Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back To Basics...

As anyone that operates a site like mine can tell you...that is to say, one that is even the least bit critical of the ruling ashkanazi or that nest of vipers occupying get a lot of commentary on your posts.
Actually most of it is, and always has been positive.  However, you also get the other types.  I classify them as, a)Hasbara-paid israeli youth counteracting what they deem as anti-semitic on the net...or b) trolls - they will nay-say anything you write and apparently get all goose-pimply when you react emotionally.  Or c) those that are truly so steeped in the indoctrination of our rulers in this "age of the jew", that they feel compelled to straighten me out on a few issues.

The first two types don't get published here.  The last one gives me pause to reflect and assess how well I am doing in this personal quest of mine.  These are normally considerate and thoughtful people.  They are usually almost pleasant in their rants, so I try to be in return.
Yesterday I received such a comment on my last article.  I not only chose to publish it along with the other positive comments, I thought this a good opportunity to rebut a few points about which "anonymous" has attempted to make...and to make my response an entire post.  It could get long.  You might want to read it in shifts.

Firstly, I am grateful for the comment.  Really, I am. And I admire Mr./Ms Anon for commenting in this fashion.  It gives me a chance to air my position concerning judaism for those that require a bit more fundamental explanation.  I have a tendency to move a bit too fast for some...assume that everyone is with me on some basic things.  The comment that follows clearly shows how many are not:

 Anonymous said...
I really don't appreciate your page. You're looking for a simple solution to the world's problems by taking one group of people and putting all the blame on them. NEWS FLASH: The Jewish people are not the source of all the evil in the world. You're just another person illogically blaming the Jews for everyone's problems. No matter what I say, you will always believe the Jews are the root of all evil. You'll still bleat about "The Holohoax," yet according to this post and your page, you endorse the death of "all things Judaic." (Irony? I think not. And you know it's true.) You'll continue to blame 911, the Kennedy Assassination, WWI, WWII etc. on the Jews. You'll continue to falsely claim that all media is owned by Jews and that we can't trust anything Jewish. (Quite a clever Catch 22, Mr. Streicher, but it ain't gonna work this time.) I really do pity you. You have devoted your life to a hateful, despicable cause. I invite you to cease your false accusations against the Jewish people. You know what you are doing is wrong. Please, if you truly are for world peace, start advocating it. Right now, all you're doing is looking for a scapegoat to put all your problems on. Life just ain't that simple whether you like it or not.

The easiest way to proceed with countering this opinion would be to take it point by point, and then address the tone of the comment.   So I will.
Mr./Ms Anon says right off the bat that he doesn't appreciate my page.  Ok.  I can live with that.  It isn't for everyone(nor am I personally if the truth be known).  But they go on referencing many things I have said throughout many many past I can only conclude that this is a person bent on masochism, to read so much with which you do not agree.  Personally if someone says, for instance that Beyonce is the most talented vocalist of all time...I ain't gonna read much further...but that may just be me.
Next they say that I am looking for a simple solution to the world's problems by blaming a group of people and provides a news flash that I had yet to hear...that jews are not the source of all the evil in the world.  Well, that's kinda straw-man tactics.  I have never said that any group of people are the cause of all "evil"(a rather subjective term) in the world.  I have said many times that the jewish religion allows most of what is negative in the world.  Big difference.
A Gentile could follow the talmud's teachings to the letter and I would vilify such activity just as strongly.  It is the religion that I have a problem with.  Not people.  Yes, those raised in jewish homes, of course are more likely to follow the supremacist teachings of that disgusting cult, because they become part of the tribe.  However, again, I do not hate people for what they are through no control of their own.  I hate those that when faced with a decision, decide to follow such an immoral path as judaism.  I have stated here many times that I have known several people raised in jewish homes and bear the names of their cultural lineage...and have totally rejected the precepts of exclusivity which they were taught.

