone(as they point out in this program), that reads his book and his speeches...it is clear.  The German people were tired of being shat upon.  Since the loss in WWI and the repartitioning of the Rhineland, the Weimar Republic with all its decadence and the general decay of German social values...they were ripe for someone who correctly identified the culprits behind such a national demise, that happened in merely one generation.  To Germans in the early thirties, Hitler was a hero.  He is not one of mine.  No matter how correctly he assessed the talmudic threat to decent societies.  He was an arrogant nationalist.  Not arrogant only to the jewish movers-and-shakers...but to the world. No matter how you feel about his political views, he was a racial supremacist. He truly believed that the Aryan race was superior to others, simply by virtue of bloodlines, and tried desperately to prove this flawed conclusion.  Again...wrong path.
When you are at a breakfast buffet...don't go back to your table with a plate full of bacon, simply because you like bacon and you never seem to get enough of it at home.  Take what you like, yes...but be open to all that is offered.  It doesn't have to be 'this and only this'.  It's unhealthy for starters.

I have read Mein Kampf...I have listened to the speeches of Hitler.  He was not a stupid man.  There is much to glean from his experience and insight.  But there is also much to avoid. I understand that every action causes a reaction...but that reaction can often swing to as far an extreme as the cause.  Such was the case of Nazi Germany.  Of course his vilification of the 'jew' found support in a war-torn country...that let's face it were exceptionally nationalistic to begin with. Hitler's appeal to decent family values, and work ethic should be listened to...especially now...when we are seeing the same jewish-led disintegration of such, in many Western countries.  However, I am afraid I cannot buy the whole blister-pack of National Socialism.  Who else does this patriotism exclude besides the target groups of pre-war Germany...jews, gypsies, homosexuals etc?  We then begin to see where such national pride leads.  Always to supremacism.  Look at israhell.  Nazi Germany pales in comparison to its bigotry and racial hatred.

So before we begin lauding Mr. Hitler's accomplishments in totum...let us see exactly where his entire philosophy will lead us.
I won't 'bash' Hitler.  Nor will I worship him.  He was as flawed as any that set themselves up as leaders.  We take what we can to help us in our struggle against jewish oppression as we see it...and cast aside the same flaws that we see in the very group we seek to dis-empower.  This is common sense.

Hitler did not want war.  But he was as prepared for it as he could possibly be...so I cannot help but believe that he expected it.  I'm sure he wanted peace, but prepared to suffer war for it.  He knew international jewish money interests would not go quietly.  He was not ignorant of their influence in England and Amerika.  Even though there was no historical proof of anything like a "holocaust", he and members of his staff truly were prepared to kill jews when they got in his way during the war.  The machine-gunning of many thousands of jewish peasants in German-occupied Kiev is but one example.  Is this right?  Or laudable?  Did the end justify the means in his mind?  Is this the Machiavellian leadership around which we should rally?  Or like countless other political leaders, was he flawed in his 'nationalistic' ideals, that from the start are little more than supremacism with a flag.
I revere his insight...no his 'courage' to speak truth to power.  To name those responsible for the degradation of Western society.  My admiration stops there.  As it should for any critically thinking folks in this movement against the jewish/zionist criminal network.  Let us not sink to their level of national supremacy as did Hitler, in his flawed efforts to defeat their influence. 
So whether it is "Deutschland" or "Israhell" or "Amerika", remember...it is just a spot on the globe.  And geographically or demographically...it isn't "Uber" anything.  I think that is the wrong path. Just sayin...


Anaughty Mouser said...

Very good argument Tim. Your logic is solid.

The zionist jew attempt to take over of the world continues like a juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Agree that we don't need any Hitler-worship, but nationalism need not equate with supremacism. Saw Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta speaking today on TV at the Institute for Peace, and he says our future is all about transcending nationalism, as in sharing our military knowhow and hardware with our "partners" around the world and making our national security a matter of cooperation with our "partners" (as in Israel, writ large).

If the choice is between "nationalism," meaning that we put our own interests first, and Obama/Axelrod/Panetta's internationalism, I'll take the former. Hitler was opposing Jew-controlled internationalism and was right to do so.

Timster said...

Mouser - Thank you.

Timster said...

