Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Answer...

To understand the following, you will have to read the post below this one.  It was a guest-post from a reader, McCob.  

I have invited several of my long-time readers to write an article for publication here.  I'm glad that McCob took me up on the offer.  He is apparently concerned about the sorry state of the world.  He thinks deeply about it and communicates his point of view effectively.  However.

Although several readers have responded to the issues raised in the article...there are  a couple of points he makes, about which I myself cannot remain silent in my disagreement. 

He explicates an all-too-common set of what I feel to be, misconceptions about judaism.  And about the hatred felt for it today...and throughout the ages.  I think that through his viewpoint we can understand why it is not only difficult to rid the world of this scourge of a religion, but how it has endured over the centuries in otherwise civilized societies...where it has provided nothing but misery to these cultures.

In his article he implies that many of us out here want a war with the jews.  I don't think that is correct.  I know I don't...unless by war, he means exposure and shame being brought to those that through their talmudic philosophy have wrought suffering.  History is rife with examples of this...as is the daily news.  I do not wish physical harm to come to anyone.  I do however wish for the Gentiles of the world to understand what I see as the lion's share of their problems to be correctly attributed to the greedy machinations of the judaic. And even though, of course, there are many, many Gentiles following their lead, and profiting from such a philosophy, the root of the problem lies in the teachings of the talmud.
Yes, Gentiles will eventually understand this.  When the ashkanazi has finally overplayed his hand...and he will...the rest of the world will punish him.  There will be revolt.  Innocent people will suffer.  And although  I don't want to mimic Martin Luther King in this distance I put between myself and the revolt to come, I must state that this is not the purpose of my blog*.
I don't however want to imply here that you should seek peace for the sake of peace.  When that is attempted, justice takes a back seat.  Always.  And this "peace process" is usually engineered by those that would benefit from the injustice it brings. In my view, justice trumps peace every time.  For there cannot be one without the other. 

"So what if their are an inordinate amount of jews in positions of power?  That doesn't necessarily imply that they were put their by jews for a jewish agenda even though it looks that way."

Well, I of course must disagree again.  If the world were 99.975% jewish, instead of just the opposite, I would concur.  It would make sense that a miniscule minority of Gentiles would not be represented in these positions of power.  Math sense...even a bit of justice would come into play. But, just the opposite is the case.  This miniscule minority of the world holds these seats of power VERY disproportionately.   So the first part of your statement is shaky at best.  I think we all understand that jews promote jews, as any group promotes their own.  That is human nature.  Whether or not there is a "jewish agenda", one only needs to look around.  What group is it that it is forbidden to criticize?  What legend is it that is forbidden to question?  What country is it that will not accept ANY scrutiny?
So yes, there IS an agenda promoted by those that have been promoted.  All jews do not have a weekly meeting in which they plan world domination.  Considering their numbers, I would say that they are already there...wouldn't you?  What we are seeing is very simply a jewish mindset. Supremacist "jewishness" as Gilad Atzmon deems it.  People raised in jewish homes that think alike, and therefore act alike in these positions that they have "acquired".  If you want to call that conspiracy...well so be it.  Call it what you will...it is my view that this IS their NWO.  This is the way they want it.  Constant conflict among the Gentiles, a homeland in which they can direct this conflict strategically...AND a real homeland(the U.S.) of which they have control...to dominate.  What more could they ask? 
So in answer to McCob's statement above...and although I don't wish to over-simplify... " if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck and it walks  like a duck...(unless there is some MAJOR trickery going on)...what you have is a duck".

McCob does make one very legitimate point with which I wholeheartedly agree:" There are certainly smarter and stronger people than me in the world.  And they aren't doing anything either".
I guess this is one of the main reasons I started this site.  I wanted to DO something.  I disagree with those that say just talking about problems doesn't solve them.  I think that solving problems begins with talk...exposure...logic...and just common sense.  So we all...although it seems sometimes as if we are spinning our wheels a little...are doing our bit.  Writing, reading and changing minds.  Without a changed mind, nothing changes.

