Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paranoia, And A Toast...

There are many factions out here in "anti-jewish" land. You got your white supremacists that merely group the judaic with anyone else that doesn't have their pasty white pie-faces. A lot of hate mongering there, I can tell you.
You also have the "I used to be an observant jew, but now found a new vocation pretending to hate my own ethnic group just enough to make a name for myself and a few bucks" ones. There are many of those. You know the names.

We also see the ones that believe that jews just happen to be the ones at the top of an almost unfathomably intricate plan for destruction of the common man and a "new world order". There is a shit-load of these. And they do well to point out the amoral behaviour of those raised under talmudic teachings. Hey...I'll take almost anything I can get, as ammunition in this battle that I see needs to be waged.
But as I peruse these varied websites and read there news items with editorial comment...and their essays and books...I get an uneasy feeling sometimes.
When I glance over opening statements mentioning how this giant corporation or that one, is deliberately trying to poison the entire world...or that chem-trails are real and part of a plan to...I dunno what the latest speculation is...also poison everyone, I guess....I gotta give pause.
Folks how far have you let yourself get down this "question everything" road you have chosen? C'mon...give these opinions a little more logic and a lot less fact-and-figure journalistic investigation and then hasty conclusions. Facts and figures that prove nothing but malfeasance on some level. A level which by its nature you will not know...nor does it matter. You are not striking at the root. You are busy with the branches and thousands of their leaves in the wind.
I know. It is easy to prove that there are corrupt politicians...corrupt cops...corruption everywhere you look, but you cannot allow yourself to become obsessed with the symptoms and by doing so, be diverted from addressing the disease.
Paranoia is as ineffectual as compliance. It is scattered and tattered and weak. It is not defensible. It is not critical thinking, it is criticism for its own sake.
The "battle" which I mentioned up there is of course the battle against the judaic and their seizing of the reigns of power. Those whose morality does not align with the rest of the world...thereby facilitating the ease by which they advance. If you don't play by the established rules that everyone else plays can and will come out on top. And they have.
The battle against this, is the only one worth fighting. Do not fight what they do...fight what allows them to do it. They operated under a belief system...those that have assumed the various thrones...that is devoid of conscience as we know it. As the old adage goes..."there is no such thing as a nice wealthy person". There is a lack of remorse that is part and parcel to accumulating wealth. The judaic understand this as a foregone conclusion. There tribal conscience is salved...if they had any to begin the mistaken notion floating around in their little jumped up brains, that they somehow deserve all they can steal because they are better than those they rob and birthright.
But that isn't what I wanted to cover right now...just got off on one of my old tangents.
I think I can say that I am not a paranoid personality. Never have been. I don't think that a corporation would deliberately poison its customer base. That isn't logical. I don't think a cabal of psychos communally rule the world. That is a child's view of the universe. This type of dispersed thinking is counter productive and it misses the mark. Those jews in seats of power looking after their little corners of the tribe, and of course themselves first, love that kind of paranoia. It is easily diagnosed as such...and discounted. Leaving them a free hand.
I don't look for jews under the bed. I don't have to. I don't speculate about secret plots that I have uncovered....unless I am sure.
For some time now, this site has been on a watch list. I can prove this. I don't really care about it. But you visitors here. If you understand anything about the software being used now, you will grasp that if you visit this blog, you too will be "watched". Watched for what purpose...I don't know, or care. I do wonder why...casually. There are much more threatening sites out there...but then again...perhaps there aren't. It might be that the closer we get to the reality of the whys and wherefores of our zionist-occupied governments, the more dangerous we become to their purpose. Who knows. Or maybe I flatter myself. Probably. But I feel it my duty to, one: Let my readers know that if they think they are anonymous by any stretch of the imagination...they are not. At least not here. Think of this as kind of a fish-bowl. I don't give a shit...but you may.
Secondly: I would address that person in the secure basement level of that building in Chicago, or Amman(for example) that has mine, as well as probably a dozen other sites, up on monitors in front of them...shift after shift. Is this the best you can do? This is what you are worth as a human being? Taking money to monitor websites for whatever nefarious purposes that by your compliance you further? What kind of thought process, or lack thereof, allows you to justify this type of vocation? Just wondering. Maybe you could fill me in. Tell me how you couldn't find a job after college unless you went into the government surveillance sector. Make me see your self-image as a James Bond type of character. Because what I see is someone that smooches the devil's privates for 30 pieces of silver. But maybe that's just me. Perhaps you didn't have the benefit of being raised by decent people. I weep for your depraved childhood. You poor things.

