Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Threat And,They Would Have You Believe...

Do you feel it?  Stand still and be quiet for a moment and listen.  You will hear a low frequency hum.  A vibration coming from beneath your feet.
I have threatened myself.  Promised to say something here on the dot com.  My concern for my own, and my family's well being has stopped me from doing it...and that concern shall continue...kinda.

They would have you believe that there are a bunch of mad hackers in their parent's basement that are putting denial-of-service code into the websites of world-wide corporations.

They would have you believe that these are just kids doing this for a lark.

They would that you think that these are bad people.  Misled kids that don't understand that they are undermining some serious business concerns with their play.
They want you to think that all this recent hacking activity is coming from certain locations...China...Southern California...New York...Chicago...London.

They report on their MSM that you as a consumer should be wary of these 18-25 year-olds that are threatening not only our way of life in the Occident, but that your own personal security is at stake.
They would call them cyber-terrorists.

They want you to think that this is all coming from dot com goofs with nothing better to do...and they are going to get in trouble if they don't stop it.

They would have we out here believe that the bulk of this hacking effort is a subterfuge....a keep as many of us as possible away from it.
None of the above is true.

When I was younger...back in the early 80's...before the Internet(yes, Virginia...there was a time before), I was keenly interested in computer technology.  I knew all the current languages, although there weren't many and they would be as stone knives to techies today.  However with the caveman tools that I had, I started hacking.  Oh, nothing nefarious.  Just seeing what I could do with my "reading manuals at night" education about this new wave of ones and zeros.  So I hacked into many businesses that were just starting to put their systems into computers.  Through BBS's (bulletin-board systems) I started to communicate with other like-minded guys and we had a cloak-and-dagger blast.  It was exhilarating to, for example...break into a food-distribution computer system and reroute all their deliveries for the next day, just because their system was not secure. Then of course to read about it in the papers...knowing that you caused the "glitch" that caused 50,000 frozen hamburger patties to be delivered to a Chinese laundry.
A wise guy back then said that "there is no such thing as a secure computer system".  He was right in so many ways...he'll never understand how much.
Those intelligent hackers out there today...if they are worth their salt not only understand this bit of wisdom to be provable...but also another truism.
Computer technology is merely an extension of biology.  That is to say that as the flesh will fail, so will all that comes from the flesh.  They used to say "garbage in...garbage out".  Well it is all garbage because it comes from less than perfect humans.
You might say this is obvious, but look a bit deeper.
Well over a year ago, I made a call for techies to use their expertise to stop hacking each other, and make their hacks meaningful...and against the system.  I was among many putting out that call...and it is being answered.

Joe Schmo...the fabulously wealthy jew, sitting in his $75M mansion in Tel Aviv, or Lucerne, knows nothing about comparison to say, Johnny Gentile sitting in his cubicle updating TPS reports for $700 a week, in one of Schmo's companies.  Nothing.  So what does Joe do when he gets cyber-attacked because of his involvement in arms deals, killing Palestinian children or trafficking 12 year-old boys in Uruguay?  He simply goes out and hires someone that can outsmart the hacker.  
But comes a time...

The problem with Johnny Gentile, is that he is smart.  Anyone that has the ability and drive to overcome countless upgrades in computer security...has a working brain.  Those kind of people are dangerous.  To Joe.  They can't be bought for long and they are everywhere...and Joe has to trust them.  And that will be his downfall.  And the downfall of jewish tyranny as we know it.  Because with this intelligent hacking comes some dangerous revelations...such as in the case of Murdoch.  And as more and more is revealed...Booze-Allen...Pentagon...etc, it will become obvious who(jew) the enemy is and who goes on the list for the next hack and revelation.  They cannot stop Johnny...but.  People will be suicided.  Many more.  Count on it.  But that won't stop the vibration...the low frequency hum of the human spirit.  Rabbi Schmo understands this all too well.  And he is scrambling as we speak.
I support anyone that hacks corporations, corrupt governments(aren't they all?) and especially jews in power...for well, just being jews in power.  I am not part of "anonymous"( I wouldn't say so if I was however...duh).  But I know a few things about them.  That low hum...that vibration that I spoke of coming from the ground, is Anonymous...and it is all of us.  Regardless of our expertise with the internet...freenet...internet two...unix...linux...whatever, the intent is carried in the best of us, and it cannot be stopped.
So the threat to myself is carried out.  So will be the threat to the judaic.  Rest assured that things are in place for a cyber-revolution that will end all others.  The man is coming down...and we are part of that effort. What happens after that is anyone's guess.  I hope it is better than what we are about to feed on.


mistmare said...

