Friday, March 16, 2012

Today's Image

In remembrance.


Anonymous said...

Truly truly, great, deeply miss her voice....

Genie said...


covkid said...

Nice one Timster and Rachel looks every inch the angel she was in this pic.

love ya Rach.

Mouser said...

I remember and solemly respect Rachael Corrie.

She is a true 100% martyr in the peaceful war against zionism in all its horrible forms.

Great picture Tim.

By the way the whole Kony 2012 ruse was propaganda for US Africom to go into Africa and steal oil. Humanitarian concern? Yea like Hilarious bombing civilians in Libya for peace.

I actually want to see Russia and China kick USrael and Zatos ass not because I am pro Russian or Chinese but because I am so bloody fed up of the zio main stream media lies.

I want zionism defeated and it has now reached a point I no longer care by who.

No, I don't want war, I want peace. I am anti-war. There can never be peace as long as <2% of the world continually foments disharmony, oppression and murder.

The zionists - in every single form, not Kony, need to be stopped any and everywhere they exist around the world.

I believe the zionists are the Synagogue of Satan mentioned by Jesus in the book of Revelations.

There can be no peace until they are neutralized completely.

Timster said...

Mouser - I agree...but there can be no peace without justice. That is going to be painful. Kony? Sounds like a MK-Ultra distraction to me...meh.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Corrie I love you. Your grace and beauty go beyond any woman's. How little do we live, as women, as humans!
You show us by contrast what a real life is!
Timster, thank you for this angelic picture, I am humbled by it.
We are reminded, in Rachel Corrie, of all that matters!

missingarib said...

tim, thank you for helping us remember-

I listen to the short video of her as a youngster in school and always have to catch my self I feel such grief .
she is such a brave, beautiful, soul .

be well

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...It's taken me a couple of days to look at this amazing picture and comment without anger, I see that the angel imagery was not lost on others either. A unicorn, how appropriate, such uniqueness such mystical and powerful emotive impact.

We win this thing, yeah?!

love light & peace, to all that deserve it...


Anonymous said...

Great remembrance and if we all had her courage the world would be different. In fact I believe is going to be different very soon.

The angels have grown tired of clever .. Kahlil Gibran