Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blame And Going Along...

Of all the criticisms I get, the most common is "aw c' blame the jews for everything".
Somehow I have given that impression.  And somehow, no matter how many times I write it... I haven't communicated that I don't.  Blame judaism for everything bad in our world, that is.  Generally speaking; if anything, I blame the human species as a whole.  I am reminded of the scene from "Young Frankenstein" in which during a town meeting when everyone blames the monster's appearance in their community on Doctor Frankenstein, one man stands up and says that it is the fault of scientists.  "They say they're working for you, but what they really want is to rule the world!  They can't help's in their blood".  I would have to say that aside from its obvious humor...I concur reservedly.  It is not in their blood, but their cultish upbringing, and we have no one to blame but ourselves for going along with them...step by step.
I watched a video by Samuel Jackson called "blame".  I liked it.  Because the philosophy behind it gets to the root of all the problems of mankind currently.  And although his message was pinpointed toward black gang members and guns...the gist of the speech is germane to what I speak to constantly.  Intellectual and moral laziness and the lack of courage, on an individual level. Even I am guilty of this at times.  But as the movers and shakers of this world understand, the easiest path is the one of least resistance. They have not always been of the jewish persuasion...these power-men.  Jews merely excel at such manipulation.  Which to Gentiles, is just as easy, when they begin to view those so controlled as a Sheppard dog sees his herd.  Something to be guided and corralled.  The dog knows that members of his herd will go along with the rest if so induced.  By force, example and fear.
As hackneyed an idea as it is, our modern world has become one of vanity, self-concern, victimhood and blame.  How did it get this way?  Has it always been such?
This well-worn guilt that we bear for 'going along' with things as they slide downward into creating a world in which none of us wish to live could be criticized as trite.  Something you see on a motivational poster in the lobby, like "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem".  We all agree.  "Yeah, yeah...I know.  I shouldn't watch as much tv as I do.  I should teach my  children by example rather than punish them for doing wrong after the fact".  And on and on.  But who has the time, right? I guess I would answer, "what is it in your life that is so important, that you let these things slide into chaos"?
I was involved in protest as a young man.  Many of us were and continue the activity yet.  I soon found fault in those efforts though.  It dawned on me that nothing good could come of it.  If there is something so protest-able in the world, who is to blame?  And what good does protest do to those that we have allowed to commit these acts we find so heinous as to take to the streets?  By the very nature of a group of people that would commit these acts, you should quickly understand that they are not beholden to your morality that decries such behaviour.  They are not going to reverse their way of thinking simply because you clog up the streets sporadically making it a bit more difficult for their drivers to get them to the office in the morning.  Surely we can see this.  Liars and cheaters are going to continue to lie and cheat.  They will not listen to reason. They will not be bound by your sense of fair play.  They will not stop their nefarious activities as long as they can profit from them.  Protest is merely asking them to stop. No. Begging them to stop.  

When I was just a kid, I had a neighbor with a new Rambler.  For those of you too young to remember the car, it was the Volvo of that bygone century.  Heavy, ugly and built like a tank.  A family car.  Anyway, this neighbor was involved in an accident that totaled his brand new vehicle.  A few weeks after the wreck, his damaged car appeared in his front lawn on a home-made platform for all to see with a huge hand-lettered sign.  The sign detailed the fact that his insurance agent had refused to honor his policy and pay for the damages.  This agent I learned later, was a jew.  It was a local agency that the owner maligned on his sign warning all to stay clear of this agent.  There was quite a bit of narrative on the sign spelling out the facts in his case.  It was a busy corner on which this man lived and displayed his graphic grievances, and all that passed the house slowed to read it.  The car remained there only a week or so. The agent settled the case, packed up and left town.
This is a true story.  It is not meant to be an example of the power of consumer advocacy.  There is very little if any power in that any more. This too has been co-opted.  The tale is meant to demonstrate how to 'protest', if you will.  You stop inequity before it gets started.  You turn off the television when it spouts lies.  You cut off the most powerful weapon "they" have against you.  Money. You don't beg them to stop lying to you and cheating you. YOU stop it.  When we all stop going along with their plan, they have no choice but to close shop and leave town.  It is just that simple.  It can be just that effective.  