So here's to striking at the root rather than the branches. Here's to surveillance. And here's to an internet that the judaic cannot control and to "paranoia" gripping them...not us.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pandora And The Challenge...

Among the many things that have kept me from posting as regularly as I should...a new project and life in general...I have allowed my love of the cinemagraphic arts to take quite a bit of my time recently.

I just re-watched "Pandora's Box", the famous Georg Pabst 1929 classic, starring my heart-throb, Louise Brooks.  This story was typical of the mindset of the Wiemar Republic jewish-decadent "jazz-age" era of the hedonistic pre-WWII Germany.  Brooks plays a jewish flibbertigibbet whore, bent on seduction and destruction of every male she comes across in pursuit of vanity.  The fact that she is a jewess is apparent throughout the film and highlights the dichotomy of that time and place...the schizophrenic pursuit of pleasure at the cost of traditional German values.  This decadence of course was permeating the country through the influence of the tribal infiltration of the media, banking and education.  And even though the film could in no way be termed was just a given...that such amoral behaviour would stem from a jewess.  Even though, I think, that the common German citizen understood that this nothing-is-sacred ideal was being pushed upon them by a societal "new-left" founded by the ashkanazi jews, it was as difficult for them to reject such amorality as it is for modern Gentiles to turn off their televisions. 
The tug of, as the author of the play stated "...(to)search fearlessly for every sin, for out of sin comes joy.", is a strong impulse.  The judaic understood this then, as they do now.  An interesting film indeed.  Watch it if you can.
But on another subject...which has NO relation to the above...I have received several comments from the same person which I haven't published till now.  This comment is the same each time it is submitted.  I quote it here:

"Yup, the Jews are responsible for everything.

Including the BIG BANG.

Imagine, they have the nerve to compete. And win. Against the antisemites who have no talent, no balls, no common sense, and no fucking brains. And are monumental losers besides. For them the mirror keeps breaking. And that too, is the Jew's fault.

The Jews produce, innovate, generate, invent, compete, succeed and win. Including being the best warriors on the planet. And they have some of the most beautiful women on earth. Look up Natalie Portman. Which is obviously a very good reason to hate them.

What a bunch of fucking people who'll take over the world - any day now! While the Arabs have contributed so much to the welfare of mankind...

And then we have THE PLIGHT OF THE PALESTINIANS, the poor, unfortunate things."

There.  You have had your day in the sunshine.  You are actually published, and normal intelligent people read your thoughts.  This is not the entire message as it has been sent, but it serves(you can stop sending it now). And it brings up a point that I have been meaning to cover.
Firstly these types of messages are heartening to me.  I love them. Although I haven't published them, they tell me that we are winning.  The lack of logic...the failed humor...the ignorance...the's all there for you to see.  Failure and desperation.

I won't bother to rebut this ridiculous missive point-by-point, however it makes me wonder if I shouldn't publish ALL the hasbara-type(yes, I have done a little cyber detective work and I know who you are)comments that I get.  It certainly does the jewish more harm than good to allow them to make obvious asses of themselves.  I do my efforts wrong here in not bringing my readers the very evidence of our impending victory.  From humor to horror, these messages should perhaps see the light of day.
But I await ones from the judaic camp, that actually merit debate.  I know they are out there...and I issue this challenge:  I invite you(jewish, zionists, israelis, sycophants...whatever)that disagree with me... that have intelligent comments, questions and issues to discuss, to(as they say) "bring it".
Rip me to shreds.  Use those superior jewish brains and prove me wrong in all I say here.  You have only two reasons not to.  You either see my message as negligible and won't waste your time(although hundreds of you seem to do a lot of that here...yes, I KNOW who you are), or you are incapable of "point scoring" as you claim you can, on a level playing field.  I have hundreds of posts.  Scroll back.  There is enough material here for three books.  I regret none of my words.  I can and will defend all of them.

