Saturday, July 30, 2011

Collective Punishment...

Mrs. Reiner was a jewish bitch and I hope she is rotting in hell.

There. I finally said it.

I have met and interacted with probably a thousand jewish people in my life.  Really.  Having been in the business world for many decades, one does.  In the white-collar world in the US, you must interact with tribe members on a daily basis usually. Anyway, I have known them.  They are just people like the rest of us.  But of course they act and are treated differently than most other groups.  No biggie.  Except they have always...and I mean ALWAYS left a bad taste in my mouth.  Like cauliflower to me.  I just can't seem to get rid of that nasty flavor.  I know that sounds prejudicial...and it is.  But there are reasons....there are always reasons.
Maybe I look for these distasteful qualities in the jewish, once I know they are of the cult...maybe not.  Maybe they are just there.  More than just "standing around being jewish", they have always invited disgust from me.  Even before I suspect them of kosher roots.

When my oldest Brother was seven and in the second grade, he had a teacher named Mrs. Reiner.  She looms large in our family history...because of one incident.  I will now supply another here.
The incident with my Brother happened before I had begun to form memories, but the details were related time and time again by my parents.  
He was in her class, apparently just being a seven-year-old.  I don't remember him ever being anything but the eager-to-please personality that he remains to this I can't imagine his being much if any real trouble to his teachers at that young age.  Anyway on this particular occasion, this Mrs. Reiner, saying later that she was talking to him and he wasn't paying attention to her, reached across an aisle of those screwed-to-the-floor seats, grabbed his arm and yanked him over the aisle.  In so doing, she broke his arm.
You can imagine my parent's reaction to this. Even though the attack was officially treated as an accident, it was always related that when my Mother finally confronted this teacher in a meeting about the incident that she broke her rule of no vulgar language and told this woman that: "...if you ever touch another one of my children, I will personally come to this school and slap the shit out of you."
All I know is that I wouldn't want to get that far into my Mother's bad side.
And I probably had that in mind when the next "Mrs. Reiner" incident happened.

As luck would have it...and although there were several other second grade teachers in our school, I was assigned to "her" class.  I remember just a few things about that one does with memories so long ago.  Just little patches.  One of them was her bringing a menorah into class.  It was her annual thing.  She would let us play the dreidel game for hard candy during chanukah.  
But that is not the memory that sticks out in my mind now.  What I do remember is a friend I had in class.  This boy was one of the unfortunates of our neighborhood.  Dirt poor and none too bright.  I liked him nonetheless.  His father bought him a pen-knife for a birthday and it was his prize possession.  It seemed he always had it out cutting apples or whittling.  Even though it couldn't have been more than a few inches long in its entirety, he was the envy of all the guys for owning it.  Until Mrs. Reiner saw it.  She confiscated it and put it in her desk drawer.  My friend was beside himself about losing his father's gift.
So I(yes, I will finally admit it) decided to get it back.  During one recess, I sneaked back to class and got it for him.  I told him to hide it in his shoe and not to bring it back to school.  He did so.
Of course when it was discovered missing, Mrs. Reiner went ape-shit.  The "thief" in her classroom was going to be punished, no matter what.  She told us that day that every student in class had to remain after the final bell until the thief confessed.
I wasn't about to confess anything.  After my friend had emptied his pockets and declared his glances to him let him know that if he wanted to keep the offending keep his mouth shut.
I remember that we had to read while we were waiting for the criminal to come forward...and do so quietly.  Which was hard, because our parents were starting to get out of their cars and wander up to the school...wondering why the hell their kids weren't outside ready to be picked up.  
The vice-principal came in...demanded to know why these children were still in class and dismissed us all.  HOME FREE!
Some time soon after that day, Mrs. Reiner made me stay after class.  I don't know if my mate had broken under her torture or how she found out, but...
I remember her getting right in my face and accusing me of taking the knife.  I denied it and she instinctively slapped me.  Her hand flew to my face as if it had a mind of its own.  I don't know if she immediately remembered that I was the brother of the boy whose arm she had broken a few years earlier, my Mother's threat, or if she had been officially warned against touching children...but the look of horror that crossed her face impressed me.  So too did her order for me never to tell of what she had just done.  And I have kept silent about it...till...well, right now, come to think of it.

But it started me on a path.  A path of being wary of the yiddish among us.  Adhering to that rule has never proven to be unwarranted.  So when I think of the "collective punishment" that we see on an almost daily basis in jewish-occupied Palestine...and considering the religious persuasion of Mrs. Reiner...I can't help but make the connection.  Call me bigoted.  Say that I had a bad experience that I projected on an entire culture.  Tell me that my memory is fuzzy and merely an interpretation of the facts.  But I'll stick to my guns about the way the ashkenazim raise their young.  And since they understand and apparently enjoy the concept of collective punishment...then they won't mind when they ALL suffer inhuman punishment for the inhuman behaviour of their leaders.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Chasm...

As I have said, every once in a while I go back and read my own writing.  I know...what a chore.  But I try to objectively assess whether or not I am accomplishing the goal that I set out to tackle.
I'm not so sure I am.

