Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have a problem with hubris.  Because with hubris..."chutzpa"...there is always superiority.  There is always "holier than thou".  There is always a delusional self-appraisal.  For what would generate such bravado, if not for assuming some phantom higher ground.

Israhell refuses to apologize to Turkey for executing Turkish citizens.  Israelis are incensed that they have to be questioned and searched when they leave that hell-hole of theirs and try to enter another say Turkey.  Well this is more than just a spat.  Turkey has promised to escort future relief ships through the Mediterranean to Gaza...exercising a bit of THEIR "hubris".  Or I should say their courage to get back into the neighborhood bully's face.  I wish them well.  Perhaps they will be the ones to start this hard lesson to be taught to the false jews.  I wish the world to see the cowards that are the IDF, get bested at their own game of bullying.

It is a simple lesson to learn.  Not bullying, I mean.

When I was a grade-school punk I grew a bit faster than my classmates.  I was taller, stronger...and if the truth be known...a bit more of a jerk because of it.  This is true.  I used to look forward to the walk home from school, because I got to bully the smaller kids.  Literally.  I remember that to this day.  One of those portions of your life...a chapter that you would rather not remember.  Anyway...I did.  I pushed and shoved and challenged anyone smaller than myself.  It was a rush...that power.  I had toadies too.  Smaller kids that had learned that if they sided with me...they were less likely to get punched in the face.  What a miniature asshole was I.  
This didn't last very long actually.  Kids complained to their parents...parents complained to the school...etc.  Upshot....I was called into the principal's office.  I remember that like it was yesterday.  He asked me if all these horror stories were true...expecting me to lie.  Which I did.  Then he said "you wanna bully me?"  Well, duh...not only no, but HELL no.  The guy was over 6ft and built like a brick house.  So he tries to get through to me that there is always someone bigger and stronger...and I had better watch out with this path I was on.
I'll never know if he arranged what happened next...although to this day, I suspect he did.  His lecture quieted me down for about a day...then I was back to the pushing, shoving and punching and the thrill of it all.  All I remember about the incident that day, was pushing a little kid into a pile of dirt on the way home.  The next memory was looking up from the ground at his older brother and realizing that I couldn't feel anything in my face.  It was numb...and there was blood coming out of my nose. It didn't really hurt that much ...but it scared hell outta me, and I ran all the way home.  I lied to my parents about what happened, and never intentionally bullied anyone again in my life.  So far.  I ain't dead yet.  I have been thinking about returning to the M/E...and I just may return to my ways of long forgotten.

A friend recently decried that we have very little choice in the matter of how to solve the problem of that shitty little terrorist state that is bullying way too many people in this world. I hear him.  A bigger bully may be what is needed.  To bloody a few noses.

But maybe not.  One thing I know about that they are ALL cowards...when it comes right down to it.  It comes with the territory.  Shakespeare said "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once..." In the instance of our modern "cowards", one could substitute "six million" for "many times".   They enjoy this victim status so much now...but I doubt that they will enjoy it when they are truly taught some hard lessons.  For as they treat the Palestinian atrocities they have committed, we can once more turn to the Bard; "...he jests at scars that never felt a wound".

  There is a feeling when you are punching and kicking someone else...a feeling of distorted empathy, I think.  It is as if you understand the pain you inflict on others so acutely,that you will avoid receiving such misery yourself at all costs.  You wish to keep it on a vicarious level.  Bullying is an attempt to feel the power of influence that you imagine the courageous feel.  Only without having to expend any real energy in sacrifice.  The courage in we that are not bullies is reflexive.  We separate people fighting, without regard to our own safety.  We run back into that burning building without thinking of anything other than those we have to rescue.  This type of act is not as uncommon as you might we that are not bullies.  It is more nature than thought process.  Knee-jerk concern for your fellow man.  Effort applied for good.  Not vanity.  For bullies are vain.  And what a surprise that vanity and hubris go hand-in-hand.  If there is anything in this cult of judaism that I abhor and stands out above it all, it is this attitude of superiority, for I know first-hand what that produces.  Bullying.

