Saturday, April 30, 2011


I will try to stay awake while writing this. But I've tried to remain conscious while reading religious texts too. Same thing. I would say that the authors writing about, and proponents of both religion and finance, dazzle with details... but dazzle is the wrong word. I have listened to Max Keiser talk about derivatives and fractional reserves and discounted interest rates till I am comatose.
I know some out here think this guy is a godsend when it comes to restructuring the financial world...the leftist, revolutionary view. Keiser screams "hang the bankers" . But then again what he is really talking about are fixes within the system. He doesn't actually mean for us to "hang" anyone. He is just screaming to get your attention. He had me for a few minutes...then lost me.
I have always been of the opinion that there is no need for a monetary system at all. That is truly revolutionary. Not crying for austerity on one side, and lynchings on the other.
The system of finance was broken to begin with. The monetary system has, as all jewish-ruled enterprises do, gotten way out of hand, and is unneeded.
Austerity - 1. the state or quality of being austere.
2. (often plural) an austere habit, practice, or act.
3. a reduced availability of luxuries and consumer goods, esp when brought about by government policy.

Financially(and otherwise) speaking, this is what our world banksters are calling for.

So, maybe I have this all wrong...but using this definition, what we are talking about is reducing luxuries for the world. Not for the jew banksters. Because of the manipulation of ones and zeros by these people that know the rules to a game that would make the Glass Bead Game comparable to hop-scotch, we are supposed to reduce our consumption by mandate of governments. Jewish ruled governments. I wish they would make up their minds. Consume...don't consume. It's all too muddling to me. But I don't have a portfolio.
I don't know if Keiser is jewish. He sounds like it. I don't listen to jews anymore. They lie. They manipulate. I would wager that he has never wanted for a meal...and is making a pretty good living screaming about hangings. I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
But that doesn't make any difference.
Hang on...dozed off there.
Like I said a few inches north...talking about money bores hell outta me. I couldn't care less about it. I have always worked. They gave me money. I gave it to somebody else. Jews on both ends of the deal. I was a middle-guy. Like running your new Sunday hat through the goat. When it all comes doesn't mean a thing. Some wise-guy once said( I think he was a physicist or something) that our lives are nothing more than moving things around. From the day we are born till the final time when we get that weird spooky look on our pale countenance...we just move things from one place to another. He went on to elucidate by citing examples...eating/ name it. It all just involves moving molecules of "stuff" from one place to another. Even thinking moves electrical impulses from one side of a synapse to another. Kind of pointless when you come to think about it. So maybe they are right. Maybe austerity is just what we need. Less of everything. Less molecules being hauled. Yeah. I like that. I think the more austere we are the better. Leave things where they are. At their lowest state of being.

I just talked myself out of mowing the lawn today.

I know...this post is rambling and pointless.
But I keep falling asleep while writing it....y'know what? Don't read this post. It doesn't have anything to say that is in the least bit pithy or wise. Just that I hate money and all the heartache and horror it brings....yeah...just skip this one. Be austere. Don't allow yourself the luxury of perusing this, my latest. And I will practice some austerity myself by not writing about money again. Promise.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Sign It!

Anthony Lawson's latest censored joo-toob video was a plea for signing the petition  for a no-fly zone over Palestine.
In it, he displayed disturbing images of the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children in their own the inhuman monsters of israhell.
That was an easy one for Sergei.  Too disgusting even for his jewish tastes.
Nonetheless, this proposal must go through.  I would post the video, but it seems no one had saved it to embed.  Anyone that has a copy and wishes to send it along...I would be happy to put it up.
You must sign this.  Although I am not a big fan of petitions...this is crucial.  Either you sign it(it only takes a moment)...or........I WON'T BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE!  So there.

The Timster

Monday, April 25, 2011


There is something that doesn't love the truth. It wears a kippa.

The latest video going around in "anti-semitismville" is one of a bikinied jewish girl making fun of the crucifixion of Christ on israeli television. Many are surprised. I don't know why. That is how the jewish are taught. And not just in that hell-hole of a terrorist state. In your country as well. They are also taught by those iconic jewish mothers that you just don't say those kind of things in the company of Gentiles. It's kind of a secret. But hey...Palestine is their country now. A jewish-ruled one. They can say anything they like among themselves. But it shouldn't leak out to the Gentile world. Not yet anyway. It will eventually.

I recently wrote a piece on Christianity and how it is complicit at this point in history, of enabling the jewish. It was mean-spirited for the most part. I went back to edit it and must have clicked the wrong button...cause it got deleted. Bummer. It had been linked by Kenny's Sideshow. For this error, I humbly apologize. However, it wasn't that great of a piece. I do that too often, I guess. Second guess my posts. It comes with the territory. I understand why he linked it however. I have said it quite a few times before. If Christianity had half the protective spirit over their religion as does Islam...well, we would all avoid a lot of trouble. But they don't. This would amount to most of the world's religious...sticking it to the tribe. Telling them to STFU. But this doesn't happen. Perhaps that is because the Christian world is too fragmented. I dunno. And I won't go into that right now. I'm sure most of my readers have their own opinions on the subject.
Which brings me to the point of this post. Truth.