Our commenter then states that I am somehow ironic because I bleat on about the 'holohoax' and yet I endorse the death of all things judaic.  I'm afraid I don't really get that one.  Firstly I have never endorsed anyone's "death".  I certainly endorse the death or universal banning of judaism as a cult.  I thought I had made that clear here many times.  Perhaps not.  I understand that when the general populace of this planet grasps the havoc that this cult has brought to us...yes, indeed...there will be death.  I will not be one of those causing it.  Nor do I advocate violence in any form.  Even my most ardent detractors would not assert that I have ever done so.

Moving on...
Our reader goes on to list the anomalies that I ascribe to the machinations of those that follow this religion.  I will go him one better.  I would start around 1744 with the birth of Mayer Amschel Rothschild(nee Bauer).  It was he that brought usury to world politics.  It was he that financed both sides of the Napoleonic wars.  It was he that through the financial empire he created, essentially purchased Britain.  From that period to today, the practice of money changing became a dangerous political tool used by his family and all the jewish bankers with which he surrounded himself.  This is all a matter of factual history and I won't go into the details here, but I suggest Mr/Ms Anon avails themselves of such research.
As far as our reader's assertion that jewish zionists do not own the Western media...well, that is almost too ridiculous to respond to.  Any even casual research will confirm their ownership/control.  I won't spend any effort in re-proving that point.
I am then accused of a "catch 22" because I understand the above fact to be true...and so I tell my readers not to trust their media.  How is that a "catch 22"?  As I remember the book and how it defines it...a catch 22 refers to contradictory rules.  As in, you can't get out of flying bombing missions because you are crazy, because no one that is crazy is allowed to fly bombing missions.  I don't see the contradictions in what I  bleat on about.  Perhaps I am crazy?

I agree, I have HAD to devote quite a bit of my life to this hateful cause. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't.  I hate the jewish religion.  Period.  Those that are taught it and choose to follow it, ARE despicable.

There are many groups of people that have conquered and ruled the world.  Or the world known to them at the time.  If I had lived in ancient Rome, I would have been scrawling graffiti and attending protests of their hegemony.  It was no less than what I see as the ashkanazi plan for domination.  Had I lived under the rule of the Catholic church of the middle ages, I would have decried the reigning Pope's marketing of indulgences to guild the church and to launch crusades.
The judaic are just the latest political assholes that have gained power in the world...with a twist.  Their religion actually encourages such plundering...if it is for jewish exhaltation only.  Lastly our friend implores: "...if you truly are for world peace, start advocating it." 
I am not for world peace.  I thought that was clear.  I am for world JUSTICE.  Period.  "Peace" is usually accomplished at the end of a gun.  Without justice, there is no true peace.  Give the people of the world the justice that the ruling tribe has denied them...and real peace will follow. 

Perhaps I am being too hard on Mr/Ms Anon.  I have used them as an example of the readers that peruse my site and somehow just don't get it. Although I think I have stated my position over there at the left rather clearly...many still insist on putting words in my mouth and misunderstanding what I feel is my mission here.
I welcome criticism such as this... at times. It's a chance to get back to basics.


Anonymous said...

All the best Tim.

I've said my piece to your jewish apologist interloper in your last post. I'm not going to spend any more time on a person who deep down thinks I am no better than an animal because I am a gentile (goyim).

Happy trails Mr. Apologist.


glengear said...

Atta boy Timster!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."All those of that opinion, say 'I', all those that are not, say 'Nay'...I believe the 'I's have it".

Speaker of The House of Representatives. Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory in the Jurisdiction of Admiralty Law - Rothschalian Oceania.


Strawman said...

JUSTICE uber alles. If enforced relocation to an island isn't in the cards, I can think of only one other solution.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. The limitations of written internet communication are quite apparent. If I may, I'd like clarify any misunderstandings. Your Mission statement says

"It is the mission of this site to expose and reject
the actions of judaic. Judaism is a racist, supremacist

This is what I was referring to when I claimed that you "endorse the death of all things judaic." This sort of rhetoric implies that you wish to see Judaism (Yes, the religion) eradicated from the face of the earth. This is what I mean when I say that you "endorse the death of all things judaic."