I have been quoted on other sites.  I have been praised by a few...damned by many more.  That alone would make the average writer of such stuff as I pen, believe that he is getting his message across.  Or at least,stirring the pot a little. Well, I am...sort of.  But a lot of my drivel can be read several ways.
I call myself and anti-semite...because by the current definition, I am.  That is to say that where the word used to mean "those that hate jews", as Joe Sobran modified it, it has become "those that jews hate".  If we are talking about jews in power...and I think I know how they got there...then that is what I am.  I am hated by these jews because I tell the truth as I see it.  I may be entirely wrong.  It may all just be coincidence that those raised in jewish homes have found their way to a disproportionate role of leadership in the world.  I use the word leadership when I mean control.  There is a difference.  I think leadership requires a true regard for those led.  I am not seeing that from the Fed.  I am not seeing that from the mainstream media.  I am not seeing that from the UN.  Even the most apologetic of the jewish will normally concede that members of their culture do indeed lead in these endeavors.  So when I point these things out, I am hated.  By jews.
And I can't say I blame them.  I wouldn't want anyone to point out the black sheep in my family.  I don't know if I would hate them for it...but I certainly wouldn't appreciate it.  If it happened too much however, I think I would consider changing my name and divorcing all ties to a lineage that could be so easily faulted.  But that's just me.

Anyway...what I wanted to mention was that there seems to be a dichotomy...a chasm...if you will, about recent events in the world, starting I guess, with 9/11.  Several blogs out here use this event and what you believe actually happened, as a litmus test. And well they should.  If you say that it was the "joos", you run the risk of being pegged as a racial nut-job.  But you can say that it was israhell...that's ok.  Because as we all know, israhell isn't all jews.  Or are they?  I mean, how many jews in the world, I wonder...would tell you that israhell is a racist, apartheid terrorist state that should be dismantled ASAP, so that the true inhabitants of Palestine can return to their own land?  And that no religion/culture has the right to invade and occupy a country to make an exclusive home for said culture.  Could you fit all the judaic that would adhere to this view, in say...a 7-11?...A McDonalds?  A Tesco?  Wal-Mart?  How many people are we talking about here? Is it a large portion of  the ashkenazim, or so small as to be negligible?  I dunno. I have met a few...I have met a hell of a lot more that support that hell-hole.

As I have stated on this site many times, and it is even in my mission statement  over there somewhere...I do not hate people for what they are(including jews)...I can however abhor people for what they do.  And for why they do it.  If you think that it is your birthright to repress or kill are wrong...and you need to be corrected.  No matter what your cause.
This is all I believe.  But as I have said...I have been quoted.  My articles have been copied and pasted, and used on the "other" side of this chasm of which I speak.  Over there, it's kinda messy.  There are all sorts of folks running around screaming that the sky is falling.  Screaming that it is not only the "joos" that threaten...but every other culture that is the least bit different from...well, whoever is doing the screaming about the sky thing at any given moment.  I don't think I want to make that leap from where I over there.  Let's leave the chasm as it is.  No bridges.  No logs rolled over the divide.  I ain't jumping it...and I don't suggest they try.  I'll stay here with my own little view of things.
They can call me whatever they like.  Dis-info agent, crypto-kike, yid-lover...whatever.   I will leave such invectives to the weak minded.

So I have one wish here.  I wish that I am read as I write.  Not as the reader wants me to be.  What I say is what I mean...generally(notwithstanding my feeble talents at effective communication through the written word).  I do not wish to be  labeled a bigot.  I do not wish to be seen as narrow minded.  I don't want to be thought of as racist, or a supremacist or a separatist.  You cannot put me in these categories...I won't go. 

Of course the tribe wants me there however.  It is easier to attack those of my ilk, when they have those kinds of handles.  They will tell you that jews are a religion...a culture...a race...whatever suits the moment.  But the biggest point they will always drive home first, is that they are persecuted.  By me.  Well, the likes of me anyway.  Those that would point out the deeds of their black sheep.  I have been hacked and shutdown.  I have been vilified.  I have been humiliated, searched, questioned and detained.  I have been called just about every name in the book.  All for expressing my opinion.  I am not alone in this. We all have been so defiled in varying degrees.  It apparently comes with the territory.  But when those that pretend to understand and agree with what we on THIS side of the divide are saying, practice the same methods to shut us up...well, at times I just wanna say "fuck it, let em all hang".
So yes, I am angered at being grouped with those on the other side of the gorge.  Because of the media's treatment of anyone that disagrees with the talmudic view of the world, they have taught their viewers to lump folks like us in with them.  I hate being lumped.
I especially hate being likened to those that have no common sense.
Not all jews were in on the September eleventh attacks in Jew York, in 2001.  Most would be appalled to learn that israhell had anything to do with it.  However most jews support that terrorist state.  I think you can see the "fly-shit-out-of-the-pepper" conundrum we face here.  As I go back over my posts, I try to see them the way various camps...on both cliffs...would read them.  I'm not liking what I see...but as I told one commenter..."I will try to do better".
Nonetheless, we soldier on.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Are All Lois Lane...

I found out who Superman is.  No, really!

I hear that the jews in hollyweird are going to allow just one more treatment of the Superman yarn.  Oh no...not another one.  This time they have hired the Nolan brothers to do it.  Well, decent directors/writers...and they're goyim.  The box-office is already there.  The reviews are already written...and Clark Kent is already counting his shekels. But the movie isn't even cut yet.  No's the man of STEAL and he is already pulling the dollars out of the pockets of the evil Gentiles for it.  Count on it.  I will give my Medved reiview of it now if you like: "after watching this latest gritty and realistic treatment of the Superman legend, I find myself believing in him, just like when I was a kid!  Two thumbs up!"
There.  Now you have to see it.  When it comes out.