Truth is a subjective concept. There are facts...there are opinions. The two seldom meet. When they do, we call it truth. But it has to be destructed first. Like a product that is stressed to its limits and beyond...until it fails. Then and only then can we back up a bit and say..."ok, this concept is trustworthy until stressed to limits beyond which it is normally strained". It is universal. All humans understand and operate under its dictates. These concepts are few and far between, when it comes to human behaviour.
When a shiksa-looking blond jewess exposing a great deal of her skin, nails a mock screaming Jesus to a cross, while attempting to make the whole scene humorous...the entire world should arrive at a "truthenasia". A death of a previously held concept. That concept being that judaism has ANYTHING to do with the tolerance they preach. Preach for the rest of us. The unwashed that they genuinely believe to be beneath them.
But the death of such a myth hasn't happened yet. They keep pushing and pushing...but nothing offends to the point of action, when it comes to the Christian world. I don't get it. But I am not a Christian. Perhaps they do not revere their Savior as much as they profess...again, I do not know. But I had high hopes.
Knowing that this "truth" of the judeo-Christian myth would eventually be pushed to its limits. Understanding that this is merely another attempt at using idiots by the judaic, and that they would eventually reveal their true feelings about the worship of Christ, I thought that the "truthenasia" would happen. The jew would be seen as what he is. The "AntiChrist" , if you will.
But my "faith" in Christianity and the various degrees of piety within its following has been disappointed. This is the only thing that surprises me about the video. That it hasn't gone viral... and violent.
This video is exceptional because, unlike their whining about the Arab world and how it is trying to kill all the jews...this is hatred spewed at a Christian world that until now has hosted their life-sucking behaviour. Why would they do this? Because hate is all they know. Hate for all that isn't them. They cannot say that this is a reaction to how they have been treated this time. It isn't venom spit toward a group threatening their very existence. It is biting the hand that feeds. What we see is blind jewish hatred in all its naked glory. This, my friends is what I write about almost every day...and it is documented. It isn't some obscure rabbi that can be publicly discounted by jew and Gentile alike, for slipping up and letting the world see a bit of their true nature. It is government sponsored media from the very nest of all that is jewish. It isn't opinion. It is fact.
You may subject this fact to your opinion if you like...any way you like. But the fact remains that it is a slap in the face to all Christians of the world. It cannot be seen any other way.
My post "Resolve The Plot" said much the same thing as this. I think. It is how I feel, so I can't imagine myself writing on this subject and not saying essentially the same thing. But I can get a bit goofy at times, so who knows.

Perhaps this post too is mean-spirited. I won't go back and try to candy-coat this one however. Promise.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tarzan And Common Bigotry...

I have been assessing my readers. I like them. What I would call really decent people. Although I won't quote Will Rogers here, there are few people I have met in my life, with which I can't at least find some common ground. The human experience is like that. It doesn't really matter what version they are...there are some basic "core" programs that sync with each other...little organic computers, that we are.
I watched a film, "Until When..." and it got me thinking as I felt the pain and also laughed along with the subjects in it.
My second "wife" was a Black woman. And unless she has contracted some horribly disfiguring disease that has turned her into a Caucasian...I would have to assume that she still is. I put the word wife in quotes because although we had the license and had lived together quite some time, we didn't get a chance to stand before anyone declaring our undying love publicly. Some pretty nasty things kept us from finally walking down the aisle. I think you can imagine what flavor those things were.

Those couple years together taught me more about people than I had learned in the score before them. People can hold opinions instilled in them by the media, and their upbringing that do them some serious harm. Decent people. People you can depend on. People that can also shape-shift into aliens right in front of you...for reasons that you can't even fathom. Nor can they if the truth be known.
My best friend for a long time as a kid, was(here we go again) a Mexican. That also caused some problems. I liked Reuben for many reasons...but chief among these, was his ability to do the Tarzan call even better than Johnny Weissmuller.

But that's as may be. The point I guess I am trying to make, is not to lecture about the benefits of multiculturalism...although there are many...but to address those that will not allow themselves to "see" humans operating with a version other than their particular "bigot: 2.0" program. And where they get such notions.
I still harbor some bitterness about the breakup of that multiracial relationship that ended mainly because of pressures from a racially prejudiced world...yes. But it is a bit deeper than that. That experience taught me to hate. Not people...but hate itself. The same hate that pours into your living room, pumped out by the tribe that seems to have an endless supply. If you were to tax all that malevolence gushing out of the minds of the jewish through their could bankrupt them in a day.