I would also like to clarify my stance on the overgeneralizations and false accusations of the Jewish people and you have provided me with a perfect example: The Rothschilds. No anti Jewish ranting would be complete without the mentioning of the "dreaded Rothschilds." Now lets be fair here. The Rothschilds aren't exactly known for their religious fervor. Yet, you and others seem to lump infamous secular Jews into a religious, "Talmudic" Jewish category, and then step back and say, "See? Judaism is immoral! Just look at Sarah Silverman!..."

Sarah Silverman knows about as much Talmud as a fish knows English. She was raised without religion and she identifies as agnostic.

"But what about Karl Marx! What an immoral Talmud loving Jew!" says the anti Jewish ranter!

Sorry Charlie! Karl Marx was an atheist, along with most of the Jews involved in Bolshevism.

My point is that you are overgeneralizing the actions of secular Jews and equating them with Judaism. This is just wrong...plain and simple. If you're going to equate Jewish agnostics/atheists with "Talmudic" Jews, then you might as well say that Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shahak are "Talmudic" Jews. But you wouldn't dare say that...never.

And to clarify my "Catch 22" allusion, I was referring to the fact that anti Jewish advocates have taken the Jewish argument and put it in a straight jacket by essentially claiming, "All of the media is run by Jews. Thus, any information you get from the media concerning Jews is unreliable because Jews want to run the world and decieve everyone else." This is your argument in a nutshell. You already assume that there is a Jewish conspiracy in your premise. How could a Jew argue against a premise that already assumes that Jews are deceitful? The second a Jew opens his or her mouth to rebuttel against this silly, fallacious argument, the Jew's rebuttel is immediately discredited by the false assumption of the original argument's premise! This is what I mean by a "Catch 22." You must first prove that there is a Jewish conspiracy among ALL Jews (secular and religious/Talmudic) who are involved in the media. ( And no, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion doesn't count. It has been proven to be fraudulent by plagiarization of Maurice Joly's fictional piece "Dialogue in Hell.")
(Continued in next comment...I ran out of characters)

Anonymous said...

Finally, I'd like to address the main issue at hand. Judaism is a religion. Christianity is a religion that spawned off from Judaism. Islam is a religion that also spawned off from both. (more or less.) All of these are all religions that have many ideas in common. Timster, I ask this question in all sincerity...Why is Judaism more "despicable" than any other religion? On what basis do you say this? Mouser claims that Jews believe they are "superior" to all other religions. He (erroneously) believes that the Hebrew word "goy" is equated with the english word "animal." The Hebrew word "goy" means nation and it is not equated with an animal. Thus, "goyim" means "nations." Like Christianity and Islam, (and ALL religions in general) followers of Judaism believe their religion to be the ultimate truth and all other religions to be false. This is the nature of religion. To say that Jews are flaunting their "superiority" just because they study the Torah and the Talmud (which is taken out of context/mistranslated to an astounding degree by anti Jewish individuals in order to paint the followers of Judaism in a falsely negative light) is quite disingenuious indeed. Since all religions claim absolute truth, Christianity, Islam, and ALL religions claim to be "superior" to any other. And just like Christianity and Islam, Judaism accepts converts. Yes, even you, Timster.

Look, I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm here to sincerely understand your viewpoint. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. Justice (peace) out!

Terrance said... really make me question the status my gut I know these barbarians will one day get their just deserts but not soon enough for me!....thank you for your clarity and insights into the dense minds of pure evil...enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

If they disagree with your blogspot so much then go to another one that fits their views and beliefs. There are literally millions of blogs out there try another one. I like a blog that pisses me off or makes me laugh or moves me in some way and this one certainly fits that description. :)

Timster said...

Mouser - Thanks for the help.