When I was a kid reading those damned comics, I thought to myself that Lois Lane had to be the stupidest woman on the planet.  How could she not know that the junior reporter sitting right next to her...that mild-mannered curly-headed mensch lusting after her goyim ass, was indeed the man of steal?  What a stupid bitch.  And Jimmy Olson...another stupid goy.  Boy was he dumb.  Well, all Gentiles are dumb.  Or so Supermensch thinks.

I have touched on the kosher intent of this comic before.  But I think people still aren't getting it.  Here it is for all the Lois Lanes out there:

-Superman is a tale of a weak ineffectual jew without any prowess against the evil Gentiles that locked his people up in work camps in Germany just a few years before.  This was a fantasy of jew, Jerry Siegel and then drawn by fellow ashkanazi Joe Shuster.

-Through their connections in the jewish publishing world they got this yiddish garbage printed on pulp paper and stocked in every drug store in the Western world.

-Essentially, Superman is a sexual fantasy for jews.  In this fantasy, the disgusting little bespectacled transplant from a Krakow ghetto, battles "LEX LUTHER"(sic), gets the shiksa and has superpowers(money) far beyond that of mortal men.

-Lex Luthor is Martin Luther(Lex=Words, of Luther)  The sworn enemy of the jewish...for he named the beast.  Of course his prolific writings about the lying jew are suppressed nowadays.  His followers are now just another herd of sheep being led down the Christian friends-of-israhell path.

I don't know why most of we Gentiles don't get it.  But then again, I don't know why Lois and Jimmy never got it.  Perhaps that is another jewish joke.  These reporters on the Daily Planet never will get it, and so never will report it.

You see, the whole "legend" is a Krypto-gram.  As in Kryptonite. While mild-mannered Siegels are laughing their asses off at the ignorant Gentiles allowing their children to read these tales of yiddish daring, they know that solving the cryptic puzzle of this post-WWII wet-dream for the judaic, is the only thing that can destroy their hero.  Kryptonite is truth.

And like Lois and Jimmy...we understand this somewhere in the back or our minds.  We grasp that Superjew's  Super-power over us all is money.  We intuitively feel that the curly-headed weakling little shit, reporting the "news"...standing in the back of the crowd, really is the arch-enemy.  Is that Clark Kent there reporting on the Oslo massacre?  Was that Clark describing how those airplanes and the fire they caused brought down the twin towers?  Isn't that the mild-mannered man of Steal himself, reporting on the evil Gaza relief boat that was really carrying weapons to Palestine?  Isn't he the pundit on your teevee that gave you the real story of Waco and Oklahoma City and story after story after story.  Lie after lie after lie.
He doesn't even bother dashing into a phone booth and changing into his gay-colored tights and cape anymore.  He knows he doesn't have to.  He is out.  And you and your children worship him and his Super-death and Super-hatred and Super-Geld.

What I wouldn't give for a few pounds of Kryptonite about now.

Get a clue, Lois...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moral High-Ground...

I'm going to surprise most of my readers here.  I think that I am better than most of you.
Truly...I do. Well...sort of.

The animals of this planet have this thing.  I don't care if we are talking about ants, birds or humans...we have to believe that we are in some way better than a portion of our own species.  It is one of those things that drives us to achieve.  It can also be one of those things that most of us struggle to conceal.

I hope I have raised my children well.  So far, I haven't seen any indications to the contrary, but you never know.
I remember when my youngest was...oh...14 or so and we were driving somewhere.  There was a car in front of us slowing traffic down.  This was one of those beaters that because of a faulty muffler, you could hear coming for blocks.  It had a few kids hanging out the window and you couldn't even tell what color the vehicle was originally for the dirt and grime.
I recall that we were in a bit of a hurry to get wherever we were going, and my son exclaimed that he wished those rednecks would get the heck out of people's way...and a few other invectives.

I thought, "I should say something".  And I did.  At the next opportunity, I pulled off the road into a parking lot and turned off the engine...with the intention of having a little chat with my son...insuring that we would be late for our appointment.  This made what I was about to try to teach him all the more dramatic and important.
I told him firstly that I never wanted to hear that kind of bigotry again...ever.  I also made him understand that the car and its driver that he had been so quick to judge as "rednecks" and "trash", were human beings.  And that he could not possibly know enough about them personally to judge them so harshly.  I also pointed out that  their vehicle was indeed moving down the road...albeit slowly...and getting the family where it needed to go.  The car was most likely and very simply all they could afford.  Why, beside the fact that it was making all of us behind it a nano-second late, should the car and its driver be so hated?  Because this family does not enjoy some privileges that you do, this shouldn't make them subjects of ridicule.  Of course I followed this little lecture up with a few other points about people judging others quickly and hurtfully...and I believe he took it to heart.  I hope so.  It wasn't a necessarily pleasant lecture...but most of this type aren't.  They can be, at the time, a bit shaming and hurtful themselves.  But a necessary chore for parents, I think.
Now I know you are thinking,"He thinks he is so perfect and everything he does is right".  Well, not everything. But in this instance if you would not lecture your child against something he learned like this away from home...then I AM right and you are wrong. It's just that simple.
Along with this little incident, I have always tried to hammer home to my children that no human is incapable of teaching them something valuable.  I have learned that lesson the hard way myself...with my face, you might say.  I have been on the receiving end of kindness and wisdom from people that "my" class of people wouldn't even associate with.  Among the fondest memories I have in my life are those moments when the prejudices that I have harbored through being taught them in the jewish media...simply melt away in the real world.    And when I am constantly reminded that ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. 
I say this and you nod in agreement.  But do you "know" it?  When you see little heads in a crowd on your teevee news of Muslim dissidents burning you understand that inside each of those little heads on your screen is a life...a life full of headaches and griefs and happy times just like members of your own family.  Granted, our class trappings and our various thin veils of culture cause us to do some insignificant things differently.  A Muslim woman endures the discomfort of the burka that the Christian woman does not.  The Asian businessman must keep "face" in his mind in all of his day-to-day dealings.  The amerikan must endure the hegemony of his government as he works two jobs to make ends meet.
But aside from these trappings...and indeed they are that(they do trap us all) you understand that all people are related?  Really.  I understand that this seems to be simple...but it is not.

