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The following is a guest-post by McCob.  He has long been a reader/commenter here and I think he has some valid points.  Although I do not agree with everything he writes here, I don't agree with everything anyone has to say...but that's just me.
    I am so honored that you would invite me to do an essay for your site.  Thank You!  The truth is I have tried to be a writer and I simply lack the focus and temperament.  One of your responders characterized my writings as meanderings and he was right.  I just can't stay on point.  Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians said that "truth requires only a few words".  I take this statement to heart.  When someone's statements tend to be circular, complex or verbose then what one is reading is either entertainment,  propaganda or a scam but it is not truth; although it might contain truth.
    The reason I like you is that in one of your blogs back a few months ago you implored that people not believe you.  You implied that from the standpoint of your readers we could not really tell who you are.  How true.  I believe people when they say they are looking for the truth but I doubt those who say they've found it. 
I do believe the problems of society are deeper than the jewish dream of world domination.  Jews don't cause all of the wars.  Genghis Khan was not financed by jewish bankers.  It appears that Asians were able to have war without any jews provoking the situation.    People are stupid and prone to emotional and mental problems to boot.  If God put to the test of all of HIS holy resources he couldn't make a beast as stupid as man.  I read a lot of the responses to blogs like yours and there is a definite militant faction itching for a war to eradicate 'the jews'; to put them in their place.  How stupid!  War is what feeds the beast.  War is why they are where they are.  War is what made them.  War feeds the elite industrialists and bankers and makes them stronger.  War keeps in place all of us peasants who only want to work and raise a family.
    Make no mistake about it:  I advocate no white supremacist view points.  I believe jews are just as good as anyone else which when one thinks about it doesn't say a whole lot good for them.  And you can also believe that if I or a loved one needs a Doctor I will not care whether he is a jew or not but only whether he is a competent physician.  So what if their are an inordinate amount of jews in positions of power?  That doesn't necessarily imply that they were put their by jews for a jewish agenda even though it looks that way.  Things are not always as they seem.  Where does the truth start and the propaganda end? How tricky are these NWO bastards?  Can anybody answer these questions for sure?
    Those who are beating the drums of war are hypocrites.  If those who are promoting violence as a solution would actually do something that would be worth respecting.  But they lack the courage of their convictions.  Nothing is stopping any of these guys from attacking Israel.  But they want others to join them in their cause.  They ask others to risk their lives.  A real leader won't ask anyone to do anything he wouldn't do himself.  But there are no leaders in this so called 'truth movement'.   What we call the 'truth movement' is naught but a bunch of marginalized and traumatized, feckless dreamers whose pastime is advocating spurious theories and wallowing in minutia.
    Then comes 'the jew' like a red cape being waved in front of a bull.  But 'the jew' is not the matador.  Who is?  I don't know except to say that it is a consortium of powerful bankers and industrialists who profit from human tribulation.  Their culture doesn't matter.   Whether they are jews or masons or Jesuits doesn't matter.  Maybe their is a tier of power above these ultra powerful businessmen.  I don't know.
    I can say with confidence their is one decision maker who may or may not be a jew.  It really doesn't matter.  He or she will have an inner circle of lieutenants.  This organization or syndicate will have a method for choosing it's chief executive.  Can any of you say for sure that this inner circle would be jewish?  How can any of us know for sure who is at the top?  We are constantly fed shit.  We are prodded and poked like a critter in a cage.  We are constantly bombarded by fear mongering which I would like to add is rampant on the internet.
    It is easy to believe in peace when one is not threatened by an aggressor.  By the same token it is easy to believe in war when it isn't your kid coming back home in a bag.  If he/she comes home at all.  A Viet Nam veteran friend of mine who was a Marine told me that the lucky ones were the ones who didn't come back.  He had 24 confirmed kills and couldn't get to sleep at night without thinking of the faces of the men he killed.  Yet another reason why drugs and alcohol are important to society.  Audie Murphy had the same problem.
    I admit I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes.  There are certainly smarter and stronger people than me in the world.  But they aren't doing anything either.  Which brings up my last point;  There is not such thing as the 'superior man'.  There is superior talent and strength but only within particular contexts.  We all have equal value and any one of us peasants who espouse elitism is part of the problem.   Also, inspiration can come to anybody.  Inspiration is very much an anarchist but I will add it tends to favor those who work and believe in their dream.
  Anyone who is beating the drums of war is part of the problem.

I close with this little homily:

An old Indian told his grandson, “My son, there's a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.” The boy thought about it and asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

    Which wolf are you feeding?