Timster said...

Glenster - meh...I didn't care for it really. It was 5k words and I paired too much off, I think. But thanks anyway.

Timster said...

V - So the resolution is passed? COOL!

Timster said...

Straw - Well, Hitler tried the Madagascar thingy...they weren't buying it.

Timster said...

Anon(again) Ok. Let's go through this just one more time.
You write like some Hasbara people I have debated these issues with...hmmm. Just sayin.
Firstly, you seem to enjoy putting words in other peoples mouths, huh?
I have never...NEVER said that there is a jewish conspiracy. Please do not know what that does...and it's annoying. When you use the phrase "This sort of rhetoric implies..." you do the accused an injustice. It couldn't be a more sweeping generalization.
My words are my words. Sorry if that is confusing to you.
The "talmudic" distinction you make is of little interest to me. Secular, atheistic or agnostic...most jewish homes imbibe the same "Chosen-ness" to their children. I don't generalize and say ALL. But those that have left room for descent of such supremacy, produce the Gilads and the truly good jewish friends that I have had.
You seem to have a penchant for knowing what people think "in a nutshell".
Again, I didn't say "all media is run by jews" I have said many times that the WESTERN media is owned by zionist jews.
I have never...(again, read this carefully so you won't misquote me once again)...NEVER defended Christianity or Islam..on this site or anywhere else. In my estimation ALL religion is bunk. Did you even read my post about you?
And since Mouser has the good sense not to waste anymore time with you, I will defend his statement in his absence. He did not say the word "goyim" meant animal...there you go again...assuming.
I'm going to give any more argument a miss. You obviously aren't learning anything here. As one reader put should move on to a site that fits your opinions of the world more closely.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...anon @7:34/35pyem: "Judaism is a religion. Christianity is a religion that spawned off from Judaism. Islam is a religion that also spawned off from both. (more or less.)"

"The Hebrew word "goy" means nation and it is not equated with an animal. Thus, "goyim" means "nations."

WRONG! On both points - The basis for contemporary judaism has its foundation in Babylon, specifically a village on the banks of the Euphrates called Zion, often referred to as being in the shadow of the tower of Babel. The parasitical approach yids have to controlling their existential enemies manifests as a contamination at first and then infestation and subsequently full parasitoid control. That is and always has been and will be their modus operandi.

The word "goy" is not "hebrew" the term Hebrew is an anglicized bastardization of the name Ebre, The tribe of Ebre. The term goyim refers to the host of beings inhabiting the earth. The misinterpretation of "nation" is typical hasbara and spin. That the goyim are considered no more than cattle, is stated over one thousand times in the "babylonian talmud", the zorah (a dialectical, a work in progress) and the torah or tanach, which are actually two different books, one watered down for the goyim, These pages of filth and violence have never had anything to do with the WORD, particularly those of the Prophet Iesu. Iesu was not considered the Meshiac/Christ until the parasitoid control of Catholicism was complete at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. The yids are messianic, not the ancient followers of the WORD. Islam has very good scriptures, they are now however, just as corrupted by the satanists as the xtians; sharia law is an example of the synagogue fucking things from within.

Disclaimer: The opinions of this commenter are not necessarily those of the veritas and do not represent the veritas's normally high standards of getting it wrong.

So "got research?" I guess not, you sound like a student of the U.S. rabbinical schooling system, financed by the goyim's taxes, I might add.


Terrance said...

As a man in the street, anon's comments don't address the real issues of common human decency....the simple behavior of treating others like you want to be treated....Palestine!...the people of Israel have shown no heart!...Shameful behavior! And should never be tolerated!
Shame on our government for condoning and supporting these cruel and heartless people!

beaver said...

Damn, Timster!! I check your site daily and your writing always gets ahead of me, I must be getting old............great post as usual.

M. Beaver

neal said...

