Saturday, July 16, 2011


The following post may offend those with a delicate constitution.  It shouldn' we all participate in the subject of the post...but it may offer offense to bring it up.  Continue at your own peril.

It was either after...or before.  I can't remember, but it makes little difference now.  Anyway, I had to do as most men reflexively want to do...and that is to ask a hooker that he has engaged, how she got in the business. It was probably after, now that I think about it...I mean what guy could fight the urgency of the moment...other than the finances...and wonder about such subjective things enough to discuss them before the act.
Anyway, she started recalling the details of a depraved childhood, as I am sure they all do, whether these tales are true or not...and I listened attentively.  I heard the sad story, but what I really heard was that what she had just sold me, meant nothing to her...and she had an almost inexhaustible supply of it.

After the heat of the moment subsides, we men want to "humanize" the body that we have just used.  We want to ground in some reality, over how we could have just done such a thing...and more importantly shift the blame somehow to the person on the receiving end of our wanton lusts.  To in some way absolve our guilt at defiling a fellow human just for a few moment's satisfaction on our part.  For it soon becomes obvious that the female(or in some cases male) counterpart obtains little if anything from such a transaction.  Just money.  And it is my experience that it isn't ever money to make ends meet(no pun intended), or for their sister's eye operation... but money for a drug habit, or a pimp or the luxury items that this lady-of-the-evening has seen and "lusts" after...on her tee-vee(and if the truth be known, probably all three).  For they always seem to have a television on in their little nests.  As they make no bones about pushing ass...they similarly make no excuses over having the all-knowing eye glowing over your shoulder as you satisfy your urges.  Well that would make sense.  Birds of a feather.

A reader asked me what "tactics" I had to offer in this war against the rule of the judaic.  What if any plan I had to bring them down.
I told him(her) that "THIS" is my tactic.  This site.  And through my plodding prose, trying to unmask the evil intentions of that cult.  But perhaps I answered too generally.  I could have been more specific.  
Yes, I try to reveal the tribe for what they are.  To show the initiate  that the followers of the talmud are the world's enemy and indeed that the continuation of humanity itself is in jeopardy and on the brink of destruction unless this cabal is rung in.  But when it comes down to "what do you suggest I do in this battle", I have but one easy to follow rule.  TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TELEVISION AND THROW IT IN THE GODDAMNED TRASH!

There.  Is that clear enough?
I can always tell those that do not completely "get it".  I mean the big picture.  The ones that bitch and complain about this jewish conspiracy or that, harping on personalities and events.  Naming names and places...seeing connections where there are none...not seeing connections where they exist.  These are the folks, that through an addiction from early childhood, are incapable of trashing their talmud-vision.  They cannot do that any more than they could kill their own children.  No matter what they say..."I only watch this one program"...or  "I just watch the news to see what the latest spin is", they are addicted.  And "I record my program and fast-forward through the commercials so I don't watch jews hawking their wares"(when even the village idiot can deduce that when you FF, you even pay MORE attention to the images, otherwise you wouldn't know where to stop it, duh). They are addicted.  Something in their brain tells them that if they DO throw that expensive tool of the judaic out in the alley...and that gravel in the alley upholding it's bargain with the laws of physics,and resisting the motion of glass against it, will crush their window into the outer world...they will be lost.   This is the only way they have to be in the "now", and to understand "what's going on" in the world.
And in a way they are right.  So where's the down side to that? What is going on in the world is jewish.  From the top down.  The only way to understand this is on the INTERACTIVE medium.  Television=jews.
Internet =interaction with fellow human beings.  Period.  What is so tough about understanding this?

Anyway...I was talking about whores selling something for which they have no regard.  Should they?

I mean...should prostitutes have more personal dignity regarding the intimacy which they peddle?  I dunno.  Perhaps.  Should television addicts retain a bit more personal dignity about the time they give to the jewish that own every fucking second of air-time that is spewed into their homes?  I would say, yes.  They should.  But this time...and the dignity, as in the case of the hooker and her vagina...mean nothing to them.  And they have an almost inexhaustible supply of it.  Almost.
But comes a time.  A time when the orifices of the whore and the minds of the tv viewer are no longer useful.  And as that once-attractive woman that said yes to the pimp one desperate evening is cast shall the ashkanazi throw you in the alley.  Until then, you are being used just as the unfortunate sex-object.  The sad...truly sad part about that as you read these words, you are nodding in agreement.  An addict that cannot quit...and yet knows that they have to.  But you won't.  So do not be too judgmental toward the working girls...
You also are an addicted whore.


A.Mouser said...

That took balls.

Peace and love (the real kind) unto you Tim.


Dusty and Pistol Pete said...

