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When the goddamn Jews take over America...

“When the goddamn Jews take over America”: Robert Crumb cartoon strip, introduced by Xanadu

Robert Crumb, cult cartoonist

The cartoon strip published below — “When the Goddamn Jews take over America” — is not, as its title might suggest, anti-Semitic in intent. On the contrary, it is a highly sophisticated satirical spoof by Judeophile cartoonist Robert Crumb that brings together a number of anti-Semitic “canards” and “stereotypes”. Far from being anti-Semitic, the cartoon strip is therefore an attempt to poke fun at the anti-Semites and their ridiculous “conspiracy theories” about Jews.

It must be remembered that Robert Crumb’s second wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, was Jewish. Born into a middle-class Jewish family in New York, the Goldsmiths, Aline was a highly talented underground comics artist in her own right. She was known to collaborate with her husband Robert on many of his assignments. So it is more than likely that Aline collaborated with Crumb on this particular cartoon strip with its tongue-in-cheek anti-Semitism.

When Aline met Robert in 1978, it was love at first sight. She was attracted to the bearded humorist because she thought he was Jewish. This is what she has to say:

“I had read Robert’s work before I met him and I thought he was Jewish because he was so whiny. He’s such a kvetch. When I saw Robert’s comics, I thought: here is Jewish humor at its best. When my grandparents met him, they thought he was a rabbinical student. When we finally told them the truth, they were really disappointed. My grandmother tried to get him to convert [to Judaism] for years. Robert seems to be somewhat of a Jewophile because I’m his second Jewish wife." (See here)

Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Cartoonist Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

If Crumb’s humor is “Jewish humor at its best”, this does not say much for Jewish humor — however anarchic and irreverent Jewish humor is meant to be. Crumb’s work has elicted harsh comment from many critics. It has been denounced as racist, anti-feminist, and sexually perverted.

Crumb’s contributions, for example, appeared in Nasty Tales, a 1970s British publication that faced obscenity charges at the Old Bailey courthouse in London in 1972. Though the publishers were acquitted on that occasion, the mud stuck to Crumb — and his reputation as an unwholesome influence with sex on the brain has persisted.

R. Crumb’s Sex Obsessions, a collection of the cartoonist’s most explicit sex-oriented drawings and comic strips, was released from TASCHEN in November 2007. This may have boosted Crumb’s reputation among pornophiles, but it diminished his appeal elsewhere.

In August 2001, on Crumb being invited to attend a graphics artist festival in Sydney, Australia, an Australian tabloid labeled him a “self-confessed sex pervert”. The hostile headline asked, Cult genius or filthy weirdo?

As a result of this “unjustified” abuse, Crumb had second thoughts about visiting the rude antipodean Crumbophobes and decided to cancel his trip to Australia in a fit of pique.

Today, Crumb and his Jewish wife Aline reside in a small village near Sauve in the South of France, where they are often visited by their family.

Soon after completing this cartoon depicting the everyday life of a typical American  family,  Crumb decided to consecrate his genius to illustrating  the Book of Genesis.

Partly because of his Jewish connections and his distinctly Jewish humor—possibly the result of heavy collaboration with his Jewish wife—Crumb’s reputation as a cult figure is guaranteed. He received the world’s ultimate accolade by recognition and publication in the Thanksgiving edition (2004) of  The New Yorker, a magazine (as we know) under full Jewish ownership, like the bulk of America’s mass media.

You will note that the above statement is itself an anti-Semitic “canard”, i.e., an allegedly false belief offensive to Jews — but one that happens, nevertheless, to be true!

The mass-media-under-Jewish-ownership “canard”, ironically, is utilized by Crumb himself in Frame 3 of the cartoon strip below: “AND THESE YIDS HAVE SECURED TOTALLY THEIR GREASY HANDS OWNERSHIP OF THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE OF MIND CONTROL IN THE MODERN WORLD — THE MASS MEDIA!”

Knowing all this, it’s amazing to think that so many otherwise intelligent people should regard the cartoon strip below as “anti-Semitic”  when it is in fact almost the reverse: a satirical spoof by a philosemite and his Jewish wife.

“Xanadu” is an alternative pen name used by Lasha Darkmoon, usually for online comments and short impromptu pieces.


Peter said...

Eggs Ackley!
(the name of a famous Crumb cartoon character)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I have had some of these cartoons stashed away in my folders for some time. However, they were just too depraved for me to run.

We all remember the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and those characters of the hippy heydays, do we not? Or Mr. Natural? Or Keep on Truckin'? Crumb did have an effect on us all who were involved in the movement of the times.