I have come across only one culture in my many years that I would consider to be genuinely and fundamentally different.  This culture is judaism. I regard this culture to be the "enemy".  For if there is one enemy of humanity it is the human that believes that he is better than all others...and more importantly ACTS on that assumption.  This is taught in jewish homes through instruction and deed.  Just as I taught my son not to assume hierarchy, it is taught to the jewish to do just the opposite.
Of course religion...the scourge of the foundation of all of this.  It is a double-edged sword, to be sure.  But there is only one religion of which I am aware, that teaches superiority.  There is only one religion that condones inhumanity toward others because of this incorrect assumption.  This ethos...this cult...must be seen for what it is.  Before it damns us all.

Up there I said in screaming letters that all people are the same.  And so they the beginning.  But just as that woman and her children in the car ahead of us were all once pink cuddly sponges that experience some of the worst that life has to offer, so were the jewish once such learning creatures that will be taught an entirely different philosophy.  That woman has been taught that her folk are not the last rung on the ladder...that even if she isn't wealthy or well educated, she will always be better than a Negro or a Mexican.  But will she act on this?  Few do...but when they are encouraged by their rulers to do draws attention away from those that act on such prejudice throughout their lives...the ruling judaic.

So am I taking a "moral high-ground"?  And if so, should I?  I think that yes would be the answer to both.  If you are not teaching your children...through both lecture and deed...that they are no better than others, then you cannot be the "good" holier-than-thou.  I am not referring to the one of material or class artifice.  But the true moral high-ground. The only one that benefits all when it is taught.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I watched a woman die today.  Presumably from the heat.  It reached well over one hundred here and many are foolish about being out in such hellish weather.  I was at a gas station and a few pumps over, I saw a crowd start to gather and I heard voices raised.  People were pulling out their phones and an ambulance was there in nano-seconds it seemed.   I had seen the woman starting to fill her car...and then I didn't see her.  I just assumed she had bent over out of my view.  Not so. As I walked toward the inside to pay, I watched the paramedics cover her face and slowly load her body into the vehicle.  No hurry there. No airlift.  No jaws-of-life.  No cardiac resuscitation. And no mourners that reminder of mortality that washed over the onlookers like the hot wind of the day.  I want to go like that.  No real pain to speak of...heaven knows that we have all endured pains in our lives that exceed that final one.  I reckon that death is not about pain...but a short burst of an ultimate exhilarating fear followed by silence.  But I wouldn't swear to it...not having experienced this parting myself yet.  But I will.  Someday soon I hope.  I have had about all I care to take, even now.

The timbre of society has changed over the course of my lifetime.  As it has over the time spent alive for countless generations before me.  Things move quickly.  Things always in flux.  And they have moved toward the less desirable end of the scale.  Or so say the people of my generation.  But so said the generations that have passed on like the woman at the gas pump.  But maybe we are right.  Maybe there really is a decline in the tone and consequence of the species.  I looked at the woman's body as they loaded it like so much furniture into the back of the white ambulance...and I thought.  As Pynchon so wisely queried: "...where do all the memories go?".  Where indeed are the mental records of the birthdays and births; the loves and the hatreds that this woman experienced over her lifetime.  Where do they go?

I watched a really good movie last night.  Needless to say it wasn't an amerikan one.  We can't make those anymore.  Good films.  The timbre in them have changed as well as our ability to recognize the change.  However on the streaming movie-service page for the film...there were member reviews of  it .  I like to read those and have even written a few myself...but none with this kind of insight.  It began:

"Human passion, in most Hollywood products, comes in wet and heavy dollops. This means double helpings of guffaws and violins for family movies, slapstick, or romance; messy bed sheets and puddles of blood in sex and crime flicks; and torn up facial expressions, enhanced (in case we still don’t get it) by swelling cellos, plus torrents of artificial rain, in dramas. Don’t despair: If you want understatement and irony, wit and smiles, and that rare awareness of hearing both the faint crackle of your synapses and the wheezing of your soul – for that you can still rent foreign films.... "

The review then went on to laud the "foreign" film I was about to enjoy.
I know...I know.  You are wondering where this is all going.  And when am I going to get to hating judaism in this post.  Well, I could say that the jewish have spoiled Western film.  That they have turned it into a debauched medium that panders to the most primitive impulses in the human DNA.  But that would be an unfair assessment.
The medium has always been thus.  They have owned and operated it since they stole the technology at the turn of the last century.  It, as has the plethora of their influences through various fronts, represents a gradual decline of decency which I constantly decry here.  What ever the traffic will allow, as they say.  And the ashkanazi direct the traffic.  In the media.
It is no wonder that I seek foreign films.  They tend more to recall a decency in life, that has yet been touched by the hand of the jew.