I don't know who is going to teach the followers of the talmud their final lesson.  The one they don't inflate or forget.  The one that remains in their collective conscience, but quietly.  The lesson that turns them away from their bullying forever.  But someone is going to.  They always do.  This someone (and it will be many someones) will reflexively bloody some noses. When zionists push too hard...when they tip their hand too many times, it is going to come home to them...and unfortunately, to all with a jewish background.   And yes it is a shame that some...even myself at one point...can only be taught this way.  But being a bully they know nothing else.  They won't listen to reason.  I didn't.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Great piece Mr.Friend.

I had a brother who was a bully and grew up dealing with his messes. But the real sad one was the brother under him who was a sweet kid always being judged at first to be a bully as well.

"Ah you are Jimmy's brother. Sit in front where I can watch you."

Me? I got the girl bullying, the words, the taunts, the psychological bullying. It effected me all my life I realize now as I approach my dotage. Oddly, or not, in retrospect, the ones who hurt me the most when we were teens happen to have been Jewish... funny about that, huh?

As for Israel, cowards all. We know this already. How can one be a big brave warrior when one drops bombs down on defenseless civilians? How can one be a big brave warrior when he shoots old farmers bending over in their fields? Or shoot unarmed civilians. What of those brave women who sit in towers and push buttons to kill children? Or tear down houses in huge huge tractors? Or run over people?

The behaviour of these Jews to the innocents of the world shrieks fear and cowardice. Remember, these people are brought up in a climate of fear... as well as that of "moral superiority". Fear is what keeps the money rolling in to organizations like the ADL, JDL, AIPAC, etc. As long as there is fear there will be bullying and as long as there is bullying, there will be fear.

The rest of us just need to kick some ass.

Timster said...

Noor- Thank you. Your comment about brave women that sit in towers, reminds me of Dr. Ruth. She has admitted proudly that she was such a "soldier" in the IDF...a sniper no less. I like your "The rest of us just need to kick some ass." obs. I agree!

anti-Zionist, not anti-Semite said...

I am very tired of the deliberate confounding of the terms anti-Semitic, anti-Jew and anti-Zionist.

Let us be clear, the white Khazarian Ashkenazim are not Semites whereas the Arabic Palestinians are Semites.

For Abe Foxman or anyone in the MSM to use the term anti-Semitic when meaning anti-Jew or anti-Zionist is a 100% misnomer.

Anti-Jew is a term almost never seen. It means all people of the Judaic faith whether inside Israel or not. It is close to a form of racism. Being Jewish does not mean one is evil.

Anti-Zionism means being against a political agenda whose adherents may be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Budist, agnostic or atheist.

Using the term anti-Semitic when the correct term is anti-Zionist is a deliberate ploy of people like Abe Foxman to muddy the political waters with religion.

The white Khazarian Ashkenazim in or outside of Israel are not Semites.

According to Jesus Christ: Those who call themselves Jews, but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan.

I am not anti-Semitic, I am anti-Synagogue of Satan - that is to say, I am anti-Zionist - against the political agenda of a Zionist new world order.

When I see the term anti-Semitic used instead of the correct term anti-Zionist, I want to scream out loud.

Anon said...

There is sometimes a strange link between the bully and the victim.

It is almost as though both the bully and the victim have yet to learn some lesson.

- Aangirfan

Timster said...

Anti - Thanks for the comment and the link. Interesting letter to Foxman. I doubt he will a matter of fact, Hart conspicuously points out in several of his assertions contained therein WHY the Fox won't reply, and cannot.
Although I don't agree with many things Hart the letter and his books and articles, it is a starting point.
To counter your point, I can only say that "I AM an anti-Semite" by the definition proffered by zionists like Foxman. As Gilad Atzmon has stated many times, it is "jewishness"...that chosen-ness of the this gutter religion that ALLOWS for the existence of israhell. And allows the zionist mentality to censure and shape their media's narrative. Jews and Arabs/Muslims will never live together peaceably. They are diametrically opposed on too many issues...mainly usury. As Helen Thomas said "the jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back where they came from".

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Nice Post, I wish I had written most of it. I tried to say something in a comment, in my own comments section recently. I had intended it to carry the same emotive thread as you have woven here; instead of the lovely flow and meter of your tome, I managed to horrify myself with a re-reading. I hope the readers at my grotto didn't come away from my comment with the same slack-jawed awe which I did, after I re-read it. I am loathe to "pull it" though (grin) as I learn from most every fuck-up I make, mostly I learn something new from the same mistake, ad nauseum, Haaaargh!