But anyway, up there at the beginning of this rainy-day post, I said something about never having met anyone with which I couldn't find a common bond. A shared human experience that made us relax and be least for a few moments. I tell a lie.
Even though I will usually do all in my power to find that commonality in any human, if it isn't written on their face for all to see...I find myself recently abandoning that policy when it comes to members of the "tribe". That bothers me. Like any self-respecting bigot(is there such a thing?) however, there is a twinge of guilt when I opt out of conversations with these people, saying to myself that I already know them, what they are going to say, how they feel about this or know...real prejudice. And I blame them. Well the leaders of their cult anyway. That's the easy way out. All of us bigots know that. We merely go into group-think mode and ascribe all sorts of horrible things to anyone representing a group, in our minds. This is how bigotry works. We are almost always the good guy. Anyone belonging to a group that has hurt us, or we believe that can somehow, is the bad guy. I suppose that comes from some cave-man DNA and has to do with avoiding poisonous plants or snakes or some such stuff. I dunno.

Before a Mr. Cohen can tell me that he abhors israhell and everything that his family lineage has ever accomplished, I find myself classifying him as the enemy. More often than not, I am correct...but I sometimes, in my most humble moments, allow for the possibility that I could be wrong about some things. But that is rare.
That also is the way we bigots think. Condemn first. Once bitten, twice shy. I get it. You get it. But I try to be smarter than those instructions that guided my great-great-great grandfather Og...or what ever his name was.
But this isn't about race. This struggle with bigotry that I have with myself constantly. It is about pre-judgement of people. People are people. The waitress that learned to hate "niggers", so wouldn't wait on us in that restaurant, isn't processing any less intelligent thought patterns than I do when I shun a Shapiro or a Goldstein. Her parents may have had a bad experience with a Black person at some point, depriving her then of the joy of meeting another human with which she may be delighted. That's the way prejudice works. That is the bond that the tribe wishes to preclude by their Islamophobia and their black exploitation media, and so on and so on.

So am I any better than that particular waitress? No. And that is the point of this whole thing. The only difference is that I struggle with myself over this...she may not.
I harbor a prejudice toward the jewish. I demand that guilt must be dis-proven first. Because I see them as the prime movers of such prejudice, my guilt is less than it could be. Less than if I judged by skin color or race. But I still struggle. They as a cult and a force understand and feed this guilt in me. Which is why this cult...this syndicate, will constantly waffle on this issue of jewish "race" or "culture". But I have overcome this designer guilt of theirs. I don't lynch people because of some cult they belong to...but I will demand that they not adhere to such a group's philosophy before I look for that common ground between us. The human-affirming one. Not the one that produces the prejudice with which I have struggled.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drawing The Line...

I have a problem. It's an addiction. I won't seek help for it however. It's espresso. For twenty-odd years I have been hooked on the flavour and the rush of 4 shots of a dark aromatic squeezing of that bean that the angels gave us. Even as I write, I am high on the exuberant feeling it provides. I think Napoleon said it best: "Strong coffee, and plenty, awakens me. It gives me warmth, and unusual force, a pain that is not without pleasure. I would rather suffer than be senseless".

After first tasting the stuff...I couldn't get enough. Every day, more and more. On my way to work in the morning. A couple shots or a latte at lunch. A mocha in the afternoon to lift me till the day's end.
I was a junkie. Sort of. Still am.
Anyway, when I kinda-retired from engineering, I decided to go into the espresso business. I found out quickly that I am no businessman. I don't value money that much. I drank up or gave away most of my profits. My shop was always filled with addicts like myself...and I liked it. But my accountant and the bank didn't care much for my dream of purveying this drug to others like myself that were similarly afflicted. A few years down the line...Starsucks came on the scene. They were more expensive than my fare and much glitzier. They sold mostly fru-fru drinks. Kinda-coffee drinks with more sugar than caffeine. Although they espresso-ed a decent blend of coffee...mine was much the connoisseur.

But at the time, there weren't that many of us out there. So fru-fru whipped-cream sugary drinks and jewish marketing stole my dream of selling what I loved. Oh well. Jews happen.
Anyway, that isn't what I wanted to ruminate on right now. What I do want to tackle is of a personal nature.

On one afternoon a week, I meet a friend for coffee(make mine a tall 4-shot ristretto mocha). Yes. We meet at Starsucks. I know...I know...I know what you are saying. "How can the Timster sell out like that?!?!" Well, it comes to this in everyone's life. Where do you draw the line?
I am not relating this horrible admission of guilt to clear my conscience. I am fully aware that this coffee chain is owned by a zionist jew, and probably a great deal of profits from his ridiculously large business is funneled to jews in occupied Palestine. Howard Schultz(CEO) is an asshole. Everyone knows this. Even before espresso could take off in this country...outside of Seattle where he stole the idea and bought a real espresso shop... he changed it into a horribly expensive habit to acquire. And in the bargain managed to put people like us that really enjoy the drink, out of business. I am not bitter. My business failure is my own fault really. I am not jewish. I would never prosper selling anything.
But that's as may be.
The point is that if I want to go out for coffee in this country...a REAL strong espresso drink, either I try to find a one-owner coffee house...or I just give up and drink Starsucks.