Those foreign films and the whole elusive wholesomeness that they can and do portray are all that is left to those of my generation...if they live in reality.  All that are left of a dream of true virtue.  That ain't much.  But I will pack them up with the rest of my memories and take them with me, if I that woman did today on the burning pavement.  I hope we get to take them with us.  I would be nothing without them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Threat And,They Would Have You Believe...

Do you feel it?  Stand still and be quiet for a moment and listen.  You will hear a low frequency hum.  A vibration coming from beneath your feet.
I have threatened myself.  Promised to say something here on the dot com.  My concern for my own, and my family's well being has stopped me from doing it...and that concern shall continue...kinda.

They would have you believe that there are a bunch of mad hackers in their parent's basement that are putting denial-of-service code into the websites of world-wide corporations.

They would have you believe that these are just kids doing this for a lark.

They would that you think that these are bad people.  Misled kids that don't understand that they are undermining some serious business concerns with their play.
They want you to think that all this recent hacking activity is coming from certain locations...China...Southern California...New York...Chicago...London.

They report on their MSM that you as a consumer should be wary of these 18-25 year-olds that are threatening not only our way of life in the Occident, but that your own personal security is at stake.
They would call them cyber-terrorists.

They want you to think that this is all coming from dot com goofs with nothing better to do...and they are going to get in trouble if they don't stop it.

They would have we out here believe that the bulk of this hacking effort is a subterfuge....a keep as many of us as possible away from it.
None of the above is true.

When I was younger...back in the early 80's...before the Internet(yes, Virginia...there was a time before), I was keenly interested in computer technology.  I knew all the current languages, although there weren't many and they would be as stone knives to techies today.  However with the caveman tools that I had, I started hacking.  Oh, nothing nefarious.  Just seeing what I could do with my "reading manuals at night" education about this new wave of ones and zeros.  So I hacked into many businesses that were just starting to put their systems into computers.  Through BBS's (bulletin-board systems) I started to communicate with other like-minded guys and we had a cloak-and-dagger blast.  It was exhilarating to, for example...break into a food-distribution computer system and reroute all their deliveries for the next day, just because their system was not secure. Then of course to read about it in the papers...knowing that you caused the "glitch" that caused 50,000 frozen hamburger patties to be delivered to a Chinese laundry.
A wise guy back then said that "there is no such thing as a secure computer system".  He was right in so many ways...he'll never understand how much.
Those intelligent hackers out there today...if they are worth their salt not only understand this bit of wisdom to be provable...but also another truism.
Computer technology is merely an extension of biology.  That is to say that as the flesh will fail, so will all that comes from the flesh.  They used to say "garbage in...garbage out".  Well it is all garbage because it comes from less than perfect humans.
You might say this is obvious, but look a bit deeper.
Well over a year ago, I made a call for techies to use their expertise to stop hacking each other, and make their hacks meaningful...and against the system.  I was among many putting out that call...and it is being answered.

Joe Schmo...the fabulously wealthy jew, sitting in his $75M mansion in Tel Aviv, or Lucerne, knows nothing about comparison to say, Johnny Gentile sitting in his cubicle updating TPS reports for $700 a week, in one of Schmo's companies.  Nothing.  So what does Joe do when he gets cyber-attacked because of his involvement in arms deals, killing Palestinian children or trafficking 12 year-old boys in Uruguay?  He simply goes out and hires someone that can outsmart the hacker.  
But comes a time...

The problem with Johnny Gentile, is that he is smart.  Anyone that has the ability and drive to overcome countless upgrades in computer security...has a working brain.  Those kind of people are dangerous.  To Joe.  They can't be bought for long and they are everywhere...and Joe has to trust them.  And that will be his downfall.  And the downfall of jewish tyranny as we know it.  Because with this intelligent hacking comes some dangerous revelations...such as in the case of Murdoch.  And as more and more is revealed...Booze-Allen...Pentagon...etc, it will become obvious who(jew) the enemy is and who goes on the list for the next hack and revelation.  They cannot stop Johnny...but.  People will be suicided.  Many more.  Count on it.  But that won't stop the vibration...the low frequency hum of the human spirit.  Rabbi Schmo understands this all too well.  And he is scrambling as we speak.
I support anyone that hacks corporations, corrupt governments(aren't they all?) and especially jews in power...for well, just being jews in power.  I am not part of "anonymous"( I wouldn't say so if I was however...duh).  But I know a few things about them.  That low hum...that vibration that I spoke of coming from the ground, is Anonymous...and it is all of us.  Regardless of our expertise with the internet...freenet...internet two...unix...linux...whatever, the intent is carried in the best of us, and it cannot be stopped.
So the threat to myself is carried out.  So will be the threat to the judaic.  Rest assured that things are in place for a cyber-revolution that will end all others.  The man is coming down...and we are part of that effort. What happens after that is anyone's guess.  I hope it is better than what we are about to feed on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bouncing Around The Casket Room...

If there is one thing that has always pissed me off, it's being pulled and/or pushed.  Away from or toward anything.  If you want a fist on your nose...tug at my sleeve or gently guide me in any direction.

