Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baha'i, The Spector And Responsibiliy...

One of my former readers called this place "self-indulgent confetti" or some such.  I like that. I have thought about changing the tag-line on the masthead to "An anti-semitic E-zine"...but I'm sure I  could work the descriptors "self-indulgent" and "confetti" in there somewhere.  I like color.  I like pictures.  Sue me.  And there is no end to my indulgences...especially when it comes to me.

I used to have a friend back in the 60's that wanted to be part of the, goofy clothes, hitch-hiking, drugs...all that.  But she was what we called too "straight".  This girl was  physically gorgeous, and so being, received all that the establishment had to offer such feminine beauty.  Yearn as she might have for the open road and not only reading Kerouac, but living him...she was trapped in suburbia with loving parents.  I always liked that about her.  A real "to thine own self..." thingy.
Anyway, I caught her reading "The Prophet" one day and called her on it...saying that it didn't fit her lifestyle.  "No, no" says she, "I and my whole  family are now part of the Baha'i religion". 
Well, she took me through their teachings step-by-step.  I was a willing student, for I learned that Khalil Gibran was also a follower.  To this day, I cannot get over that man's wisdom and his ability to communicate it through prose and poetry.  To wit: 
"And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, "Speak to us of Children."
And he said: Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of to-morrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the Archer's hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable."

- The Prophet

No heaven or hell?  I like that.  But still worshiping a deity...huh-uh.  Thanks, but no thanks.

So I read that Helen Mirren is getting a lot of flack for agreeing to co-star in a whitewash of Phil Spector's filthy lifestyle that led to the horrific death of Gentile, Lana Clarkson.  Well, that's good. The old gal needs a wake-up call.  In this country, some actors exercise a bit of conscience when it comes to roles they accept.  There is a name for people that don't do that though...I mean those that will take money to do anything.  The word escapes me for the moment, but I'll remember it.  Anyway, Helen...let's don't deify a member of the tribe practicing goyim sacrifice.  Although I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it is not really him sitting in that cell having been convicted of murder...and that he is really sitting pretty in a Hebron settlement fit for a king, we "anti-semites" out here have been relishing Spector's conviction and incarceration.  Even if it is fictitious.  Let's not spoil the illusion.

In case you haven't surmised...this post is jumping around a lot.  I don't know if there is a common thread yet.  I haven't finished wandering around in circles.
But speaking of Phil...I just can't wait to see his fellow tribe-member's version of what happened with Lana that night.  This ought to be good.  This may be the version where Lana, in a fit of rage over her lost hollyweird career, seduces the poor unfortunate hebrew and gets him to take her home.  Once there she vows to take out her anger at all of the "jews that run Hollywood" and puts Phil's gun in her mouth.  All the while screaming "you're going down for my murder, you thieving kike!"  Then blows her own brains out with
the gun that he kept to ward off just such anti-semites.  I can see it now...starring Shylock himself...Al Pacino.  Anyway, that  is the way I would write it...if I was a member.  Take my won't be far from that.  
Or far from Dickensian, in its tale-of-two-city-ish irony.  Just as the nobleman kills the child in the street with his carriage and tosses a few coins to the shall we see the day when even a mock trial of a murdering record-producer will be unheard of.  "I blew her head what?"  It is an interesting case...the one that will soon grace HBO.  How do you defend that sort of jewish supremacism?  I'm sure his lawyers had to bite their tongues many times in court to refrain from announcing that she was only a shiksa.  And the amount of fiction that is sure to be heaped on the tale via celluloid will be a masterpiece, I do not doubt.
But on to responsibility.  
I have many readers that bemoan the world's problems and say that "I just wish I could get on with my own life, and the problems of the world would leave me to do so...",  or words to that effect.  And I can understand that sentiment.  All too well.  For that is the reason, I feel that the world is in such a mess.  As Gibran's prophet summarized, we all have a responsibility to "bend" in the hands of the archer( whether you believe him to be a god or merely time).
We all must take joy in our trials to make this a better place for our children to fly.  And their children.  Their world of the future is not ours, but it can be made better for them by our bending to our responsibility to rid the world of the "Spector" of things to and now while we can.

"Whore!"  I knew I would remember it.


musique said...

Hey Timster,

Did you say colors .... I'm in!! As an artist, I'm a colorfreak myself!☺

Yes, I always admire all the pictures you include with your thoughts/articles, you have taste!

