Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chri$tma$ ...

This isn't going to be a rant about the commercialization of Christmas.  Just some observations on the holiday and what it has become over the years.  Nothing new...just a reminder perhaps.

I like old Christmas movies.  Every year about this time, I get out "A Christmas Story", or "Miracle On 34th Street", "A Christmas Carol" and "It's A Wonderful Life".  The Christmas standards.  Of course you could throw in a few more, like "Bells of St. Mary" and "The Bishop's Wife" for a more traditional religious take on the holiday.  All heart-warming films, to be sure.  But a few days ago I noticed on Netflix...a seasonal category of Christmas flicks and started scrolling through them.  I have to admit...I was a bit surprised and even mildly offended.
Now as many of you know, I am not religious by any stretch of the word.  I am not a Christian.  The holiday celebrating Christ's birth, to me, is merely an ancient Winter solstice event borrowed from many cultures...and on and on.  But that doesn't matter.  How the day used to be celebrated in the Western Christian world was one of family get-togethers and good cheer.  A symbol of family unity and altruism.  I suppose that is why, beside the fact that it celebrates their arch-enemy's birth, the tribe doesn't fully participate.  I say fully.  But not quite.

While perusing the above mentioned films offered to the streaming audience...I found that well over half of them were written, directed or starred...jews.  Now that puzzles me...a bit.  But not entirely.  There is money in them-there holidays. The ashkanazim don't produce these movies through any spirit they harbor for this holiday...obviously(except perhaps a feeling of jealousy).  They produce these films and market the day, for money.  Plain and simple.  And we Gentiles let them do this.  Without flinching.  Perhaps that says something about the Christian sentiment of "good will toward men", or it could just be ignorance.  Would it offend a Christian to understand that the only motive for making these movies(rather disgusting ones, mostly)and essentially "selling" them their own celebrations in the marketplace, is to take advantage of their seasonal spirit?  To know that in the back room, the Scrooge of all Scrooges is stacking and counting their hard-earned wages spent in good faith in this season of Christ?  I don't see how it couldn't.  Offend, I mean.
But it doesn't.
Gentiles tear each other apart on Black Friday(appropriately named) sales to give all they can afford(and much that they cannot) to this anti-Christ.  This amazes me.  Not the intention of shoppers to please their loved ones...a yearly expression of love and regard for their family and friends...but their method of providing unparalleled profit to those that are merely in it for the bucks.  That offends me.  Big time.
Maybe it's time it offended you.  When you see Ben Stiller capturing rental fees for a Christmas movie, shouldn't you be as incensed as were, say... the Asians that were subjected to Amerikan portrayals of themselves in 40's films?  Or American Indians disgusted at the characterizations of their culture by Caucasian hollyweird actors?  Or endless other images of cultural impostors on the screen.  What does offend a Christian... I would like to know.  How much tongue-in-cheek ridicule and profiteering of what is sacred to them can they brook?  They have stolen the Christian Holy Land along with their Holiest Day...I guess film images are trivial in comparison.  I dunno.
Of course I understand that what "Christmas" has become in the Occident is nothing more than black ink to the tribe...and has been so for almost a century...and it gets worse every year.  I comprehend that it is no longer a real religious holiday to most...and that we have the tribe to thank.  But I wonder.  I wonder what this day would be like if there were no such thing as judaism.  Would it be a quiet heart-warming day celebrating peace, good will and I believe it was always meant to be?   Would it be like those old Christmas movies that I keep going back to?
But then again...what would the other 364 days of the year be like without the organized money-grubbing and war-profiteering of the yiddish?  There are selfish impulses in even the best of we Gentiles.  But how would our world be different without the encouragement of these negative influences, by those that live by such decadence, I ponder. being the escape that IT was always meant to be...I'm going to queue up a couple more old Gentile portrayals of Christmas.  Ones without the sick humor and slick decadence that is the khazarian version of what I like to think of as a special season.

Merry Christmas to all...Gentiles


covkid said...

Timster forget the old films this christmas and get yourself acquainted with a good old fashioned dickens classic,you know a christmas carol,hard times or a tale of two cities.
In this way you can really enter into the spirit of the season and at the same time get a feeling for what the yiddish leeches have in store for you.I was earning more 20 years ago than i am now and that is the norm amongst my working colleagues here in the U.K.
Another christmas in the workhouse anyone?I kid you not.
Seasons greetings to all....bah humbug!

Timster said...

