Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jewish Rule, Anyone?

I think I can offend at least half my readership with the following statement.  I don't give a flying shit about the USA.
There.  Whew.  Glad I got that off my chest.  To all of you so offended, however...let me clarify, or enhance my position.  I don't give a rat's ass if we give this p.o.s. land back to the Indians and Mexicans that had it before our forefathers slaughtered them to put up holocaust museums and car factories.  It isn't worth anything really.  Its form of government...democracy, Constitutional Republic, or whatever you wish to call just another facade for the rich living off the labour of the poor and stupid.  I have no love of this nation.  Never did.  It's just a place on the globe.  Somewhere I happen to live right now.
Not only is that my humble opinion, I feel it should be yours.  Being "proud" to be an amerikan is as stupid and pointless as being proud of the shade of the skin on your ass.  Truly.  And this goes for every other country on this zionist-occupied globe we call home nowadays.  And I don't understand why more people don't feel this way.  But that's just me.  I think I am right about everything...and I am.  If you don't believe me, just ask...I'll tell you.
The following "report card" should let you know how we "amerikans" are doing. It is from theeconomiccollapseblog, and I checked the sources.  It is accurate.  Please don't give me any shit about..."Well, it didn't used to be that way!"  Bullshit.  It was always thus.  It comes with the territory.

"If you do not believe that America is in bad shape, just read the list below.  The following are 20 not so good categories that the United States leads the world in....
#1 The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire globe.
#2 According to, the United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world.
#3 The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.
#4 The United States is tied with the U.K. for the most hours of television watched per person each week.
#5 The United States has the highest rate of illegal drug use on the entire planet.
#6 There are more car thefts in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world by far.
#7 There are more reported rapes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.
#8 There are more reported murders in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.
#9 There are more total crimes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.
#10 The United States also has more police officers than anywhere else in the world.
#11 The United States spends much more on health care as a percentage of GDP than any other nation on the face of the earth.
#12 The United States has more people on pharmaceutical drugs than any other country on the planet.
#13 The percentage of women taking antidepressants in America is higher than in any other country in the world.
#14 Americans have more student loan debt than anyone else in the world.
#15 More pornography is created in the United States than anywhere else on the entire globe.  89 percent is made in the U.S.A. and only 11 percent is made in the rest of the world.
#16 The United States has the largest trade deficit in the world every single year.  Between December 2000 and December 2010, the United States ran a total trade deficit of 6.1 trillion dollars with the rest of the world, and the U.S. has had a negative trade balance every single year since 1976.
#17 The United States spends 7 times more on the military than any other nation on the planet does.  In fact, U.S. military spending is greater than the military spending of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined.
#18 The United States has far more foreign military bases than any other country does.
#19 The United States has the most complicated tax system in the entire world.
#20 The U.S. has accumulated the biggest national debt that the world has ever seen and it is rapidly getting worse.  Right now, U.S. government debt is expanding at a rate of $40,000 per second.
So are you convinced that we are in trouble yet?"


You may have read this article elsewhere...aren't you amerikans proud of yourselves?   Of course if you go to the source link you will find some raw numbers about a bunch of different countries that won't please most of the rest of you either.
I guess what I am trying to get across in this post is what I keep hammering at over and over here is that people are just people...all over the world.  This territory...this nest of known as the USA is the home of the ruling ashkanazi.  This is what they want.  This is what they have always wanted.  There is no "New World Order" coming to be frightened of.  This is it.  It will get worse and worse over the coming years of continuous war and deeper and a more lucid division between the  working goyim and their jewish masters...but essentially this is all you get folks.  Nothing to fear.  You won't even notice the gradual decline. You are going to work for them until you die.  Nothing tough about that.  Nothing nightmarish.   You do it already...and have done for decades.  And you're children and grandchildren will live to work for and worship these monsters.  But this is the template.  You are purchasing it as we speak because your teevee is on while you read this.  You will never turn it off or throw it in the shit-can.  You do not have the will. 
Well...most of you anyway.  Not me.  I am perfect.  I am above all that.  I am now enrolled in The Doris Day Institute of Pre-determinism.  "Que Sera Sera".  I am becoming convinced that I am one of the few sane people on this rock.  The rest of you aren't going to be saved in time.  It's just the way of things and I am going to learn how to stop worrying about y'all.  It is all in the grand plan of things.
I am just out here taking pot-shots at our kosher rulers.  I am immune to their influence.  I don't own a working television.  I have not taught my children to own them.
Aren't you jealous?  You should be.  But you probably aren't.
You will bitch and complain about the jewish rule you are under...because... I think you like it.  You must.  It is in the cards...
 And I'm in a bad mood case you haven't guessed.  Oh well...
Que Sera Sera.


