Monday, November 21, 2011

Male And Female...

I have counted them.  There have been(up until last Tuesday) Eighteen gazillion, four-hundred and twelve words written and published in all the languages of the world about the difference between males and females of our species.  It was a daunting task, counting them all...but I felt up to it...and, well...there you are.  And of all these words only two sentences are valid.  I forget which ones those were, or I would quote them here.  Oh well.  I'm sure you can imagine what they said.

There are, however, 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion and one, words written about romantic love.  A huge difference.  I'm in the process of counting the number of feet of celluloid upon which this delightful conundrum has been dramatized.  I will be at it for a while.
So what's so important about these differences and likenesses of the genders?  Why would we as a species be so obsessed to write and read, and film so much...  and that hasn't changed either sex one iota?  I dunno.  What I do know is that we are obsessed with it.  The difference I mean.  It would seem a simple thing.  Women are women and men are...well, men.  We see it in nature; male and female of most species, and think little about it and its natural occurrence; or the roles which each gender plays in lower animal form.  But when it comes to is somehow more important to define and re-define these roles.
Now, you know...and I know...and I know you know...and you know I know you know...that somewhere, somehow, I am going to bring the "tribe" into all this.  Your expectations are well-founded.

Among the above mentioned 18 gazillion(and change) words written on the subject of the differences in our human sex-roles, a vast majority in the past...oh, hundred years or so...have been penned(to say nothing of the celluloid...which is a work-in-progress) referring to a faux-science invented by a bit of a disgusting old jewish Austrian fart.  You know the one.  The one that posited that most of our "gender" problems stem from hatred that we harbour for one or more of our parents ...beginning in the womb.  A child wouldn't even accept that as a plausible plot for a fairy tale...but there you have it.  Even though such gobbledygook  has been made fun of since its inception, there is still a great deal of the world's population that believes this somehow.  Somewhere up there in their craniums. So most of these gazillions of words are somehow influenced by this bearded ashkanazi nut-job that slept with the "patients" that he never cured.  
This may be more important...politically speaking...than many of us are aware.  It has been said that the Western liberation of women has been fostered and financed by those of the tribe.  The top dogs in their cult.  I have found, through my research that this may in a fact.  It has been written that the WCTU and the "women's suffrage movement" were both backed by Rothschild money.  That would be in the teens and twenties here in the Snakes. The suffrage movement, to put a wild-card into false elections, and another agenda for banning alcohol.  It is said that Rockefeller's (Red-Shield bag-man) investment in the temperance movement really had the banning of home-made alcohol as a motive... so that it could not be used in place of his oil, for automobiles.  Well, that would make sense.  I know at the time, it was almost commonplace for most farmhouses to have mash-generated alcohol at the ready for lamps...and early autos could run just as well on this distillation as it could on jewish fossil-fuel.  That had to be stopped...I suppose.  I have also read that the ERA amendment to our Constitution, was little more, politically, than a manuveur by the tribal powers to instantaneously double the tax base for hegemonic zionist wars to be fought.  I dunno.  That too makes me, anyway.

But back to women.  They and jewish social engineering and their almost entirely discarded role as "gatherers" and "nurturers" seem inexorably linked somehow.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm talking through my hat here...I just can't help but feel that there is yiddish involvement, when something causes so much social strife and  in the end...generates capitol.  Call me suspicious.
So anyway, when I see so much of the "Arab Spring" being tied to throwing off of traditional female roles in that culture...indulge me here...I see an ashkanazi hand.  
Now before you get your panties(or jock-straps) in a bunch and think that I am exhibiting chauvinism(I don't even know what that term really means), I would ask you to examine a few questions.
In my view of things that have happened here in the West, and are now emerging in the East concerning female roles in society, I have to ask Cui bono? Does it benefit a woman to emulate the traditional male role?  Or does it benefit the JPTB?  
There is usually some well-founded reasons for tradition.  It is traditional to, say...hate jews.  I think we all know where that comes from.  It is based in the reaction to the refusal of that culture to assimilate into any other, although they insist on living among Gentiles.  That is a natural response, I think.  Especially when their exclusiveness includes money-changing and war mongering.  Solid as a that logic.  And it continues.  Even here.
I would be the first to say "welcome to it..." when women demand the right to equal slave-labour wages.  "It's all yours..." would be my response to a female's quest for social leadership.  They certainly couldn't screw it up any worse than jewish-purchased men have.
But it is my contention that an entire gender, is being played for fools. Or maybe both of us.  I don't relish... nor do most men I know savor, the accouterments of our particular role in society.  It is frought with the frustration and desperation of being expected to provide for a family, with less and less resources to do so.  It is being expected to be undaunted in the face of certain ruin, and when, if we buckle under the pressure, are likened to "pussys", if you will forgive my pejorative.  And nothing can be more devastating than a normal male.  So is it any wonder that the jewish hand in the "gay pride" movement, provides those unwilling or unable to shoulder such burdens, a haven for the more "effeminate" of we males or the "tomboys" of females?  I dunno.  I am not gay, so perhaps I don't understand.  But whenever I see jews leading a movement...I look for ulterior motives.  Sue me.  But please don't write and call me a homophobe or some other psychobabble term that has no meaning to me.

