Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Moonies And Evil Twins...

You and I have very much in common with every historically violent and racist supremacist from Karl Marx to Benjamin Netanyahu and all the most extremist jewish zionists in between.  Really.  We do.  We are so close to their model that it is scary.  That is to say if you come here to read about my view of judaism and the horror it has brought to the world and you have a similar view of the universe.  We all understand some fundamental things about the human species.  Even if we don't name them, or even if we haven't been taught them in a college classroom...we understand them nonetheless.  These concepts that we grasp about ourselves as a species, are that we all look for leaders.  We all look for something solid to believe in.  We all want security and freedom from fear.  We all want to be somehow better than our neighbors.  Even if it is a better looking lawn...a newer car...a more trendy approach to life.
These things are basic.  And you and I understand and implement our knowledge of these things into our everyday life.  

The difference however between, say, Tzipi Livni and ourselves is that you and I suppress these emotions and genetic evolutionary drivers, as much as possible.  We have grown to understand throughout our lives...that these emotions are counterproductive in these, the latter stages of our species' evolutionary development.  We also understand that no human life is more or less than another. And even though we grasp these concepts, we also know that most people yield to these ancient motivations...they watch 6 hours of television a day.  They believe that wherever they live is the best place on earth.  They get caught up in their little worlds and accept bland generalizations and propaganda about the big world that doesn't concern them.  Their entertainment is prefabricated, cheap and forgettable.  It is a consumable.  As is their belief in the modern mythology of the day.  The holocaust...evil Mooslims...9/ warming...political correctness.

You and I are above all that.  We know better and we act upon our knowledge...and attempt to lead these "sheeple" in the right direction. OUR direction.  So how are we any different than the jewish media bosses that direct their staffs to demonize what they hate, and glorify what they hold dear?

Well, I think that although we two groups...both armed with the knowledge of basic psychological needs of the "herd" mentality...try to push our respective agendas equally...there is an axiomatic difference.
Our philosophy is derived from weighing what is good for mankind as a whole...while "theirs" is based on what is good for their tribe.
We both believe ourselves to possess the only true understanding of things.  We both know that we can influence the masses.  It is a tug-of-war...and WE are the only ones they truly fear.  We...their twins.

I was talking to a friend the other day.  One that is half my age.  This guy is great...intelligent, funny, a very talented writer that has a huge social conscience.  We get along famously.  However...and though he doesn't verbalize it,(perhaps through not trying to hurt my feelings)...he simply doesn't fully understand my position about the world, and why I lay so much blame at the door of the Rothschilds for the ills we both see around us.  Not fully.  I think he humors me a lot.  That's ok.  I can understand that.
He will come around...he's young and I have planted good seeds.
Anyway, we were talking about judaism, and it was my take that his generation is unwilling to name the beast.  To the point of, in some part of their brains...even though they acknowledge the jewish  over-representation in those things that the world would be better off without...mass entertainment, banking...nefarious warfare, they are afraid to use the word "jew".  They wouldn't be caught dead uttering this name audibly in public, any more than you or I would think to the use the word "nigger".  They are that indelibly programmed.

While discussing this, I brought up the "moonies" and Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.  Well, he had no real recollection of them...being so young.  I explained that at the time in the U.S., no one felt any compunction about publicly denouncing that cult, or its leader.  They set up deprogramming centers across the nation to wrest the minds of their children from this ponzi-schemer.  I said that judaism is no different.  Much worse of course, for Reverend Moon did not kill people in the name of his religion...just made a good living.  But the philosophy is the same.  
They are both cults.  They both are based on taking advantage of some pretty vulnerable people, and they both use propaganda to achieve this.  But say "jew" audibly is verboten.  How do they get so much power?  Well, through various means.  Aligning themselves with the concept of race...mythological "victim" status...tying themselves to other ancient religions(even though they don't actually believe this themselves on the whole), and primarily through the media.  Reverend Moon's propaganda was not privy to such media saturation, but I dare say if it was...I doubt that it would have been used for much actual evil...just greed(and more Target department stores).
But our twins...they are cut of a different cloth on this score.  Had judaism...or at least the ashkanazi variety...been nipped in the bud in early post-khazaria, as quickly as we deflated the Moon movement in the west, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now.  The very nature of the jewish cult demands anti-human behaviour.  For if they are taught is only a matter of time and degree before such a world-view leads them to the human slaughter we see in Palestine.

So before you condemn judaism and zionism...understand that you are much like the leaders of these cults.  You understand people.  Use this knowledge that you have in common with our twin, to teach and deprogram.


glengear said...

Damn Timster, two post in three days, are you sick or what. I thought you was out of words. Have you been reborn? You got to be careful posting such lovely pictures, I get stuuuuuck and have to reboot.
Rather hard to deprogram everything that you once thought, quite possibly is fabricated. One has to block out every XXXXing thing and use your own cobweb brainee thing! BABY that be hard to do!!! You mean I now can listen to you tell a story, rather than reading your story! Whow-wee! Educators want to take handwriting out of the schools and now I don't have to read, shazam, baby! Wait a dag-gone minute. Have our children become too ignorant to read & write. Is this Picture, Picture, Listen, Listen, Timster's How Dare I! Just having fun with you good Buddy!

Timster said...

Glenster - Yep. I've gone Hollywood!
I'm Podcast now...