I also like ketchup. I cannot buy a bottle of ketchup in this country without the little circle-U (or other kosher symbols) on the bottle...meaning that some ass-wipe rabbi is getting profit from my proclivity to have this tomato extract on my sandwiches. I am not giving up ketchup. The good rabbi knows this. He owns my conscience on this Schultz owns my espresso habit(outside of making it in my garage on the machine left over from my shop).
You draw your own personal lines. Those little gutters in the dirt that you draw with your toe, that mean you will not...and no one else better...step over them. Mine is somewhere beyond espresso and ketchup. I can live with that, because I am trapped within my own likes and dislikes. It is easy for me not to patronize television, cosmetics made on and from stolen Palestinian land, or diamonds. I have no use for, or hate all of them.
But even that's not the point. I support the BDS efforts to boycott israhell. Even with my own money. But I won't assume guilt for any of my money being funneled into that terrorist state that come from my day-to-day purchases. There is little money in this country, and most of the Western world, that is extracted from the Gentile through their commerce and taxes that isn't subject to supporting the jewish takeover of this age we live in. But I refuse to own the purpose or the destination of these funds. I place that on the head of the jew himself. I will continue to fight the talmudic values on every front here. I will vilify the judaic in all their inhuman actions as I see them. I will hurt the jew as much as possible with all my efforts...but I will not sit in a cave bereft of all that life has to offer BECAUSE of his intervention into the lives of the Gentile. He, nor no one else will make me take responsibility for the money that I spend to enjoy my existence. I do not give him that power.
Anyway...I have been a regular at Starsucks for so long that I have gotten to know some great people that work there. They are Gentiles. They are decent humans working for a living. They routinely give me my espresso at a discount or for free...and I tip them generously.
There. My conscience feels a little better now. Not perfect...but we all have our lines to draw.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mommy Spank...

To a certain degree, I can understand "anonymous".  I grasp the concept that we have been scared out of our wits by the media about online identity theft.  And more likely than not, those that would seek to steal our "identities" are part of that big jewish machine that warns.  This dog-and-pony show accomplishes compliance.  The machine is saying "I will show you what happens when you give out information to anyone but US!"    I also get the fact that there are those out there...hasbara and such vermin that are normally found under rocks...that would love to pin a surfer down who visits...well...sites like mine.  Probably less than you imagine, but they are there nonetheless.  Although, I appreciate any traffic I can get(grin)and I love comments, anonymous or not...I am going to do some spanking show you that a spanking doesn't hurt that much, and also that Mommy can't spank all of us at once.

We of a certain age must own this generation and their child-like compliance to the way things are.  We conceived them, we raised them, and we spoiled them.  We clearly didn't do a very good job. It really is our fault.  Not the younger ones that refuse to grow up and take on the responsibilities of life as so many of us had to do at an early age.   We saw a time when things weren't so great.  We vowed that our children would not have to experience the pains that we did.  Not reflecting on the fact that those very experiences, those hard times that shaped us, were necessary to produce the decent people that we are.  Our intentions were good.  Our heart was in the right place.  But what we produced was generally speaking, a weak-willed irresponsible generation, totally dependent on authority.  The authority of that babysitter that we left them with...the media.  That media raised them when we were at these children  that we bore know only to return to it in adulthood.  They literally know nothing else.  To we that had these children, TV was just an entertainment.  To them it is the world.
Now things still aren't so great, but our mistaken rearing techniques are the cause of most of the troubles.

I have an intelligent friend that sees me as a kind of wacko. Someone not to be taken too seriously.  I tell this person things, and they go "uh-huh" you would to a child that tells you of the boogey-man in the closet.  But the same information that I give them which they take with a grain of salt, when heard on their TV or read in their paper, all-of-a-sudden becomes fact.  That amazes me.  Time and time again, I am "proven" to be correct about some thing or another, and yet they refuse to believe it from my lips.  It must be read to them a few days later by some bleach-blond that routinely forgets into which end of her shoes to put her toes.  And that is what I am talking about.  This information is at my friend's fingertips, and yet they prefer that some pixilated bimbo give them the version to believe.
That blond and the company which pimps her have become "Mommy".  No child fears much else than a spanking from it an item like... "A Denver man that refused to pay a speeding ticket, was found to have antisemitic website links on his home computer".  Or... "Palestinian terrorists launched six more missiles into a sparsely populated area of Israel this week...thankfully there were no injuries".  It's all the same.  Fear, hatred and lies to produce the same in the viewer's childish mind. 
We did this.  We handed these animals our children's minds.
So with all the fear-mongering that Mommy cranks out of that box of isn't any wonder that I get so many "anonymous" readers.  I get it.  You are afraid.  On one front or another, you are afraid that Mommy will spank.  You have seen the red faces and red butts of those that crossed her and you don't want to join them.  But does it hurt that much?  
A wise-guy once told me when I was oh...twenty-something. ."growing up doesn't hurt".   Well, I took that as any twenty-something an insult.  But he was right.  It was time to get a spine and take responsibility for my own actions. And I have since then.  They know who I am, and where I live.  NOT growing up can hurt much more.