My guest exhibits what I like to refer to as the "hippie" mentality.  One which I can feel comfortable ridiculing, because I too held those beliefs at one time.  The "peace, brother" and "let it be" mentality of the 60's got nothing accomplished.  No matter what we thought, we did NOT end the Viet Nam war.  Economics ended that war.  We were just naive kids that, while sticking flowers in the guns of the National Guard, had our non-violent asses hijacked by jewish provocateurs, and our "peace" movement nullified.  That is what really happened.  I was there.
So even though I believe that non-violent revolution, a la Gandhi, is possible when dealing with a Christian based empire such as Great Britain, quite a few decades ago, I don't feel that is what is called for now. When it comes to the unbridled greed and wanton violence of the khazar, I am a bit more realistic, and know that no amount of "peacenik"(forgive my yiddish) activity will bring down this culture of scheming divisive people.  There will be blood.  As there has already been blood.  But it will be from a different source.  I won't spill any, nor do I advocate it in any form, but as I said...I am a realist, and I know people. 

So thank you, McCob, for your article.  You have taken the time to write a well-considered essay about how you feel.  Many have not had the courage to accept my offer to do so.  It gives us all hope that sensible people out there are using their sense to visit sites like mine and consider our opinions.  Don't take our criticisms(the ones I publish) for anything other than what they are intended.  To elucidate and discuss.

* -if you are too young to remember his activities, you might be shocked to learn that at the time the general populace(black and white) of the U.S. disliked Dr. King... this "man of peace".  Why?  Because wherever he spoke of peace in his many tours in the sixties, race riots would break out.  Of course he disavowed this violence...as he went on to the next engagement to speak of peace again.  He was seen as hypocritical.  He was trusted by few.  Of course his "legend" is of  a different stripe today.



neal said...

So when really up against predatory machine intelligence, with most everyone else bought in, do you stand, fight, run, hide, or a little of everything, when common sense rears up? I don't see Khazars, or those identities they hide behind. I am half that, did not ask for it, and never met my true father. I have spent 50 years warring against those bloody urges, I don't know if that's genetic, or something deeper, but it is a real thing, whether ethnic, or shared psychology, or just the way things worked out. I know it when I see it.

I will say this, that can hide within certain groups, but will surface again if that targeted thing gets erased, because that is diabolical, and has a certain intelligence, and hides in the most peaceful.

You cannot erase that, you can only choose not to feed it, and hope to starve out those dreams of world conquest.

Or, you could say, pay attention to the programming, don't buy in, and keep your powder dry, even if for just one more shot, the one that really counts.

Timster said...

Neal - You lost me.

Anonymous said...

Timster---I guess we are debating now.

People can't criticize jews and israel. You are kidding right? There are anti jewish-anti israel websites all over the internet.

Jews are chauvinistic; no argument from me on that point. There are seriously powerful jewish crime families a la the Sicilian Mafia. I concede that point.

I read John Kaminski and other critics of judaism. I have read lots of quotes from the Talmud.


Anonymous said...

Do you seriously argue that the cause of the race riots in the 60's was agitation by Martin Luther King? MLK marched at the head of the column straight into cops, dogs, tear-gas and water cannons. The man lived everyday under a gunsight and it eventually got him. I don't know if he was ultimately helpful or not but he was certainly a brave man. He didn't just type words for people to read under an anonymous moniker. Right or wrong he actually did something. He was a brave man and I admire that. And he could draw a crowd.

MLK was a big man in my eyes. The most memorable personalities of the last century were MLK and Elvis. For whatever flaws they displayed they were men of the people. MLK gets lots of love and he deserves it.

Do you think anyone will remember you after you die?


Timster said...

McCob - I am not arguing anything. I merely made a statement. This is what happened concerning him...this is how the general populace felt about him. Period. I agree he had balls...many women saw them.

"The most memorable personalities of the last century were MLK and Elvis"

hahaha...dude, you are a card.

"Do you think anyone will remember you after you die?"...I certainly hope not. They might put me in the same category as "Elvis" (grin).