Timster said...


Anonymous said...

cookies are fresh. odd.
i think someone be randomly tossing ... just a thought.

Mark Hess said...

Timster, I do not believe that wanting to preserve one's race, country and cultural inheritance requires hate-mongering, nor having to belittle others. I think many people who have these 'nationalistic' concerns shoot themsleves in the foot by apparently believing that it does.

That being said, I sympathize with just about everything you have written in this piece. It does not make me feel special. I do not relish feeling like my country deserves to fail, and feeling like we should no longer give a shit if that happens.

"Everywhere you turn, there is ugliness and mutilation."

-- Roger Scruton

This statement applies so well to the US now that it is heartbreaking.

I am sorry if this does not help with your feelings of anger and depression. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that there are those who appreciate what you are doing, and who can relate to the feelings you have expressed here.

covkid said...

And i don't give a flying shit about the UK either.We need one of those 'Arbeit macht frei'signs hoisted above the planet...You are right it really is that simple and oh the irony of it all.
Nice post Timster!

Timster said...

All - Sorry if there is a long lag to see your comments. I am having to go through a bunch of junk to get around a new piece of software that blogger foisted upon us all...that doesn't work. I'll try to get them all up as soon as possible.

mistmare said...

Please explain how pt. 13 is a bad thing. I mean, you can't hate a person for being depressed, right?

And another question. Does your "not caring" about your race/nation/creed mean that you don't care about or other nations? Would you get mad at a person or people for being proud about their origins, even if they do have reasons to be proud?

Oh and just for the record I think that your entire entry misses the target. Why? Because it criticizes the people for the EVENTS they go through, while it should criticize them for their morals or absence thereof, for their sane decisions and their calculated actions. Not trying to force anything just stating that I disagree with you. Crime, drugs, robberies and all that do exist, but blaming The nation for them misses the mark.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...What's there to give a fuck about? Yid owned and manipulated hi-tech feudalism? Fuck that. Anyhoo, you should take a look at this, very interesting!

I do care about my community though, out as far as my village gates, beyond this point there be dragons!

Did you know that prior to the creation of the Doomsday ledger and X on Doomsday book most men didn't have last names - truly, it was until we the peasants were registered as 'chattel'; miscellaneous property that is not considered Real Estate.

You don't have any 'interest' in the jooSA corp anyway, you are just 'certificate of live birth' security stock exchange registered collateral, for loans from the yid central banks, the yids trade in slaves so a couple of hundred million yanks makes for some serious collateral when raising the national debt ceiling, huh?

The fight against the yids is not about nationalities or cultural identities, these are just devices we can use as simple educational tools for the sheeple - the fight is about each and every one of us becoming freemen and freewomen not straw-men and straw-women enabling filthy yids to suck our lives dry of joy and frustrate our attempts at creating a future with some point to it; other than - work, eat, shit, fuck, sleep, work, die.



Timster said...

Mark - Thanks.

Timster said...

Covkid - Thank you! Arbeit Macht frei!

Timster said...

Mistmare - Well...I think it speaks to the fact that one, there are reasons for real depression that drugs mask. And two, big pharma TELLS these women that they can escape life's little disappointments by just taking a pill.
Of course I don't care about nations. There is NO reason to be proud of something you do not accomplish on your own. Period. Pride cometh before a fall? I am not blaming nations for these statistics...but the ruling class of amoral jews...that as Carlin put so aptly put it "don't give a fuck about you".
Thanks for the comment though...keep reading.

Timster said...

V - Yeah. I like that..."freemen and freewomen".

arbeit macht bacon said...

The inbred elitists don't give a shit about countries either. It is not such a bad attitude as patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel (forgot who's quote that is) The scene in Network where Ned Beatty breaks it down for Howard Beall explains alot. I think I will dig that dvd out and watch out.

Anonymous said...

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Samuel Johnson circa 1775.

Depression and anxiety are the plagues of our times.