When He came here, he just reminded people of things they were born with, that got twisted. The first thing the invaders did, was erase any evidence of that reality, in stone, and pictures. The rest who held this were exterminated. This is still going on, and without the direct knowledge of that reality there is no understanding of it. That is something being held close, by a very few in this world. That's not in any book, that is a living reality being chased down for destruction, and the ones left that carry this can't all be targets. We are way too small to be relevant, that is the way it works.

Timster said...

Terrence - Thank you!

Timster said...

Terrence - Very good point. One which I did bring up in my first draft of this response...but felt it too long and edited it. Thank you for bringing it up.

Timster said...

Neal - Ok...when who came here?

Timster said...

Beav - Well I always say, if you can't give em least give em quantity!

John Friend said...

Great post Timster, I've spent hours composing and replying to emails from friends and others debating these subjects. I'd like to address anon here, first on this point:

"Like Christianity and Islam, (and ALL religions in general) followers of Judaism believe their religion to be the ultimate truth and all other religions to be false."

I think brainwashed religious fanatics of all religions believe this. But what you have to understand about Judaism, is that they literally interpret their religious texts to justify the cheating, stealing, killing, conning, defrauding, lying and otherwise mistreating non-Jews, or goyim, which to my knowledge is a slang term for "cattle". Either way, it's certainly no compliment.

And the fact of the matter is that the most powerful faction of the global power elite is the international Jewish crime gang, that has outright ownership or major influence in virtually all Western governments (in particular the United States and Europe), mainstream corporate media and entertainment (ie, Hollywood), and central banking systems. Is that not blatantly fucking obvious? Jews brag about this shit!

Zionist Jew Joel Stein ended his "How Jewish is Hollywood" column back in 2008 this way:

"But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.",0,4676183.column

Jews fucking run the show dude. Maybe you're not aware, but all the evidence suggests that Israel and Zionist Jews in the US government, media, and private sector were the real culprits behind 9/11. You got a lot of homework to do if you're still confused about these subjects at this late in the game....

Timster said...

John - Well put! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that I , personally, is hurting a lot on the inside after that from anon. Remember the six million Toiny Tim as you trample goyly on testy Ju lips..
G_d is an atheist too, for the same reasons the “Jews” are. They both KNOW with absolute and immutable certainty that there is no higher existence than themselves.... To prove the truth of the assertion it is necessary to snuff out the existence of all that movie on this planet earth.
Judaism is the mirror into which the “jewish” narcissist peers. Woe to any that the narcissi happen to see in their mirror that might by its existence detract from the depraved ‘beauty’ of an exclusive image of only themselves. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all ? “
Ritual self abuse in public renders not just the abuser blind, but all those who are forced by law to watch...
The media is nothing more that Kosher Porn for mostly magnificent types.

Despite being an apparently likeable chap, I still think veritas of the squared eights is F****ing Nutz.

Timster said...

Anon@4:36 - I agree...he is a likeable bloke. I think we are all nucking futz on this bus...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Hello, anon? The veritas is standing right here, the veritas can hear you guys, hello? By the way, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever written about the veritas out here! I don't know about likeable though, it's not consistent with the veritas business model, the veritas' Brand's Management team is concerned that bellicose and belligerent are impressed as key relative phrases throughout the veritas's marketing campaign.

"Feelings of anger and helplessness, want to bark in unison with another tightly spun neurotic - read the veritas."

I notice that Mowgli has a donate "wishlist", how about a new Laptop for Mowgli?

At least he won't be another "anon" haaaaargh!

Hand's up if you lack opposable thumbs! Why evolve if you can comment anonymously?

Mowgli says: "Thumbs up to opposable thumbs!"


Oh, by the way, are there two Terrences?

the veritas

Timster said...

V - I dunno. Good question.

Timster said...

Anon - Oh BTW. I won't be publishing any more of your comments. If you would like, we could meet and discuss these issues over at or you may write me in care of the email in my profile. I will be happy to point-counter-point with you. I have read the Hasbara manual( you haven't.