Covkid - ...and I suppose you will be wanting Christmas Day off again this year.

kikz said...

non xtian here also. i grew up and got over it.. having acquired a wide ranging auto-didactic lay degree in comparative religion... i will not forgive and forget, nor will my children, what these monsters have done in the name of their god yahweh, which in reality is a psychopathic concoction of judaism.

i wonder awestruck at the faithful multitudes who willingly albeit ignorantly acquiesce their greatest gift frm the Creator, their freewill/reason in total subservience to institutionalized religion, which IMHO is one of the greatest evils ever to leap from the mind/heart of man and injure others thru its hands.

and even if the countless murders were taken out of the equation.. that still leaves the mind fuck of the lies.

solstice? happy solstice! y, a much better world if judaism and the rest of it were gone. i despise fundiez of any brand.

besides, ethics/morals/virtue existed prior to and independently of religion.

y, a much better world w/o' whose god has the biggest dick' and 'believe or we kill you'... much better.

Anonymous said...

This year I will focus on the true meaning of the season. To wit, I will keep Saturn in Saturnalia!


Anonymous said...

Hey Timster
That Santa picture says a lot!! Ha!!
Thanks for your insights on Judaism profiting from Christmas. I don't think they have stolen anything of worth!. The Christian's Holydays and lands are all inventions. Christianity has allowed Christmas to be taken over by money, because it can't hold up much longer without a little help from "friends"! How else will they keep this story alive? I am speaking of the Christians, who have nothing to do with someone who was called Jesus.
I have loved the holidays, Christmas - the simple sharing of food, gifts, songs. But I would have fared better without them, methinks. And Christmas is so forced on us these days. The children MUST believe in Santa, so that the adults can get more and more obsessed with buying happiness for their child. Santa is a cheap excuse, that is all!
Can't I celebrate how I want? I can celebrate the seasons of nature, the seasons of my life, I can celebrate myself!! Oh, that's right, I'm not allowed to celebrate my self!
I have loved It's A Wonderful Life, it's all about money or love!
And the Scrooge with Albert Finney is my favorite, again, money or love and matters of the heart. Still, I don't see that these movies have helped much to loosen us from the obsession with money and things that don't matter!
Let us throw it all out - the songs, the movies, the old stories - and we can begin anew! Bah Humbug!! .... The Holidays!!!
But for the sake of Bob Cratchit, Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I am more than a little pleased with myself, not having"done Christmas" for the past several years. Everybody all warm and fuzzy for a month or so and screw the rest of the year? There are hungry, hurting people in June, too. So, I will continue to pick up lost folks on the side of the road and feed them no matter what time of year....

Timster said...

Kikz - Well put...

Timster said...

Marigold - My fav treatment of the Dickens classic has to be the 1951 Alister Sim, "Scrooge". The definitive version and true to the novel's intent.
"are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

Timster said...

Anon@12:59 - Thanks, and more power to your indiscriminate kindness!

Timster said...

McCob - Is Saturn rising?

kikz said...

thx timster...

also a few words on santa. i remb being soooo disappointed uncovering the lie as a child.. and wondered what else the 'rentz had lied to me about?

well before i had my own kids, i made up my mind.. i couldn't fight the cultural lie, but i bent it, to make the most sense to me, and try to tell the least lie of lies to my kids.

always told them, they'd never see/meet the 'real santa' . that the ones they would see around were his human helpers.....

later as their understanding matured around age 5- my explanation of my beliefs; humanity's immortal nature came into question.. when their granddaddy passed.
we did a quick 5yr old geared 'a part of us lives on, this body is just for our time here on earth', they were already primed on the santa as spirit concept when the questions came into their minds... that he is a spirit or ...'ghost', and according to the tale, he was once a live human but he's passed on to where ever it is we go when' we' physically die. that sufficed them til they got old enough to question the sniggling logistics of it. so it was never a problem :) and they (today, their bday, my twins are 17!) baby is 14.. know i did my best not to lie to them about it. they understood quite young that parents, act as santa's helpers.

but also, and most importantly it wasn't their place/job to share their 'secret knowledge' w/any other kids who did believe in a 'physical' santa... especially younger kids.. it was their parents' job to 'share the secret'. or choose to let the child figure it out for itself in its own time. :)

all in all, xmas is more celtic/druidic traditions to us, its who is around the tree.. not what's under the tree.. and no, i didn't nic' that frm the jack daniel's commercial. :P) heehee!