I'll wait here. 
I have a feeling I'll be waiting quite a while.  That is because the detractors understand that they cannot effectively argue against the anti-judaic points made here and on thousands of like sites.  
So we are winning.  They are running...we are coming up on them.
Good place to be...the hunter and not the hunted.  They are used to this chase.  We are used to winning in Germany around the time that the movie I started to talk about was filmed.  They again opened their Pandora's box, and again we will close it for them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teacher, Teacher...

When I was a youngster in a liberal arts university that was known for its education college, the local community would pay any student...sophomore or above, and that had taken at least one education substitute teach in their local school system. For beaucoup bucks too. Cash money. You wave cash at most college students and there is very little that you couldn't get them to do for it.
So I signed up for a basic el-ed course just to get on the sub list. I think they paid $50 a day or some such exorbitant wage. So I spent quite a few days at the head of, usually high school classes, asking a bunch of ring-head teenagers what they were supposed to be doing that day. I am sure you can imagine the answers I got.
But it gave me a taste...or I should say, a dis-taste for the educational system in this country...and another box to tick off, on my list of things that I did NOT want to do with my life. I hated it. I never wanted to be a teacher of any kind.
And yet I have set myself up as a sophist here. A pedagogue teaching rational antisemitism. I don't care for that either. Too close to my memories of pimply kids that too often couldn't comprehend their lessons and furthermore, didn't give a shit when they could.

I posted a comment I got on my last piece because I thought it a vivid example and warning to anyone wanting to take on this type of endeavor. Speak your mind and you will get a few things in return. For the most part you will get silence. Now, that can be read in various ways, of course. They may agree...mildly. They may disagree...mildly. They may be brain-dead and have no idea what you are talking about, but mechanically read your articles while they are doing something else...eating breakfast...bored at work...whatever. They don't take the time to comment. That kinda puts some mystery into the mix. I'm ok with that.
Or, you get "amens!" I like those a lot(for the most part). These are the readers that "get it". Agree or disagree, they post thoughtful comments directed spot-on to what I was trying to say. Not that I am that cryptic or profound...but you would have to think so, to endure the last group. This group is comprised of folks that vehemently disagree with a point I am making, and have little to no education or intelligence with which to express their disapproval. I am not setting myself up as a guru...and I don't wish to offend too much...but JESUS people!...where the fuck are your brains? Here is said example picked from MANY:

Anonymous said...
I'm new to this world domination of such a small percentage of People. You're saying that a pitifully small percentage are actually running our planet. Lord have mercy on your soul, you're doing drugs aren't you. Why would not the loyal elected officials and other Religions allow such atrocious, atrocities you write about! B. S.

Now, as I said, I don't want to rip anyone to shreds that has a valid question, or what I see as a slightly mistaken opinion...but give me a break over here. What am I expected to do with people like this? People that take the time to come to my site...glance my mission statement first perhaps...see "boycott jews" in the margin...then read an article or two, and come off with something like this. I may seem to be cruel, but I get this kind of shit all the time.
What is it with these cretins? If you don't want to read anything anti-jewish...if you have fallen for the "eternal victim" thing that your tv pumps into your living room about jews. If you are unwilling to look at this issue from a different point of view...WHY the hell come here in the first place? When you do and my site offends you, why stay? And more importantly WHY show your ignorance by writing comments like this? I won't publish them.

I know. I am over-reacting again. These are either well meaning goofs or hasbara minions only. No permanent harm done. I get it. You get it.
As I said at the beginning...I don't want to be a teacher. Never did. My first declared major in school was women's studies(way ahead of its time), and my minor was beer. From these noble aspirations, I moved on to philosophy major...English literature minor. When I found that philosophers don't make that much money without teaching or writing, I switched those two around. When I learned that an Eng/Lit degree was worthless unless you taught or wrote, I changed to engineering. It paid well over the years and I didn't have to write or more importantly... teach.

The hard lessons in life...those things you learn that help you get along...are learned with the face. You get smacked around wise up. The rest I have learned from reading. I never had a teacher/professor that taught me anything through lecture. By standing up in front of a class spewing out facts and are teaching nothing. The only teachers I have ever had that taught me anything, are the ones that instilled a desire to question...question, then learn through reading. So I have come full circle and I am now writing(it ain't as bad as I thought) and teaching a few, through their reading of the lessons I learned with my face.