In the late 60's among the many bits of revolutionary literature I read was a horribly disgusting book called "The American Way Of Death" by Jessica Mitford.  I say horrible, because all pieces of muck-raking describe the seedier side of human nature...or they wouldn't have acquired that name, I guess.  I had no love of Ms. Mitford's politics really...but I did find her writing invaluable on many levels.  Particularly that book.  It has always been a kind of  love/hate thing with me.

In it she describes the scam that is the American funereal business.  A sector of our capitalistic society that I have since learned is basically a kosher one....of course...duh.  I would suggest reading the book.  It is still as relevant today as it was when written.  And although it ranks very low on the agenda for industries that need to be 'de-jewified" does speak to a philosophy of taking advantage in a gruesome fashion.  Not pretty...but very instructive.

One chapter stuck in my mind as being much more alagorical than I think the authoress intended...understanding her politics.  That was the chapter describing how coffins are "sold" to mourners.
In her research she uncovered a tried-and-true method that is even used today.  It is interesting to say the least.  
I won't go into much depth here about the industry's parasitic nature and how much they prey on the berieved...but when they get the "loved one's" surviving relatives at one of the weakest moments in their lives...if you haven't been through such a pitch... it will tell you much about the judaic mentality.
It starts with entering the selection room.  A room with a bunch of caskets in it, you would think.  Don't for one moment believe that these products are just set up in a room.  The display is calculated down to the inch.  A huge amount of planning that would shame the best car-salesman, goes into the "way" these coffins are placed.  The "director" takes you through the room by way of a path, of which you are not aware.  From various pricing and the layout of differing models...he can with the precision of a well-trained sniper...predict which model he is going to sell you.  It really is an impressive macabre as it is.  But then, aren't all scams...
He will not show you the casket that he wants to sell you first.  First he will show you models that he knows you cannot afford(having access to your insurance info beforehand).  Then he will lead you gently to the cheap line...all the while talking up these tawdry boxes  with an air of condescension that insults.  Taking that undercurrent of pity for your lack of funds into subconscious account, you will invariably decide on the mid-priced container that he knew you would purchase when he saw the insurance pay-out figures on the policy he has already investigated.  He just needs your OK, a verbal agreement through your tears, and he has made a bundle on an overpriced p.o.s. that has no intrinsic value whatever.  Only to sap your insurance money.
So anyway, I always saw this in a wider vista....this technique.  To have an opinion formed by the general public, they must be gently guided through the casket showroom.  They must see PBS news as the opinion of choice.  The intellectual( but a bit boring zionist view)...but one that few can afford.  Fox is too cheap and you wouldn't be caught dead (pun intended) putting your faith is such a box-o-death.  And forget about that death-trap called the internet.  So they gently tug and guide until you make your OWN decision...CNN(or MSNBC...same thing) as the respectable choice. Not too cheap and showy...but one that demonstrates your caring.  One they knew you were going to pick before you even turned on your talmud-vision.  All of these varying(not) views of world events are laid out for your approval.  All they need is a nod through your tears...a push of a button on your remote.
You can play out this little game with many things in our society...and it fits like a glove.  It is all the same technique, weather you are choosing a container for the relative that passed on, or selecting your view of an Arab revolution.  It is all prefabricated and they have huge stacks of it in the back, when you make your "selection".

I know this morbid casket sales pitch like I know my own name.  I have gone through it several times.  I saw the theater production  that is "get every dime you can from this stiff and his grieving relative".  We are all subject to it here.  It's much like buying a car..."I'll go ask my manager, but I don't know if he'll go for your offer".  It is more subtle than a car-pitch but much the same animal.  We put up with it.  We participate in it.  Well, most of us do.  Those that can tolerate having our sleeves tugged.  I cannot.  Especially from the vermin that pray on us in times like these.  Times of grief and caskets.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


The following post may offend those with a delicate constitution.  It shouldn' we all participate in the subject of the post...but it may offer offense to bring it up.  Continue at your own peril.

It was either after...or before.  I can't remember, but it makes little difference now.  Anyway, I had to do as most men reflexively want to do...and that is to ask a hooker that he has engaged, how she got in the business. It was probably after, now that I think about it...I mean what guy could fight the urgency of the moment...other than the finances...and wonder about such subjective things enough to discuss them before the act.
Anyway, she started recalling the details of a depraved childhood, as I am sure they all do, whether these tales are true or not...and I listened attentively.  I heard the sad story, but what I really heard was that what she had just sold me, meant nothing to her...and she had an almost inexhaustible supply of it.

After the heat of the moment subsides, we men want to "humanize" the body that we have just used.  We want to ground in some reality, over how we could have just done such a thing...and more importantly shift the blame somehow to the person on the receiving end of our wanton lusts.  To in some way absolve our guilt at defiling a fellow human just for a few moment's satisfaction on our part.  For it soon becomes obvious that the female(or in some cases male) counterpart obtains little if anything from such a transaction.  Just money.  And it is my experience that it isn't ever money to make ends meet(no pun intended), or for their sister's eye operation... but money for a drug habit, or a pimp or the luxury items that this lady-of-the-evening has seen and "lusts" after...on her tee-vee(and if the truth be known, probably all three).  For they always seem to have a television on in their little nests.  As they make no bones about pushing ass...they similarly make no excuses over having the all-knowing eye glowing over your shoulder as you satisfy your urges.  Well that would make sense.  Birds of a feather.