Anon@2:07 - I don't think the choice is between these two undesirables. And I would choose neither. Especially when it comes to 'defense', that mythic monster of a cash-cow for zionists. When any leaders instill the "best place on earth" mentality in their populace(and at some point they all do)...it is an easy step to 'defending' the homeland. And from there just one more step to 'preemptive' defense. It all leads there...and it all is based in 'uber alles' nationalism with and agenda . Hitler was concerned about getting the international jewish banking cartel out of Europe, yes...but firstly, and most importantly, out of Germany.

Anonymous said...

Nationalism has always felt ugly to me. I really don't think wars could exist if these imaginary lines on imaginary maps were erased.
I am someone who speaks in heart-words. And to say "mine" is simply untrue and impossible! Our very breathe does not belong to us. Today it is here, tomorrow we don't know.
I hate all exclusiveness - in families, in religions, in politics.
I belong to nothing more or less than Existence itself!
To call oneself a Christian, a Muslim, an American is sheer ugliness. And we have seen what follows.
To be human is enough.
Thank you for clarifying this as it relates to Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Timster, do you have a link for the Kiev story? I suspect that they were partisans or some other type of threat. Or perhaps, it was Ukranians cleaning house and repaying Holodomor debts.

Timster said...

Anon@4:56 - Well, the Babi Yar ravine massacre is rather famous. I have read many accounts of it. Of course the holohoaxers use and exaggerate it as they are wont to...but perhaps the most convincing narrative of it was in a documentary called "The woman with the 5 elephants". A film about a young Russian girl from Kiev that became a translator for the German high-command. Her comments in the film were without agenda and matter-of-fact. She obviously had no axe to grind as she loved her job and the Germans. The Bolsheviks had imprisoned and killed her father as a political prisoner.

It is not my contention that we should believe all the stories we hear about a German intention of jewish genocide. As I am sure you know...most are fabricated. However, there certainly was a policy of hatred and mistrust of them, that is indisputable...and in war(Gooks, Japs, towel-heads, Hadjis...etc), sanctioned hatred can certainly get out of hand...and is supposed to, I think.
Did Hitler approve or even know about such carnage? I don't know. I don't think anyone really does. Was Babi Yar warranted? Again, I don't know. But to my mind, that is where nationalism and the inherent supremacy of 'god on our side' mentality will lead any nation. The Third Reich is merely an example. Israhell is textbook.
Here is one link to photos...I dunno how reliable...it isn't a holohoax outlet.


Timster said...

Marigold - I'm with you on that one. And that is my whole point. What is it in people that allows them to relinquish their personal sovereignty to 'leaders' and governments? I will never understand that...

Anonymous said...

Timster, Irving's books make it quite clear that Hitler was not exterminating people. Those who did so were punished. Manstein was stunned to find himself defending standard procedures - mass punishment for partisan attacks - as everyone did and continues to do so.

I'm with you on your basic contention that Hitler/NS worship is not the way to go, but I must quibble when the Nazis are accuses of behavior that supposedly grew out of a racist ideology. I think it's pretty clear that their methods of warfare were by far the most humane. Under Jew rule, German soldiers become the standard of evil. Irving's Nuremberg book is excellent as is Advance to Barbarism.

John Friend said...

Heyo Timster, I was hoping you, or kenny, or Greg, or some of the other bloggers would respond to all this Hitler/WWII stuff, thanks! I think you make some good points, but obviously we are going to disagree on some things. And that's OK.

You write:
"This country was never the white Christian bastion of freedom that many seem to treasure in the backs of their minds."

I totally agree, and I think Deanna would agree as well. No, she would definitely agree and has written about this in her books. I'm starting to view the American revolution as just another Judeo/Masonic revolution in the Western world, similar to the French revolution, the (attempted) 1848 revolutions, and the Bolshevik revolution. Of course, the American revolution was much different, and some good things did come out of it. The Bill of Rights for instance. But the Constitution was written in such a way to allow for the federal government's tyrannical expansion and subversion of the state and local governments (just google "The Necessary and Proper Clause" for example). And that is exactly what has happened over the years.

You imply that American nationalism allowed for the Jewish infestation and subversion of the government in the first place, which I don't buy. For what I can tell, the Jews have been attempting to subvert the US government, media, banking, etc from the very beginning, and it really took off with the Wilson administration (he was blackmailed by the Jews, which facilitated the establishment of the Fed and US entry into WWI). I think the problem has always been a lack of genuine American nationalism on the part of our "leaders" - but in this corrupted system, the only way to become a "leader" is to be a puppet of the Jews, an internationalist. So we have a history of a bunch of cowards (largely, JFK made some good moves against the bad guys) that have either failed to stand up to the PTB, or have been witting accomplices of the PTB.