Then he just went major porn. To be honest, his work is sublimely Jewish. Racist? gotcha! Pornographic and perverted? Gotcha!

Even me, broad minded as I am, was disgusted by some of his work. Yet I also have posted some of his more delightful pieces about the environment and what I see as the Nazi green movement.

I really did think he was full Jewish. To understand Jewish humour you have to know that they take EVERYTHING we Christians hold sacred and smear them in feces; it is the Talmudic thing to do.

If you look at the material coming out of HEEB snot-nosed ever-so-snidely-hip magazine you find the worst of the worst of doing what we Christians would be taken to court for. The worst example I can think of was their

"Heeb Magazine Fake Holocaust Memoir Competition"


I have found in exploration, most Jewish humour of this sort is simply intended to show that they can get away with it. There is a lot to work with below as well.


Personally, I did find a lot of it funny on the last page but then again, to do so, I had to sorta think tribal, a painful thing!

What blows me away is the chutzpah, especially in the "How to cook a Goy".

Robert Crumb, he may not have been born a Jew but he seems to be more Jew than anything around, right down to being the stereotypical little zit-nosed nerd.

Anonymous said...

Have always been a big fan of R. Crumb. Also Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. I always knew it was satire. I never realized he did hard porno until I came across Mr. Snerdly(?), I think it was, who lived in this young ladys' ass.(big time grin) And Timster, do you remember Little Annie Fannie???

Genie said...

The strip is interesting. I think Crumb's got everything just about right. He's always gotten everyone's number, that's his gift. Did I miss when you said this strip came out or was done?

Genie said...

wasn't Annie Fannie a Playboy comic? Gee, the things I saw as a middle class little girl living in a strict family. The trash reaches your kids no matter what.
reading Noor's comment on the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. My favorite is when they went to Disneyland and were told that hippies were not allowed and big muscular "clean cut" bouncer dudes with mickey mouse ears confronted them and I think beat them up. That was halarious.

Anonymous said...


"My favorite is when they went to Disneyland and were told that hippies were not allowed and big muscular "clean cut" bouncer dudes with mickey mouse ears confronted them and I think beat them up. That was halarious"

Talk about images running loose in your head. That one had me LMFAO.

Anonymous said...

You may not have intended this, Noor al Haqiqa, but it sounds as if you thought that Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers was a Robert Crumb cartoon. It is actually by Gilbert Shelton. And, yes, they are hilarious.

Remember, "You are too henerous, senor!" Ah, you had to be there.

who+dares+wings said...

Crumb edited his own comic journal briefly entitled WIERDO where he presented new talent. When he moved to France it became VERRE D'EAU for an issue and it's in this that "When the Jews Take Over America" appeared along with the equally biting "When the Godamn Niggers Take Over America." Fantagraphics Books carries reprints of all the old WIERDOS.

Ailene Kominsky Crumb's collaborations with Crumb
are always recognizable because her drawing style is different that his. It's not as accomplished. If she's not in the frame than she didn't collaborate and her drawings don't appear in any frames of this strip.

Fantagraphics publishes The Comics Journal in which the history and business of comics is researched and written up with insider precision bimonthly. There's usually an in-depth interview with some person whose spent their life in the trade in every issue. Many of these people are Jews who plotz and kvetch about the McCarthy era, the congressional hearings on teen deliquency that led to Comics Code and the '60s heyday of underground "comix."

I'm no friend of the picklesnoot power pervading the culture, but I know art and Lasha Darkmoon's and other WN academic's premise that Jews can't make good art is flawed. Their harping on Abstract Expressionism as an example is a dated case made for them by the anonymous author of When Victims Rule. Yes, the contemporary art business is overrepresented by Jews, but I once wrote to artist/Holocaust heretic Ernst Zundel's wife Ingrid Rimland to remind her how many talented Jewish illustrators there were in America from the '30-the Internet. Like Lashmoon etc., she'd thrown the baby out with the bathwater and Ingrid's reply to me was, "You're a Jew."

R.B. Kitaj was a pompous American expat painter in London obsessed with his Jewishness. He once admitted that there were no towering Jewish geniuses in the history of Western high art. That must have been a tough call for him to make. I've been searching for the interview (essay?) in which he declarared this ever since I stumbled on it. No success to date.

Timster said...

All - It has been questioned why I have not replied to any of the above comments...even though many would normally receive my comment.
I did not write the article, so I don't feel as though I should field any of the commentary. It was written by Lasha Darkmoon...a regular contributor here. If she wishes to comment on your take of the article, she is welcome to do so, or you can comment at