Thank you very much. That's a really thought provoking article. These hackers, not do they only cause damage (or as you say, threat) but they also change the smart, honest people's perspective on things. That might cause a loot of good or a lot of harm. Let's pray (or wish on a star, or whatever) that it'll be for good.

Anonymous said...

All governments are protection rackets. You mention above that you do not want to put your family in harms way due to your expressing your political views. I can empathize. I have a wife with chronic health problems and she needs me. So, I sit back and basically do nothing as I do not want to upset the apple cart even though there are a lot of rotten apples on the cart.

Criminals have hearts, too. Al Capone used to fund soup kitchens so it is fair to say he was a charitable soul.

If the truth does come out and people take to the streets there will be much violence and destruction as well as bodies stinking up the landscape. And in the end no matter who wins nothing will change. Like it says in the song: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

"Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war." Then watch the innocent die violent, horrible deaths.

All men are prone to emotional/mental problems as well as stupidity. This statement is true for even the strongest and smartest among us.

If a man wakes up in the morning and he and his loved ones are well it is not because he is strong or smart. It is because he is lucky.

I sometimes wonder if we are not in hell. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime and it doesn't matter how horrific and painful the 'anything' might be. There is no good end for any of us.

What am I getting at? I don't know. But this conspiracy theory shit is a headfuck like nothing else I have ever experienced.

I do believe that God created the heart of man in order that he might have a mystery to ponder.

You're allright, Timster!


glengear said...

Very interesting, might we regular people bring down the worshipers of money with something that makes us superior. I hope so, challenging post and I hope some intelligent ones can pull it off!

A.Mouser said...

Alt-Market: What does that have to do with killing puppies?

McGlobalist: Yes, well, imagine that the puppies are retarded….

Timster said...

Mist- You are welcome, I'm sure.

Timster said...

McCob - are you.

Timster said...

Glenster - Well, more intelligent than I am...fer sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if McCob is hanging out here because he's undergone a change in his perspective.

This is a sampling of what he had to say last time he spoke up;

"Rage is a natural human feeling and response to certain stimulae. Humans would experience rage even if there were no banks or countries or religions.

Greed, corruption, murder and injustice are the price of civilization.

the fault is not in our institutions but in our very own hearts. The problem with humanity is staring back everytime one looks into a mirror.

Jews indeed!? As if any of the rest of us is any better.

By the way I hate judaism as well as it's bastard offshoots: christianity and islam. The bible sux as does the talmud... Any of us can be monsters.

The hatred one carries is unhealthy and often misses the target and bounces back on where it came from.

Saying the problems of society are chiefly the fault of the jews is a vast oversimplification.

But, go ahead and be bigots if that is what you want.

And isn't it true to say that there are asian gangs, italian, irish,..., whatever?

Oh, but the world would be such a paradise if there where no jews. Give me a break.

Honestly. I'm curious whether he's had a change of heart in the last 30 days, because he seems to be pushing something quite similar here.

wv = ching...

Anonymous said...

If I might respond to wv=ching

Dear Ching,

I hang out here because I enjoy the writing.

"....change in perspective"?

Hell! I am still trying to develop a perspective. Mostly I am just confused and what you call "pushing" I call throwing in my 2 cents.

If you are trying to intimate that my 2 posts were incongrous I just don't see it.

There is nothing more that I would like than to be wrong about my suspicions as to how the world is run and what happened on 911.

I am flattered that you found my words worth quoting.

Good fortune to you!


Anonymous said...

No McCob, no incongruity. What I see is the introduction of doubt.

Whatever dwells within the soul of the ordinary man, his body count in the last century alone cannot possibly compare in either volume or stark horror to the nomadic sociopaths we speak of here.

If these ruminations of yours are genuine, then by all means.. Not that you need my permission.

Anonymous said...

With the permission of Timster I want to respond to wv=ching.

dear ching,
You could write everything I KNOW on a postage stamp.
I do have doubts about my own perceptions as well as any external authority. I think- not KNOW but THINK- that there is more to world problems than jewish crime families. I think that all of us to some extent contribute to the evil in the world. I also think that violence will not solve our problems.

When people talk about wholesale death (a la the holocaust-which I believe is exagerated) you can bet they are pandering.