John Friend said...

You also write:
"He was an arrogant nationalist. Not arrogant only to the jewish movers-and-shakers...but to the world. No matter how you feel about his political views, he was a racial supremacist."

I'm still on the fence about this. Yes, Hitler idealized the white race, but from what I can tell he was more pro-German, pro-white than anti-other races (except the Jews of course). He recognized that white Europeans have the potential to accomplish great things (more so than other races), and understood that Aryans are superior in organizing political and getting things done, which I think it correct (yes, now I suppose I'm a racist, too, lol). But that doesn't mean I think other races are below the white race or anything like that.

Also, Hitler was interested in guiding Europe to greatness, definitely NOT conquering the world or subjugating other peoples.

Was Hitler a supremacist? Were some of the NSDAP supremacists? Were some of them racists? Yeah, probably. But I don't think it was an aggressive, "we're out to subjugate and destroy other peoples" type of supremacism, if you follow me. They were proud of their people, recognized their potential, and realized that the Jew has been - and continues to - corrupting and retarding this potential.

Great post nonetheless, these are conversations we should be having in my opinion. Cheers man!

missingarib said...

Tim, the ideal that all men are created equal endowed with unalienable rights-these are life affirming -and as such our responsibility to uphold

write on my friend-

Anonymous said...

Shitler's 'Mein Kampf" was merely a continuation of Moses Heinrich Mordecai Levi's (aka Karl Marx) “On the Jewish Question.” Completely funded by Warburg/Oppenheimer=Rothschild.

Timster said...

Anon@11:49 - Yes, I have read that. And I respect Irving's investigation and conclusions. And I agree that if there is a 'humane' quality to war, on the whole, that Nazis won that battle. But I think you see where I find fault in the Third Reich. Thanks for the comment.

Timster said...

John - Well, leave it to me to take the bait!(grin). I'm actually glad you gave me the opportunity to set a few things straight about my view of the Hitler and WWII. I have voiced similar doubts about the jewish propaganda concerning these issues. It has gotten me in to hot water, it seems, no matter which side I tread. I have learned that people are very touchy about these issues.

Again, we diverge on some fundamental points, however. It is my contention that all governments are corrupt. Period. By definition, no matter what they promise to uphold, be it a constitution, or religious doctrine... it should never be up to politicians or monarchies to issue 'rights' to a populace. Admittedly, a republic, which I believe this country was meant to be in the first place, is probably the lesser of evils when it comes to governing. But, even that has been corrupted, as you point out. I stated that the very nature of our government allowed the yiddish infestation of such, for this reason. If the system is corrupt, it allows for the opportunist. The opportunist always seems...at least in the Occident since Rothschild...to be the jew. And of course, without nationalism there can be no war. It is the very basis of conflict. From one camp or the other...usually both. No soldier would fight for the profit of a few wealthy bankers. He must see it somehow as 'defense' of his particular homeland, be that a religious doctrine or real estate...preemptive or reactionary. My problem is with the very existence of PTB's, whether they are financiers or politicians. Hitler or JFK...it is all the same. This or any country is not worth fighting for. And definitely not worth killing or dying over. That is just what the PTB want you to think, whether you agree with their particular flavor of governance or not...at least you are pissed off enough to vote or fire a rifle. I know that rankles some. However, The United Snakes is just a place. If the Indians or Mexicans want it back...they are welcome to it. I'm sure they couldn't fuck it up any worse that the jewish. And I like Mexican food. Let's get beyond systems to 'govern'. That is my point.

Timster said...

John - Part II
You say "...white Europeans have the potential to accomplish great things (more so than other races)".

Woah! How about ALL people have the potential to accomplish great things?
And, yes, if you truly believe that Hitler's view of Aryan superiority somehow had ANY merit, you are correct, you are(as an israeli girl famously said upon cheering the bombing of Palestine)..."A bit of a racist".

John, surely you can see where this leads? You are bright person. Don't let your hatred of the jew's imagined supremacy subjugate your intelligence and ability for critical analysis. This is a major stumbling block which you must get over. No one is superior or more capable, merely by being the member of a race, religion or culture. No one is less capable held to these affiliations. You must understand this or all the exuberance that you skillfully exhibit will be for naught. Fighting windmills.