So here, I can augment what you know...having learned with YOUR face...about judaism. I can give you my opinions concerning the foregone conclusion that this gang of thieves and their rape and pillage of the world is the most urgent political and social ill that requires an antidote.
But I cannot lecture you about the basics in life. You wouldn't listen anyway. And so you shouldn't. You will have to let life teach you those things. Just don't ask this "teacher" any more stupid questions...or I'll flunk you for sure. Consider this site as a post-graduate course in anti-jewish studies...with a pre/req of a broken nose.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And The Winners Are...

A reader pointed me to a link at activistpost in which there was an article entitled "The 10 most influential people in the alternative media".
I even hesitate to hyperlink this trash, but I thought you should get a good look at how our efforts can be diluted.
As if a rainy dark day wasn't enough to depress me...I had to read that, and more importantly the comment section of the piece in which readers were supposed to nominate runners-up for the honour.

It seems that even out here...they have a leg-up. It makes me sad. Very sad. I see through this article and the aforementioned nominations, that many people still aren't getting it at all. All is lost. Well, perhaps not all...but looking back at all the followers of the "alternative" media, I see just that. Followers. Followers of spurious leaders.

Don't get me wrong...I am not bitter that my site isn't mentioned out of the scores of those proposed. Not in the least. I wouldn't want to be in the company of the zio-shills and numbskulls mentioned. Which would take a whole other post to list. It saddens me however that those that were so honoured by this mention, reminds me of an Oscar night(that's very fitting) or an MTV music awards show. All flash, glitter and sensation...and no substance. We know THAT signature...all too well.
Les Visible was mentioned only in passing in one "amens". Gilad Atzmon was conspicuous only BY his absence. Lasha votes. Adrian Salbuchi...only a passing comment. Kevin McDonald...nil. No Jacque Fresco. Noor Al Anthony Lawson...not present... among all the hucksters.

I think this whole exercise speaks to the warped perception of the author and respondents. To's TV. It's a popularity contest..."and the winners are!" No insight...plenty of garbage and tin-foil hatters. Plenty of "join-my-site-for-more-info" carnival barkers. Oh dear. It appears by the results of this article and poll that much among the "movement" has been hijacked again. I really had no idea that so many people are so easily fooled...even out here.
If anything could make one just fucking give would be this.
But that is what they want, I guess. The yiddish. There were quite a few there too...defending Mikey Rivero and Henry Mackow and Noam Chomsky and israhell...and declaring that we that think joos and israhell are at the bottom of all the world's problems, should "get real".

I guess my question to the author of the piece...and most if not all of the commenters, would be "alternative to WHAT?" By definition, alternative must be counter to something. The gainsay. The sites and authors listed, however, are alternative to nothing I read in the paper everyday...and probably not very alternative to tv news or talk radio...same shills selling something...same commercial breaks...same damned jews and their willing sycophants.
I know I shouldn't take this one item too seriously. Sites like activistpost are more than likely hasbara plants or something...I have never visited it. I have heard of it...but I hear of a lot of holocaust movies that I haven't, nor will ever watch. This doesn't mean that "they" have captured the movement in its entirety. It doesn't mean that "alternative" has a new watered-down meaning now. Not a bit of it. But defeating to find so many bugs under a breaks the heart. Or maybe it's just me...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picking And Choosing...

Joseph Campbell aptly summed up most of the problems of Western society as being caused by our having lost our mythology. I agree. Mythology is what kept us a cohesive collection of cultures for many many millennium. Whether diabolical leadership used these myths for their own gains while standing outside their influence, is irrelevant.

I am working on a project that involves among other things, the teachings of Martin Luther. An admirable man in most all respects. A man that changed the world of his time. One man...and access to a printing press.
However, his message got lost and spun over the last 500 years or so. Luther was the anti-semite's anti-semite. He correctly identified and vilified the dictates of that cult and their infiltration of the financial and war-mongering activities in his church, long before it was apparent to even the most astute of his time. Although he is remembered for his challenge and change of the ruling Catholic church, his anti-jewish writings somehow, as Shakespeare to Henry Ford, got lost in this emerging medium which Luther used so effectively. That mass communication medium of the printed word...along with all others to follow, were hijacked and bent to the purpose of the jew. That is irretrievable history...unfortunately. But a new age is upon us. We have a different medium in which we all can become Luther. We can change the world through this device of communion. It, or at least the concept, can never be fully censored.
As Luther's printed pamphlets incited action against the corrupt church that ruled the known world of his can these pixels spread enlightenment interactively. The technology and the very idea of the internet, is beyond the control of the jew.