There are certainly some powerful jewish crime families. But there are also the royal bloodlines and the vatican as well as asian crime syndicates. I believe they are all players and sometimes at odds with each other.

If all of the jews in the world disappeared the human race would still be fucked. (I am no lover of judaism. Jews tend to be separatists and chauvinists.)

The elitist industrialists and financiers (not all jews) do give a shit about us in the same manner a rancher cares about his livestock.

I think that there is a hidden tier of power above the financial and industrial tycoon class. Maybe the Devil itself.


Mouser said...

You echo my sentiments exactly. Very well said.

The next 9/11 is in the works soon.

Greetings, Mouser

Pee Wee Hermann said...

Bwahaha! That redneck take on Ma an Pa Kettle is a keeper. Could I post it at my blog, only about 5 people even visit it.

Timster said...

Arbeit - That would be Samuel Johnson, I think...and I agree.

Timster said...

Mouser - Strange link indeed.

Timster said...

Pee Wee - Actually I think it is parodying "American Gothic", but the photo isn't mine. As long as you have a fair-use statement on your blog, I think you are covered to use it...but who knows in this age of the jewish lawyer...

Timster said...

McCob - That is a good point. Many people out here talk about how huge corporations are deliberately poisoning us. Huh? Why would they try to get rid of the people that buy their shit? Not a good business practice. Negligence?...yes. Irresponsibility?...yes. But at least give them credit for how, as you say, they care for their livestock.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Mc Cob: "If all of the jews in the world disappeared the human race would still be fucked." Why? No porn, no debt slavery, no sex slavery, no armed slaves and wars for profit - no slavery period. All owned by the yids and front-of-house managed by their shabat goyim.

Fluoride in the tap-water is explained by negligence?

Toxic debt as sub-prime mortgages sold as derivatives based put option bets against their own toxic loans cyclically regurgitated as credit default swap non-titled insurer wagering used as collateral for sub-prime mortgage financing? Talk about 'duty of care', them fucking yids is some serious samaritans dude!

Millions: Unemployed, dispossessed, homeless and hungry: Is that what you consider caring for the "livestock"?


I also find the acceptance of the analogy that we are cattle not only offensive, I find it suspect.

That you, timster, can empathize with this arrant nonsense says more about your current head-space than all the semantics and polemics about the judaic you can Post in a year.

Stockholm syndrome anyone?


We are all exhausted, there is no win in sight, we are being taken over absolutely, we are losing on a daily basis; the plan as outlined in the protocols is almost complete - So, we fall down on our arses and plea bargain with the most evil sacks of shit ever to walk the earth?

Fuck that! Pacifist blogging, has achieved a modicum of palliative and sedative effect on the semi-informed incumbents, which is for the most part a waste of time.

How are we supposed to motivate the sheeple to revolt against their talmudvision if the 3 percenters are buckling under the iron fist?

Did you think a few eloquent paragraphs were going to win this thing?

The only people I know that are still fit for this fight, mentally and physically are ex-service people, what does that tell ya? Civvies can't cut it?

FYI; my colleagues and I have not yet begun to fight!

You wanna know what I don't give a flying fuck about anymore?

Peace at any cost blogs, "I'd rather be dead than use violence against my oppressors" pseudo-hippie cowards, they should just close their blogs, shut-down their computers and fall into line and wait to be issued with a blue or red tag, oh and get out of the fucking way, they're just adding to the noise that confuses the sheeple!

A message to those not prepared to fight for the lives of your children. You will wake up in Gaza one day and find that it looks just like your own home town!

Or, you can stay up on your feet as long as your strength allows and shout at the devil, right into its face...have some fun, freak the fucker out by laughing and stop giving a fuck about the niceties, lose your sanitized bourgeois script, they're not your ideas anyway!

Coooeeeeee, die in defiance of the bastards!

Have some fun for a while Timster, tell these fucking yids exactly what you expect for your children's future and what you are prepared to do to achieve that aim! Don't be so precious about a blog you can recreate in an hour.

Piss them off as much as you can then disappear into the woods, MINUTEMAN!

Fuck pacifist blogging, it's a frustrating FAIL!

veritas - certified nutjob VA Australia.

Annnd loving it!

Timster said...

