Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shakespeare And It's None Of Your Goddamned Business...

I know.  There are few phrases in the English language that are as offensive as the title of this quite-likely-to-be porous post.  I just want to get something out there that few if any really think through.

On those rare occasions when I cruise the MSM out here, I am always mildly amazed at the fact that they are ALL eager to tell you about the "mom" that ate her baby from a dumpster, or some such.  What wouldn't even pass as a decent thing to print in this mom's local community newspaper is supposed to...and often does enrage an enormous readership, or "viewing" audience.  Just as if it is anyone's business but the mom, the baby, their extended family or local law enforcement. I even had a friend at work detail such a story practically verbatim to me once.  I watched his eyes as he related the sordid tale just as he had heard it on "tv".  There was an empty-animal look there.  And I honestly do not know what in his brain could produce such a countenance that frightened me more than his narrative.
I asked him why he was telling me this...and his answer was that it was "news".  "I don't see how this disgusting little tidbit is of any concern to me....or in fact real news", I replied.  He was dumbfounded by my lack of interest and moved on to someone else to enthrall by what he had heard on his talmudvision.  Perhaps to garner the reaction he was seeking.  A likened fascination with such a sordid story.  Perhaps.  Or maybe he just enjoyed describing the account of inhuman activity. I dunno. But the power of this scares me.

I was recently watching a symposium on how to act Shakespeare.  It was amazing to me that even in my advanced stage in life, I have to admit that I learned a lot from it.  Well, perhaps not learned, but reconsidered many things.  It caused me to ponder.
In it, an actor was attempting to explain the dichotomy of how, by modern acting methods being heavily influenced by the film medium, an actor today is to treat an Elizabethan era play.
In his explanation of the difference between how these plays were accepted then versus now, he reminded us that in Shakespeare's England, few were literate.  So being, the "audience"(meaning listening observers) of his time experienced these staged plays very differently than we "viewers".  A very interesting distinction. He went on to say that we are now trained more to view a story put before us than to listen to it.  And we have been trained by the close-up of the movie and television lens to react more to facial emotion than lines spoken.  And so, an effective modern production of Shakespeare, and indeed its actors must MAKE an audience here the poetry and intent of his characters.
That hit home with me.  The disconnect.  And the connect.

How does this relate to filthy inhuman acts,(which even happened in the times of the Bard) now being peddled as news?
Along with being the greatest poet and playwright of all time, Shakespeare was also an innovator.  He brought the stories of Kings to the common people.  He demanded of his actors to do so naturally. 

"Speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you,
trippingly on the tongue; but if you mouth it as many of your players
do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines. Nor do not saw the
air too much with your hand thus, but use all gently; for in the
very torrent, tempest, and, as I may say, whirlwind of your passion,
you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it

This was Hamlet's direction to his players and also the author's advice to his own troupe.  He took the starch out of the modern play in his stage direction and his human poetry, for which there were eager ears.  A stilted royal tragedy became a human event to which the audience of the time could relate.  And yes, he pandered to the most devious in mankind.  One could view his stage works as morality plays and not be far off the mark.  But they were sensational.  He set the mold for common sensationalism in the theater to appeal to the uneducated, and created a bit of a monster, upon which his "Shylock" character would capitalize ever after.

There is something in the base human character that somehow relates to inhuman acts.  And no matter how sporadic and isolated these acts are, there are those that will seek profit from them.  
Enter Shylock.  
These sordid news items are becoming more and more commonplace due simply to the conditions in which these misfits commit there abhorrent "newsy" novelties.  The jewish-owned media features these items constantly, I believe, from their wish to keep hammering into the heads of their "viewers" the commonly held jewish supremacy.  We are all inherently disgusting creatures and the yiddish are eager to point this out to us...daily.  And we goyim are mere cattle in the field committing sins against ourselves in our depravity on a constant basis.  So the evening news fulfills their two-fold motive.  It panders to our Gentile self-deprecation and stimulates that primal need for witnessing tragedy.  Throw in the fear that this type of news editing generates and they have concocted one hell of a nightmarish cocktail for their viewers.
And we drink.
But when you decipher a story such as "Mom eats her own Baby" on a very fundamental level you begin to see that such an act is most importantly, none of your business...literally. It does not effect you in the least.  It is not indicative of the human condition as a all.  It is not new.  Such goings-on have been going on since way before the 16th century.  It is not a reason to fear "moms" or some universal obsession they have to consume their offspring.  And if somehow you can identify with such a creature...then you are likely to hit tomorrow's headlines having committed a similar crime.
So what is the matter of such reportage?  It can only exist for reasons of social manipulation.  The types of these stories vary from "Lone black gunman" to "Crazed internet psychopath" and each seem to have a nefarious agenda, but the common denominators are there.  Fear and planting the seeds of mistrust in fellow humans.  Is this a jewish "protocol" conspiracy?  I dunno.  I can only look at who owns this media saturated with these staple stories.
All I know is every time I hear or read such filth...I gotta think..."it's none of my Goddamned business".


glengear said...

You stumped me on this one Timster! I'll have to watch the MSM morning newscast, to see what they say, in order for me to know, what I say! Even if they don't tell me directly I'll feel much better and tell you the lead story. Okay! Glen

Timster said...

Glenster - Actually, I agree. I lost myself in this one. What a stretch. But I did warn you that would be "porous" full of holes. HA!

missingarib said...

tim- the plane bosh the plane -love boat exciting and new - good bye city life green acres we are there- ya, Haney will offer sell all kinds of stuff depending on what he hears you need - what have you heard-
thanks Tim -fun reading --put the paint brush down you are in danger of well you know

Timster said...

Missing - Yeah...broad strokes. Way broad. Didn't even get this one myself. Oh well.

The Terrible Awfulness said...

It is everyone's business here in the equalocracy. Oprah told me so. I know what is best for you. I care about you *sniffle* it is for your own good Pookie. Mediocrity uber alles.

Timster said...

Terrible - It's nice to know someone cares.