But what I wanted to talk about was a makey-up mythology that has no concentration. The mythologies under which we live today. The church of Luther's day held the power of myth. It changed it at will to suit it's financial and populace controlling needs. It was however based in solid myth. One everyone understood and respected. In it's arsenal of fear, this myth was used to manipulate untold fortunes and the people that dutifully followed the dictates of the Roman based party line.
We, in our religious mythology today however, are allowed the luxury of picking and choosing which aspects of these myths in which we can comfortably place our faith. And many are chosen for us. When it comes to his warning of "On The Jews And Their Lies", his observations have been glossed over and almost entirely forgotten by his professed followers. Picking and choosing. Luther has become a comic-book villain(Lex(words of) Luthor). His admonition for a ruling church to become a go-between for worshipers and their deity, have also gotten lost to the point that the church that now bears his name is merely another Christian denomination preaching the same old just another carpeted million-dollar building with pious priests and collection plates. I do not profess to know a great deal about the modern Lutheran Church...but I know that they do not rebel against the ruling khazar...that much I know that would set it's founder spinning in his grave.
Were he alive today to see his words having been twisted...the jew which he reviled, being at the top of the heap...with their own modern mythologies being purchased wholesale...I think it would kill him. Either that...or he would start the most revolutionary website that you could imagine.
These modern mythologies that the ashkanazi have invented are astoundingly powerful. As much so as the Roman Catholic ones that prevailed in Martin's time. All myths must be based in some fact. A myth's power lies in the requirement to buy the entire narrative. That is a given. So it is easy to understand that when pre-WWII Germany, being tired of the manipulation of their homeland, put jews in work camps...a mythology of genocide would soon arise. And so it did. To the point of filling those mythological holes in the Gentile religions with tales of heroics and wrongful death. The myths of these work camps have been stretched and relaxed as a guitar string that has found it's final note. When tales of jew-soap and shrunken heads failed...then stories of being raised by wolves and exchanging apples over a fence became more persuasive. But the important thing about these the invented sacraments and indulgences sold by the church of Luther's middle-age Europe...are that they are universally accepted.

However, like those times...the myths are beginning to come apart. Numbers don't add up...gas-chambers for mass killings are increasingly being understood as an impossibility...and generally the oppression concerning these myths has become a strain on our world's society.
The time is ripe for another reform. And you are using the Gutenberg press of this new enlightenment. Do not misuse it. It is a powerful tool to bring down this age's despots. The jew. You cannot pick and choose your mythologies and expect solidarity. In this day and age, you must replace them with the facts of revisionism, as did Luther.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yes, we all affect some out here.  But so does a breeze. 

I have written and written till my little fingers are sore.  Written about judaism and all that it allows.  I have been told, that as with a great number of similar sites, that I am reaching those that wouldn't otherwise be aware of this scourge on mankind.  That's a good thing.  We are doing our jobs as revolutionary writers...the poets of change. It's a start.  For some that is enough.  Knowing that hundreds of thousands...perhaps even millions of people over the globe are reading and considering their opinions.  Agreeing or disagreeing, we are delivering a message.  It varies slightly from site to site, yes.  But a huge amount of us are saying the same thing...and it is getting through.
For some that isn't enough.  It is moving too slowly.  I place myself among those that want to do more.
What more can we do?  I think that is an individual decision.  But there is more.  There is activism.  There is writing in a different medium than just here.  Then there is participating in the very activity that the tribe wishes you to....violence.  I won't go down that path.  But I will do everything short of it.  And this is not everything.  This site.
If every one of you reading this, would do something as simple as fly the Palestinian flag on your homes or outside your apartments, it would be more(and you would be amazed at how many THAT offends).  If all of you reading this and agreeing with our take on the judaic/zionist, would do all you could to take this message to the heights of offense toward this clan, that would be more. If you would make it a personal practice to defame everything jewish in our cultures, that would be more.  So many worry about offending, when such offense is the only first step separating this filth from our society.
These are not holy people we are talking about.  The adherents to this "gutter religion" depend on you to defend them.  And you do so, every time you pass up an opportunity to point them out in all their decadence.  When you pass these occasions to enable.  It's just that simple.  Why can't even those that correctly assess this cult for what it is, understand this?  Courage of conviction comes into play here.  Few would defend a convicted serial child-rapist to save their lives.  And yet the rapist of everything they hold to be good and honest, wander the halls of their government and are allowed into their living rooms every night through their media.  It boggles the imagination.
I know that many of you already do some of these things I mention.  I have been told.  And I applaud this.  But what gets my goat, is those that don't.  Those that peruse these anti-ashkanazi pro-Palestinian sites and apparently either agree or are not too "offended" by their content...then with this message they have nothing.  Nothing more.  They are still polite to the jewish banker that would foreclose on them in a heartbeat.  They quietly understand the headlines they read as jewish propaganda, and yet write no letter to the editor explaining their position. They watch their talmud-visions nightly.  They say nothing to their friends or fellow workers about their understanding of this barrage of yiddish horseshit.  They merely continue on quietly...enabling...helping...condoning by their silence.  Offense is what is needed.  Use your imagination.  Hell, start a "flip off a rabbi day" or something.  Everything short of illegality.  You can make a difference.  Who cares if your banker is offended when you tell him you don't intend to do business with a jew, and withdraw your funds?  Who cares if someone's cousin married a jew and you are afraid of "offending" by bemoaning the fact in conversation.  I get "offended" every time I pick up a paper and read of some jewish politician defending israhell.  But I get over it by doing something about it.

