Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Many Fingers...

How many fingers am I holding up?

How many jews perished in the holocaust?

I've just been re-reading and re-watching 1984. There is a lot there. In the book and in the subsequent filmed version of the classic Orwell novel...which although truncated ...still gets the point across.
I wonder how an israeli jew would take it. I wonder if they identify with Winston...or would they more correctly see themselves as a member of the "party", of the now ruling ashkanazi. Probably like everyone else that reads the novel, they would sympathize with the eventually defeated hero, Winston. They do that. Wallow in self-pity, as a culture. Not only wallow, but pull on your pants-leg until you are down there with them in the filth. In israhell the children are taught songs about the glory of israhell. Well that's nothing new...most countries have these songs for their kids...good training for the young. But this particular one has lyrics that state that jews will always be hated and they will overcome this hatred and rule the Gentile. I'm serious...most israeli children know this song. A song about jews being the eternal victim and eventually the eternal victimizer.
As my Mother was wont to say..."some people enjoy a spell of sickness". I was always puzzled at that adage. But it makes sense now. Especially in light of the yiddish mentality. For with a spell of sickness, comes a following spell of sympathy.
I will try and find a link to this song of which I speak...but let this one turn your stomach in the mean-time.

Oh what happy jewish children. Oh the glory of israhell.

If you drive just a few hours north from anywhere in the USA, you will be in a country where 1984-ish thought-crime really does exist in its infancy. Oh, the prophetic qualities of that tome. In Canada, it is illegal to deny the holohoax. Few amerikans(or anyone else, if the truth be known) are aware of this, for you see, as the song I referred to above says... someday they will rule...and it will and has been a gradual coup. But just as Winston discovered, there will come a time when we will all see five fingers...truly see them. Whether they are there or not. It won't matter if you hate those holding up the will love them.

Some of us understand that there were only a few thousand jews that died of typhus and starvation in those German camps long ago, but like the fingers that are actually doesn't matter what we know. Six million jews were tortured, gassed and burned alive. As Orwell so aptly put it "He who controls the past, controls the future and he who controls the present, controls the past"

This may be a simple concept to most reading this...but it is one that is commonly overlooked. It is in the heads of the khazars that have found their way to the thrones of the world, every waking moment, I can assure you...and is used. Even on their own kind. Perhaps even more effectively so. Because without a group-think that accepts these lies as their own history...this revisionist history...there would be no one that cared enough to continually spread them. There would be no proud identification with such victim-hood to display in their would just be hearsay. But when they teach their children these canards, there is continuance. I'm sure you can see this. It is not a world-wide conspiracy...but a set of myths taught world wide by true-believers that enjoy a spell of to speak.

But back to the novel. In Winston's diary he states that "freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4". Canadians and Germans and the people of various other countries, right now do not have that essentially they have NO freedoms. It's just a matter of degrees now. And as I said before it is gradual.
So when an "O'Brien"-type character...say, from Chicago for example...asks you who we are at war with...try to remember the party line(hint: evil Arab terrorists). When he asks you how many fingers he is holding many does he want you to see?
Then answer according to your conscience.


danny said...

Hi Timster, no doubt about it, you have found the most disgusting videos that aren't on MSM tv. LOL. Keep going!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the honorable and most reverend Bishop Richard Williamson in the above photo?

I've again been pondering how to construct the mind-opening 1-2 punch for the good hearted but brain dead average citizen.

The Dresden train wreck photo fraud is excellent ( What would work well with it?

There is a wealth of very choice material on the Holohoax at

Anonymous said...

Eric Blair and Huxley rock. I need some Soma to cope with it all. (not really)

John Friend said...

Interesting post Timster. You write:

"I wonder how an israeli jew would take it. I wonder if they identify with Winston...or would they more correctly see themselves as a member of the "party", of the now ruling ashkanazi."

Roy Tov has a good take on this:

He read the New Testament when he was a child and became a Christian, having been born a Jew in South America. His family moved to Israel and was in a commune, and he basically had to keep his Christianity a secret in Israel. His book, "The Cross of Bethlehem is amazing. Get a copy if you haven't already.

Timster said...

Danny - Makes the old tummy churn,huh?

Timster said...

Anon@4:37 - No, that would be Richard Burton. Thanks for the links!

Timster said...

Anon@12:38 - Somas make me sleepy.

Timster said...

John - Thanks! Tov spooks me out. I dunno why, there is something there that doesn't gel...can't put my finger on it...maybe I am just paranoid. I don't believe most of the personal stuff he writes...I just can't help it. He always sounded phony to me...but maybe that's just me.
Anyone else?

neal said...

"Enjoy the spell of sickness"

Scarlet fever when I was six, the house bombed just before I was able to walk; Dad carried me while he could.

Enjoyable- sort of, but that never lasts. Just a means to an end, not the thing itself. Maybe an early wake-up when war comes calling.

Maybe ask Black Elk, or Lame Deer, or Cheezoos, maybe that spell is for just the kiss of death; life for the stupid and/or lucky, with no real choice in being one, or any of the others.

And maybe that's why being kissed and wanting to be tends to complications.

There is still some difference between the invitation and an invasion; however subtle, or disguised.

They might be angels, but we never called them that; we do not speak of them, except in wintertime, when it is safer.

Being hunted, and played with, can bring clarity. There is a place where some can choose to be something else. We are still here.

Timster said...

Neal - NICE. Author?

John Friend said...

Hey Timster, I respectfully disagree with you about Roy Tov. He's the real deal if you ask me, I would recommend his book and his website to everyone to check out for themselves. I didn't know what to think at first either, he has some crazy stories to tell, but after reading his website the past couple months, and finishing his book, he's legit.

Mark Hess said...

Timster, I have enjoyed reading several of your writings, and I very much appreciated this one. I am glad that there are those like you out there in the wilderness who speak frankly about Jewish power and the perversity of Judaic teachings, as well as the lies and slander about National Socialist Germany.

This may seem a strange question, but your mention of the songs taught to Jewish children made me think of it. Have you ever seen the movie "Sleepaway Camp"? It is one of those awful slasher flicks from the eighties. I had the misfortune of viewing it recently, and it is truly one of the most sordid and disturbing movies I have ever seen. A distinctly Judaic perversity saturates the whole thing. It literally made me feel nauseous and unclean.

Anyway, if you can stomach horror movies, it may very well be an interesting exercise for you to watch it. You could do an excellent job in dissecting it in one of your upcoming posts.

Thanks for all the work you do. I hope that you are well.

Genie said...

scum always sits on the top. It's how we know who is who in this life. They aren't smart, they're just the crap of the soup.

Anonymous said...

Timster, a bit more on the Dresden, OH Holofakery:

Timster said...

John - You could be right. I read his site a few times...seemed a little dodgy to me...all the personal injury and threat tales...and his site keeps sending me updates. I didn't request them, but some software he has just sends all that crap when you visit under a ligit gmail identity. Haven't read his book. I'll put it on my list.

Timster said...

Mark - Thanks for reading!
No...I missed that one. To me, all slasher flicks are a bit yiddish, and not what I would call entertainment. Kind of a primal thing to want to be frightened and pay 9 bucks for the privilege. I think you are right...they are borne of jewish roots, but few movies from hollyweird aren't.
I had an idea that someone should do the MST3000 idea of riffing all these jewish flicks...specially the holohoax ones. It would be hilarious! Maybe I will.

Timster said...

Genie - Nice analogy. scoop that crap off and throw it away after it rises to the top. The good edible stuff is below it!

Timster said...

Anon@9:55 - Nice site. Oh the irony. Dresden. Thanks for the find.