 If the women's movement here...and in the Arab revolt, is little more than social engineering borne of khazarian fantasies about black-ink entries in an account book...should any of us...Mr. or Ms., fall for it?  As I documented up there...there are more words written about "romantic differences"...that is, celebrating those distinctions, than those attempting to blur them.  And doesn't that speak well for the"traditions" of sex roles?   Shouldn't we both examine this whole thing with a little more suspicion and a lot more critical thinking?  Just sayin.
Kick it around, boys and girls...

Update: 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion, 12 hundred and fifty-two...after this.


beaver said...

Hi Timster, right on the mark as usual. I thought I would bring this up. I think the entire women's rights movement can be brought down to money and maybe even a little population control. You make the woman on the tv show look beautiful, well to do, and free to do as she likes, and the woman who is watching begins to question her situation. Never mind the fact her kids are most likely better adjusted, feel better about themselves, and benefit from a stable household from having Mom at home. Ok, to the money, if you get the woman out there working along with the have another person you can tax!! One family, two taxpayers!! There is as good a reason for the engineered women's movement as any!!

M. Beaver

ChewyBees said...

Am I correct in my understanding that this new age of Aquarius is mankind entering into the feminine? I wouldn't doubt it, since the masculine has worked so well since Moses started making up rules for people to follow.
We can be sure of this, nothing called feminine in this day and age is remotely feminine. Teats and Azz are pretty pathetic means to define the female form. The whole feminist movement seems to be an attempt to empower women to masturbate their egos at the same time as their buzzy bean.
I think this may be the true value to these jewbank frauds, to categorize, neutralize and disenfranchize women from being female (lots of z's in those words, you may notice). How can the feminine become a part of the human consciousness if everything perceived as feminine is no more than a snatch with a purpose?
Of course the real men in shegypsies clothing are their own wives and daughters, ever bit as nasty, ugly and incapable of manifesting higher emotions as the manpreys of that culture.
They don't assimilate because then they can't destroy. The money thing is the byproduct, as is any position of power. The real thrill is getting other people to kill each other and themselves. It is a cultural, biblical and demonic mission of the only real human virus.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

One angry wasp to tuck under the camel saddle for ya Tim.

The lies about the "freeing of Muslim women" is just a crock of cow patties. In a few of these "liberated" countries, the women were well treated and equal in almost all ways. The defeat of the governments that brought about these changes are reinstating sharia law of the Wahhabist type, or the Muslim brotherhood, taking them right back to plural marriages and the burqa or enforced hijab.

Don't forget Bernais, Freud's nephew who sponsored and funded his introduction to North America, was also of the tribe and he was the one who took the women's lib thing public by introducing them to faggo... er cigarettes during the Easter Day parade in NYC, letting them know that they could throw off the male yoke of oppression and develop lung cancer with the best of them. Oh and shorten their skirts too while they were at it.

The other thing thrown into the stewpot is all these new confusions on what is male and what is female. Why... all the rules are gone and one can be anything one wants to be. I am not referring to those born with true physical manifestations of both genders but to those who now have the right to flaunt their "pride".

How come normal folks are not allowed to have "pride in hetrosexuality" parades? Where is the corporate sponsorship for that?

This is all old hat my dear Timster. We know the tribe is behind every gender bending perversion in the book.... Israel prides itself on being the only place in the ME where gays can be openly gay... and encourages tours etc. Never seen some of those pervy ads for the military? All those hot men shirtless hanging around jeeps n stuff?

Basically it all boils down to communism which is really nothing more than red zionism. The destruction of the family unit and all that holds a society together must be destroyed...... and make members of the tribe lotsa shekels as the process goes on.

There... said my piece... winks. Well done as ever. Did you ever finish the tally of celluloid you were working on there?

Inquiring minds want to know.

glengear said...

I've read most of your post, mighty fine job my good man! The pictures aren't too shabby either, especially the one with that girl bullying that man, holding him down by setting her twat on his face!
I'm from the Heartland of America, a small fish in a small pond so to speak! Born 60 years ago. My little community changed drastically when the interstate system came through in the 60's. Somehow I think them money grubbing people you like to talk about was behind it! I'm a simple man and see how it's affected every nook & cranny. My point, if they've done to the world what they have done to my little town in the sticks. Also how about giving some glimpses into the life and times of Timster! We want to know more about the man behind the mask!