And I have something in the works to do even more.  I intend...if it's the last thing I do on this earth, to push the knife to the bone.  All of my efforts are going to go into this little project, so I won't be writing as regularly as usual for a while.  But I can rest assured...succeed or fail...that I have given it my all.  And although I do not intend to sound "holier-than-thou".  Can you do more?  Why aren't you?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Focus And Fuck Peace...

Times have changed since the days of John Lennon and his plea to "give peace a chance". Then it was a path to where we wanted to go ...a first step. A step away from the all-out wholesale slaughter of war. That is before the concept was boiled, sliced and diced, twisted and hijacked in a jewish think are most noble endeavors in these modern times. Today you hear a lot about "the peace process". That means genocide without declaration and commitment.

Peace is the absence of declared war. That is a given. But that is all it is. There will be peace in Iraq soon. There will also be peace in Afghanistan shortly. As there is peace in Palestine. In this liberal definition of "peace", one should understand that every other evil that the khazar can come up with, is fair game under the umbrella of such a concept. Usury is peace. Slavery is peace. Sniping children is peace. Walling off people from their homes is peace. Theft, lies, fraud and all manner of subjugation is peace. As a matter of fact...everything that isn't peace.

Nowadays I say, fuck peace. It isn't enough. It can be, and is, worse than it's opposite.

I like maglites. Not the little ones you hang on your keychain...but the original big heavy ones. They feel good in your hand. And they can be weapons. You could put a mouthy rabbi on the floor in a coma, with one even careless swing. But that's as may be.
I like the way you can just twist the lens-end and change the focus of the light. From wide angle illumination to a piercing smaller spotlight. I was always amazed with focus. Bringing things into clarity. Uncovering the hidden with light and refraction. The light is right there in the hand...all you have to do is twist it till things before you are highlighted.
I have a friend that asked me if it was ok to say anything he wanted on the internet. That struck me. Hard. The disconnect, I mean. What adjustment to an adult's thinking over the years would produce such a question. It wasn't a question framed in protocol really. It was an adult speaking through his "child's mind". It might as well have been..."is it ok to speak". It has gone that far. This...I dunno what you want to call it...mind control. That societal beating down of a human mind that makes one question their own freedom to express themselves. This is common.

Of course before the industrial revolution and the formerly self-sufficient farmer was forced to enter "the workplace"...such a child-mind had been left in childhood. No one deferred to authority on a daily basis, as we do today. Adults were different then...they were...well, all grown up. They did not accept chiding from fellow adults as does a whipped puppy....only to keep a job which provides food for their families. This is inherent in a society based on mass production of consumable goods. Us. Or what we have become. It is the new feudal system. Through this production system, the child-mind has been recalled. We now understand the meaning of obedience in a very real and profit-based sense. Disobey at work...lose your job. Lose your job and you will find it increasingly difficult to find any employment. Don't work...don't eat. Very much like...going to bed without your supper. You will obey at breakfast.