V - I totally agree...with the last statement. Dude, take your meds. All McCob said was that the ruling jews tend their cattle. This is of course how we are viewed by them. Whether or not they lead some of we errant longhorns to slaughter is another subject. They do. However. No one is buckling here. When I spoke of irresponsibility and negligence...yes, I am talking about fluoride. And Gentile abortion doctors. And Monsanto...and on and on. You should know my by now. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. The ruling jewish class merely think alike..profit and israel is all that matters to them...and within that ethic, you have McDonalds...that will not kill you outright, but make you fatter than hell and unhealthy. They don't care about your health except when it becomes so bad you stop eating under the golden arches. Then they care.
I am not a pacifist blogger. Fuck peace. You know me better than that. If anything I am blogging for human justice. Which will not happen till the judaic are out of the seats of power. Of all people I thought I wouldn't have to defend you.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Mmmm? "veritas - certified nutjob VA Australia."[?]

The last statement thing needs clarification brother, haaaarggh...

That's the spirit, I don't get you all the time, no-one does. That's what makes you interesting. I know you though, I feel your anxiety; I just push rather than pull.

When you're a guy that leads with your chin like I do, it's about tough love not sentimentality and yeah...

Fuck peace, on their terms; that's just a pax judaica and they can shove that up their arse!

Keep ya powder dry and your eyes peeled Minuteman, it's nearly time, I'm getting edgy and making some strange alliances, you've probably seen that in my links, however, we've HAVE to win this thing.

Hey McCob, no vilification intended, I just don't like the bastards and any thing I perceive as a concession to those freaks just spills my milk, my bad. Apologies in advance for any perceived offense.

Love light & peace, will be the spoils of our victory!

Now then, where's that little brown bottle?


mistmare said...

Hello Veritas6464.

You mentioned Fight. Just talking out of my head - two more types of people who are fit for the fight might be lawyers and phisicians - the first job gives one the skills to bypass "the law" (the quote signs because I didn't sign any of it) and the second the skills to poison people. A thief/con/actor job might help. Are you free to discuss the methods of how to fight against the government and/or the banquers? I'm not saying that I'm very good at or know very much about the subject, but the discussion might turn out to be interesting.

Talking out of my head some more: yeah it's interesting how a good soldier or a good police officer might become a good trouble, instead. It appears to me that one has to have that terrorist/nazi side in him to know what hurts this type of people the most. I'm not a Jew nor an I an Anti-Semite. I read Trotsky's History of Russian Revolution again and again, and listen to 90's pop music (which was very "pulp" and desperate; 90's were a lot like 1917 in a lot of ways, especially because of the "bespredel" i. e. random violence) and compare that with what I hear/see around me and let me tell you, life without the Jews sucks and Russia is a complete wasteland (as a country and not as a nation). You know the jews use managed conflict/divide and conquer tactics agains us Gentile (fuck the word Gentile by the way, the Jews are way more medieval and materialistic than the Whites) people all around the world, right? I think we need to use that too, somehow, create some "managed insanity" to make the jewish folks kinda diffuse in it.

Any suggestions on how else we can turn this whole thing around, or any qustions and suggestions about what I wrote? I'm looking for your response and please be constructive.

Oh and I've got a question about the Hollywood, movies, entertainment etc etc. If it was up to you, with what would you replace all of that? Life without good entertainment is a waste.

mistmare said...

Timster, I hear you.. One is to be judged by the outcome of his actions ar at least by the kind of effort he puts to accomplish this outcome, and not by his heritage. I partly agree with that, about the past being just that, a bunch of actions and events that took place in the past. Like, focus on the past and you've got another surprise coming.

That's even more true about the future of the community. Being proud about one's future is a strange concept and a one I haven't even tried to think about. Even if such a perception works somehow, as a motivation or however else, that might be an unfair advantage.

But here's the one part that I disagree with, the present. For example, if I was a writer or an artist I would write/draw only for the people who I love, admire, respect, trust - people like that. And guess what? I don't respect anybody, all my friends are a bunch of faggots. I told them about the Illuminati, the Political-Correctness only used against White, straight people, about Lady GaGa being only a copycat if compared to Kylie Minogue, about the immigrants from Chechnya and other such countries being a bunch of parasites who think they own a whole building, about MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming etc, and guess what they told me? "You should be happy with what you have, you need to get out more, you need to be grateful for your life, you need to smile more". That's why I can't respect any of these cocksuckers, which means I don't write. But if I did live in a healthy community, I would be proud and I would feel lucky to live with people who have eyes, and a backbone. I would be proud of these people. Same way I would be proud of real-life, offline bloggers If I knew any of them. That's the kind of pride I was talking about, not "redneck pride" but trusting your own society. I think this kind of pride is rational and justified but it's nat really "pride of one's OWN accomplishments". Russian people (the coming-of-age ones among us) are ignorant but not complicit, an neither are American people - to live in a society where people are still scared of gays, criminals, pedophiles, jews and foreigners is something to be proud of, in my opinion. But! It doesn't have to be about the nation or race. I'm sure even the jews have some smart, honest people among them.

