Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Are All Lois Lane...

I found out who Superman is.  No, really!

I hear that the jews in hollyweird are going to allow just one more treatment of the Superman yarn.  Oh no...not another one.  This time they have hired the Nolan brothers to do it.  Well, decent directors/writers...and they're goyim.  The box-office is already there.  The reviews are already written...and Clark Kent is already counting his shekels. But the movie isn't even cut yet.  No's the man of STEAL and he is already pulling the dollars out of the pockets of the evil Gentiles for it.  Count on it.  I will give my Medved reiview of it now if you like: "after watching this latest gritty and realistic treatment of the Superman legend, I find myself believing in him, just like when I was a kid!  Two thumbs up!"
There.  Now you have to see it.  When it comes out.

When I was a kid reading those damned comics, I thought to myself that Lois Lane had to be the stupidest woman on the planet.  How could she not know that the junior reporter sitting right next to her...that mild-mannered curly-headed mensch lusting after her goyim ass, was indeed the man of steal?  What a stupid bitch.  And Jimmy Olson...another stupid goy.  Boy was he dumb.  Well, all Gentiles are dumb.  Or so Supermensch thinks.

I have touched on the kosher intent of this comic before.  But I think people still aren't getting it.  Here it is for all the Lois Lanes out there:

-Superman is a tale of a weak ineffectual jew without any prowess against the evil Gentiles that locked his people up in work camps in Germany just a few years before.  This was a fantasy of jew, Jerry Siegel and then drawn by fellow ashkanazi Joe Shuster.

-Through their connections in the jewish publishing world they got this yiddish garbage printed on pulp paper and stocked in every drug store in the Western world.

-Essentially, Superman is a sexual fantasy for jews.  In this fantasy, the disgusting little bespectacled transplant from a Krakow ghetto, battles "LEX LUTHER"(sic), gets the shiksa and has superpowers(money) far beyond that of mortal men.

-Lex Luthor is Martin Luther(Lex=Words, of Luther)  The sworn enemy of the jewish...for he named the beast.  Of course his prolific writings about the lying jew are suppressed nowadays.  His followers are now just another herd of sheep being led down the Christian friends-of-israhell path.

I don't know why most of we Gentiles don't get it.  But then again, I don't know why Lois and Jimmy never got it.  Perhaps that is another jewish joke.  These reporters on the Daily Planet never will get it, and so never will report it.

You see, the whole "legend" is a Krypto-gram.  As in Kryptonite. While mild-mannered Siegels are laughing their asses off at the ignorant Gentiles allowing their children to read these tales of yiddish daring, they know that solving the cryptic puzzle of this post-WWII wet-dream for the judaic, is the only thing that can destroy their hero.  Kryptonite is truth.

And like Lois and Jimmy...we understand this somewhere in the back or our minds.  We grasp that Superjew's  Super-power over us all is money.  We intuitively feel that the curly-headed weakling little shit, reporting the "news"...standing in the back of the crowd, really is the arch-enemy.  Is that Clark Kent there reporting on the Oslo massacre?  Was that Clark describing how those airplanes and the fire they caused brought down the twin towers?  Isn't that the mild-mannered man of Steal himself, reporting on the evil Gaza relief boat that was really carrying weapons to Palestine?  Isn't he the pundit on your teevee that gave you the real story of Waco and Oklahoma City and story after story after story.  Lie after lie after lie.
He doesn't even bother dashing into a phone booth and changing into his gay-colored tights and cape anymore.  He knows he doesn't have to.  He is out.  And you and your children worship him and his Super-death and Super-hatred and Super-Geld.

What I wouldn't give for a few pounds of Kryptonite about now.

Get a clue, Lois...


neal said...

Wow. Now I know why when they called me Brainiac in high school, I didn't mind.

Genie said...

haha, funny post! I thought Lois was a complete idiot too! I liked Jimmy, he was suppose to be dumb.
I was pretty pissed off when I discovered our comic book heros were created by Jews. Jews, A Jew, I don't remember.
Superman, Batman and Captain America...and if that isn't bad enough, they wrote God Bless America! The motherfucker was Israeli! oops, there's that F word companion to "Israel." I can't stop it. According to Walter Cronkike: "Irving Berlin has written over 1,500 songs, and it is there we find our history, our holidays, our homes and our hearts." Oh wow, well said, Cronkike! Speak for yourself motherfucker! Oopsie again. I swear, they gave us away long ago.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...I read a seminal piece on the "super heroes" of marvel comics a couple of years ago - what an eye-opener. How's the new Captain Amer-iki, a terrorist attack in Norway - faark!

You can not sound the depth of grief I experienced when I learned that the scrumptious Amy Adam's mum was slapped about the loins with the toxic spawn of satan - good grief! Is there no end to their tentacles?!


kenny's sideshow said...

I'm glad I sold all my comics, many SM's, saved from the late 50's, early 60's when the market was up. Talked to an old dealer last week and he said no one is buying the 'collectibles.'

Boycott the movie when it comes out. Don't feed the machine.

Good riddance Lois ...

Anonymous said...

Bet you did,nt know that Superman could kil the evil Lutheran children plotting to take over the world from summer camp. The world is a safer place. Thanks Superman.

Anonymous said...

Just read 'The Antichrist' by Nietzsche. According to him Luther was a dispicable character.

Nietzsche on Luther: "...This monk with all the vindictive instincts of an abortive priest in his body, foamed with rage over the Renaissance in Rome." Nietzsche felt that the germans killed the renaissance. He also felt that Christianity destroyed the intellectual promise that was born in the greek and roman cultures.

Another interesting quote: "Christianity, alcohol- the 2 great means of corruption."

and another: "A christian is an anarchal jew."

Personally, I think the number one agency of human misery is alcohol.

I never liked Superman Comics although Lois had nice legs.

You are an entertaining writer, Timster.


Timster said...

Neal - That would be a compliment!

Timster said...

Genie - Thanks.

Timster said...

V- No...there isn't.

Timster said...

Kenny - Yeah, I used to collect that crap too...I boycott ALL the jewish movies I can.

Timster said...

Anon@10:31- Fighting for Lies, Injustice and the Talmudic way!

Timster said...

McCob -Thank you. I try(the wife's patience,mostly)...