In this sense, and not one of condoning any type of warfare, I think a few of us should read "The Red Badge Of Courage" again.  That book and "1984"  should be enough to tell you that the only truly important personal accomplishments in life are costly.  But like the black eye or the swollen lip that you dreaded from that fight you previously ran away just doesn't hurt that much, and you stood up to the bully.  Win or lose, you didn't run.  Mommy tends to bully all of you.  Your real "Mommy" and the one that you turn on with your remote, like dutiful children.  Love your real Mother.  Turn off the other "Mommy".   If all of you children would do this...the electronic "Mommy"  would lose her authority. Then you become the master of your own fate. It's just that simple.


Monday, April 18, 2011

The End Of The World...again


I don't deify leaders. Never have. I figure they have enough admirers without adding my critical adoration to the mix.


I met Jack Kennedy. When I was a little kid at school, we were out for recess on our asphalt playground on a chilly autumn afternoon playing a game of "scrub baseball". A block-long black limo pulled up and a man in a suit got out. No cameras. No reporters. An unscheduled stop. Our teacher called us all over to the iron fence and this handsome young man shook our hands and poked and teased us and asked who was up next. When he saw my friend with the bat he said "keep your eye on the ball". That in itself was nothing. Our fathers told us that all the time. It is amazing though, what that little piece of advice can do for a kid's swing. If a child is really listening to the coaching...he can clear his little mind of all other distractions and smack that ball as easily as slapping apples from a tree. Focus...that's the thing.
He waved goodbye while telling us to make sure that our parents went and voted for him in a few weeks. I was too young to know what that meant. I don't know why he stopped and kidded with us. Maybe he just liked kids and he had some time to spare between whistle stops. Anyway, it was in all the papers.
Like Bill Clinton often said about meeting Kennedy at a young made a huge impression on me. But obviously the impression left on me, was of a different bent. It was more and more important to me as I grew...and of course he and "Camelot", did not.

Not long after that, the world ended. I was about ten I think. The young man that had poked and kidded us was making an announcement on our television that clearly frightened my parents. This then frightened their children. This was about the Cuban missile crisis. I understand a bit more now of what was actually going on behind the scenes when that message was delivered to us. But it was unprecedented in my lifetime till then. It was the first time most had ever heard official warning to a populace of an impending nuclear exchange.
Well, the jewish took care of Jack for Dimona, refusal to sell israhell f-16's, attempting to abolish their federal reserve scam, Northwoods and a slew of other ashkanazi reasons. But that was then. To me at the time...when they had him killed...the world ended again in a way. Some innocence was lost and I stepped into a much larger world. Even the radio airwaves played a song which, although had nothing to do with Cuba or communism or jews, nonetheless kept that phrase on the tip of our tongues as we sang along..."don't they know it's the end of the world?"
The world has ended many times since then. For all of us. Not just radical change in our personal lives, but the world outside our heads.
I also met Bobby Kennedy...well, his wife anyway. He was speaking at our town square...a small republican town. After the speech, he and Ethel went to the Democratic headquarters in town...and a few friends and I were milling around there getting bumper stickers and pins and such. We didn't know they were coming so it was a surprise when they walked up to us. Ethel shook my hand and thanked me for my support. Me? I wasn't supporting anyone...but that was a nice sentiment. She was so exuberant and pretty and open-faced. It was hard not to fall in love at first sight. Bobby was across the room engaged with others...I didn't wait to talk to him. Sorry I didn't now. Oh was in all the papers.
But jews put and end to Bobby too. Shame.
I look around and see the end of another world. There is no innocence left. They see to that. Amerikan Idolatry and faux revolutions, and the world we used to know is no longer good enough for them.
Maybe I am not getting across what I want. Perhaps I am not "communicating effectively" to use a phrase that in Jack Kennedy's time would have sounded very odd. Things change. Worlds end.

So anyway, I was just thinking about all the things that have happened since that autumn day when the soon-to-be-assassinated president told us to keep an eye on the ball. I still am, Jack. I know who is pitching it. I know who killed you and your brother... when that world ended.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Is Going To Be GREAT...

I have decided to cash dunno...WhatReallyHappened or Prison Planet. Yeah, that's a way to get more folks on my bandwagon. I'll reprint stuff that other real journalists have written, and by their content I will set up a kind of "shadow philosophy" that my readers can change to fit there own. I'll be like the jewish publishing moguls. Nothing editorial. No real opinions that tie me down to a view of things that my advertisers(I will have a bunch of them) won't like. Maybe just some snide comments that can be read in many ways. Yeah...that's it! If it's anti- NWO-Masonic-Illuminati-Big Government-even israhell(as long as I don't actually vilify judaism), I'll reprint it. Why didn't I see the potential here before!? I could be rich! I could be famous! I could have a "following".