Add to this unholy mix, the ones that now benefit from such a system and it becomes natural for us to find respect for those that threaten our very means of subsistence. This then translates into empty but pragmatic regard for the powers that be. And we all know who they are. This is one of the most important reasons why few criticize the judaic. They hold the means by which we live. The money that buys respect and fear.

This is all simple, you say. Yes. But a basic tenet by which we all live and yet escapes our everyday scrutiny. This child-mind that operates for us at work everyday, is still very active when we sit down to relax in front of a television. Same authority. Same boss.
But the two most significant factors in this whole mess, is that firstly it all appears to be voluntary. You don't have to go to work for anyone. You can do anything you please...including starve...something you didn't work into the equation. You don't have to watch can entertain yourself. But since you have been operating with that child's view of the world all day... that "yessah, boss" mentality, it would be more that difficult to come up with an intelligent free-time diversion for your would have to change gears pretty fast. Hard on the transmission.

Secondly, while they have this child-brain activated...they can fill it up with anything they want. War...fear...compliance...duty...guilt. And yes...nowadays "peace". Jesus, the list goes on forever. A true child's mind is often compared to a sponge...and so it is. When you are operating with that punishment/reward program that keeps you at work until 5pm every day...your mind is no less absorbent.

I know this is all simple to most reading it. But perhaps we need to get simple sometimes. Remind ourselves where we are in very basic terms. To ground to reality every once in a while so we can twist that focus ring a little tighter on those that twist our arms to comply to their everyday wants.
I wrote this week of giving this effort up. Tossing the terrycloth onto the canvas square. And I mean to. Someday. But not just yet.
I have a few more wars to fight...a few more battles with "peace" on any terms. Give me justice first. Real peace will follow.

To my regular readers...thanks for the encouragement...I'll keep up this madness for as long as my patience holds out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes it's almost unbearable. The splitting. The knowing how things should be...the visions before me of how they are. What is wrong with us? We are such loveable knuckleheads. Why do we trust all the wrong people...why do we trust at all.

I have taken a few days off of this project of mine to catch up on life and weather and things. Also, it gave me time to reflect on what the hell I'm doing. In both worlds. The world of an anti-jewish internet blatherer, and the world of being just another person. Lennon(John...not the jew) said "life is what happens while your busy making other plans." I think there is some wisdom in that. These postings are plans of mine. Plans to enlighten or lightly entertain. Plans to communicate. Plans to elucidate about what I see as being wrong with the world around us. But life goes on around and past them. These plans.

They don't feed the hungry. They don't help many. These plans of mine. I always liked what Carlin said when asked about his take on life...he said that you should do what you what you can. Even if you get only one pat on the "atta boy", then what you have chosen to do with your time is well worth the effort. I think there is some wisdom in that as well. I can't save the world from the ravages of an ancient cult. I can only be a small pebble in their shoe...if that. I can't save the world from itself. I can't save myself unless by some happenstance I get a pat on the back for this effort, I guess.

I guess you have surmised by the dynamics of this post that I am contemplating the throwing in of the towel. I read my past posts and I think that they are somewhat important. Nothing very new. An effort at least. But I should do more. As a thorn in the side of the jew, I should push deeper into the nerve. Have more effect. Infect the wound as much as possible. He has many pebbles in his shoes...many thorns now. But they aren't enough. He still lives...and thrives. I want to do more. I cannot continue beating people's heads here forever. They have to think for themselves. The slumber that we all were in for decades, here in the slipping from our eyes. We are getting our bearings...and the new day is breaking...but there needs to be more. More cleansing sunlight. Our little bedroom is not how we remember it when we dozed off. We are awakening to a mess. A spectre that must be...and will be dealt with.
I have little talent as a writer...or a social philosopher. That is what I thought initially were my strong points. To address these problems from the standpoint of the everyday Gentile. A Gentile with a few more years under the belt with which to judge and of course be judged. To simplify complications and to shine a light on complications that have been glossed over and made too simple. Some have agreed with my views. Many have not. Most agree with some. Such is the nature of the species. I embrace that nature.

I feel satisfied that I have made an attempt here. So many have made so much more of a contribution. So many that are more capable. With every effort in life...there are rewards and costs. When the rewards outweigh the costs, we continue. But all things must pass. I dunno. I'm mulling it over. I've got to do more. More to stop the madness. In me. In the world.