Timster said...

Missing - Well...you presuppose that we are 'created'...grin.

Thanks for reading my drivel!

Timster said...

Anon@5:19 - Uh...ok.

musique said...

Hi Timster,

Many thanks for throwing towel on the current trend of promoting shitler as sweet and compassionate as KitKat bar by the shitler gang!

WOW ...I miss those good 'ol days when they used to foam in their mouth, these days they are sounding more like something we might hear at the multi national corp. convention type of spin. So they are changing up things like their yiddish frenemies. ;)

"How about ALL people have the potential to accomplish great things?"

Thank you gazallion times for saying that. I don't have go and change my genetics prettier than what I was born with!

Timster said...

Musique - You are welcome. I think it is little more than just common sense...which seems to be losing its commonality recently.
Thanks for the comment!

JJane said...

I'm annoyed today - I've been waiting a month for the Tome! okay, but not as annoyed as when I look to the left margin and see the national debt zooming, unending :)
Hitler's nationalism. why on earth shouldn't a country be nationalist in outlook and persepctive - as in Germany for the Germans...The man did say that there were many 'good jews' that assimilated. that is to say, loved Germany. i think it was those guys that didn't want to leave that got hit the hardest. but by then Hitler was really pissed off at the conflagration started and caused by the pestilent Jew. IMHO it is that characteristic of the Jew that is so abhorable - the non-assimilation, the apartness, along with the death grip on the financial, educational, media...not to mention the propagation of porn and discentigration of society as a whole. I not only look upon his pride of the german character and mind - let's face it they are seriously cultured -
so I see him speaking to the lack fellow (country) feeling also defining nationalism, or rather setting the parameters. As he appears to be the only national leader that has ever stood up to this blight on us all, I will always consider him a light in the darkness a man of honor (like you, buddy). and where is my book lol?

Timster said...

Jane - Ha. I don't know where your book is, I'm sorry to say. Don't you live in PI or some far-flung foreign seaport? Could be held up in customs by the very people it was written about! Let me know if there is a local warrant for my arrest?
I agree with you about the Fuhrer on a few points. He was one of the very few in history that not only named the beast but fought against them personally. In all he did and said, he seemed to be an honest man. However, I could never get past his Nietzshe-ish racial supremacism. It just isn't true, it doesn't work, it is a bad idea...and it produces the same racial hatred for which the 'tribe' is infamous.
But thanks for the comment and the purchase of my book! I hope it arrives soon and intact. LMK if it doesn't and I will get you a copy somehow.

John Friend said...

Hey Timster, I'm not trying to drag this out, but Hitler was not a racial supremacist. If you or anyone that makes this claim could provide a quote or a source for Hitler's alleged supremacism, I would love to see it. But from everything I've read and checked into, he was not a racial supremacist, although he did want to preserve the German race and was against racial mixing.

Here is a quote from Leon Degrelle that summarizes perfectly Hitler and the NSDAP's views on the German race:

"German-racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was anti-”other -race” racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. I was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was his power not to have them. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that the German families be healthy, cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.” (About the 56 minute mark)


Timster said...

John - Well, there are important points that need to be made here, so I don't see it as dragging it out. You are right, I think. He was interested in preserving the German race(even though it is not a race, scientifically speaking) or culture. But I have never been a big fan of cultural preservation. To me it is a bunch of people doing folk dances in strange outfits. To my way of thinking, pride in a 'cultural heritage', as it is named...is ill-placed and frivolous at best.

"it isn't a talent to be Irish...it's a fucking genetic mistake"-George Carlin.

And this clinging to exclusive groups is very dangerous at its worst. Read Mein Kampf just one more time and I think you will see that he aligns with Nietzsche perfectly. He truly believed that the Aryan 'race' was superior to all others. He stated it many times. Dress it up as you like with all the trappings of attractive values such as family and a solid work ethic...it is still racism. Racism in any form is WRONG. Period. Surely you can see this? Humans are humans. Culture means NOTHING. Individual thought and accomplishment is ALL. And the only thing to 'take pride in'. I refuse to take credit or blame for anyone that happens to have the same cultural or racial background as I. And anyone is a FOOL to do so. Does this make sense to you?