Ya see...Ted stopped by again. For those of you that don't know Ted, he is an extra-terrestrial dog that gives me advice. Well, suggestions anyway. Ted and my wife are tag-teaming me about money. It's their contention that if I am spending so much time and energy on this little effort of mine to be a thorn in the side of the jew, that I should at least make a wage doing so. They have convinced me. Time is money.
So from now on, I will be selling t-shirts, DVD's and Dr. Shapiro's youth serum.

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There won't be any of my opinions flying your way from now on. No profit in that. There will however, be the opinions of others. I am going to concentrate most of my efforts from now on, in bringing you more real news, truth and pundit opinion.

If there is a family in Woodland Hills, California that have had their basketball goal ripped out of the ground by evil neighborhood associations....I'm on it. If there is an 80-year-old woman being fondled by a TSA goon...I'm going to give you the gory details. If you see chem-trails in the sky over your neighborhood...I am there for you, and filming. I am going to start reprinting Max Kaiser's column about what to invest in to make money off the NWO. He knows best and is on OUR side. You will be reading endless examinations of the fraud on Wall Street. Who got what bonuses. Who is running the biggest ponzi schemes across the world. Buy the T-shirt! If I don't make 3 million dollars by the first week in June...the NWO is going to shut me down, fellow readers... and put me in prison!

I will have a special correspondent covering the next Bilderberg meeting, no matter what it costs me in hotel bills and HD filming. I am just that concerned about informing you about these Illuminati bankers and Masonic hand-shakers...the bastards. Get my DVD and find out more!

I am taking off the gloves here. For you. So you won't have to. And I PERSONALLY guarantee Dr. Shapiro's youth and anti-cancer serum. I look years younger and I am told by the good Doctor that I may live forever. Order a bottle now.

I am also going to start making personal appearances. I feel my public will demand this of me. So does Ted. He has taken on the role of manager. He says...go one way...or go another. Don't sit on any fences. I tend to agree.

Of course to you the reader...this means benefits all around. You will be part of a REAL movement. A club of sorts to beat the bad guy back to stone. You will, of course have to join(hit "join" button) to take advantage of all these savings on products and "special" announcements. But by joining(a mere $2,500 USD or 20 Euros per month) you not only get my get the TRUTH!

I think this is my calling. I always wanted to be an affluent on a tropical island Ted has shown me how...on the backs of my readership. You will no longer get the "truth" for free...hey, I got a lotta costs out here folks! Like everything else in Western society that you have learned to pay you pay Timster! Yay!

or not...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vision And What To Do With It...

Some have asked me over time, why I am not more current. More the now. Well, I would argue,(and have done) that I am, to a fashion. My efforts here are to expose the judaic among us for what they are. What they always have been. What they will continue to be. I have yet to study a time in history since the 6th-11th century khazarian khaganate, in which its descendants haven't been at the center of most of the troubles of the world.
So for me to nit and pick about this or that bad thing in the news, that can be easily traced back to one or more of the followers of this ancient a moot point. It's a given for me.
I think that once you start from this premise, that world history falls together like a film of breaking a porcelain pot, being run backward. All the parts inherently snap back into the whole...the whole being the talmud and its teachings(if you can call them that). To me, the talmud and the torah and the old testament, besides being singular in purpose, are license for anyone that adheres to them, for some pretty nasty human behaviour. But that's as may be.
I watched a clip today featuring an ashkanazi professor in israhell explaining the game plan to a willing audience at an AIPAC hate-fest. Now, she uses some pretty fancy language and emotional appeals to restate some awfully anti-human precepts. I never went back to college for my PhD, but...I know a professorial pigswill artist when I hear one. A doctorate does not make one can make one clever however. It's like reading Ayn Rand. At first you are mesmerized and in awe of the definitive language and its fluency and legitimacy. Anyone that can speak this eloquently certainly can't have something as mundane as faulty logic in their arsenal. No one can argue with such impeccable use of the human form of it written or spoken, and not be correct. So you think. But these yiddish academics are brilliantly espousing death and destruction...with which a child of six could easily find fault. If you really listen.
A friend of mine...a journalist...covered a speech by Barak Obama when he was on the campaign trail, a few(what seems like) eons ago. This particular journalist is no dummy unlike most of those attending the rally. The writer listened to the opening set of rallying points made by our now, commander-in-chief and turned off the portable recorder. No more needed to be heard or transcribed. The message was clear as a bell to the reporter. He was an eloquent bullshitter....IF you listen.
This kind of vision is not really taught on college campuses nowadays. You can be born with it. You can nurture it in college. But you do so at your own risk. It is a bullshit filter that activates quickly and such diatribes become as naked as a those with the gift of "the vision".
This gift can also be a curse. It causes one to abandon hope in the future when we(yes, I am similarly cursed) can immediately recognize ancient plotting and lying for what it is.
You the reader also have this gift/curse...or at the very least, the propensity for it. Or you would not be here right now. You too see talmudISM for what it is. A supremacist, racist and controlling set of rules for those that value the material over the human.
So what do you do with such an ability? You write. You organize. You make an ass of yourself. You be the jerk in the back of the crowd that says "give me an F'in break!"
But after that, you better be prepared to duel with the best of them. They have shiny new educations to sell their ancient party line. They are not easily talked down. They clearly have an advantage over the common man that is left empty-handed by their evil deeds that are masked by obfuscation and eloquence. And they enhance this advantage by actually believing this disgusting drivel.
You will be overmatched if you think you are going to yell "kike" at them. They have battled your type before in their many, many centuries of experience defending their dark purpose. Don't expect a level playing ground. They live by the notion that "nothing is fair".