Respectfully Submitted, McCob



Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive! This guy is great!


neal said...

My personal pet peeve- those who use the word "sheeple". That reflects the smug, superior attitude of those who absorb facts from books, with having had to really sacrifice for a small measure of real knowledge. That attitude is a reflection of the elite mindset that is railed about- the irony is striking.

Real knowledge does not lift oneself up, it is a burden to be shared, when asked for. If those who complain about the "sheeple" had any real wisdom, they would be crying for them, instead.

Anonymous said...


Re "sheeple". Very good point.

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Nice contribution :)

Blammo said...

Timster, your blog exists as a garden of wisdom. Now there is a turd in the garden, and what's odd is that you invited it.

First off, I have to address this - "I read a lot of the responses to blogs like yours and there is a definite militant faction itching for a war to eradicate 'the jews'; to put them in their place"

Exactly what the hell are you reading McCob? I've seen no such thing in all my visits to this circle of blogs, and I read quite a few of what you'll find on Timster's blogroll, and their respective blogrolls as well. What I see are anti-war, anti-corruption, pro-huuman rights blogs and comments. You are definitely going to need to provide a reference for that one. You can't just make a wild-assed claim like that without backing it up.

"Those who are beating the drums of war are hypocrites. If those who are promoting violence as a solution would actually do something that would be worth respecting. But they lack the courage of their convictions. Nothing is stopping any of these guys from attacking Israel" -Oh, more unqualified shite to back up your yet-to-be-qualified premise. Check.
"feckless dreamers whose pastime is advocating spurious theories and wallowing in minutia" -Indeed.
"Which brings up my last point; There is not such thing as the 'superior man'. There is superior talent and strength but only within particular contexts" -Dude, you really should have considered putting this post in a blog where the author and visitors really do advocate such things.

"When someone's statements tend to be circular, complex or verbose then what one is reading is either entertainment, propaganda or a scam"
Ahh, you're suggesting the response you've recieved is to be characterized by this statement? McCob, you've been presented with references a number of times which you ignore, in favor of offering the distinction between wit and sarcasm and the like. You go on to ignore everything presented and repeat your position, offering nothing to back up your thesis.

"Genghis Khan was not financed by jewish bankers" -and Genghis Khan doesn't dominate the media or our political system, so agan, how is this really relevant today? Incidentally, are you a student of history, and what exactly do you know of Khan's conquest?
"It appears that Asians were able to have war without any jews provoking the situation" -Surely you're not refering to the Opium wars, the Chinese communist revolution, the Korean war, the Vietam war, or the Khmer Rouge, right? Right????

Blammo said...

Back on the subject of Jews and their moral and ethical "distinctiveness," a small sampling of headlines from the Jew state from this year;
06/26/11 - 11 Settlers Armed with Knives, Stones Attack Palestinian Shepherds in South Hebron Hills
4/10/11 - Armed Settlers supported by Israeli army attack Palestinian village
4/10/11 - Israeli Army fires bullets and tear gas at Palestinians planting olive trees
1/3/11 - settlers threw petrol bomb into a house, damaged several cars in West Bank in an apparent show of anger over the Israeli demolition of homes in an unauthorized settler outpost
6/14/11 - Israeli forces demolished five water wells in the southern West Bank city of Hebron assaulting family members who attempted to prevent the demolition­s and then deploying tear-gas to drive them out of the area
7/4/11 - An Israeli settler driving near Nablus ran over a 40-year old Palestinian woman Sunday, then tried to flee the scene. Separately, an Israeli-plated vehicle ran over a 14-year old boy in Qalqilia and then drove away
5/29/11 - Palestinian Forced To Demolish His Own Home In Jerusalem or risk having it destroyed by an Israeli bulldozer, which would have resulted in an exorbitant fine (Palestinians who live in East Jerusalem have not been granted building permits since 1967)
5/29/11 - Christian Peacemaker Teams: Settlers torch Palestinian olive grove
6/16/11 - Jewish Colonists Torch Olive Orchards Near Ramallah