Speaking of baha'ism, here's a quick find:

The Baha’ullah, second Missionary manifestation of God, was exiled to Palestine by the Persian authorities long before the state of Israel was created, and the Baha’i World Centre is now in Haifa in Israel ..

israhell ... well, now I'm gonna go to the bathroom and flash out all my anger & disgust .....

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."self-indulgent confetti" - well, what on earth is a blog to be then if not "self-indulgent confetti"? I am here because, of your self-indulgent confetti.

Further; I see blogging as a form of catharsis (or katharsis which is a Greek word meaning "cleansing" or "purging").

In medicine, a "cathartic" is a substance that accelerates defecation. As a means to give the yiddish the shits, your work is a "cathartic" of the highest order.

Oh, on the subject of dubious hollywood yids and their esoteric elucidation - "Time bends a life".

Perhaps Time bends an arrow also.


dilbert dummelfuxen said...

Bwahaha! Nice white afro on Phil Specter. Umm...Helen Mirren in Excalibur still gives me wood, she's a hot MILF! I have that prophet book but have never read it, it was leftover from an old bookworm girlfriend, hee hee. I must check up on the daily me, just farted on facebook and scratched my self on twitter, don't miss it!

Timster said...

V- As always...well put!

Timster said...

Dilbert - ooooh i wana c da scratch!

Timster said...

Musique - I knew there was something suspicious about that religion!

Anonymous said...

Christina Patterson (in the Independent newspaper):

“...When I moved to Stamford Hill (a heavily Judaic area of London, England), 12 years ago, I didn't realize that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Klu Klux Klan convention.

“I didn't realize that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs and parking restrictions were for people who hadn't been chosen by God.

“And while none of this is a source of anything much more than irritation, when I see an eight-year-old boy recoiling from a normal-looking woman (because, presumably, he has been taught that she is dirty or dangerous, or, heaven forbid, dripping with menstrual blood) it makes me sad.”


Christina Patterson doesn’t know that all female gentiles without exception are regarded in Orthodox Judaism as “menstrual filth, slaves, heathen and whores.” This disgusting litany is expressed by the alphabetic abbreviation NShGZ (“Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah”). You can’t get this information into the western media. They will print anything derogatory about Islam, both real and imagined, but they protect Judaism to the utmost of their ability.

“Yahweh himself stands whilst studying the Talmud, he respects it so much.”

Timster; I adopt a similar stance to your work. But, as a bit of a pedant (which bit I’ll leave up to you to decide), I often wonder why your estimable blog’s title lacks a question mark?


A.Mouser said...

Fine post Tim.

Regards, Mouser

Genie said...

"No heaven or hell? I like that. But still worshiping a deity...huh-uh. Thanks, but no thanks."

Hi ya Tim,
where did you pick up that idea (no heaven or hell) from the Baha'i teaching or Khalil Gibran? Just wonderin.
That photo of Phil Spector even though the photoshop image you have here makes it too outrageous to compare to much anything, you have to see this:

Genie said...

To Musique,
Baha'is have an agreement with Israel gov. not to teach Israeli Yids the Baha'i faith lest they convert! Even if these yids are in the USA or elsewhere, if they are connected to Israel, Bahai's have to stay away from them.
Well, at least in Israhell they are tolerated if they follow the rules of the beast. Baha'is are much to passive for my taste.

Timster said...

James - Good point. I never thought of that?

Timster said...

Genie- Well, I learned that from her and the various gurus that held seminars at her house. The idea is that depending on how you do in this life, only determines how near or far you end up from god in the afterlife. So no real hell...just spending eternity further away from god than those that led a more righteous life...or so they teach.

Timster said...

Mouse - Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Timster- For your approval Can't help noticing the similarity in the photo between the Spectre and Elton John. Just a coincidence I guess.
As for Helen, what a great actress (actor?-PC newspeak ) she is . First saw Helen when I was young in the movie The Age Of Consent with James Mason another worthy thespian. It was set in North Queensland and permitted Helen to show off her ample attributes. Quite risque for the early seventies.
She appeared in a movie by Peter Greenaway -The Cook The Thief The Wife and Her Lover Which gave our Helen another opportunity to exhibit her lovely JEWels to us all and quite nice too thank you
Helen's background takes in Russian grandparents and she also has a tattoo of a square and compass on her left hand (not seen at that angle in the photo) Make of it what you will but there seems to be a continuous set of the same faces when pictures are shot that promote a certain viewpoint or agenda. Brotherhood Actors- Shalom

Timster said...