So where does that leave us? We that know the smell of feces before it is being fed to us. Between a rock and a hard place unless we too educate ourselves. I can't emphasize this point enough for my liking. You must relearn history from this new point of view. The one that is easier to learn because it simply makes more sense. Leaders are not assassinated by lone-nut Gentile extremists. Banks don't just happen to fall into favor with nations by luck. Wars are planned by those that would benefit from them. The history of the world as it is taught to most of us, that baffles us; the war and suffering that we have been told were brought about by very complicated circumstances, are not that perplexing if you understand that the key to all of these horrible happenings is greed. And the purveyors of greed since the times of the nomadic tribes of khazaria,( if you make the effort to look) have been those tribes. The ones that adopted judaism as their cover religion. The rest is steeped in eloquence, subterfuge and deliberate confusion generated by this cult and their minions.

However, the biggest obstacle in battling the jewish, is the fact that these lies and the deeds that they hide, have been going on for so long around us, that even their offspring now believe them to be truths. And nothing solidifies a position in a debate than belief in your own position. It isn't like high school debating class where you were given a position to defend, by drawing it out of a hat. These ashkanazi on the podium and writing the speeches of our politicians, genuinely believe this evil claptrap.
So our mission's path is fraught with many pitfalls. Those being that not only must we follow this path due to our vision, and the calling to inform other Gentiles, we must do battle with an adversary that has a well engineered version of his own cult, and the strength of actually buying it himself as he sells it. A dangerous foe to be sure. But not invincible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was trying to explain some things about Earth to an alien yesterday. He is from some far-flung planet right next to a nebula that I couldn't pronounce, but I liked him nonetheless. When he tries to speak his name, I have to go to the I call him Ted. He's OK with that. He's a no-BS kinda guy that has a childlike curiosity. That incessant "why" thing, unlike a child however, soon gave way to "well, that clearly doesn't make any sense". When I tried to elucidate on war for instance...well, he just didn't get it. My constant use of the phrase "just human nature" seemed lost on him. Well, that would make a great deal of sense. He isn't human. It was much like the old adage of trying to explain what a banana tastes like to someone that has never indulged, and without using the word "banana". Some things are like that...can't be explained to an objective viewpoint. Or so I thought. I liked the guy, as I said, but he did have an attitude. A superior one too. He didn't understand a great bit of human behaviour...and most of what he didn't get, he merely dismissed as error. Well, maybe he was right. I dunno. He also went on and on about the "infield fly rule" , and designated hitters, saying they both were quite unfair. I dunno about that either. I'm not a big baseball fan.

I like clean things. Houses. Cars. Garages. Toasters. You know...the sparkle of material that says to you..."you don't have to worry about me...I don't need washed or polished or straightened or maintained. You can just give me an admiring glance on your way to more important matters". This was one of the things I was trying to explain to my visitor. He got that bit. It made sense to him...and he asked if it went beyond the material. Did I, for example enjoy the cleanliness of my own philosophy, or emotion? Did I routinely remove clutter build-up from around ethics and lower-level animal reactions that I owned, as well as vacuuming out my car? Well that seemed a dumb query at first. But as often as it does...from the mouths of babes, comes such a self-defining wringer.

Yes, had to be my response. We are constantly, as humans clinging to this whirling rock, reexamining our view of things. We are influenced by all that we one way or another. And we can grow and mature in this fashion. He liked that. So do I. It happens all the time. Not as much as maybe it should, as he observed, but it is a part of our experience that I depend on and yet hadn't given much thought to, until he plotted it out through his quizzing.