Timster said...

Beav - I think you are spot on there!

Timster said...

Chewy - "buzzy bean"...hahaha. I have never heard that one.

Timster said...

Noor - Great obs there! "Eddie" was one man this country could have done without!

I'm up to 48 and a half kootrillion feet(and change) so far...and I am just up to 1918...

Timster said...

Glenster - Wow...sixty! I had no idea you were THAT old...That's OLD.

I might lift my skirts a bit in a new post...but ya gotta be careful out here(grin).

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all the comments, as well as your interesting observations.
I remember Henry Miller, frustrated over the fact that men need to be liberated from the whole strong man provider role. And instead of that happening, women joined the ugly parade of chasing the dollar and only added to the burden!
I never fell for the whole women's suffrage thing! Voting makes us free? I would love to free all men and women from casting their vote!!
Basically, I think we are neither male nor female at our deepest space, but that doesn't mean to not celebrate our differences that lie near our surface.

kenny said...

Freud was a blight on Western society. His contemporary, Carl Jung, was a different story and I'll have to admit being influenced somewhat by Jung's ideas of the collective unconscious and archetypes.

Allegedly ....

Carl Jung said Jews were different from other people and needed to be dressed up in different clothes, because otherwise we mistook them for people like ourselves. “What were the Jews doing in the desert for 40 years, eating sand? Of course they were feeding off other people’s crops until they moved on.” (from: The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll) {big grin}

andie531 said...

I have no qualms with women working or having the vote, frankly. Or engaging in whatever it is they want to do. Not all of us are cut out to be parents. That is also true of men.

The tribe is also involved in keeping "wimmin" in their place, at least they were in Jesus' time, and still are today (now they've got something against little girls singing, or something like that).

It's no wonder to me that the extreme gender feminists are almost all Jewish (and lesbian). I've known at least two Jewish women who've fled the scene rather than remain Jewish on account of the inherent downgrading of women that is part of their religion.

Jesus was oppositional to that, which also got on the tribe's nerves - read "Jesus Was a Feminist" by Leonard Swidler (a Catholic scholar).

I have also found it interesting that the PTB fund and are behind women bashing extremists like the new, improved Taliban (which apparently at the outset was nothing like that).

Remember Paul stated "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ." This is a direct repudiation of the Jewish morning prayer, which involves thanking G-d that "I was not born a woman, nor a gentile".

The Christian Zionists should read Jesus Was a Feminist, because it shows just how far away Jesus was from the basic tenets of Judaism. It also proves (in a roundabout way) that Jesus was NOT a fictional character - this view on women, considering the time period, could not have been made up.

I keep telling men in this movement against Zionism to drop the attacks on women and start talking to their fellow men - at least give it a try - tell them to quit enlisting in these stupid wars.

It's better that you men do - most of the peace activists tend to be women, and we don't hold a lot of sway on this subject with the men who enlist in the military.

I've noticed that the lead character at Antiwar dot com is a guy who is the equivalent of Luke Sissyfag - and while he's done a lot of good work on that site, he is someone who no red blooded American hetero male is going to take seriously. Not with that lisp he's got.

Where are the so called "normal" men in this anti-war movement? I am not seeing any. Anywhere.

Timster said...

Kenny - I warrant that you are right about Jung. Much of what he wrote was founded in common sense...about spirituality overcoming alcoholism, etc. I think that quote was probably correct, as I see the yiddish re-writing of history yet again.

Timster said...

Marigold - "celebrate our differences"...yes, why can't we just do that?

who+dares+wings said...

I live in a house full of books. They're mostly about art and 20th century history with an emphasis on the history of European porcelain, interbellic Romania, Aleister Crowley and his bohemian milieu, American isolationism and holocaust studies (academic and revisionist). I must own 500 books at the least and as I turn to look for female authors names on the dust jackets of the books on the shelf closest to me I see only one, The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters by Frances Stoner Saunders. There may be one or two more there, but surely no more than a dozen titles in the entire library are by women. Of course, I've always enjoyed boinking them, but I really don't have much to share afterwards with women anymore. My last girlfriend was an attractive Marxist university dept. head who identified as a Jew. Given a choice now between the company of a "smart" woman and a designer drug I will opt for the drug.

Timster said...

Who - No comment.

Anonymous said...

"Given a choice now between the company of a "smart" woman and a designer drug I will opt for the drug."

Funny thing, most of the men I meet are not intellectuals, far from it. Many are interested in "boinking", beer or drugs, and sports, and seem to harbor nothing but contempt for women (see post above, which leads me to believe said writer is nothing more than an average male who happens to
read a little).

I've met a number of these arrogant types - aka gasbags, and they usually end up alone due to their lack of a sense of life outside of their sex drive, and no humor (which believe it or not can be brought on by an excess of testosterone).