Shalom - Yes, I saw those too. But you forgot her most memorable performance in the hard-core porno film "Caligula"...which further demonstrates my point that she would do ANYTHING for enough money. As G.B. Shaw once said..."we've already established what you we are trying to settle on a price". Actually her family was on the wrong side of the Russian revolution. She isn't jewish...just a whore. The thing I hate about it is that she's such a damned good actor. Sigh.

Genie said...

Tim, it's just another way of saying heaven and hell. Bahaullah speaks in poetry. Basically whatever good means to you, that is heaven and what bad means to you is hell.

Timster said...

Genie - I guess. I'm not very good at mystic crap like that...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Tout au contraire mssr, tout au contraire - I think your mystical crap IS very good!



Dieter Weiss said...

Tim don't swing at the spitball comments the tribe likes to throw your way.

Timster said...

V - Thanks...and I don't even exercise!

Timster said...

Dieter - Yeah. I find myself swinging at anything sometimes...
High on the outside. A swing and a miss.

Anonymous said...

'Justice'. What is justice? In the Bible we are told and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this sense justice qualifies as revenge. I have heard it said that living well is the best revenge. Is poking out eyes and pulling out teeth living well?

I agree that some people have it coming. However, is pulling out teeth and poking out eyes a sound choice in terms of what is good for society? Or is the revenge mentality giving into bloodlust and hubris so that we can feel all good about ourselves?

Plato mused that justice was merely the strong enforcing their will upon the weak. I find myself closer to believing this definition than any other I have heard.

For me justice is just too high filootin' of an idea. I do not know what justice is.

People who profess to believe in justice and pursue it are the most dangerous people. They will sacrifice innocents to achieve their ends. To them there is nothing so precious that it can't be destroyed so long as justice is served.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Predictably mcnob, your tiny temper tantrums are nothing but the bellicose sweeping generalisations of a child that has tossed its Teddy because it doesn't understand why everything can't be made to suit it's own whims!

You are the worst of all commentators save those who shall remain "anonymous".


Timster said...

McCob - There is much in what you say.
Let's look at it.First "an eye for an eye" is in the old testament. That is a jewish document. And so too is the "vengeful god" which they emulate. I don't want to get into discussing religion or the bible. It is not relevant. So your argument is a bit flat. I think Plato was referring to "justice" as it is practiced by the "classed" societies. Of course when you have rulers/politicians and class...everyone is going to live the ruler's version of justice.
I am an anarchist. Humans, whether they have been taught it or not, do not require leaders. Nor do our societies. Justice by definition is not subjective. Each is born with the equality of the other. That's what anarchy truly is.

Anonymous said...

Kahlil Gibran was not a Baha'i, although he was an admirer of 'Abdu'l-Baha, the Head of the Baha'i Faith from 1892 to 1921. Gibran's "The Prophet" is not a statement of Baha'i beliefs.

Baha'is do believe there is a heaven and hell - these are spiritual states of being in the soul. The soul continues after death and is in heaven or hell based upon its faith in the Manifestations of God and its obedience to their commandments.

The Baha'is do NOT have any agreement with the state of Israel regarding teaching Israelis the Baha'i Faith. Baha'u'llah Himself (the Founder of the Faith) told Baha'is not to seek converts in the area of Palestine (now Israel) during the days of the Ottoman Empire; that will change some day, but for now, Baha'is abide by Baha'u'llah's request.

The Baha'i Faith also teaches that prejudice and hatred are against the will of God - that all are created by Him and all are fruits of one tree. Anti-semitism has no place in the divine kingdom.

Timster said...

Anon@7:23 - Thank you for that perspective. I only have two points with which to quibble. Palestine is Palestine. Israel is the name of a terrorist camp...not a country.

If anti-semitism, as invented,defined and encouraged by the tribe has no place in the divine kingdom, then it follows that they don't either? YAY! Good news.

su said...

'Israel is the name of a terrorist camp, not a country'.

I want to fly that over new york city.

Timster said...

Su - And you don't even have to give me the credit!