And a selection just from the last few days;
Israel sues Beduins for the $527,050 cost of razing Beduin homes repeatedly
Israel extends family unification ban for a year
Israel plows farms paving way for apartheid wall extension in bethlehem village
A tractor and water tank confiscates in Ras Al-Awja
Settlers attack 3 Palestinian women
Settlers torch Palestinian farmlands near Nablus
Tens injured in settlers' attack on village
Israel minister admits state subsidizes public transportation for settlers
Likud MK calls for more settlements in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Negev
Undercover forces captured on film kidnapping a Palestinian child in Jerusalem
Growing number of children with anxiety disorders
Palestinain children endure systematic abuse drom Israeli military
Night incursions by soldiers, fires set by settlers in Nabi Saleh
Army injures Palestinian in night raid
Israeli soldiers behind latest fire in Palestinian trees
Jenin's (children's) Freedom Theater raided by the Israeli army
IDF arrests two employees of (children's) Freedom Thearer in Jenin
For Israeli army, Palestinians having guests is a crime
IOF troops advance in southern Gaza, bulldoze land
Patient dies in Gaza after being denied exit for treatment
Israeli grocery store keeps Arab baggers and Jewish cashiers apart

"Israel" is smaller than New Jersey.

Blammo said...

Before NATO invaded Libya, Gadaffi had proposed distributing oil profits directly to his people. He knew that the bureaucracy was large and ineffecient, and many in it were corrupt. The reason he didn't just do it, was because a windfall of tens of thousands of dollars to each citizen would have wreaked havoc on the economy. Putting the various connotations of Socialism aside, Gadaffi created a Socialist paradise in Libya. The profits from national resources were distributed among the Libyan people in the form of various benefits, subsidies, and cash. It wasn't a perfect system, and it wasn't staffed by perfect people, but it was a wonder. Libya, in short, had the highest standard of living in all of the African continent. The corrupt officials were surely the first to defect when NATO invaded. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Libyans stand by their government, and not with the racist lunatics supported by the CIA. If these defectors ever show their faces again, you can be sure they will be strung up by their tender bits. Not by the "mad dictator" -by the Libyan people. A good system backed by the faith and confidence of good people. How do you reconcile your notion of human nature with that, McCob? On a level playing field, good trumps evil.

Oh, is this the type of minutia you see us wallowing in?

You have affirmed in no uncertain terms that you are absolutely clueless of the subject to which you speak. You have read words of anger and calls to violence where no cognitively functional person could make such an error. Everything about your theories reeks of projection. To put it another way, you are "rationalizing your own weaknesses"

"Sarcasm is a poor substitute for wit" -And someone who is captious or fallacious in reasoning their argument is a sophist.

Don't feel too bad McCob, people are stupid and prone to emotional and mental problems to boot.

Timster, I'm baffled by your decision to give voice to this person. Posting the occasional half-literate hasbara attack serves an obvious purpose, but this guy surfaces occasionally to insist that all human beings are equally as despicable in disposition as the worst of the worst, but doesn't have the courtesy to even acknowlege the substance of those who engage him, let alone refute it or present a coherent theory of his own. All he has yet to utter is "Gosh, haven't the Jews been picked on enough? You guys want another holocaust?"


Timster said...

Blammo - Gosh. Well, I will leave McCob to defend himself on most of your counts...however. As far as why I invited and encourage this type of thing here, is that I don't want too narrow of a focus. We are not all members of the choir. McCob has some valid points, which I will go into in my next post. But this is clearly a person that thinks a great deal about the world and its problems and deserves as most of do, to be heard...and their misconceptions need to be pointed out. I feel he is wrong on many issues and I will write about them. However if you see this as a "turd in the garden", think of it as fertilizer. For how many readers of this site and many more like them are there that don't comment or are allowed to see things our way? Intelligent people that have a point of view that we too often dismiss or vilify rather than correct and debate?
All views except the most extreme are welcome here to debate and discuss...some will never get it...some can, through our tutelage, become part of the team. We cannot change people's attitudes unless we understand what got them there. An essay like this can show us the method to what we see as madness, and as long as we are not mean to a fellow human being, I think it can be instructive for all concerned. At least that is the way I feel about it. But I like you can't really judge by my likes and dislikes(grin).
Thanks for kicking off the debate. You too have a knack for effective communication and I would welcome a post from you.

If you would like to do one...just let me know.

brian morrison said...

all is called into question when the 'timster' decides that 'most are willing to be heard'. really? have you heard what 'most' are saying?! hardee har har.
all views may be welcome here to debate and discuss... but you've in fact put your name on this. this is your blog... i know, i know, you say you don't agree with all of this joker's points. then what the hell are you doing parading them in front of us for as 'guest' blogger. big mistake - if that's what it is.
hey 'timster' - there's a comment section for all to be heard.
and for you to punt and not address Blammo's counts is.. well it's chicken shit.
you don't want too narrow of a focus? ha ha. then you never get the clear picture - do you? what is your aim here with this blog anyway? fuzzy focus fine with you? sounds like all inclusive, destabilizing jewish bullshit to me.
like patriot mel says.
"aim small, miss small.'
oh, and tim, facts aren't debated.