I am still not able to pare away the emotion from my memories, these memories are for the most part the schematic diagram of my being.

Still working on becoming a readable writer, c'est la guerre...

nice work brother,

Hey Noor and Aan, way to comment there guys!


numb with regret...

Timster said...

V - Thanks. I hear ya bro...
You are a readable writer that I would put on par w/Hemingway...if you would just DO it.
Your war stories need to be put on paper...the way you remember them. You started to do it and had me mesmerized...then...? Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon at Goon Squad has a very valid point; the USA now resembles Nazi Germany.

Almost all the leaders in the USA are zionists. The funding of those who reach the bowels of power comes from zionists. Only candidates positively vetted through israel can become president. Once in power no member of congress dares to burp without first asking their zionist masters.

Israel is USA's zionist brother and though much smaller is very psychopathically sucessful in getting his big sibbling to do the little sibbling's bidding.

Their common father is Rothschild. He is a infanticidal parent who sacrificed civilians on 9/11 and who would in a heartbeat sacrifice all of israel to achieve a new world order completely owned and controlled by he and his zionist international bankers.

Psychopaths have no allegance to anything but themselves. This is the one characteristic where they are always consistent.

The USA is now Germany in 1939.

Look for an all-out world war very soon.

Mel said...

yes.. well said... vanity, and hubris go hand in hand..i was bullied as a young girl.. by a bigger boy, for years.. then i did the act. i bloodied his nose. he ran home screaming for his mommy.. and i cried. ; ]

James Laffrey said...

""Jews benefited in every way (from 9/11): Profits from insurance, profits from advance purchases of stock options, profits from owning the war-materiel companies, profits from further suppression of our freedoms and productivity to drive us into bankruptcies and foreclosures, thus transferring our wealth to them as they own all the big banks.

Rothschild-jews are the leaders of the giant subset of international jewry who rob and strangle our economy, lives, and liberty. Rothschild jews, born of their family name-change (from Bauer) about 250 years ago, have reigned over international banking for the last 200 years, and still do."

glengear said...

Timster I remember you saying something about fear porn! Does this mean looking girl with her twat over this guy's face qualify for pants porn, or am I too old and am missing your point? I stopped at this picture because I was too confused. Anyway keep up with the good work whether it be porn or whatever!

Timster said...

Mel - Atta girl! (all this time I thought you were a male)...

Timster said...

James - That's about it in a nutshell..."the rest is silence".

Timster said...

Glenster - Well, yes and no.

A concerned citizen said...

Mr. Tim and commenters: you might want to check this out.

Great site Tim.


Timster said...

Citizen - Thank you. Welcome.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Geez I am glad someone else noticed that picture of the girl on that guy. I ... er... uhm... immediately had rather a lewd interpretation of that and really wondered, Timster, if you were that naive!

OMG Mel! When I was younger I was very shy about my over-abundance of "assets". I also had a nice big dog who wore a choke chain at times. One day I was in a very busy part of downtown and I was accosted, in the middle of the day, by some perv who was ... uhm... titillated by my said assets.

I had a long walk to the subway and there were tons of people around, a prime shopping area. This guy kept after me and did not take my warning to leave me alone. I growled... and btw I was very modestly dressed. He tried to push me into an alley and I warned him again and walked faster.

He did it again and this time without even thinking, I whipped the choke chain out of my pocket and whipped it across his face. Hard. Blood flew and I am sure, if he is still alive, he has scars. He ran, threatening to get the cops but ... disappeared into the crowds.

Me, I literally ran home and cried too. I felt guilty for hurting him! That is about the time I honed my smooth rock throwing skills cos I lived in a seamy part of town. Got a forehead? I could whip one at it really well if need be, and did a few times. Damned idiots just needed a lesson. I stopped feeling guilty real fast....

Bullies and pervs deserve what they get in my estimation. On to Israel!

Timster said...

Noor - I like your "ugly-tude"...haha. We need a few million like you! On to israhell, indeed.

su said...

Finally someone said no to israel.
Turkey fucking did it - said no fucking more.
Get out now.
Then the Egyptians turned nasty.
Suddenly the forever kingdom looks threatened.
It is all downhill from there.

Timster said...

Su - The tide is turning. Their holohoax and "moral" army isn't purchasing what it used to. This is getting interesting! I'm glad I am living to see this.