Sunday, April 22, 2012

Holmes,The Line And The Fall Guy...

He is not stupid.  Our adversary.  Well...the ones in power anyway.  Oh yeah, his rabbis and IDF generals slip up constantly in voicing their hatred for the Goyim.  They call for violence against any Gentile that dares question the supremacy of the chosen ones.  But...we have our Pat Robertsons and John Hagees.  They too preach violent horseshit.  But few take real notice of any of them.  These opinions don't raise the price of a Big Mac.  So....
Generally speaking(and yes I DO accept the scientific fact that intelligence can be bred), the jewish power structure is not made up of dummies.  He is not easily foiled, and he is indeed after centuries of patient evil cunning, in the fabled cat-bird seat now.

I'm kind of a murder-mystery fan.  I love to see the intelligent detective outwit the psychopath.  We all do, I guess.  It started with my reading of A.C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mysteries as a kid, and it has always brought me pleasure to see evil outwitted.
And although the story-lines to these tales vary little in their basic premise, throughout the hundreds of thousands of such whodunnits, there are lessons to be learned from this genre of novel that, although opinions vary, was coined by an Edgar Allan Poe.  Yeah, I know.  Simple.  But enjoyable on a very basic level.  As Doyle demonstrated however, this type of narrative can also appeal to the most intelligent of our collective human readership.  For we all try to match wits with the criminal and our hero in plotting the murderer's next move and how to use it against him.  Fun.  A mind game...a puzzle.
In reality however, the bad guy is not always out-maneuvered.  Right doesn't always win.  As a matter of fact when you are dealing with global affairs, I can't think of a time when it really ever has.  For very long anyway.  Oh there have been times of world peace...or whirled peas...but those have usually also been the eras of injustice.  For the two rarely coexist.  Show me a time when there have been no wars, and I'll show you a time when the common man is forced to keep his mouth shut and his shoulder to the wheel of those in power.  It just seems to be our history.
So given this enigma...this "mystery", how do the bad guys really get defeated in their short-lived glory following the raping of the commoner?  How are they finally turned out of power?

Well, historically, I must conclude that it begins with such power(we all know now to be the jewish/zionist) overplaying his hand.  But how much?  Where is that illusive line that he will cross that brings his retribution?
In my short life, I have only seen that tipping point once.  That was during the 60's.  It wasn't hippies.  It wasn't the economy. It wasn't corrupt politicians.  It wasn't even really the Viet Nam war in itself, that brought the outrageous rebellion that you can watch covering the streets of our nation only in old news footage now.  It was the result of the tribe's underestimation of two things.  They undervalued the impact of the Draft.  And they meddled too deeply...stirred too hard...the pot of racial tension.  For of course, it was their hand being tipped in both instances.  They owned and still do, the military-industrial complex that made a killing from the killing of well over a million of that country's inhabitants, and a quarter million of our own.  It was their hand that dusted off the draft laws to supply our children to fill body-bags. That was too far.  It was their hand that backed the racial strife here at home.  Their media touted racial equality, then vilified the black man as a racist and violent creature, almost in the same breath. Things quickly got out of hand on both yiddish fronts.  That was too far.  But he escaped down a dark alleyway...only to resurface shortly thereafter.  And although you would think he would have learned...he is at both of these tactics again.  Perhaps he isn't as intelligent as he would himself believe.
The OWS movement and the backlash over racially motivated killings saturating jewish airwaves, lacks something.  They are generally unaware of the reasons for their protest.  And definitely unaware of the force they protest.  They are weak and ineffectual at the moment.  What they lack is a fall-guy.  A focus.  Until now all they protest is the symptoms.  I read a bumper-sticker the other day that said "Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution".  I agree.  But you have to have a personage...a bad guy.  He isn't some vague wall-street accountant or bureaucrat.  He isn't a corrupt congressman.  He isn't a bubble-headed bleach-blond on the evening jew-news. He isn't the greed of human nature. He is the ashkanazi zionist jew working for his masters in Tel-Aviv. Behind the scenes.  They must see him.  But they won't until our detective pushes their noses into this excrement.  And that is what we need.  Not a hero.  Not a superman to save the day.  Mere collective intuitive intelligence. 
Intelligence to outwit the psychopathic murderer that covers his tracks so well.  One, or many, which can declare to the rest of the simple Watsons..."It's elementary".
But first he has to cross that line of which I spoke.  He will not cross it voluntarily, I'm afraid.  This IS Moriarty we are talking about, after all. He must be nudged a bit. He must be baited according to his weaknesses. His vanity...for he has more of this predilection than we...must be exploited.
We are doing this...and his footing is slipping as we speak.  But unlike the so-called Christians on your pulpits will preach, this is no time to let him off the ropes.  No time to turn cheeks.
For the game is afoot.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."For the game is afoot."..Squarely, rapidly and firmly thrust unto a yiddish arse-cheek; that bait'em sufficiently ol'mate?!


Anaughty Mouser said...

9/11 was crossing the line.
Iraq's non-existent WMDs were icing on the revolution-to-be cake.
Attacking Iran will be the clarion call to arms against the zio new world order machine.
The game is definitely afoot and sooo many people see the askenazi khazarians as the ones fueling the world's wars and oppression.

The psychopaths' feet are slipping to be sure. They are already over the line for anyone with eyes to see.

Great post Tim.


missingarib said...

Tim, in the age of multitasking ,flicker TV info and egregious lies it is necessary to review the facts and doggedly challenge the b s . The rabbit hole is very deep ,your endoscopic pictures of buried people,places and events it behooves us to be constantly reminded and vigilant "least we forget".
thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I turn my ass cheek and fart in their general direction. They learned well from the 60s. No body counts, no draft. Journalism is long dead so no Walter Cronkites either. The media government stenographers in the U.S. are the world laughing stock. To get the real story you have to check foreign news pages or blogs. All this making it near impossible to comment and changing the dashboard and layout is google trying to silence dissent. So two thumbs up to bloggers who keep on keeping on no matter what. No script won't let me select a nickname and I'm not turning it off to comment, sorry there was no witty nickname.

Timster said...

V - I always liked that phrase..."The game's afoot!" It's like there is no stopping justice...

Timster said...

Mouser - Thanks. You may be right about 9/11...and other things. It took a few things all at once back then to spill the milk, and they seem to be trying the same tactics again.

Timster said...

Anon@10:06 - Yeah. This new blogger thing sucks. And there is no button to go back to the old set-up.

Timster said...

Missing - I do all I can. Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

The movie, The League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen, laid out many "plans within plans", as did Dune.

"He who can destroy a thing (oil)
controls a thing".
Look up Iran retargets missles to
mid east oil fields.

Always monopolies.

Timster said...

Anon@2:36 - Two movies I never saw.