By the way, I do respect you. Blogging about the corrupt society being run by the jewish bankers is one of the last sane things to do, which makes you one of the last types of people I still have any amount of trust at all.

Timster said...

Mistmare - have a lot of odd concepts in your head. Some I can agree with...some seem a bit naive.
You speak of "entertainment" as if jews have a corner on the market. They do. And it is shit. If there is ever anything really entertaining in their media, then it is truly something they have stolen. Be it film, prose, music. IMHO if something in their media is fully is disgusting. On that you can rely. So we would be MUCH better off without the yiddish monopoly of the arts...MUCH. See

As far as your feelings about "pride". I don't get how you can take pride in something you have not been a part of. Something that without your input/effort has been accomplished by others. That just doesn't make sense. You can be proud of something you have created...anything from a birdhouse to raising a child. But to take pride in something over which you had no influence is counter to the definition of the word. You can be proud of your new car which you did not build...but you decided to buy it and you have the envy of your neighbors. An inflated self-image...but nonetheless based in some effort on your part.
I don't have to elect to be Caucasian constantly to maintain the color of my skin...nor was it a choice on my part at any time in my life. As it was not a choice on my part to decide where to be born. It could be a choice to leave this nest of vipers...and I might sometime soon...but that would be a barren source of pride as well, seen rationally. Pride to my way of thinking is a petty emotion borne of class and conceit. It benefits no one, in any circumstance which I can imagine.

mistmare said...

Timster, about entertainment, that's my favorite subject since I don't believe in God and think that good entertainment is enough to replace religion/live on the road/wake up from the Matrix/whatever you choose to call it. I have yet to read the article that you gave me the link to. I'd like to say this - I've always hated classical music for it's arrogance - and superfamous poets like Shakespear for example, for the same reason. I mean, we're in a recession right now, a lot of people are unemployed, there are a lot of wars etc, and I think it's pretty disrespectful to listen to flashy pop music (or classical music) at this point in time. I've read an unfunny joke somewhere - it was like a column name, left side screamed 'LADY GAGA DYES HER HAIR RED' and the right side whispered 'american forces are invading saudi arabia'. So a more decent, politically correct, kosher way to make music would be to make music for (or at least about) those people who are in despair, and/or struggling to make better life for themselves. And it has to be cheap entertainment, in a good way. It has to deal with subjects that the reader/viewer/listener is already concerned about, maybe even was concerned about all his life, and not with the subject that are artifical, hyped up and that nobody gives, or at least should give a fuck about. This is what I think about the art/the entertainment at this moment of time, and I definitely might be wrong. Right now I prefer Hollywood to whatever was made in a last couple of centuries. But Hollywood is not cheap entertainment, quite the opposite, it's entertainment for the rich, even though they might be rotten inside.

I'm aware that "pride" is the wrong word, but it's not about words. There's plenty of things that exist but for some irrelevant reason don't have names for them yet. I see it like that: when you have something, or even when you do something, it's only a result of all the things that did Not happen. Like, if you build a house, that means, your health&sanity are ok, that you do have money, materials, skills, whatever else, that you wasn't hit by a car at this or that day, haven't got fired from a job etc etc, being proud and glad about that is ok but it's not what I'm talking about. The "pride" (for the lack of better word) of being something or belonging somewhere consists of all the things that you chose not to do. Like, if you read to a blogger, a "conspiracy theorist", that means that you chose to listen, instead of doing any kind of stupid shit you might have wasted that section of your free time on. That's a conscious choice. If you're aware of the government and the bankers being in the wrong, that means you chose not to be a complicit sellout at that point in time or the other. To be a sellout is a conscious choice and the one that no one should be proud of. To not be a sellout is a lack of the bad choice and it's respectable. Now the jews have the code of conduct that is slightly different from the code of most other nations. If you're on of these nations and you didn't "descent" from that level than you're a good person and you're lucky you were taught that way, even if you did nothing for you parents/teachers/whoever to teach you that way and not the other. I wish I could explain it better!

mistmare said...

