Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Merchant Of Lies...

I know.  There are more important things going on in the world than my opinion of a five-hundred-year-old play.  But to me, the following is as current as it gets, when it comes to tribal lying, cheating and theft. 

I'm gonna wax Shakespearean again.  For those of you that do not recognize the genius presented you by the Bard, you might skip this one altogether.
For the rest of you...and just for shits and giggles, I watched the latest film treatment of "The Merchant of Venice", starring Al Pacino and directed by jewish Michael Radford.  I fully understood that it would not be a true representation of the original play, for after all, it is a movie.  One for "viewers", not for AUDIEnces. That is to say, those that listen to words spoken.  Well they should have loved this treatment.  It had everything from kosher killing of animals to bare boobs.  For all to see.
As with most treatments of this play in the last century or so, it was a falsehood.  Shakespeare wrote two key words at the beginning of his play about the 'jew'.  Those two words on the title page are "A Comedy".  And it was.  Then.  Every key line caused laughter, I'm sure, in the Globe theater during its first performances back then.  Any Shakespearean scholar can tell you as much...but dare not. They dare not revel in the humor spat upon judaism, as the Bard wrote it.
 Now it is a tragedy.  To hell with Shakespeare and his antisemitism...we will play this as the tragic eternal suffering of one of G_d's chosen.  And so it has been played, ever since the modern Shylock got his hands on it.  To the point of losing the original point of the play.  It almost surprises me that modern directors of this humorous play don't insert a scene in which 6 million Venetian jews are deliberately drown in the canals.

If I were to write a one-sentence summary for today's readers of this play, it would be "Silly jew...justice is for Gentiles!" But the concept of "spin" was born a long time ago, and used no more successfully than to pervert the charm and wisdom of this glorious comedy.
In its time, the audience was meant to laugh at the silly jew.  As they all did.  It was hilarious to Victorian theater goers to see this dastardly character slip and slime his way through the play in all his obvious "jewishness".  A two-dimensional bad guy that through his own devious machinations and greed brought about the just and happy ending due this comedy. 
So what's a jew to do with this play nowadays when he has the power to censor?  He cannot bury it.  Pretend that it was not one of Shakespeare's most popular efforts.  The world knows the complete works of wisdom and poetry of the greatest author of all time.  The jewish "cat" is out of the bag, so to speak. So they must spin.  With warnings and disclaimers that would have William spinning in his grave, they turn a popular occasion to laugh at the jew, into a passion play of suffering for Shylock the money-changer; now a noble and misunderstood man.
Jewish influence in the theater started exerting this effort of misrepresentation of the play well over a hundred years ago and it becomes more ironic and absurd with each new treatment of "The Merchant".  
As I said at the beginning, this play is modern in every sense of the word.  Shylock is still here.  He is still as usurious, slimy and sneaky as he was in the Victorian era.  He still raises his children to steal and indulge in temptations of the flesh, and still reviles the Gentile.
He still "craves the law".  He still relies on the kindheartedness of the goyim to accomplish his selfish goals.  He still rewrites history to suit his intrigues.  And above all...he yet demands his pound of flesh.
The only difference between now and the time when this play was presented, is that then the jew was a clownish figure in his deviousness.  All understood him and his filthy religion.  He was the laughing stock that he should have been.  He was not taken seriously.  
He must be dealt with now.  Because of such ill regard for his cunning, he stole the bank of Shakespeare's England.  He financed wars.  He enslaved nations, murdered millions and took control of the very destiny of our human breed.  All without mercy for anyone but his own number.

"The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

This, Portia speaks to the jew.  But after observing that such wisdom falls on his deaf ears, proceeds to beat him at his own game.  Baiting and foiling the ridiculous money-changer in the end.  Oh, for a Portia now...

Oh, for a time when through segregation, ridicule and such prosecution... this evil cult can be removed from our midst, and banned for all time.
So to Mr. Radford...a belated tip of the hat.  You have protected your tribe well.  Even furthered their dark purpose by twisting the meaning of a play by the greatest author ever to put pen to parchment.  And ironically, you have used Michael Corleone to accomplish this. It must be some sort of jewish joke.  Well, at least THAT is comedy.


Noor al Haqiqa said...


6,000,000 drown in the canals of Venice... OMG I spewed my cocoa all over my screen at that one.

Tim, when you are wicked, which is I am sure you admit is 99% of the time, you are very wicked. And funny.

Your point with the lead being played by a American actor of pure Sicilian blood is well made.

When I studied The Merchant back in the early 1960's I remember thinking of Shylock just as he was and have never changed that image. If nothing else, it is more true now today than before because today they have amped the game up so much higher, taken so much more, and .....

Well, face it. Abe Foxman would have Shakespeare up on formal charges of anti semitism, holocaust denial, and whatever else he could pull out. And, he doesn't even speak legible English!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Good ol' Billy Waggle-dagger eh? Nothing pleases me more than to reflect on the literary lineage of anti-monsterism; I see the yids are spitting chips because the Syria slaughter isn't going according to their evil plan. "Unarmed Peace Monitors", What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at an 'AIPAC of turds' meeting today!



missingarib said...

Tim , hamlet has an unsavory character who died for a ducket-
seems the reputation is hard to shake hahahah

good stuff-appreciate your writing

Timster said...

Noor - Sorry about your screen. Wicked? Moi? Nah...just havin some fun. Thanks for the link!

Timster said...

V - Yeah. The world must be a pretty hard thing to control. Maybe that's why no one has ever done it?

Timster said...

Missing - Thank you. I always turn to the Bard for wisdom...

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog recently... really enjoying.

I think we're reaching the Zionist end game.

Timster said...

Anon@4:44 - Welcome. Glad you are enjoying it. I hope you are right!