A reader asked me what "tactics" I had to offer in this war against the rule of the judaic.  What if any plan I had to bring them down.
I told him(her) that "THIS" is my tactic.  This site.  And through my plodding prose, trying to unmask the evil intentions of that cult.  But perhaps I answered too generally.  I could have been more specific.  
Yes, I try to reveal the tribe for what they are.  To show the initiate  that the followers of the talmud are the world's enemy and indeed that the continuation of humanity itself is in jeopardy and on the brink of destruction unless this cabal is rung in.  But when it comes down to "what do you suggest I do in this battle", I have but one easy to follow rule.  TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TELEVISION AND THROW IT IN THE GODDAMNED TRASH!

There.  Is that clear enough?
I can always tell those that do not completely "get it".  I mean the big picture.  The ones that bitch and complain about this jewish conspiracy or that, harping on personalities and events.  Naming names and places...seeing connections where there are none...not seeing connections where they exist.  These are the folks, that through an addiction from early childhood, are incapable of trashing their talmud-vision.  They cannot do that any more than they could kill their own children.  No matter what they say..."I only watch this one program"...or  "I just watch the news to see what the latest spin is", they are addicted.  And "I record my program and fast-forward through the commercials so I don't watch jews hawking their wares"(when even the village idiot can deduce that when you FF, you even pay MORE attention to the images, otherwise you wouldn't know where to stop it, duh). They are addicted.  Something in their brain tells them that if they DO throw that expensive tool of the judaic out in the alley...and that gravel in the alley upholding it's bargain with the laws of physics,and resisting the motion of glass against it, will crush their window into the outer world...they will be lost.   This is the only way they have to be in the "now", and to understand "what's going on" in the world.
And in a way they are right.  So where's the down side to that? What is going on in the world is jewish.  From the top down.  The only way to understand this is on the INTERACTIVE medium.  Television=jews.
Internet =interaction with fellow human beings.  Period.  What is so tough about understanding this?

Anyway...I was talking about whores selling something for which they have no regard.  Should they?

I mean...should prostitutes have more personal dignity regarding the intimacy which they peddle?  I dunno.  Perhaps.  Should television addicts retain a bit more personal dignity about the time they give to the jewish that own every fucking second of air-time that is spewed into their homes?  I would say, yes.  They should.  But this time...and the dignity, as in the case of the hooker and her vagina...mean nothing to them.  And they have an almost inexhaustible supply of it.  Almost.
But comes a time.  A time when the orifices of the whore and the minds of the tv viewer are no longer useful.  And as that once-attractive woman that said yes to the pimp one desperate evening is cast shall the ashkanazi throw you in the alley.  Until then, you are being used just as the unfortunate sex-object.  The sad...truly sad part about that as you read these words, you are nodding in agreement.  An addict that cannot quit...and yet knows that they have to.  But you won't.  So do not be too judgmental toward the working girls...
You also are an addicted whore.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Dangerous Glow...

I always wanted to be like one of those people.  You know... even if you don't...of whom I speak.  They are those that walk around this planet through their lives touching us all with their presence.  They seem to have a aura around them that protects and charms the rest of we prols.  You have met them.  You may have had them as a teacher when you were little.  You may have worked beside them or for them.  They engage...and teach.  And it is all without effort.  You have tried to catch them self-promoting, but you can't.  There is no need.  Their mere presence promotes and sings praise.  And I am not talking about used car-salesmen here.  Not the type that "try" to impress with their people skills. But those who effortlessly win you over with that inexplicable openness to life.

I think at last count, I have met and got to know about a dozen such people...and my life is better for having experienced them.  Male, female, young, doesn't make any difference.  They come in all colors and shapes, for it isn't necessarily their physical presence that engages, although that can be part of it.  You just want to be near these people...and jealousy can even set in if they share their company with others.  I am not talking about sexual attractiveness.  I am not talking about outward beauty...but the transparent...I dunno..."goodness" of certain people.  You wouldn't think them even capable of devious acts, and for the most part they do not disappoint in that arena.  But there are some...

As I have related here before, apart from being an incurable film buff, I also enjoy genealogy.  I love tracing the lineage of families(particularly my own) through the mist of time gone by.  Anyone that has taken this endeavor further than just casual oral history can tell you...that even "back then" in the generations gone by, people were just people.  Everyone that seriously traces family histories will run across...well, some dodgy characters...the "black sheep" of an imagined pristine lineage.  Well...we don't talk about them.
I found a few.  I found a relation that was charged with murder.  Murder for a powerful man he worked for, in a real estate deal.  I also found a child-molester.  Of course, of these ancestors, I am not particularly boastful.  I would rather relate to my findings that I am a direct decedent of Geoffrey Chaucer.  There. Doesn't that sound better than a hit-man and a pervert?  So given their horrible history...their past filled with liars, cheats, murderers and thieves, almost do the ashkanazi live with their ancestral heritage?  Well, per prescription from the pages of their history...they lie. They make that horse thief a victim.  That murderer a hero.  That child-molester a saint.  They can also charm and lie in real-time.  And they do...mimicking the charm that I am addressing.