I have found over the years that the trained ashkanazi is usually at the bottom of such lying and cheating in this world, but such behaviour is in no way entirely exclusive to their cult anymore.  They have taught us well...and we went along with it and learned the profit motive behind it.  And when this way of thinking about profit only turns on us personally...well, we start pointing fingers in blame...and protesting.

So go on.  Watch your television.  Attend your begging session/ protests directed at deaf ears.  Blame everyone but yourselves for the children you send off to fight the wars for the jewish. But don't expect me to blame anyone but you for the jewish success in their underhanded enterprises.  You go along and you let it happen on an individual basis.


Mel said...

protest is just begging them to stop... that is exactly right!! great read~!

Anonymous said...

Translation...(for Sammy J.)

"PLEASE don't shoot my worthless, lying, ass for being a pos slave for my zionist masters

whom I know are destroying/enslaving the world with my help.

Oh, and by the way, PLEASE don't take away my 30 pieces of silver (hundreds of millions)

for being the aforementioned pos slave liar."
And yes Timster, you're dead right..
their lying and excuse making is viral.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."No-one boils frogs like a judaic"!


disclaimer: The author of this comment knows that those that claim to be judaic/judahites , are not, but are the synagogue of satan - the term "judaic" was used under the broad umbrella of artistic license.

No correspondence will be entered into and no editorial responsibility is implied or accepted.

Lighten Up Francis said...

I like the Samuel Jackson interview where he states he voted for sobama because he is half black. Bammy likes to think he is king of the world until Benji Nettyahoo comes to town and says step and fetch it schwartza. Haha Amerikwa thinking you are the big badass when the whole time you are israel's bitch.

glengear said...

Your getting lazy my friend, one post a week! I kinda remember the good old days, when you were giving us seven post a week. It's getting so I forget what you're writing about in between.
So you're saying them J's are at the root of all problems!
One of your pretty pictures shows Barney Fife with his revolver out, Huum that be mighty funny and totally interesting! If I remember right, Barney only carried one bullet. So if Barney puts his bullet in his revolver, chances are mighty good, he'll shoot himself! Oh I see, the story you're telling through them pictures. Give every Barney Fife a pistol with one bullet! Got ya! Maybe not! Is Barney suppose to shoot himself or Jerry Springer? I never got to read the post, everytime I tried to, something came up.
Man! That station wagon is a thing of beauty! Did you see the gangster tires on that thing?
Oh, I forgot about the picture of the protestors. Them, be former Rambler owners trying to get their money back and Barney Fife is going to use his one bullet to stop them. Man they don't make movies like this one anymore...
Just messing with ya Buddy! Good post as usual. Your pal Gomer.

Timster said...

Mel - Y'know...that always amazed me. The OWS movement and all types of such protest, waving their signs and pitching their tents...spewing vitriol in their chants are yet politically correct. They go back to work on Monday. The true weekend-warriors that wouldn't say boo to a bank manager that holds their mortgage. When Occupy Wall Street turns to Firebomb can count me among their number. Not before.

Timster said...

Anon@4:421 - Thanks for reading!

Timster said...

V - Yeah. What you said.

Timster said...

Glenster - You are going to make a movie out of this post yet! Kudos.
Yeah...I been busy on the book thing for a while...then life intervenes.

Timster said...

LUF - Your moniker is one of my fav lines of all time! The wife always uses it on me when I get too "involved" in myself. Thanks for reminding me.

missingarib said...

Tim, the tribe hay baler just keeps harvesting the goy( private jails ,wars ,sweat shops,outright theft,larceny, and miscellaneous high holy days )the machine just keeps thundering along -
if only more people could see the terrible maw of that thing

good observations-