So this led to news. I don't remember just how. One of those meandering conversations that ends up somewhere you don't expect. Anyway, he did something very distasteful. He insisted that I turn on a TV. Well, rather than go through how I had matured and come to understand that there was no good to come of it...I relented and did as he asked. He wanted to skip quickly past all the childish entertainments and commercialism(whew), and go directly to the news channels.
Why...he posed...did humans create turmoil and then tell everyone about it sitting in chairs in suits and dresses? Wouldn't it be better for our species if these horrible people were isolated and kept off of our televisions? Then few of these terrible things they are bragging about could happen.
Well, I had to laugh before I explained the idea behind journalism to him. "No, no", I stated. "These people and the TV companies they work for, don't commit these atrocities...they merely tell us about them when they's their job...they are paid to do this".
Then came the childlike "why". Why would we want to know about this sort of thing?...and was I sure these well-dressed humans weren't in some way responsible for all the carnage they spoke about?
Well, on my way to explaining about human nature one more time I sashayed down the "judaism" path, as I am wont to do when explaining things to those that don't hold my views. He was intrigued. "So, it is your contention that members of this cult, this tribe, have been responsible for continuing to further the negative side of this "human nature" that you speak of?" he asked. I had to agree with that. "Let me check your facts and suspicions with my database". he suggested. In seconds he announced that I was correct in my view of their role in history and in the present. And much more of which I wasn't cognizant.
"So...would you like me to get rid of them?" he queried rather matter-of-factly. "Wha...?" I answered. "Get rid of them...kill them...make them all die in their tracks". he said, looking at me with those piercing alien eyes. "You mean ALL of them? Instantly? You can do that?" I said(even though understanding he was an extraterrestrial, I wasn't prepared for powers like that...although in retrospect, it shouldn't have surprised me).
"Of course" he answered. Well, I had to think about that for a few seconds before I asked, "but you mean ALL jewish women and children and those that have denounced their own culture would die as well?"
"All means all...clean is clean" he quipped. I barely had to think before I hurried the answer "No, I don't think so...that would make me as monstrous as they are". He didn't even appear to be listening as I tried to explain my reservations, and about a clean conscience versus a clean planet.

He merely stated, "well, my offer still stands to help you rid your planet of this scourge...let me know if you change your mind".

Geeze...I hate Tuesdays.

Monday, April 11, 2011

You Can Call Me Anything, Just...

Don't call me a racist. Don't call me an anti-semite. Don't call me late for supper. Just don't call me.

I see in the news that PNAC is progressing nicely and on planned. And with few hitches. They even have the tree-huggers in solidarity with the non-existent Libyan rebels..."he's a rebel and he'll never be any good...he's a rebel and he never does what he should". Ahhh...the underdog and how we didn't learn from old Joe Campbell. But there are no real Obi Wans. No Skywalker dynasty. It's just a tale.

I haven't posted a lot lately. I have been enjoying spring and a kind of jew-free existence. That is to say that I have spent weeks without even thinking about the tribe on a daily basis. There aren't any jews in my garden or my dining room. So what if there is a little "K" symbol on all that packaged crap in my cupboard. Who cares. Right? Sure, I am paying a laughable amount of interest on interest on interest for practically everything in my house...and including my house. All of this money going to some jewish banker. But the tulips are blooming in the rain...and I don't care. For a few hours...I just don't care.

I am over-educated. I try to write to the common man. That makes me condescending, I guess. I know all the rules about effective writing. I don't use most of them. They are a bit restrictive. They get in the way of what I want to say...more often than not. And I don't think you want to read all that correct crap. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps my prose offends the academic. It could be that I am not taken seriously by many readers because of this lack of correct sentence structure, and these off-the-wall jump cuts. Maybe not. I don't care.

I watched a video from a neat chick today. I also watched a sci-fi flick from 1921. The movie was "Aelita: Queen Of Mars". It was quite the time-capsule. Having been produced and filmed in Moscow just 4 years after the Russian Revolution, it was interesting to say the least. It also tried to sell the communist-party line...and not very subtly.

The video was one in a series by originalsavagechick. She does videos about jews mainly. A fully cognizant young lady. Fully aware of the threat of zionism and it's parent company judaism. She is enjoying a measure of success by explaining these threats in very plain language, and her screen presence. It's hard not to give a listen to this charming and attractive woman. Good for her.
These two two-dimensional displays may seem to have little in common. But I found a thread. You buy buy the whole package. Like communism. That is, you can't pick and choose your ideologies. If you hate what jews do as a hate jews. If you hate all jews and what they do in the face of your own cultural identity, you rally behind "whiteness". It comes in the package. You can't break it open in the store and just take one item. That isn't the way commerce works.
This is what people like she and David Duke and many others would have you conclude. That is what jewish communism preached to the Russians. I disagree with this all-inclusiveness...but hey. The revolt...the final pogrom against the khazar...won't be waged by those of us delineating between particular factions of the ashkanazim. It won't be led by the academics or more thoughtful bloggers. We wielders of the pen will just supply the facts and figures about the history of the those with torches.
It has always been like that. "KILL THE MONSTER" screamed from the pitchfork carrying mob, is usually the last thing the bad guy hears. Not a calm trial transcript.

That is human nature, I guess. You don't need a Masters degree in political science to see what the jewish have wrought. You don't have to have been published on the particulars of the social impact of judaism in Western society, to pick up a torch...and storm the castle. Give me the short version. That's what I am hearing out here. Well...I guess that's ok too. The short version they are hearing is that jews lie. People don't need much more reason than what these lies produce, to purge the jew from their midst. And purge they will. All of this evidence being gathered out here...and constantly being presented to those of the "short version" mentality is increasing exponentially, and there is only one end that this can produce.
I can't say that I am necessarily proud to have been a part of adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. But I could not live with myself if I wasn't on the right side of "us versus them"...which is where this is leading.
I have tried, and will continue to do so. Tried to separate bigotry from reason. But I won't argue with a pitchfork.

Just don't call me a racist.