Whores do a great service to humanity. You can cut right to the good part 15minutes of pleasure without the 23 hours and 45 minutes of bitching and whining about money, your beer belly, your loser friends, etc. That always pisses me off when some puke kills a hooker because he thinks she is some throwaway person. I have a great agitprop pic of uncle scam pointing a finger the caption says, I'm israel's bitch and so are you. Read an article online about middle class women taking up prostitution in this Zimbabwe economy, it probably means the quality of babes will go up. I'd pay for some of that ass baybay!

Timster said...

Mouser - Thanks. My wife lets me use em sometimes...

Timster said...

Pete - Atta boy...

Anonymous said...

More fun to "Elvis Presley" that Talmud Vision: Shoot it!

These days, that's probably illegal by talmudic law that entire globe is subject to.

And forgo everything, anything produced, directly and indirectly by Hollyweird (talmud vision on steroids)

Anonymous said...

Your wife sounds awesome Timster.

Timster said...

Anon@4:36 - I hear ya.

Timster said...

Anon@6:55 - Well, she has a lot of patience...

su said...

fuck timster, that was big and powerful.

i have a friend also with long wavy hair who went into the mountains one day and took acid. we both kept silent for several hours as we tuned into a piece of grass or a stone and seeing the whole universe therein. afterwards when we could talk we both spoke of the same thing and that was how we could imagine having been good time girls in the wild west. i swear i could taste the times. i think prostitution was different then. those women did not need pimps - they were in control. seemingly anyway.

here, in this rapidly chinese owned country (south africa) - if you buy a tv monitor you have to pay a tv license every year. needed to get one for the kids to watch movies on the weekend and forgot about the license thing.
started getting letters saying i need to pay for the past 8 years.
i write back saying i don't even have a fucking aerial, i'm not watching their shit but they persist.
so then the legal letters come.
and then the phone calls.
i have been summonsed to court this week.
threat of jail.
will i go - no - they can come and drag me from the house.
the kids can take pictures and send them to the few papers that would print them.

fuck them all.
there is a wild west hooker in me.
bring it on.

Anonymous said...

We live in a monetized society. No money, no society. Just lord of the flies. Therefore it is essential that everyone have social dignity by having a stake in the national income and the independence not having to sell your ass brings. A plethora of social ills would go away immediately.

Timster said...

Su - What?!! A license required to watch their shit? If only. Soon we will need one here NOT to have a tv on 24/7...
This damned world is haywire.

Timster said...

Anon@9:11 - I cannot disagree with that.

mistmare said...

The most important part of the article was left unsaid. Which is, we have to apply the same criticizm to our own actions/inaction that we apply to those of other people. That message seems right to me and I try to keep that in mind.

It also deals with one-sided/two sided communication. You seem to presume that interaction is somehow always better than passive perception. I have to say I disagree with that. Books, movies, theatre plays are all about one-sided communication, but these all rock.

I have also got this another interesting opinion. If one really has the American values (or Jewish, or Russian, or Chinese, or wichever else) burned in them, they can watch as much foreign propaganda as they want to without any danger. Fear is the key. If you really see child rape, for example, as something terrible, you would get offended by the subptle advertisements of it, but they won't change your values.

I think a healthy society is like a pack of fishes - they don't have a leader, but they do turn on one side or the other on the same moment. The reason (with people, not fishes) is they look at the same direction and not at each other. Same criteria, in my opinion, helps to discern healthy entertainment from propaganda. Does writer think about the future most of the time, or does he think of the present most of the time?

Closest I've ever read to a healthy author is Ed Brubaker. He makes you know what he knows, in almost no time. Closest people to a healthy society I've met are mostly the ones in sects and subcultures.

Anyway, the people in charge of the media don't see the information exchange as one of their main tasks. And as Veritas said, "They do not worship beauty or talent". So fuck them. I'm going to make my life a Hollywood movie and try and live my dreams, in real time. I don't need any more of their indoctrination through mass media.

glengear said...

Most interesting post & comments, Timster, old buddy, old pal of mine.

Anonymous said...

'whore' is the ugliest word in the English language.

prostitution isn't the world's oldest profession; being a pimp is.

If we didn't have tv we would have traveling troupes of actors who would more than likely be jewish and they would steal our children and blame it on gypsies.

McCob--programmed by tv to be a new world order thrall

John Friend said...

I hate anything coming out of the TeeVee, and don't even own one. It's amazing to me people know all this bullshit about TeeVee shows, movies, and sports yet know absolutely nothing about the criminal gang that controls the government. It's pathetic.

Genie said...

The lady in the photo top of the post looks like she should have retired a decade ago.

Timster said...

Genie - are talking about the woman I love!(grin)