Anyway...back to "those" people.  No...not jews.  Although if you are a regular reader here, you know I am going to start hammering on  that subject in a few minutes.  I mean back to the charmers.  Sometimes they can be jewish.  At some unfortunate juncture with chance, a few of these engaging personalities can have a jewish heritage...for after all, jews are merely people...even if their cultural heritage would dissuade one from accepting this fact.  And I have met such specimens.  Charming jews.  You see them almost daily on your teevee, I'm sure.  For if there is one thing that the tribe that controls what you see and hear electronically understands, it is that with the more "Gentile" fashion their message is delivered...the more it is purchased.
The disgusting jewish comic, Andy Kaufman used to do a routine in which he plays a charming, smiling newscaster.  In the skit however, you see him berating a stage hand to humiliation, and threatening his job if he crossed him once more.  The snarling, cursing character is stopped short in his verbal abuse of the backstage worker, as the camera comes on...and we see the smiling"charmer" mugging for the viewing audience.
Well, you was just a comedy skit.  Just a funny.
As well as knowing about the people that I spoke of up at the start of this have also known two-faced monsters such as the Kaufman character.  I have.  And they are dangerous. They are often termed "psychopathic". They are perhaps more dangerous than anyone that you have ever met.  And ironically Kaufman was portraying the jewish version of such a creature in his act.  Many, many others exist in their media.  Jon Stewart and Howard Stern come to mind immediately.  They are just a couple of the most recent celebrities that seem to have that gift of charming engagement in front of their audience.  History is rife with such examples.  Those that can easily emulate that winning charm.  From Benjamin Disraeli to Paul Newman, this aura of which I speak...when used effectively in the media by the cult to which they belong...can mesmerize the most vigilant of we Gentiles.
For they appear to exude that glow we observe in those people that we have grown to admire on a personal level. The Gentiles that have such personal charm and merely "are" enjoyable people...they do not sell any agenda with it.  
You may say that I am seeing something that isn't there.  You might well say that I am suspicious to a fault.  You might.
But I think secretly you understand what I am talking about.

Although not all folks that exhibit that easy personality of which I have always been envious...use their power of persuasion for good, by its very nature...most do.  Those that can parrot such behaviour... and use it for their own gain...well, in my experience, usually attend a synagogue and not a church.  And that glow they exude should be amber...caution of danger.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lunatic Fringe...

I'm not so sure that I have a firm grasp on reality.  Well, not the reality that most people dog-paddle around in on a daily basis.
That is to say...I don't see things that other people see...and I see things others don't.  If that makes any sense. probably wouldn't if you are in that shared pool of consciousness outside my cranium.

When I was 18 and called up for the draft, I tried everything I could think of to avoid the jungles of Viet Nam.  I even tried the "mentally unfit for military service" route.  A psychiatrist told me I was crazy.  Yes, he even used that word.  Funny that.
But anyway...he said that within the accepted thinking of the day, I would be crazy to resist my duty, as I was supposed to see it, to go kill people that I didn't know, for money.  But that wasn't enough to get me out of the draft...sez he.  He also said that by wanting to protect my own ass and the posteriors of a declared enemy of the state, I was on the "lunatic fringe".  Not certifiable, perfectly fit to sweat and grunt in a humid jungle half a world away.  And possibly lose my life...lunatic fringy brain and all.  I thought that diagnosis was funny.  Not really useful to me at the time...but hilarious.  I didn't really blame him.   After all he was just trying to protect his phony-baloney job by not officially deferring too much cannon fodder.

Anyway...many people think I am still teetering on that fringe even after all these years.  You would think I would have way or another by now.  Either fallen into the abyss of total insanity, or seen the light, as it were...and returned to normalcy.  Well, I did kind of.  I got a haircut and a job...went to a better job...a career even.  But I always retained that delicate balance on the edge of sanity.  I operate at normal temperature, seemingly.  But I run a little hot under the hood when it comes to certain things.  War is still one of these things.  Of course judaism is another.  But I can keep these things in check.  That my car mechanic says "you might want to get it fixed sometime soon, but it's not something that will put you on the side of the road right away". 
Well, I guess the "...right away" portion of that diagnosis would be the key phrase.  As I grow older, I feel myself wafting back toward the edge of the fringe.  The insanity abyss yawns before me.  I grip with my toes to the edge...but it is pulling me to what I see as a "real" reality...not what psychiatrists and news anchors would describe as such however.  An oblivion in which common humanity rules...not a war ethic...nor the
kosher commercialism/capitalism that I started challenging so long ago. 

As much as I don't want to bore you about my life, I will have to draw a parallel here at some point.  To draw you in by pointing out similarities between my relative insanity, and yours.  Get you on my Fyodor did when he related the tale of Raskolnikov.
I won't be chopping up any money-lenders and their daughters, but I would like to make you see that you are not really insane if you agree with a few things that I hold dear.

But it is the stigma.  Years after the war in South East Asia was lost, I had a battle still raging in my skull.  And it rages yet today.
So if at times I seem...I dunno...a bit wacky, chalk it up to battle wounds.  The battle of fighting with my conscience over my perceptions of a ruling jewish elite, and the normalcy of disregarding the evidence of such anomalies.   For so many years that diagnosis of "crazy" has haunted me.  This is one of the tools I use to hammer out the logic of my perceived lunacy.  This site.  
For if it appears sane in these colored fonts and pictures...if it makes sense to me in print...and to others similarly doubting their own perceptions of a failing world...then it is cathartic.
I celebrate the diagnosis of lunacy if it is pronounced by those that I see as insane themselves.  And so should you.  The praise of fools is folly, but the encouragement of my readers is like a tonic.  A tonic to a recovering misdiagnosed draft-dodger turned anti-semite turned writer.
To all my readers and supporters...stay on your lunatic staying hungry, it sharpens the senses and wins the battle.  For no one wants to take on a crazy person.  I mean after all...they are crazy.  They don't play by the rules.