What he'll end up with is some bimbo who cares more about his wallet than about him. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Men have a stickshift and ball bearings women have a man in a boat.

-Pee Pee the Sailor-

Anonymous said...

Mr Who,
The woman is not conveniently waiting for you on your bookshelf, nor is she hanging out near your small mind. No!
She is off swimming in the deep ocean currents, can you join her there?
You will have to leave your house full of books and dive into her wild, wide-open spaces! Your ego and your mind will never go there, will you leave them behind on the shore and go into the woman's wild places? There only can she be found!!
Timster, I have pondered over your eternal question, "celebrate our differences", yes, why can't we just do that?
We only keep exploring this. I was thinking how we identify too much with titles like male/female, Christian/Muslim, black/white, only because we don't know who we really are! If we got to know our real self then we don't take all the surface stuff so seriously.
So we can try to be more and more real in our interacting. I can show you the real me, who is vulnerable, who is full of rage, who is wild and wounded, and crazy, and intensely loving or who knows nothing of love. When we start exposing our real selves, I don't think being a girl or a guy will matter so much. We're simply human and alive and all the games become useless in getting to know each other.
I dreamt I was riding on a dolphin in the swirling waters, let us all go out and be so wild and free!
But I think the man is afraid to lose control, to be wild, so he tries to find a safe woman in town.
Interesting comments from everyone, thank you!

Franklin Ryckaert said...

"I just can't help but feel that there is yiddish involvement ,when something causes so much social strife and in the end...generates capital.Call me suspicious".

Timster,you can go from SUSPICION to CERTAINTY if you care to google:"List of Jewish Feminists"(Wikipedia).You will see a lot of familiar names on this long,long list...

Timster said...

Marigold - That was very well written. You should do more of it...your own blog? I will be your first member!

Timster said...

Franklin - Funny you should say that. When I had temporarily forgotten Gloria Steinem's name...probably forced repression...but wanted to get an image of that bitch, I googled "jewish feminists". It took most of the afternoon to find her among all her cohorts. Feminism, or what it quickly morphed into(an agenda that I still don't fully grasp, other than some sort of yiddish social engineering)is definitely talmudic.

Timster said...

Pee pee - I think we can all agree on these facts. You stated something there, however, that I believe NEEDED to be said. Well done!

Snakey said...

"Israel prides itself on being the only place in the ME where gays can be openly gay"

Hmm, how odd when the majority in Israel are Orthodox Babylonian Talmudists. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in the Talmud and, it stipulates, quite distinctly that a "man shall not lie with a man as he does with a woman". I suppose with the Rabbis fondness for exegesis they could say I have merely misinterpreted their "official" Solcino 1961 edition and they are no longer the anti-sex raging homophobes that they used to be. Whatever. The breaking of this rule btw is death by stoning.

As for Jewish Radical Feminists, well, one only has to read the onerous rules surrounding the Niddah to understand where their hatred for men might be coming from (I am sure Hasbara would leap in at this point and say it's all ok, women can choose whether to follow the rules or not. Again. Whatever). The Talmud clearly states that women are "unclean" during Niddah (menstruation) and must purify themselves. This is based on an idea that it is we women who brought death into the world or somesuch twaddle. I thought it was just a biological process that I had to go through whether I liked it or not. Ritually immersing myself up to my neck in water because of a normal biological process isn't my idea of fun or the thought that surrounds it that women are "unclean" in some way.

So, if a woman is an Orthodox Jew and a Radical Feminist at the same time I am surprised that her head doesn't explode from the cognitive dissonance.

andie531 said...

The "Judeo" in Christianity, which we've had 2000 years too much of has lead males to believe that they have some G-d given right to rule over half the population, and that somehow we're all tied to our biology. No.

Read the book I mentioned and you will find that one basic tenet of Christianity that its founder preached is that we are human above all, and not to be tied by our biology or EVEN family ties. Jesus strongly advocated for the right of the individual to exist outside of tribal, primitive and familial boundaries. This for women as much as for men.

The "Christian" men who run "Christian" churches where the men rule and the women "submit" (even when pedophilia is involved) are practicing a form of Judaism - which is obvious considering their constant citing of the Old Testament. Once in a while when a story like this gets in the papers I get to remind the readers that this behavior is in violation of the 1st Commandment. Men are neither superiors to nor intermediaries between women and God.

The feminist movement of the 20th century may be strongly Judaic, however the issue of women's rights goes much further back, and there's still a lot of work to do.

Anonymous said...

Welp, Timster. I don't know how you feel about posting links in the comments (I haven't yet quite got a grip on the hyperlink thingy, but.but.., I can change!), but I really, really wanna know what to make of this story regarding Israeli Jews being implored *not* to marry American Jews:;

Timster said...

All Been hacked. Back soon...