*Blammo... give thought to using your real name. we need real people saying real things. good on ya mate!

Timster said...

Brian - Gosh again. Thanks for your comments. Firstly, I didn't address Blammo's criticisms of the post, because they are directed at the author. Not me.
Secondly, "fuzzy focus" is your phrase, not mine. I prefer..."wide angle"...for unless you see the whole landscape, what are you seeing? That is myopia.

"Patriot"??? I think you are at the wrong site, here Brian.

My written over there to the left under "mission statement"...sorry if that is confusing.

I have put my "name" on hearing out the opinion of others(non-hasbara), and always will. Perhaps you should do the same? Or do you have all the answers? I certainly don't. You are bordering on "troll"-ism.

Anonymous said...

blammo--you lost me when you called me a turd.

Obviously some people can't defend their postition without resorting to name calling.

Any american who takes issue with what the Israelis are doing needs to give his land back to the indians who were here first lest he be a de facto hypocrite.

In fact every society that has ever achieved any power is guilty of human rights abuses and hegemony. I am no lover of Israel nor any other agressive, militant regime.

By the way, what are you doing to stop the injustice in Palestine?

I suspect the answer is: nothing.

I see that brian morrison is comfortable with name calling.

No hatred, anger nor hostility in the bosom of brian and blammo.
Yeah, right.

You guys have a nice life and don't expect that I will ever read your crap.


Blammo said...

McCob, you lost me when you completely ignored every point brought up by those you were addressing, in favor of smug dismissal, and continuing with your ill-conceived theories. You never sought to engage in debate, so don't dare accuse others of the same.

I suspect I will never read your crap either, not just because I've already given you enough attention, but because you don't actually seem to have a website.

Timster, don't consider my criticisms directed at you. I won't presume to advise you on the content of your own blog. I'll read it for as long as I can summon it through the series of tubes.

Blammo said...

McCob -"you lost me when you called me a turd"

Oh no, and this was the *one* time I was expecting you to actually address the substance of a post!

Oh well, I brought it on myself I guess!

Timster said...

Blammo - No offense taken where none was intended, I'm sure. I would, however like you to reconsider doing a piece here. As well, I am sure would the few readers of my "self-indulgent confetti" type blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Timster--If I was sure I wasn't a writer before I am even more sure now that I am not a writer nor do I harbor any dream of ever writing anything besides the occasional short bursts in comment sections of certain blogs.

I did not come here to debate. I laid out my perceptions and opinions. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am not smart, strong, wealthy nor charismatic. I do not expect to change the world.

I stand by my words. What I have wrote is the truth of how I feel in my heart about what is happening around me in society and what I feel are it's implications.

Questioning authority is a good thing. Questioning the authority of our own perceptions is a good thing.

My basic philosophy is that courage is more important than brains and kindness is more important than courage. Which of us would prefer the company of a brave genius who would just as soon fuck us over to that of a craven though kind hearted idiot? In my opinion a 'great man' is not someone with an elegant mind and an industious spirit. Rather it is someone who takes their kids fishing.

In the summer of 2004 a thought hit me like a bolt of lightening: the govt. is not being straightforward about 911. So, I researched on the internet. After 7 yrs of extensive reading and study I still have no idea: who did it? why they did it? how they did it?

I don't like being obsessed. Obsession is often symptomatic of mental illness. But, I admit I am obsessed with the mystery...the ugly, horrible, terrible mystery of 911!

I wish you well. I wish everybody well. I hope you angry people take a little time to relax and enjoy life.

Thank You for letting me express my point of view on your blog.


Timster said...

McCob - You are welcome I'm sure. Don't take this type of criticism/debate to heart. I have found that the "cloak" of anonymity out here makes people say things they don't really mean. Or rather, it intensifies their anger and makes them type very mean things. Mean things that they wouldn't say to anyone's face, things for which they know they will never be held accountable. I at times find myself getting caught up in their "barking", though I try not to. It's the way of things. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Tmster--I don't know you well enough to consider you a friend. But I do consider you a friendly acquaintance. I think you are all right. You have been nothing but a gentleman from my point of view.

The ad hominum attacks do not bother me. Only mildly annoying at the very worst. I lose no sleep.

I did read your rebuttal and I think I understand your reasoning.

Good luck to you and yours.


Timster said...

McCob - Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jews don't cause all of the wars. Genghis Khan was not financed by jewish bankers.... - Don't be sad boy, nobody's perfect :)