I've read the article. Wow, I really don't know how can anybody be so off. Some people really need help. I'm not sure if all the jews are like that, but some, if not all, of the "elite" ones are really fucking miserable.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Minuteman,...@mistmare...

“...nor an I an Anti-Semite” I’m glad to hear that, because the Palestinians need all the support we can give them.

“ without the Jews sucks” – WTF?

“I read Trotsky's History of Russian Revolution again and again” – WTF? He was a yid!

“If it was up to you, with what would you replace all of that?” – I love movies, I escape through the silver-screen and for me it is the most amazing Medium. The yids know this also, and they have turned what could have been and might be the most glorious means of collectivising positive prayerful energy on the planet, into sordid shit, sprinkled with processed white sugar.

As for lawyers and physicians, physicians are handy and are often actually helpful to their communities.

As for the “fight”, I'm in passive mode currently: I do not talk to yids, I ignore them, I do not allow them to push in to queues regardless of their rapid-fire excuses for doing so. I call them out when they are rude and offensive – my days are full (grin). I have NO respect for any of them, they are all cut from the same cloth, foul smelling toe-rag, they have the niff of sulphur and shit about them.
I do not care whether they are literate musicians or professors; they never give up their yiddishness, they always hang on to that like an ounce of gold up their colon. finkleschlumpf never questions the holo-hoax and cites his mother’s suffering constantly to justify his whining. Atzmon smells the gun-smoke in the wind and is no fool, he does not however relinquish his chosen-ness: they are hedge-fundies all of them, they are aware the chosen have nowhere to run to this time; these “good” yids are self-serving survivors, remember The Thing, (aka John Carpenter's The Thing) great flic. They coagulate like a glutinous mass and become a malignant cancer when they inhabit a new host, yet they survive as single organisms when they have drained all life out of it and are forced to abandon its dead husk: They are not of us!

Do not engage them in debate, do not do business with them and do not tolerate them in your life! If you are confronted by one, knock it on its arse, pronto!


Timster said...

V - Thanks for answering that. You wanna help me with my mail? I could use you.

mistmare said...


I do know "antisemite" is a wrong word since it includes Arabs, I still use it every know and than for a lcak of a better word. What word would you use? Anti-khazarian?

Of course I know Trotsky was a jew, or a yid, whatever. Everybody knew that he's a jew when he was alive, didn't stop some people from trusting him. Well since we're on the subject, do you think any non-jew is by default better than any jew, and that a jew can't ever do anything about that? That would be a little extreme..

On "life without jews".. Ok, I know it's incorrect too, because life's never without them, they're still here and still control every country and try to steal every nation's identity, undermine morality, do everything it is they do. My point is, life without "managed conflict", well, sucks really hard, people start to become fat, loud and stupid. So we need another catastrophe, fast.

"The yids (...) know this also, and they have turned what could have been and might be the most glorious means of collectivising positive prayerful energy on the planet, into sordid shit, sprinkled with processed white sugar."
Yeah, that's what I asked. How do we stop that? What movies do you consider as the least brainwashed ones?

Rest assured, I didn't mean that physicians are useless or harmful or bad in any other way.

I'm still not sure I understan why is that you hate jews. I mean, all jews, what's up wit that?.. There's a lot of really wicked really disrespectful people among the jews, and they did commit a lot of crimes. But how can every random jew be responsible for them? And on the other hand, if your nation has done some good things, can you be "responsible" for them even though you didn't help at all? I think yes, Timster thinks no, what would be your opinion?

"Do not engage them in debate, do not do business with them and do not tolerate them in your life! If you are confronted by one, knock it on its arse, pronto!"
That's the right attitude, no question. It's safe to say most of the jews think like "it's not a crime if you can get away with it". So fuck them. But their fight is through money and propaganda. They choose who deserves to eat and who deserves to starve. How do we stop them from being able to choose any of that?

mistmare said...

There's got to be a non-violent way to make the jews starve. Any ideas, anyone?..

Anonymous said...

"There's got to be a non-violent way to make the jews starve. Any ideas, anyone?.."

Umm, close every Chinese restaurant in the Western world?

Timster said...

Anon@10:57 - Laughed till I cried over that one!